Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The herd keeps growing & Another quilt and yummy food.

July 12 Monday was a quiet day. I meant to work on a quilt most of day and then can some more salsa but I kept getting side tracked. Senior ADHD maybe.

I did manage to change a couple doctor appointments and figure out how the water company determined my water bill cost and prepared the binding for the quilt I'm working on. I still need to make a label for the quilt.  I even made some temporary labels for my canned jars of jelly, salsa and spaghetti sauce. My friend Kelli gave me a website to go to to create some labels that will fit just right and maybe even be cute.  

After dinner we had adult beverages on the front porch. The day is done.....

July 13 I was getting ready to leave for my PT appointment when David hollers at me to grab my camera and come out front. Our #8 Cow had her first calf which makes 5 so far for 2021. She made it easy to take pictures. She had the calf right up next to the front fence. I love the little calves. They're so cute when they first get up and then once they get their land legs they're playing with the other calves, running and butting heads.  Momma didn't want me to get any closer to her baby which I couldn't since I was on the other side of the fence.

Right after this one of the little calves born last month tried to get a peek and it's new playmate but Momma ran to her baby and kept looking back at the intruder on her bonding moment's.
I was taking a picture of David's new garden sign and caught the red dragon fly too.  It's called a Red-veined darter or Nomad. Google said they were rare to see. Pretty cool looking. I had never seen one. And if you do the Red is a power color 
When I looked it up it said the Japanese thought it to be sacred offering courage and strength.  I also red they are a predator of mosquitos. We have lots of dragonflies around so they better get busy and eat. With all the rain the mosquitos have been out. 
July 14 Kevin J. came in from Austin to pick up David and they drove to Houston (Taco) Bell Gang Luncheon. All the guys had worked at Taco Bell at one time or the other together in high school and the stories they could tell. Nothing bad about the food, honest.  It was about being robbed and the fun they had together. I think it's so cool that these guys still get together at least once a month. They are a great group of guys.
So while David was in Houston I called Kelli Kennedy, our friend up here with the same last name and we went to lunch.  We went to the local hang out for us called 4C Brew Barn. They're a Harvest Host. They serve lunches and and they make their own craft beer and seltzers. And you'll find eggs, fresh meat, dairy, baked goods and other items. Vernon and Melissa are the owners are great people. 
I was surprised when I drove up and saw all the cars. It was like the town of Gause came for lunch that day.. 
I got their Wagyu burger with the cowboy caviar. So tasty good. Yum. The burger was juicy and crisp around the edges like my Grandmother used to make. I had a strawberry Lemon Seltzer.

July 15 I ran into Houston for a book club meeting. I figured I'd just drive home but my friend Barbara said No and that I needed to stay with her. So I did. Lauren chose the book Kabul Beauty School to read back in May and she chose the eating place. It was Debbie Rodriguez's story of going to Afghanistan to start a beauty to help the women to become more independent and help support they're families. She wasn't the first to do this but she told her story not theirs. It's a great book. So since it was based in Afghanistan she chose a restaurant that served Afghani food.  I can't lie I wasn't sure about the choice but it was great.  The foods we tried and service was great. I got what was called Mantoo, a dumpling filled with beef. 6 of us showed us to discuss the book and had fun.
July 16 I spent the night with Barbara and the man in her life, Les. He was a great guy, easy to talk with and entertaining. He made breakfast for us that was really tasty. He and his daughters had a meeting so I grabbed Barbara to go with me to take some pictures of my finished quilt and run it to my Niece Jessica and Nephew Phillips new home. Oh and Mathis went with us. LOL He has separation anxiety when Barbara leaves him. My new niece, Jessica and my nephew Philip are expecting their first baby and it's a boy. When I asked about colors and themes she told me Batman & Peanuts. This batman fabric was the fabric I ordered online back on June 3rd and on June 5th I received 4 yards of solid tan fabric. Re-ordered a 2nd time and it took almost 9 days to get it this time but I got the quilt done and all before baby Patrick arrives.  This was quilted by my hair stylist, yes my hair stylist who quilts in his shop between customers.  Thank you Gene Stork you did a great job. With the extra fabric I made a burp rag. 
On the label I added "Even Batman has a bedtime".
Dropped off the quilt and took Barbara and Mathis back home.  While I was inside the house seeing the baby's nursery Barbara was ordering lunch for us and Les and his daughter.  Really appreciated their hospitality. Once I finished lunch I needed to head back home. Thank you again Barbara and Les.
Well that's it for now. Of course there's more to come. LOL. May the fun never end.
Until next blog... .Growing old beats the alternative of dying young.


Betty said...

Miss you and my Texas Buddies! Living the life in Florida now.... Hugs.

Annie said...

Love David’s Welcome To My Garden sign! is the metal base a scrap from something like old machinery or ? Nice capture of the red dragonfly! I be on the lookout for one. I’m sure your cute Batman quilt is going to wrap a lot of love into it.

Linda said...

Hello!!! That lunch place in Gause sounds great! Who knew??? Right?
I love that you and David both have such strong connections with friends. I've always admired you and Barbara's friendship and still wish I could be close enough to do book club with you. I've always wanted to be a member of a book club but never have.
That was such a cool idea to eat dinner at a place that goes with the book!
Looking forward to seeing you in September!