Monday, August 29, 2016

Out of my Box

Okay I'm way outta my box on this Round Robin thing. This picture pretty much shows my Oh crap What have I gotten myself into?! What's a Round Robin you ask? mmm how do I explain.... 
A Round Robin consists of 3-6 quilters that each create their own center block with the theme of their choice for a quilt no smaller than 14 x 14 but no bigger than say 18 x 18. I made those numbers square but it could be rectangular like mine is. It just has to be divisible by 2. Then each member goes buy enough fabric so the remaining members in your group can use that fabric to add a border that center block/medallion at a given time. On September 20th during my quilt retreat my group will meet up and share our completed medallion and pass it and our suit case of fabric on to the next team member to add a border. That will be the last time we'll see our individual medallions until the top is complete. We'll decided how long we need before next hand off and pass on the suitcase we have to the next member and so on.  We can give our members clues of what we'd like to see on our quilt but they will ultimately be in control of how and what goes into it. I have no clue and neither do 4 of the other 5 girls in the group as to what we're really doing but we're going to try.  You only one gal really know whats going on and we shall call her the "Round Robin Queen".
LOL We wanted to be her Misfits but she wouldn't let us pick that name darn it. She is in like 3 different Round Robins at a time. Holy cow. I'm doing good to be in this one. This is one of Margie's Round Robin quilts from another Round Robin. Each border around the victorian lady was made by a different member of that group.
It's really pretty and this is what worries us. This is outside our box. Yikes
I'm sure I'll end up with an adorable Christmas quilt.
Saturday me and 2 of the Reluctant Robins went to Quilter's Crossing in Tomball for their Open House and big sale. We each found some much needed fabric for our Round Robin projects. The place was packed. The girls and the young man at the store were working hard but they never lost their smiles even with all the people demanding their attention. With all the crowd it took us some time to find what we wanted, stand in the line to get our fabric cut and then stand in line to pay. Then Donna, Denise and I headed to lunch we were starved. We could hear the Whistle Stop Tea Room calling our name.
The food there is so so yummy good. It was a great day!
Since I had Donna in my car I made her be my helper and we went to take some pictures of the quilt I had just finished for a little guy named Hudson. I'll post the pictures after he receives it which should be this week. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It's not perfect but then neither am I. The quilting is awesome though because it was done by Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest.
I'm busy working on the Round Robin thing and the memory quilt for a former co-worker. She's been patiently waiting for much delayed birthday gift. Of course I did have to wait on her for a while to provide me with some pictures. Hope the quilt is worth her wait. 

Anyway after Donna left I hung out on the patio with my fur baby until David got home from the farm. She's such a sweet girl. There was a nice breeze out for the first time in a long time that I couldn't resist hanging out.

Last week I bought a new wine to try at the suggestion of my co-
worker Ashley called Comal Creek White Black Spanish Viii. So I popped it open while cooking. Those are what my Othermom always called ketchup taters. Except I add onion and bell peppers to mine and fry them up. I've got David calling them that now too. LOL. So bad for you but so good.
Anyway I was only able to drink 2 glasses. Wow 12.5% alcohol.  

Crazy..Got a big buzz on those 2 glasses but it was tasty.

Well that's it for now...Until next blog.....The trouble is if you don’t spend your life yourself, other people spend it for you.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

And the Wheels Keep Turning

I just can't seem to catch up on my blogging so let's see if can I try now. I've got so much to type.....

A few weeks back in July David and I took a quick trip to Austin to celebrate another Taco Bell Gang member turning 60. Pamela said she would be our dog sitter for the weekend so Lilley and Sophie got to play. Since I already had Friday off David and I decided we'd drive up to Marble Falls first and use some of our hotel points and stay the night at the Hampton on the Lake.
Let's hit the road. 
Before getting there we made a couple of stops. First stop was Mueller Metal Buildings. Yep we're gonna get serious about this building stuff. We stopped off there to discuss the idea of building a barndominium. We have found a floor plan that we like but just have to decide if this is what we want versus a traditional home. Of course some this will boil down to that green stuff. The meeting was very informative and we got name of a few contractors that we need to call to get more quotes and ideas from. So many things to figure out and look out. 
From here we drove out to the Rockin K to check on things but as I posted last time our mini mansion only had framing for the patio cover and the barn only had the the framing for the side lean to and the front extension completed. And then with the rain it wasn't completed last Friday either. Not sure exactly when it's gonna happen. David is getting a little frustrated but I know it will be done soon. I hope.
Next stop was to look at models at Tilson Homes Builder and get some pricing in Georgetown. While there she gave use some other ideas and suggestions and lots of informative facts and figures about building, cost, and financing. She also told us to check out the models at a couple of the other locations that might suit our wants even more. Which at this time we have and I think we've found the one we like with a few modifications. Now we just have to get the pricing back for building a barndo and compare the pros and cons of each.
After this we drove on in to Marble Falls. Our Hotel was right on the lake and our room actually had a view of the lake. Not bad.  It was getting a little late in the evening and we were getting hungry and had decided to eat at the River City Grill right next to the hotel. They had some great food and drinks. David got a jalapeno margarita and I got a Bloody Mary. We ordered their green chili queso for an appetizer and it was sooo good. I had fish taco's for dinner that were really good and I can't remember what David had. I was enjoying mine too much. 
After dinner we went out and set off to the side of the pool to enjoy the sites of the lake. It was warm but it was tolerable. It was nice just relaxing with the hubby.

Next morning we hit a couple of antique places to see what we could find. We saw some ideas for later but for now we kept most of our money in our pocket. So we headed on out to Austin to enjoy the birthday party and the birthday boy.
Here's Kevin the birthday boy at the ripe age of 18 standing on a cooler in the Taco Bell on Bellfort and Telephone Rd area. It's been torn down since then. Photo was taken by the Bell Gang historian Tom Flaherty. They gave him a bad time back then for always taking pictures but now they're glad to have those memories. The trophy in the foreground was something an Austin friend and fellow golfer awarded him for participating in the game of golf. Kevin was well roasted. 
A picture of the Bell Gang guys present at the party.
L=R :Billy, Carter, Birthday Boy Kevin, David, Tom. Kevin wasn't going to be 60 for 2 more days so in the picture only David and Tom are already 60. Billy and Carter are closing in fast if I remember right.
We had a lot of fun. We always do when we get together with this gang. They were giving us and a couple others hell because we'd turned 60 and did so quietly without fan fare. What can I say our plate was full. Can't speak for the others. 
We were invited back the next day for an early lunch but we got up earlier and had breakfast at Kerby Lane. MMMMMM. We got there in time and only had to wait 15 minutes. If you get there after 9:30am you could wait an hour or more. I got Egg Francisco. And David got Migas. He has to get them everywhere and he couldn't resist ordering an apple pancake to share. That put us over the top, way too much. But OMG so tasty good!

Then recently Pamela went with me to my sorority charity luncheon and auction to benefit the Children's Miracle Network Hospital
& Texas Children's Hospital. This year I only won one item in the raffle but nothing from the auction. This year it was at Pappasitos out by the Reliant. Food was really good but the shape of the venue was kinda awkward. It was 'L' shaped and there was no PA system so the speaker was trying to throw their voice two different directions. 
Still had a good time and it's always nice seeing Phi Mu Sisters that I don't see on a regular basis. I try to see Sheryl ever so often. That's her sweet and beautiful daughter in law Abby with her.
Pamela took a picture of the 3 amigos ... Me ...  Kathy ... and Sheryl
I returned the favor and snapped a picture of my beautiful daughter.
Even capture Linda B. running around
She's is always friendly and has a smile on her face. She never lacks for conversation.

Never a dull moment with this gal.

Not only was it salsa lunch time it was Sheryl's birthday! She turned...... ummm well I'll never tell.  Her grandson Bentley thought she might need help blowing out all those candles so he had his other Grandma, Phyllis pick him up so he could help. LOL
Just one big fun day with friends.

Well that's where I'll leave you for now.

Until next blog...“In three words I can sum up what I’ve learned about life: It goes on”
- Robert Frost

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fun Times

Today Monday the 8th was all about my Mom. Today was her birthday so Pamela and I headed up her way to celebrate. We took her out to eat at the 105 Cafe in Conroe and then shopping. She's lost so much weight most of her clothes  don't fit. We had a good time. Hopefully I got her hope before we wore her out too bad.

One Saturday David and I went to breakfast at our favorite little hole in the wall place but when he turned out of the parking lot he turned right instead of left to go home. I just assumed he was headed to the post office near by but he passed it so I had to ask. "Where are we headed?" Funny I can't remember where we actually
went but we drove out to the Kenney Store in Kenney, Texas. They serve so I'm told awesome food each day like on Wednesday's you can have chicken fried ribeye all you can eat and on Thursday's they have all you can eat grilled or fried pork chops. Can't wait to go try the food. I've been told it's really good. They also have live music. So it's on our list of places to try.
At work one of the depts. had a baby shower for this little gal. She's so cute. She's due in August and hardly looks pregnant. She is an avid book reader so they figured the baby will be too so everyone contributed a book to the basket. LOL her favorite book was the potty book. It's usually the kids favorite too.
This is one of those a little of this and a little of that blog posts where I catch with everything that's been going on.
David went to the Rockin K to see how the septic system progress was coming along. wink wink.... You see back at Christmas David told me that he was having a septic system put in when actually he was trying to have a deck and cover put on the Mini Mansion for me. Well that didn't turn out so well but this time I think he's gonna get it done. He felt so bad but it wasn't his fault it was the crook who tried to take advantage of him. In the above photo the had just set the poles for the framing. David needs to send me the framed out pictures. 
Anyway David found a new
young man to do the job and there's progress as you can see.  Now David finished the deck and stairs all by himself but Jake is coming in to build the cover and add a lean too to the North side of the barn and an over hang in the front of the barn. We had hoped and so did Jake that it was be complete the Friday the order of tin didn't come in so we have to wait one more week. The suspense.. I can't wait to rock on the deck under the cover or park under the new barn cover.
Oh oh and the best part this past week I finished a quilt top for a former neighbor and old friends daughter's new baby boy. Finally I might say.  I made an easy quilt hard. Or at least as far as I thought it was easy. This is just a tease. She already knows what fabrics are in the quilt and this doesn't give away the pattern. It's at the quilters and I can't wait to get it back and finished up so I can send it to baby Hudson. I have started on another quilt top that is long long over due but I believe for now I may go to bed. I'm pooped.

So until next blog...'Map out your future, but do it in pencil.'~Jon Bon Jovi