Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crazy Just Plain Crazy


Okay so in Texas you might hear someone say Mother Nature is Bipolar. I mean if you don’t like the weather just wait 15 minutes and it will change. It can be like shining bright one minute and like this in the next 15 minutes.  

Or be with my Niece and nephew a week ago Friday. Unbelievable! Snow in May in Missouri.
This is my tiny dancer hamming it up in the snow. Josiah isn't falling for it though. It's cold.
Every thing you need for a day on the lake.... LOL

Aren't the tulips beautiful against the snow?
On Wednesday night after we had gone to bed I was woke up by a noise. Kinda like a tapping or the dropping of a book. I laid there trying to decide what I was hearing then I decided it was the dishwasher when I realized it should have been off by now. 
So I finally get up to go check it out when I notice a glow around the dishwasher door. hmm I didn't realize that there was a bright light on the........OH SHIT........ excuse the french but at this point flames are shooting out of the dishwasher. With that exclamation David came running in behind me to the kitchen and asks how I knew it was on fire. 
"Easy the flames that came shooting out of the top dear." David turned off the power and preceded to open the dishwasher door which released all the black and gray smoke into the room. Mass quantities of it.

It filled the room within minutes and then the fire alarm went off. It was the control panel. That was fun. NOT!

Would you look at what my daughter painted. She went to this place called Painting with a Twist with some friends. She had drink wine and painted. She said it was lots of fun and she came home with a master piece.

She came in last weekend to celebrate Mother's Day since she had to work today. 

Recently I hosted the book club in my home and was lucky enough to have the author of my book choice join us. Meet Will Graham aka William Simon and his Wife Donna. It was a great afternoon and Will survived all our questions and comments we threw at him.  

To read more about the afternoon and my book choice Street Heat click here

Remember in my last post about the barn swallows and how mad they were when David removed the beginnings of their nest on the speaker on our patio.

Isn't she 
a pretty little thing. 
Oh how she chirps, tweets and dives low and close to us. She was really ticked off at David. Sooooo within 3 days she and some of her closest friends built a new nest on top of the speaker. She must have been celebrating Mother's Day yesterday because there was 6 of them swooping around.

I have my hummingbird feeder up and I've spotted one hummingbird but what the heck?.... That's no hummingbird. There's a new bird in the neighborhood. I haven't looked it up yet. It's not small like a finch but maybe it is the red headed house finch. Hmmm Anyone out there know what it? 

I'm always talking about my dog and Pamela's dog but this one is my mom's. Her name is Lola and she had quite the attitude but she's a cutie.
They came down and visited with me yesterday while I waited for the new dishwasher to be delivered. 

Today we went to Harris County BBQ for breakfast with my Mom and Joe. So very yummy. Thanks for breakfast Joe. Pamela had been trying to call me and finally called  her Dad's phone to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Well it was at that point I realized my phone wasn't working. It was frozen in time. So I spent 30 minutes at Verizon and an hour and a half at the Apple Store. The software update this morning that was suppose to get me better connections froze my phone and they couldn't restore it... GRRRR
End result I got a new phone. To end my day I went and had a mani and a pedi.  
Then when I got home David grilled steaks (you did good) and I made a salad. Yum Yum.

Thelma my mother-in-law. Think of you often and miss you terribly. 

Now it's off to bed. Oh Man it's gonna be a Monday in the Morning.

Hope everyone had an Awesome Mother's Day!

Until Next Blog..... God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. Jewish Proverb