Sunday, February 23, 2020

A little Hitch but I'm back....

I know it's been a while since I blogged which means I'm really behind but I do have a sort of excuse.
Some of my close friends got upset with me because I didn't share this prior so they could pray for me or be there for me but you know sometimes You (Me) just have to come to terms with what's going on. And at that time I wasn't ready to voice it.  I had a hard enough time telling David and Pam.  My imagination had already made up it's own scenarios.  Soooo  here goes...back in December I went to the doctor and gave her several symptoms that I had noticed that were getting more frequent like shortness of breath, and sometimes my chest would get tight enough I had to cough to get a breath and my legs tended to feel like lead. To be totally honest it was some of those days that I did take a fall. I kept thinking it was just part of my being out of shape but it started bugging me.  It was an effort to walk to the mailbox. Two weeks after my visit the Doc scheduled me for a Stress Test.  Which didn't happen as planned. My blood pressure shot up so high just while they were setting things up and taking resting heart pictures that they couldn't do the actual stress text. It shot up higher than it's ever been. A walking stress test couldn't happen and all they did was take resting heart pictures and turn me loose. Now the doctor had to decide how and when to proceed.
During the holidays I got a call from Baylor Scott & White to reschedule a 2 day nuclear stress test.
On January 9-10 I took my nuclear stress test and more pictures of my heart. A cardiologist called me later that afternoon but I missed his call but he called again Saturday morning.  He was concerned and wanted me to come in for a consult asap.  I asked if we could wait until the following week so I could bring David with me.  Test results showed a dark area on my heart which could mean blockage or a shadow from dense breast tissue. That's the way I was leaning.  But the only way to get a 100% for sure diagnosis was to do an angiogram.  On January 23 they did an angiogram. I was scared as hell. I didn't know what to expect and was scared to of what they'd find.  I had been through this with David about 10 years ago when they said he would probably have heart bypass but once they did the angiogram all he needed was a stent.
Anyway instead of going through a vessel in the groin area for me they used a vessel in my right wrist.  The 3 nurses at Baylor Scott & White in College Station that prepped me and took care of me were awesome. They did everything possible to put me at ease and make me comfortable.  I was awake during the whole procedure but they did give me drugs to relax me but it didn't take away anxious feeling.  Once they went in they determined that I did indeed have blockage and put a stent in to open the blockage.   I had to stay in the hospital for about 4-6 hours after the procedure to make sure I didn't fall out or anything.
I wasn't allowed to move my fingers or hand that they went through for the next 24-48 hours.  That was a hard task to say the least.
To keep me from moving it they put a splinted on it. By the time I took the picture the splint had slid down and I could move my fingertips slightly. It was close to time to remove it so it was okay.
End result of this story is I have 36 weeks rehab. Physically I already feel much better. My legs no longer feel like lead weights and I don't feel the shortness of breath.  Moral of the story Listen to your body when it tells you something is up.

What do I have now is a permanent cramp in my left leg just under the ole' butt cheek. It comes on early hours of morning and doesn't give me any relief until I've been up and moving a couple of hours. Was told at my appointment with the PA this week to try some extra strength Tylenol for next 3 days. I'm not to take Aleve or anything like Naproxen because it lowers the  heart beat and mine is already low.  So like I said I'm physically fine. They did an EKG and gave me a thumbs up.
Mentally and emotionally is a different story. I've been anxious and the anxiety level has been up. I've been worried about the stent collapsing like my Mom's did in 2004 and she went into cardiac arrest. My mind can't relax. David my sweet guy, has been able to be home with me to help me feel safer.  He's got my back. I get all emotionally at times.
 At the Cardiologist/ PA visit this week David brought this up to her. She assured me that that shouldn't happen but what I'd need to worry about is plugging it up. Oh well great, that puts me at ease already. Not so much.
Okay so there you go. My story is out. I am finding little things that were an effort come much easier now.  Emotionally/mentally I know that will heal too with time.

How about some cherrier news and happenings.
I gave Jerry a ball to play with. I had an ole water polo ball of Pamela's and tossed it to him. At first he looked over the fence like I need attention and "what is that thing" you just tossed in here. LOL  He got his lovin and then went to check out the ball. My phone screwed up (operator error) and I didn't catch it on screen. He picked that ball up and shook it up and down.  Too funny. Even the cows have checked out the ball but it didn't interest them. Maybe the next time I'll catch him playing with it.

Gotta Love the Sunsets at the Rock'n K. 
One night last month we were sitting out by the fire and we star a large number of shooting stars. It was too cool.  I don't know we would have seen it like we did here if we still lived back in the city.

I started the year off with my first Round Robin Hand Off. I let myself say yes to another Round Robin.  I didn't make it to the Medallion hand off but I made it to this one.  The medallion I had to add a row to first was a playful cat. I can only show you the center medallion and not the row I added in case the owner, Kim see's this post. Once we handed off our center medallion in December we don't get to see it again until the final review, after everyone in the group has added a border. to it.
These are all the colors I could use to create a border. I knew right away what I was going to do.  I think it turned out pretty cute.I passed the cat medallion off to the next person to add a row onto mine.
And then received another medallion that I finished working on recently. Next hand off is in March and I finished ahead of time so I get to relax.  I cropped this picture because Kim had already added a border on it and now I had to add a border.
It took me almost 20 days to decide what to do. I Crossed my fingers that my idea would work. I do believe my addition came out pretty good. For whatever reason an Asian themed medallion throws most of us off. I don't know why exactly because it's still just piecing but it does. These round robins tend to take me outside my comfort zone big time. But I kinda feel like it was a tad little easier since I did one back 2018.  I have 3 more medallions to add borders to in the months to come.

Right before my stent procedure Pamela and I took a field trip to Fayetteville so I could visit a quilt shop I'd not been too.  It apparently opened up about the time I quit traveling down HWY 159  when I'd go to quilt retreat in LaGrange. I bribed Pamela that if she'd go with me we would buy fabric for a close friend who's having a baby and that I'd take her to The Blue Mule and Rohan Wineries that were within 5 miles of the quilt shop. Didn't have to twist her arm. LOL. 

The Spoiled Quilter was a cute shop and the owner and her husband were super friendly and helpful.   And sew were the other shoppers in the store.  It's not a big shop but Pamela and I found the perfect fabric for another baby coming into the world. And after I made my purchase I managed to walk out of the store without the bag of fabric I brought with me hoping they carried the line of fabric or something close to it. Kathy the owner called me after we were almost home.  OH darn, Perfect excuse to go back soon.
After the quilt shop I kept my promise and we drove about 3 miles down the road to The Blue Mule Winery we didn't even take pictures.  Owner was really nice and informative. Yummy wines. They had a cute baby donkey. Maybe next time it won't be misting rain and we can go pet it and take pictures. They're expecting another baby donkey and we saw on FB it had arrived recently. Our next stop was at Rohan Meadery. Another good stop for some yummy wine and friendly conversation. We were running out of time so it was a quick stop. It was time to head home before we knew it.
The day after my procedure I get this call from Pamela saying she fell at the gym and just maybe broke her foot. Oh Lordy. She went to Convenient Care and yep it was broke. Almost in the same place she had broke it 6 years ago.
 I had to go into Bryan for a rehab class and picked her up and took her to the orthopaedic consult. She gets to wear this designer boot for 4-6 weeks.
I tell you exercise for the Kennedy girls is not healthy. LOL

She's working light duty at the hospital as it heals.

I was leaving the house to go to rehab a couple weeks ago and this lone paint brush was at the corner of our road and the highway. Uh this is only the first of February and that's too early for paintbrushes. It was so bright and colorful.

Couldn't get my gloves off fast enough and grab my camera to catch hay all over the girl's head. It was like camouflage. We were putting the hay bale out and she stuck her horn in the bale and the hay stuck to it and was all on her head. Now there's just a little left. I think Ferdinand pulled it off her head and started eating.. You can see he has a mouth full.  Too funny.
On February 6th Pamela was texting me saying you should be getting snow and sure enough at 11pm it snowing like crazy but nothing stuck. It was fun to see though.

Valentines day David sent me a text saying "I should get Husband of the year award. I got you over 2 dozen roses"  Then he sent the pictures.  Now he gets to plant them but they'll provide me long lasting flower power for many more Valentines and some nice rose aroma.

 He did buy one for the house in a cute wooden planter. The rose is cool looking.

He also bought and planted 5 blueberry bushes. They're already budding out with leaves. Now to see if we get any blueberries.  Yum

They're planted out at the end of the raised garden beds.
David also put the walking stones to the garden my friend Sheryl made us. Thanks again Sheryl and Ross.
The last tidbit I'll end with is about going to the Mother Earth Fair is Salado where I got to meet, talk to and get my picture taken with Marty Raney from the show Homestead Rescue.  David and I were sitting outside talking about how we missed seeing Marty Raney on Saturday when he was scheduled to be there.
Then I heard this guy talking behind me and I thought that sounds like a familiar voice so I turned around and there he was sitting right behind us. Of course I picked a bad spot to take the picture, A shade line right across our faces. Oh well. It is what it is.  He's taller than I thought he'd be and a super friendly guy.  He had his trademark white shirt, black jacket and hat on. Made my day. He and David talked about the show we had just watched.

On that fun spot I'll close for now.

Until next blog......The most important thing is to enjoy your life -- to be happy -- it's all that matters. ~Audrey Hepburn