Monday, July 15, 2024

Quilts n Puppies

So in 2019 I did a round robin with my friend Margie and 3 other ladies. Each one of us created a center medallion and the other ladies would add a pieced or appliqued border to our quilt. In October I handed off my medallion to the first lady and we would meet again to hand off the quilt tops in our possession to the next lady and as the owner of the top we weren't going to see it until the last border was attached.  Of course when we started this process we never imagined that Covid would deter our process. We got to meet one time to share our progress before we were supposed to abstain from group gatherings.  Instead we met in parking lots with suitcases full of fabric and hand off to the next lady to add a border. Not sure all that makes sense but whatever... hopefully you get an idea on how it worked. In July of 2020 we all masked up and for the first time we all got to see what the ladies in our group added to our center medallion. 
This was the beginning of my Texas Snowman. I know I have pictures with his face, arms, and buttons on his tummy but no clue where.  And the next picture is what I saw at the reveal and the first time I saw my quilt top. That's our sweet Lilley who left us in 2022.
It came out awesome except not big enough for a queen size bed. So that meant I needed to add more borders. Uggh. What to do was the question... and the answer was a border of Piano keys. Oh boy. 
Now they're not hard but they can be boring, tedious and I did need to do some planning so they'd look balanced. Hence the reason I just finished the top in 2024. I procrastinated! LOL  I decided to use red plaid flannel on the back. It just seemed to say Christmas. 
This one was quilted by Jane Plisga from Katy. She did a nice job.  I
t turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.
I follow a page on FB called "Quilt Retreat Community" and it's where you can ask about quilt retreats in your area or learn of those not in your area but this request caught me off guard....  When I saw it I thought a 420 retreat and then it dawned on me.. I'm not judging.. to each his own. I mean I may drink a glass of wine or two at the retreats but I never thought of someone wanting one that was 420 friendly. Interesting though. I would say look in Colorado.

Monday (7/01) was Sassy Stitchers Bee time. Marilyn finished her panel quilt top. Love the borders and colors.  We also celebrated Coco's birthday with some cake at lunch time.  Yum
Pamela's fellow nursing friend and now PA came up from the Woodlands to visit Pamela in Bryan but Bri was sure she came to visit her. Gotta love the Bri Bri
While watching some TV Sadie and I decided to have some fun with Snapchat. Well I had fun but not so sure Sadie did. Ba Ha Ha It's like what you want Willis? Thennn... She looks lovely with flowing blonde hair with pink accessories.
Okay so we'll tone it down a tad.  She only thought it fair to capture me.. Right
And she was gone. She was done with me putting the phone in her face.  
Went shopping for some tennis shoes with Pamela and Kaleb. It was a fun and entertaining day. Kaleb kept us on our toes. I found me a new pair of Hoka's but the kids kept saying to get a pair of Hey Dudes. I tried a pair on but they didn't fit my foot right but I tried on a pair of Ariat shoes and I love them.  Check them out. They're maroon with chickens on them. Can't believe I bought them but they were on sale and cute.
A couple of years ago I posted on FB market that if you wanted some free crepe myrtles, just bring your shovels and dig them up. I need to do that again but we need to wait until we've had a rain because the ground is as hard as a rock right now. We got rid of probably a 1000 but we still have that many left in the pasture.  
Our place used to be a tree farm. I took pictures the other evening about dusk of the crepes. Many are blooming so you can see the colors. I now know we have several white ones. My pictures didn't come out as good as I had hoped. I'll have to try again. But you get the idea of how many we have. It'll take some work because the roots are big.
I'll end this post with some puppy loves. LOL  Sadie loves to give Bruno kisses and lovies.
Until next post..The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n. John Milton

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Enjoying Life one day at a Time

We had a couple of evenings that was pleasant enough that we sat outside while the pups ate their supper. Sadie is usually so hard to catch in a calm space and the lighting wasn't the best but she was laying so pretty.  She's such a pretty golden red.  It was a really pretty night.
Forgot to post a recent Bee with the Sassy Stitchers show and tell. I love these colors.  Brenda has been making quilt tops left and right and they're sew pretty. She got her quilting machine adjusted and she quilted this one herself.
 I had to take a picture of Carolyn and her T-shirt.  Love it. We all know those people where their cornbread isn't cooked in the middle. LOL.   Next was a wonky star by Connie. Love the fabric. 
  Judy showed off her sweet butterfly and kite quilt. She needs to put the kite tails on. I hope she brings it back once she does.
  And I finished another quilt top that week for a Haley a fellow nursing friend of Pamela's.  She had a cute baby boy named Colsen.
Pamela helped me pick out the fabric. She's good with colors and coordinating fabrics. 
If you look closely at this picture you can see the quilting of zoo animals.  Giraffe, elephant and a lion.  Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest did a awesome job.
Here's the crepe myrtles at the front of the sidewalk to the front door in 2023 and Now June 2024. They're flourishing.

David took pictures of the wildflowers in the pasture before he mowed most of them down. The cows won't eat them and they're so thick that they can't get to the grass.
  Our property used to be a tree farm as I've said before and we have 1000's of crepes in our North pasture. Three years ago we posted on FB market to bring your buckets and shovels and take as many as you want. We're gonna do it again but the ground is so hard that until we get some good rain it's rough. 60% of them are the watermelon pink, a few are white and maybe a couple are the purplish color. An the rest haven't got color on them yet.       I do have one that no one is touching. It's a crimson color and the darker leaves. Right now it's growing right on the fence line. I'm keeping this one.
We have people who've already said they want to come and dig some up but we told them to wait until the ground is softer. Whenever that might be.
The other day Bruno was sleeping in David's arms and Sadie came up over the arm of the chair to get attention. Can you see her paw wrapped around Bruno and getting as close to David as possible. And look at the looks on Bruno's face. LOL

She got the upper portion of her body between Bruno and David. LOL
Well that's enough for this post.
Until the next blog...The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. ~Elbert Hubbard

Friday, June 28, 2024

Triple F.... Friends, Family, and Fun

  On Thursday (6/6) Kelli and I tried out a new spot in Cameron called ZX. They have lots of wine and a limited menu right now. We had lunch and a glass of wine. Very enjoyable. I had a chicken pasta salad (no lettuce) and Kelli had a turkey wrap. Can't wait to see what else they'll have when the are fully open on 6/15/2024.

Friday (6/7) Pamela and I went to shop for linen rentals. So many choices. Yikes but seeing it in person made the choosing a lot easier. So many ideas too.
All that decision making made us hungry so I chose Classic Rock Kitchen and Coffee Shop in Navasota to grab a bit. Wasn't sorry. Food was good. Pamela got a Strawberry pecan salad and I got a club sandwich.

I finally completed my On Point quilt. It came out cute and the quilting by Donna's Lavender Next made the quilt. Perfect little girl quilt with hearts and bows. It's for sale. I need measure it but it's about 52x 65 maybe. Right now it's on consignment or I'd measure it now.   And it's backing is soft cuddly minky. If you're interested in buying let me know.
While I was out taking pictures I got sidetracked with other sightings. Like flowers, butterflies, honey bee and the big long horn.
Saturday we had company. Kaleb, Pamela, Killian and Braxton came up for an early Father's Day celebration. They came up for lunch and stayed until after dinner. They brought the boys jammies so they could get a bath here and be ready for bed when they got back home.  The boys are all about Gpa when they're here. In fact they were taking turns sitting with him.  Cici (me) isn't as entertaining as Gpa. LOL
So one of the girls I quilt with won a retreat for 6 at a two day Sewcial. And she invited those of us who were there to join her. It was great. It's a true farmhouse in the country that a lady named Dinah fixed up for quilt retreats.  We were there for two nights (6-10 thru 12) and we had to cook for ourselves which wasn't bad since there was only 6 of us.  Here's Dinah's Farmhouse Retreat
It wasn't fancy but quite comfy and the owner is really nice. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath.
This is one of the bedrooms.  Each one has a different theme.
And these guys were our neighbors.  The owner Dinah and her husband run a working ranch.

And here's a few of the projects people were working on. This quilt was by Ellen. She had almost finished it by the time we left.
 And this is Vicki working on her applique. Vicki is my friend who won a couple of free nights at the retreat. It was so sweet of her to invite me. I truly enjoyed.              And this is a birthday card I made for Pamela's future mother in law. 
I also worked on sewing the binding on a couple of quilts and made my first wonky star block. 
Only 19 more to go for a swap.
 And do you see all those tiny pieces that Donna Marie has cut and those left to cut below.... Well when she puts them together they make the pattern next to it.

LOL... Oh my goodness. Cynthia England didn't like to piece but she enjoyed making little pieces and turning them into works of art.  This one takes patience.
On Saturday (6/15) Kaleb, Pamela and the Twins came up to celebrate Father's Day with us. The first thing the boys wanted to do was go feed Jerry carrots with Gpa. Jerry was being a bit standoffish that day. 

and of course they thought they wanted to go fishing. Even the fish thought it was too hot to bite.
On Father's day I was going to take David out to eat but we went to the Rising Sun Winery for our wine pick up and had taco's for free. Yum. Had some wine while there and listened to some good music by the Phil Hurley Trio.Phil Hurley Trio.  
I created the perfect coffee cup for David. Him and his little 80# lap buddies. He loved it.  LOL
A good friend of Pamela from HS, Cole and his wife Beth just had a sweet baby girl. With Pamela's help we picked out the fabric and a pattern and I made Baby Girl Parker a quilt.  Dad and Mom loved it.  Pamela gave it to them just hours before she arrived.
My friend Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest did the quilting. I guess I better stop for now.
Until next post... Memories are stitched with love.