Thursday, August 26, 2021

Time for some Music ...quilts. etc

I do believe David is getting the hang of retirement. When he's not planting plants, mowing, chasing critters and sweating his butt off outside he's finding us more places to go listen to music.  

On 8/12 we went to the big town of Thorndale to have some burgers, beers and listen to music. It was an outdoor venue and the weather played nice. It was a tad warm if you were in the sun but we found a shady spot. We've passed by this place many times but it was never open and David found something on FB I think about Schroeder's being open and having live music so off we went. The beers and burgers were real tasty.
Our entertainment for the night was JT Stubbs. He has a band but they weren't there this night. He was pretty good. We'd like to try and catch him and his band playing somewhere one day.
Here's a sample of music alone.
8/13 Friday we were out running errands and our last stop was the Antique Rose Emporium. David wanted to pick up some more of the Belinda's dream roses to finish off his landscape plan for this particular rose. It was dinner time so we decided to hit the Independence General Store for dinner. We stopped in one day a few weeks ago and learned they had fried catfish dinners on Friday so we stopped this time to check it out.  
Now tonight's entertainment was a little more low keyed but still entertaining. LOL
This goat finally ended up in the feeding trough and walking around in it trying to get as much of the grain possible. She didn't want to leave anything behind. The chicken hopped in next but I was busy eating by then so no picture.

 But here's our plate of food. It was very very yummy. I would rate it right up there with one of our favorite places called Crossroads Tavern in Cat Springs kind of good. 
This was seasoned perfect and their hush puppies were fried just right. Yum Yum
8/17 Tuesday We took a drive to Alleyton to visit our friends the Prudhomme's. I had a present and care package for Sylvia. We hadn't seen them in a while so I made sure they had time for visitors.
My friend Sylvia is fighting breast cancer with faith, strength, positivity and is upbeat. She was feeling pretty good the day we visited. I presented her with a quilt I had just finished. I hope it provides her warmth and hugs of love when she needs it. I felt bad because I made her cry but at least it was tears of appreciation and happiness.  I also gave her a few things for a post surgery care package. I have finish a few things for it but I have a few weeks to get a seat belt and neck pillow to her. The picture of me and her was taken months ago. She's a very special person. Her husband Larry and David worked together and we've all become very good friends.

 Our sweet silly Lilley loves her pumpkin. We started putting puree pumpkin in her food to help her sensitive tummy and she loves it. The ritual at her dinner time if there's pumpkin involved to to prance around the kitchen island and bark until she get to lick the spoon. She keeps her eyes glued to the bowl as David carries it outside where she eats. But she gets into her dinner.

 So I have actually been working on a quilt for myself in between baby quilts. I have 2 more of those to complete. One is almost done but no pictures until finished and in the hands of the recipient. lol. So one of our guest bedrooms is called the Texas Room. The quilt on the bed now I like but it's not one I made so I can always swap them out if I get tired of the one I'm making. The one on my design wall is made of blocks with bluebonnets and or wildflowers. I've got five rows sewn together. Row 6 is together and row 7 is on my machine. It's 9squares across and 10 down. It will be enough to go on the queen size bed.
I see one block I might want to rip out and change but then again maybe not. This quilt has been in basket to be sewing together for 2 years.  It's time to get'er done and on the bed.

Well that's it for now. 
Until next blog....
Friendship is sewn with love and measured with kindness.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Latest and Greatest

 Lately my days are spent driving to Bryan to go to the gym to work out on my own a couple days a week and at least once every two weeks I have an appointment with a physical therapist to gauge my progress and maybe give me some new exercises to work on.

7/30 Friday night date night with the other Kennedy's of Gause from another Momma. LOL We always enjoy time spent with our new friends. This night was no different but our experience at the restaurant of choice for the night was a tad off.. Food and drinks were great but they were slammed and only the owner and her nephew were there to wait and serve. The first time David and I went we had a great experience. We were there for almost 2 hours before we got our food. At one time the owner came by our table to see if we'd like our ticket. Aaa no but we would like our food that was ordered about 2 hours ago. Good thing John and Kelli had stepped out or she might have gotten comments from all 4 of us.  This was their first experience and it wasn't a good one. If there is a next time we'll just have to make sure we are in a mood to hang out just in case.  Dang it. Not gonna mention the name of the place because I hope it was just a bad night for them and don't want to get them a bad rap just in case. We'll have to find a new date night venue for our next outing.  

Sometimes when I come home from Bryan I come down the road from the East end. It's always covered with trees and vines. It's really pretty and there is always plenty of red birds darting back and forth to see. I also discovered the wild grape vines. Can you see how really dark they are? I haven't figured out if these are edible or unsafe to eat. They're growing all along the road and up in the trees. I enlarged the next picture so you could see the grapes better but it kinda threw it out of focus. But you can see the grapes.
The vines are starting to die due to lack of water. 

When I got home David showed me that one of the  Belinda's Dream Rose survived after the freeze after all. He had pulled up the rose thinking it was going to die and placed in a tub and to our surprise it was blooming. He'll plant it on the east side of the house with other roses outside my sewing room window. We lost 3 plants suddenly. We think the damn gopher chewed the bushes off at the roots. It was all pretty and blooming then suddenly fell over at the base of the plant. Grrr.  

Again a Caddy Shack moment where Bill Murray is standing over the gopher hole with a gun waiting for it to appear.  That would be David the other morning.  And .... Score. David 1 Gopher 0..

Our Chrysler Imperials were blooming like crazy too. Well that's what the tag says they are.  These colors are so vivid.  I need to take time to take pictures of all the other roses that David has planted.  Everything is blooming.


I was sitting in the recliner when Lilley jumped up on the couch and gave me the look.... Like "I'm cute and like this comfy spot"

8/4 It was time for the girls to get beautiful and the theme for photos was card n dice games. LOL our girls look like Vegas show girls. It's amazing how Misty can get them to sit still long enough 95% of the time. 


                                    Lilley                                   Bri
Bri looks so professional LOL.  

I was so happy to get a picture from Barrett with his new quilt.  His Momma centered him just perfect on the quilt. He's so cute. All that dark hair and so alert. I do hope he drags that quilt everywhere as he grows up.

8/8 Sunday was my Mom's birthday so Pamela and I drove down to see her and Joe.  She seemed happy to see us but didn't realize it was her birthday. That's okay. She looked happy today. She even had on her Aggie Grandma T-shirt.  I had posted this picture of her on FB and so many friends and relatives wished her a happy birthday. I know she would be touched to know so many people said Hi and Happy Birthday. I tell her who all posted but most times she can't remember who everyone is but always says "Well that's nice of them".

I was in Bryan/College Station yesterday for PT appointment and a grocery pick up. Even got to have lunch with Pamela. She's been so busy with other commitments and work we haven't gotten to just hang out so the lunch date was nice. Anyway after picking up my groceries and sitting at a light I looked up and glanced at the dump truck in the lane next to me and had to laugh. 

By the time I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture the light changed so I didn't get a clear
picture but on those yellow squares it says

f Passing side       Suicide 4

So true really. You don't want to be on the blind side passing a truck bigger than you. It just hit me as funny. Okay so maybe it was one of those you had to be there moments but it struck me as funny. What can I say....

Well that's it for now.

Until next blog...'Everyone has a photographic memory.  Some just don't have film.'     ~Anon