Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow where has the time gone. I've been trying to be more productive and not blog for right now since it takes me forever to write a blog. So much has happened since my last blog that I know I won't get it all posted unless you want to read a novel. And I really doubt you want to do that.

We breezed through Thanksgiving which was really a lovely time at David's sisters house. 
 Of course after dinner everyone wanted to watch the Texans game.

Well Phillip and Nathan did. Kendall was more interested in her phone. 

This is Shelby and her new little pup called Charlie. He weights about 4 pounds. Talk about tiny.

For the days dinner I only had to cook my broccoli, cheese and rice casserole and show up with cranberry sauce.

So the night before Thanksgiving the hubby, the daughter and I headed over to Puffabelly's the night before Thanksgiving to see Jesse Dayton and Davin James Rock the house.

These guys had those guitars smoking. 

Thank goodness I didn't have to cook or I couldn't afford being out late. Pamela unfortunately hadn't had much sleep since she had worked the night shift at the hospital. She got a short nap in but by 10pm she was ready to fall asleep.  She told me she really really liked the music but was really tired. Unfortunately she had to leave Thanksgiving day by 4 so she could get back to Bryan so she could work that night.

Then we I got busy with preparations for the Christmas Holidays plus work got pretty busy. We did fit in a night of music in at Main Street Crossing to see the Black Top Gypsies and the opening band called The Clarkes. A cute husband and wife team. They had some great songs and music. And the Black Top Gypsies were really great too. Two groups you don't want to miss if you have a chance to see.

Pamela was suppose to work the night shift Christmas Eve but she was called off at the last minute and she headed home. Yippee. Only we missed having Christmas Eve with my parents. She got home late that evening and we were able to open gifts Christmas morning like always. 

These little guys were made by my mother-in-law. Wish she was still here to help celebrate.  

Here's Rudy, he's checking out my reading sources while

I hang all our stockings with care. Dexter and Sophie had to 

share a hanger.

Now here's my Little Elfie who watched me put up our rather small but quaint tree. It was a tree just his size. Elfie is quite the antique. He's as old as I am and that's old. He freaks out my daughter because she says he looks evil. I don't think so  do you? 
David calls the tree our Christmas bush.

This year my cowboy snowman decided to sit in my art niche with the Texas boot and Cross. He decided the fire place mantel should be left to my Santa's.
 Here's my Santa afghan to keep me warm while vegging on the couch.  

Christmas Day I had this idea for the kids to go outside for pictures but the wind was so strong that the girls hair was going every which way.

So we moved inside for our Kodak moment.  Nathan was spending Christmas with his girlfriends family so he's missing in the photo.

Left to right
Phillip, Kendal, Shelby, Pamela and Dexter, Kevin.

 Here's Sophie the newest member of our family antagonizing our older Dog Dexter. 

We rescheduled getting together with my parents the evening after Christmas so all was right with the world.

After all the shopping and it's over in 10 minutes..

Hope everyone's Christmas was blessed and filled with joy.

It's hard to believe it's almost 2013. Just short of 24 hours from now. 
Hopefully I'm back in the swing of things and will be better about my blogging. 

So until the next blog... Here's hoping you had a Merry Christmas and have a Safe Happy New Year.