Wednesday, March 28, 2018

PWAT birthday celebrations Fun

So the best way to have a party without having a party is going to Painting with a Twist and inviting friends to join you. I mean you get to drink wine if you want to, paint a picture with friends and family, and most of all have fun. Lots of laughs for sure. Pamela and I even supplied a few snacks. Didn't want everyone drinking wine with no snacks around. 

One thing Pamela requested was a cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company so I obliged. Then I heard about not putting my name on the cake. I thought about it but hey I got the cake for her. 

Michelle my co-worker is being shy and trying to hide her creativity. Not sure why because she did an awesome job.

 Got behind her and took another shot. HA! 

None of us know what we're doing but we're having fun. I think....I hope Wine makes everything fun. 
 This is Pamela's long time friend Laina. She finally got to join us this year. YAY

Oh did I mention this post is on photo over load.  

This is Pamela with my God child Michelle. Doesn't she have a beautiful smile? 
They're both beautiful! 
Even after harassing Michelle she let me 
take a selfie with her.  I work with Michelle. She recently joined our office and we're glad she did. She's talented and smart. Shhhh  don't tell her I said that.
 Here's Pamela with our friend and favorite hair stylist Brittany from Trendsetters in Tomball.

 Here's Pamela and I with my co-worker Samara
 Pamela has a new friend. She met her through Laina. Her name is Kari and she sells
LuLaRoe clothing and Pamela loves LuLaRoe 
Ashley couldn't join us for painting because She had to support her 4 year old Aria at her first T-ball game day. Ashley popped in though long enough to drop off Pamela and I a birthday gift of the best kind (wine) and say 'Hi'.   They had a parade and everything so what Mom could miss that. Isn't Aria a cutie in her uniform. Next year hopefully Ashley will be able to come paint with us.
 I got to meet a new friend today too. Her name is Susy. She's sweet and crazy. Cute too. She was taking a picture of me and Kat and turned the camera on herself for a selfie. Love it.  Too bad she's so shy. NOT! LOL   
This is Kat. She and I used to work together years ago.
We were being silly and bought ourselves some birthday had on our birthday princess crowns.

And here's the whole gang.  Everyone did great! And so ends another great day at PWAT in Tomball with our friends who were able to come out and join us. Hope our friends had as much fun as we did. Thanks to everyone for making our birthdays special.

One of the gifts I got was a new wine glass from Kat. Perfect. LOL  What a fun fun day!  If you didn't get enough Picture overload you can click here to see all the silly pictures.

For the evening I was able to do what I wanted because Pamela went out with her friend's to continue her celebration. We were both looking forward to tomorrow when David got home and we got to go eat at The Taste of Texas. Best Steaks ever. Only I didn't end up spending the night by myself. David came home early so we could go to dinner early on Sunday the 4th. Not only does the Taste of Texas as great steaks they have a great salad bar and if you're not careful you could fill up on salad before you get your main course. Then as a special treat they give Pamela and I a choice for a birthday treat. She chose the apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream and I chose the cheese cake and we shared with David. The took a picture of us but I managed to miss place it. oops. 

Sunday, March 4th was Lilley's 8th birthday. I got her some special treats at the pet store and she shared with Sophie.  She's such a good little Momma. I shared my birthday crown with her. I'm not sure she is totally impressed with the idea but I know she enjoyed the treats.
I just remembered I still have one hidden away I can give her tomorrow. She'll be one happy puppy.

For my birthday Monday the 5th Pamela and went up to visit with my Mom and Joe. We had Mom go shopping with us to help Pamela spend some of her birthday money.  For different reasons I never took pictures that day darn it.

On Tuesday Pamela and I went to brunch at a place called First Watch and then we went to have a massage with money from Christmas and birthday. aahhhhh so relaxing. We ended up at a different salon this time. Waiting to Exhale where we usually go didn't have enough massage therapist so they sent us to their parent company Dermatech off Champions and 1960. This place was nice and had the same nice atmosphere as Waiting to Exhale so we weren't disappointed. 
Just wanted to go home and take a nap but Pamela had a friend/co-worker coming in from Bryan to go to the Rodeo to see Jason Aldeen with her and another friend Rochelle who was in from California with two of her Cali friends. They made a night of it.

Well the birthday festivities have wound down now. Pamela headed back to Bryan and I went back to work for the week but then I was off for vacation for Spring Break. 
Gone Quilting. It was time for a retreat. It was an impromptu booking at Hilltop House by Margie in LaGrange. Margie had openings and I hadn't booked a spring retreat on the spur of the moment. If you click on the the name you can check the place out. Prices and menu's if you want her to cook for you.

More on the retreat in my next blog.....

UNTIL NEXT POST.....Birthdays are good for your health. 
Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live the longest.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Time is going by so fast

February has come and gone. Wow that was quick. Recently on Facebook I posted this lovely little picture...
And this is so how I feel. Back in 2013 when they scoped my right knee they told me I had arthritis in it but until recently I hadn't had any problem but the past 3 1/2 weeks have been rather miserable.  The knee throbs and aches and then it doesn't. About 2 weeks earlier I decided to up my game and be more active. Fitbit is holding me more accountable. I was tired of accepting my friend Sheryl's work week hustle and always coming in last. I had worked my steps up to 7000. My goal of course is the recommended 10,000 plus but I have to work up to that and then my knee slowed me down. Not fair.  Went to see the Orthopedic and hopefully the Meds will work their magic before their gone gone in 30 days or otherwise I get the pleasure of steroid shot.  Come on Meds you better START working! It's crazy but today I am actually kinda feeling some relief.

On a happier note I got to go to lunch with my long time friend Joanie. We've know each other since before kids. It's hard to believe our kids are all grown up. We hadn't seen each other in a few months again so we had a lot of catching up to do.  
I keep trying to get her to a quilt retreat since I know she's been doing some quilting now herself but the timing hasn't been right for her or I haven't had any openings. One day the threads will align so to speak.

Cassie, the youngest of my co-workers had a birthday on the 24th of February and none of us remembered to decorate her office or pass on the crown for the birthday girl. We were so bad! I really felt bad because they always do so much for my special day.
So with the help of her boss we got in and decorated her office first thing Monday after she left to go to a campus so she'd be surprised when she came back in Tuesday morning. She got extra special decorations. Her boss got plenty of balloons and started blowing them up two at a time.
He wasn't prepared for me to be taking pictures but he should have know better. And there's the Man JJ Watt in the background cheering him on sorta. LOL!
Leonard did a great job. Cassie was surprised.  We might have half redeemed ourselves in her eyes.
And since I was going to be gone several days around and on my birthday they just moved the balloons and decor to my office. LOL Let the celebrations begin.
It was a great day. For lunch I had tortilla soup that my daughter made and shared with me. All I had to add was some avocado and a dollup of sour cream.  It was really yummy and them my Boss Kim made this totally awesome ice cream cake. 
Are you drooling yet?

I went to get my hair trimmed and colored on March 1st by my favorite hairstylist Brittany @ Trendsetters in Tomball and she surprised me with a birthday cupcake. She's so sweet and so was the cupcake... mmmm.
Check out the clouds for my drive home that evening. They were so lumpy and fluffy.  I was surprised the picture even came out since all I did was reach up and tap the camera button on my phone. It's in a holder mounted on my window.
Well my celebration will now blend into Pamela's celebration since her birthday was March 2nd and I always seem to start early.  She came home so we could celebrate together. So She came home on her birthday and went to see her favorite hairstylist "Brittany" and I went to College Station to an appointment with David to see a builder.  LOL. We basically passed each other on the highway.  After our appointment David went to the farm and I went back home to Cypress. Pamela were left on our own until Sunday. That's when David came home to take us out to eat at The Taste of Texas. OMG it was so yummy good.
Our sweet bundle of joy. This picture doesn't show her pretty blues but our cutie pa tootie.

Anyway Pamela and I went out to eat on her birthday that Friday night the 2nd at the Yard House located in CityCentre but for us old timers in Houston it's Town & Country. LOL
The food was really good and they brought us each out a bread pudding birthday dessert. OMG so good. We were stuffed. Our plates said  "Happy Birthday". Pretty cool.             
After dinner we walked across the way to Kendra Scott Jewelry Store to pick out our piece of jewelry for 50% off. In case you don'y already know Kendra Scott let's you pick out a piece of jewelry and take 50% off for your birthday. I had been wanting a purple stone so I found what I wanted in a necklace for my birthday and then bought a pair of matching earrings with my birthday money from David and my boss Kim. Love my new jewelry pieces. What'cha think?
I got this awesome handmade card from my very talented creative friend and Retreat owner Margie Lawrence of Hilltop House by Margie in LaGrange, Texas. 
On Saturday March 3rd we had a joint Painting with a Twist Gathering to celebrate both our birthdays with friends.  More on that in my next post. 

Oh Oh and the big News is...... We have a builder... Yep we finally did it. We started with like 5 or 6, narrowed it down to 3, then we got it down to 2, then a one builder showed up at the farm that we had talked with last year but never received a bid from and asked to give us a bid so we said okay. Got that bid and went back to down to 2 builders. Each builder had a different floor plan. Each builder and plan had their good  and their strong points. It was hard narrowing down the possibilities. All of the builders we were looking at were awesome in their on way and were very personable.
But When it came down to it we/I really liked the first floor plan David and I had found and with the help of Bubba of JDB Contracting (Bryan, Texas) together we tweaked that plan to be what we wanted our forever home to be. YAY! 
Oh Crap now the hard part is how to pay for what we want. So the process of getting a construction loan is next.....

So Until next Post...Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics. ~Author Unknown