Thursday, September 26, 2019

Yee Haw Buckaroos - Head'em up Move'em out Rawhide and a BBQ

At 7am Saturday 9/14 the rodeo began. Okay not a real rodeo but we had 2 cowboys and 4 dogs rounding up our 14 cows to move them into a smaller pasture and isolate our 3 bulls and 1 steer. A nursing friend of Pamela's husband Rusty came over  with his Dad in law to help David.  All this will be easier once we get another cross fence and our pens and chutes built. Hopefully they'll start this Friday along with another fence at the base of the property.  The guys really had to work at it. The cows just weren't cooperating.
Then there was Jerry who we pinned up in his feeding pen. He was unhappy that he wasn't out there protecting his girls and boys.
Once they got the bulls separated they had to load 2 in the trailer so David could deliver them to their new owner.   And the oldest of the 3, the black bull was totally pissed.  He was lifting the small coral that David and I put together the day before off the ground and he was determined to tear up the trailer once they got him in. He is being traded with another Dexter owner for a new bull. Our 3 older bulls were trying to mate with their momma's and we didn't want that to happen so now we have Ferdinand. He's trying but the girls aren't having any of that.  We do still have the calf born in April but he's still little so he's not a threat. At least for now.
Then there was T-Bone the steer. He is all alone in the coral. Well unless you count my neighbors cows that came up to check what all the commotion was about.  Our cows look miniature compared to our neighbors beefmasters. We feed him twice a day with some pellets. We've been told strictly grass fed cows aren't to every one's taste so we've stated the new feeding program.  Our plan is to fatten up T-Bone and take him to the processor in late October.  Who would have thunk it.... Us raising cows.  We sold 2 and traded 1 for another. We are now down to 12 cows and of course Mr Jerry.  I stayed out as long as I could to watch but I had a charity Bingo and BBQ to go to in Houston.

I got dressed and headed to Pamela's to pick her up. We were heading to Houston for my sorority's annual Children's Miracle Network fundraiser. Phi Mu has been one of the largest donors to CMN. I won one of the bingo games and my prize was a gift card to El Tiempo Mexican Restaurant. Fun and oh so yummy.  Not sure when we'll use but it won't go to waste.  And I won one of the silent auction items. A package from Bernhardt Winery for wine tasting and tour for me and Pamela with a few friends. We've been trying to go there for months and never have time to stop by.  
Kathy brought her husband Mark. She couldn't leave him at home it was his birthday. So we took pictures and put him in the middle.

We were at Pappas BBQ out on Hwy 59. They didn't scrimp on the servings and it was all really good. The brisket, chicken and sausage were juicy, tender and full of flavor.

None of us ever dreamed we'd live on a farm in the country except for maybe Kathy. She always had that thought that she wanted to get out of the city.
 It was a fun afternoon with Sorority sisters, close friends and my daughter.
We ran into traffic and construction on every turn going home and we hit rain. It rains on us every time we go into Houston. It took us forever to get home.
David had texted and we told him when we'd be home according to google maps. Our plan was to try another new place to eat for dinner.
We went to the New Baden General Store for dinner. Steak was our menu choice. Pretty Dang good. Seasoned and cooked just right on the grill. mmm mmm good.
Last Thursday 9/19 I went out to feed T-Bone and decided to snap some pictures. He came right up next to me and got a little curious and got real close so very slowly I reached out and touched his nose and in a split second he jumped back..
Today as I fed him I just stood there talking to him but never tried to touch him. He was really close but I'll wait for another day and try to pet him again.

Jerry saw me coming and ran into his pen.  LOL
I told him he didn't have to be in there. If he'll wait until I finish feeding T-Bone I'd give him some attention and go get carrots.

In the next pasture our young momma cow that gave birth in April in a hail storm has finally come into Motherhood. She's actually loving on her calf. I think we should name her Hailey and the little bull Stormer. This is one the first tender moments she has shown. After 5 months it's about time.

Jerry came out of his pen and came to the gate wanting my attention. With or without carrots.
He loves getting neck rubs.

He was unhappy when I walked away and stuck his head through the gate. I was worried he'd get stuck but he just slide out as easy as he slide through.

 We have this big pile of dirt that David ordered but with everything he has to do he hasn't distributed the dirt and now it has a ton of morning glories grown all over it. It's actually very pretty.

I was even brave enough to try and get some close ups of the big bumble bees. They were busy busy.
This is our new guy. We've talked about naming him Ferdinand.  He's a pretty good size. He acts like he wants attention but backs up as you reach out.
My God Child is getting married next month and moving to Indiana. So far and so cold in the winter. She asked Pamela and I to go to lunch. Couldn't say 'no'.  This may be the last time we'll be able to get together like this.
On Friday the 20th we picked her up in Cypress and headed to  Town Lake Center to try the Union Kitchen. So many choices and we watched as the waiters brought out plates of food to the tables around us. Wow everything looked and smelled so good.
When we finished eating and getting ready to leave the sky opened up. Really rain. They're getting all this rain and we can't get any. We sat there for another hour before we went out and just as I snapped this picture....Here came the rain again.  We ran Michelle home and headed home and more rain.  I tell you every time we go to Houston we get caught in rain.

It was a great afternoon.

Until next blog.. There is Peace and Tranquility to be found in the Country.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

A Visiting I go... plus Family

 Continued to run the roads after our anniversary adventures. I went down to visit Mom and Joe. We had some good laughs. Tried to keep her laughing anyway.
I needed to go mail a package for Pamela so I told her to come and keep me company. Plus I wanted to run by a quilt shop in Montgomery, TX that I got an email about called Montgomery Quilt Company that was closing. I didn't even realize there was still one there.  Come to find out they had moved from the smaller shop that I could see as I drove down Hwy 105 to a larger shop around the corner. Well darn.  The owner is closing for personal reasons and not financial so that's good to hear. They have everything marked down 30% even the shelves, tables, display items.
 I saw this little machine and snapped a picture to send to a couple of friends who love these machines. This had been cleaned up and totally refurbished. They had 2 left.
No I didn't buy one. They're not my thing but they are fun to look at.
Besides I had already put a dent in my quilting budget for the month but I did need thread.  Mom looked at the pretty fabric and looked at what I was getting. She saw some things that she liked but nothing she needed to buy since she doesn't sew any longer. Her eyes are giving her fits with the macular degeneration.
Then I saw a piece of fabric that went with a line of fabric I have stashed away that I figured I could handle a yard of fabric. It's A Riley Blake fabric. They had other pieces I wanted but had to leave for another visit before they close hopefully.
I was at the cash register when I saw this clock. Dang it. I had seen this clock on someones post in one of the groups I'm in on FB and I had to have it for my Sewing Room.  In fact I think that was the name of the group. The Sewing Room.

Anyway I had to have and then I had to get out of there before I started blowing up my budget. I love this clock.
Once we get my curtain shelving up it'll go up there.

David was coming home that night so I took Mom back home and visited a few minutes longer with Joe and then I headed home to cook dinner. This is what was for dinner. Zucchini taco boat. Normally I buy 2 zucchini's (one for each of us) and split in half. But the zucchini David picked a few days earlier was big enough that all I had to do is split this one and we each got full on our half filled with taco meat, jalapeno, bell pepper, onion and topped with cheese.  KETO friendly. So yummy good. I like being able to use fresh veggies out of the garden.

 We had a few okra and a squash that needed to get cooked up so I sliced them up with jalapeno, bell pepper, and onion and sauteed them up. I forgot to snap a pretty picture before we start eating on it. Again it's Keto friendly. I sometimes add mushrooms but I didn't have any this time.

On 9/11 the clouds were making weird shapes. Okay I was being easily amusement.  It was a Hersey Kiss. Well in my eyes. By the time I got my phone out to take the picture it had distorted a little. LOL

Now this wasn't funny, it was serious... The sky's were getting dark and angry looking over the house but they tricked me and move right on over and didn't drop one single raindrop.  How rude!

We need rain in the worst way. Our ground is hard as a rock and cracking and our poor pond has gotten smaller.

Then I was down to one single rain cloud but nothing. Night view of backside of house. I wish it was raining on me but didn't happen.
Friday the 13th presented a Full Moon over the Rock'n K so David and I sat on the front porch with an adult beverage enjoying the view.  This was the first full moon on a Friday the 13th in 13 years.    The Harvest Moon.  Posted this picture on FB and Josh goes nice cozy. It's the one from their wedding in 2014.  Good eyes.
My 1st cousins, Gayle and Lisa, who I spent a lot of time with when we were kids threw their parents an anniversary party at the senior living home where my Aunt and Uncle reside on Saturday the 14th.
I thought 41 years was an accomplishment but Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary celebrated 65 years. Twenty four more to go David. They shared pictures on FB and I'm going to share them here.
Lisa Guinther, Aunt Mary Mullins McLallen, Doug Dowell,
Uncle Dick McLallen and Gayle Flynn
I love this one because the gentleman standing up is a cousin who I haven't seen in 40+ years and she tagged him so I was able to friend him on FB and say 'Hi" He's a multi- talented guy. He's been a lawyer if I remember right and since at least 2009 he's been an actor and producer.
 Doug had 4 brothers. As a kid I loved when we went to visit their house. I thought they were cool and the cutest brothers ever and they always put up with me. 
Then they posted another picture of more cousins. Their Mom was my grandfather's sister. We spent a lot of time at their place when I was growing up too . I remember picking strawberries in Aunt Marie's huge garden. Well it seem huge when I was a kid.  It's been a while since I've seen these folks too but not as long as Doug. 
Connie Barnes, Phyllis Bethards and their brother Bill Triplet  with Aunt Mary and Uncle Dick
Thank you Gayle and Lisa for sharing these pictures so I could save them in my album and share them on my blog.

So I'm stopping for now but there is definitely more Saturday activities that were happening but if I stop now the blog won't be so long. Don't want to bore you totally. Saturday the 14th was a fun day but you'll have to wait until my next post to see what I was up too.

Until next blog post...
 Take spring when it comes, and rejoice. / Take happiness when it comes, and rejoice. / Take love when it comes, and rejoice.” ~ Carl Ewald

As My Dad💗 would say.... Toodle Loo,  See you in the funny papers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

41 Years of Marital Bliss & Quilts completed

Okay my title might be a little off. We've definitely have those ups, downs and every which way. But the good times out number the off days. We signed on for another year.  Here we go again. LOL
Saturday (8/31)was kind of a lazy day. David finished up the shelf for my 2nd window in my sewing room and set it up there to check sizing and see how it looked. Love it. Now I need to putty the nail holes and paint it then David will attach the shelf to the brackets and my windows will be complete.
I worked on some quilts I need to get finished up so I can get them in the mail to the recipients.
Basically today was doing small projects and just hanging out. In the late afternoon we got ready and did a quick stop at Wal-Mart and then we headed to dinner at another new place. We've been hearing about this place in or actually outside Rockdale called Apache Pass Steak House. There's an ice house next door too. This was our anniversary dinner choice even if it is a couple days early.
Whoever took my phone call to make reservations didn't quite follow through. They didn't reserve us a table after all but the hostest came through and sat us a table for 8+. Now that felt weird but at least we got to sit. The outside of the building has a tepee' entry and the inside decor is nice and rustic. The steak house is only open Friday and Saturdays. The ice house side is open Thursday through Sunday.

Nice waiting area when they need it or just a nice place to sit and have a drink with friends. There's a fire pit in the middle of the restaurant. 
And the back wall is all windows that have a nice view out back. I want to sit out there when the weather is nice. At least under 90 degrees. LOL
Oh and the food was great. As a special treat for us because of the messed up reservation they comp'ed our dessert. The young lady who waited on us was so sweet. Made our first visit very special.
After dinner we decided we wanted to walk outside and see the outside only it was already dark by the time we went out so we couldn't see a whole lot but we took time to have a drink on one of the 5 patio decks. I had a sangria margarita swirl.... mmmm

I do believe we'll go back to this place.
Pamela and her nursing gals were in Houston at the BackStreet Boys Concert. I do believe that had way to much fun. LOL
David David How does your Garden Grow? For first timers we had a pretty good harvest today.
Cucumbers, okra, jalapeno and Anaheim peppers, squash, yellow and purple bell peppers and 2 big zucchini's .  We've had plenty of flowers on the zucchini's plant but this was the only ones we've got to harvest so far. Tomatoes are done until fall planting.
On Sunday 9/1,  I sat on the back drinking my ice coffee and watched our hummers. This little guy was guarding his juice supply. lol

They're so much fun to watch.
David called me over to the fence area by our garden to point out the tracks. We had a visitor that morning. The sprinkler went off at 6 so it had to be after that to make the paw print because otherwise the ground is too hard. We're thinking coyote.  mmm

And look at this little guy. At first I didn't notice him.
I thought it was a piece of green bark until it moved. Not much bigger than a 50 cent piece.
Later that day I rode to the base of the property to see where our feral hogs got on to our property.
 We actually found 2-3 places.  And as we were walking along I noticed this tree with fruit on it. I picked this one up off the ground. It's a persimmon. There were plenty of the tree but too high to reach.
Pamela came up and we went to have my fav.. Mexican Food.    Pamela didn't stay the night after dinner and drove on back home.      So David and I sat out on the back porch just relaxing. Unfortunately I finished off my Blackshire Blackberry Whiskey that goes awesome with Simply Lemonade. mmm.

They don't ship their whiskey or sell anywhere except at the distillery. Gonna have to make a trip back to Hermann Missouri to get some more.

Or find a distillery here in Texas that sells a good Blackberry whiskey.

So Monday rolls around our actual 41st wedding anniversary and it's quiet and not much happening. LOL We did our celebrating all weekend. On the quiet times I got in and finished up my great nephews quilts that live in Missouri. Took pictures and got them in the mail.  Nephew and his wife had Preston a few months ago and I finally got his quilt finished And since his big brother Carson didn't get one when he arrived I made him one also using the same fabric. I wasn't quilting so much back when Carson arrived so I'm making up for it now. On Preston's quilt I did what is called a faux binding. It uses 2 fabrics to make it look like it has piping around the edges. The quilting motif on both quilts was wildlife. You can see a deer, moose, a bear and a tree.  My friend Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest did the quilting.  She's so good to me.

Used the same fabric but a different pattern.
Their mom, my niece Bailey Jo sent this cute picture of the boys with their quilts.
 Aren't they adorable? I love it.
One more great nephew to go.  He came next. Baby Tate was born in March so yes I'm real fast on getting the quilts made but yeah I'm working on it.
Then I'll work on a new quilt for the Texas guest room here at the Rock'n K. Babies come first though.
I did just finished a quilt top for my friend Pam's newish grandbaby Girl. She too was born in March. It's going to the Quilter on Thursday for sure but can't show the picture yet. Soon though.
Well that's it for now folks. Oh what shall I get into next. So much to do and see.

Until next blog...  
        “To keep your marriage brimming with love in the wedding cup
      Whenever you’re wrong admit it.

                                                Whenever you’re right – shut up,”  ~Ogden Nash   LOL