Saturday, February 23, 2019

I'm back! Yes I'm still here!

I started writing this post right after my last post November 12th but building and moving took over so my journal of our life and progress is far behind. I think I may have forgotten how to write.  Let's see if I can pick up where I left off to get you caught to today in a few posts.
So after the quilt retreat I headed over to the farm to see what progress had been made. I found them painting and staining the trim, book cases and kitchen cabinets. It was really starting to look like a house we could move into. Plus they had finished pouring the concrete floor in the barn and used the gravel to spread outside. It was just gravel but now it makes it nicer when David has to work on the vehicles/tractor.
There were drawers and cabinet doors everywhere.      
I also had gone by our builders office for some paperwork and leave money. The room we always went into to review the drawings was filled with boxes of lights and fans for our house. Some of it had flowed over into Bubba's office.

I'm sure they were glad when they moved all of it to the house.
  They had also poured the sidewalks in the front and the back plus a big step down and another smaller patio area where we think the smoker will go. 

Things were really coming together. This is the back of house/garage/car port.
One of the things they still needed to do was stain our exterior doors.  I was anxious to see what they would look like. With just the primer the doors kinda disappeared. 

 Taking a picture in the late afternoon was/is not easy. The sun was blinding.

David decided he needed to mow a strip of grass before they brought the cattle guard only he didn't go far.

Just as he got to the gate he stopped and the tractor sunk down to the frame in the water logged ground.  There was no way to get it out by pulling it with the truck.

He had to go borrow a neighbors tractor with a skid steer but even that almost proved to be disastrous.  The neighbors tractor started tipping over as they tried to lift the tractor out of the mud.  Between the neighbor, David and Bubba they finally succeeded in freeing the tractor. As you can see, well barely... the front tire was in deep. He was sunk down to the frame.
This is kind of pattern lately.  David, vehicles and mud do not go together. Other vehicles have been stuck in the mud.
Ran into Pamela's best friend Marlaina and her family at the store back in Cypress and her baby boy adores Pamela. LOL
He wanted to know where Pammy was! Click here to hear this little cutie ask where his Auntie Pammy is?
My original video wouldn't up load properly.

Had to tell him she was off playing with her friend Hannah from Kansas. Pamela met Hannah when we were in Missouri for a wedding and they become fast friends. 
This was Hannah's second visit to see Pamela. Hannah was traveling with 2 friends this time. 
All of them went to check out Fredericksburg and eventually came to the farm. 
Well they actually got to the farm sooner than later. They were driving by the farm when her car crapped out. My daughter had her get it onto our property to park it until they could figure out what was wrong.  Apparently a few miles back her friend who was driving said something furry like maybe an armadillo came running out of the tall weeds. mmmm Armadillo's aren't furry! It was a small wild hog. It did some damage to the radiator and something else.  She didn't get to see much of the inside of the house since everything was covered in plastic. She'll get to see it all furnished on her next visit.
We'll be visiting Hannah this spring. She's already got ideas for what we'll do while visiting.
I could be in trouble with these girls.

Well we all know what a Klutz I can be, right? Well I was back at the farm a week later to meet up with the builder to determine how many cabinet knobs and drawer pulls we needed. What better way to embarrass one's self than to trip and fall. Not just the builder himself but his wife witnessed my Grace.
There was this corrugated plastic sheets down to protect the stained concrete and the heel of my cowboy boots caught the edge of the corrugated sheets and down I went. Couldn't get up right away so I told Bubba to go ahead and count and I'll write while laying on the floor.  Now after we finished I didn't think much more about it because I didn't hurt really. Well that night when got ready for bed this is what I saw. My leg and my arm suffered more than I thought.
No clue why it looked this bad but then it made my arthritis flare up in my knee and it tried to get an infection called cellulitis but the Doc caught it early enough and gave me some strong antibiotics. Thank goodness.
See I told you I had a lot of stuff happening.
The next day I helped host my nieces baby shower along with my daughter, her sister and her friend.
The proud Grandparents to be at the time of this picture. 
 I was able to get a quilt finished to be able to give it to her that day but not done enough to let her keep it. It still needed a label and binding. I had planned on getting it back to her before the little guy was born but life happened. I think she liked it.
 Here's a picture of  all of us involved. My niece got lots of cool gifts.
Caught a beautiful sunset the week before Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving we went back to the Rock'n K to check out the progress.

We had a backyard all fenced in. There were appliances, lights and fans oh my.  LOL

The windmill fans are awesome.

We always count the cows to make sure everyone is still there. In September when we counted and we gained a black calf. It's hiding behind it's momma. Sometime the week of Thanksgiving we went from 10 to 11 cows. A new calf was born the week of Thanksgiving. A small reddish brown one. He's the little guy laying down.  It's a boy! So cute.

Well that's it for now. You're probably tired of reading.  This post covers all of November.

On wards and forwards to catch up.

Until the next blog...Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. Author Unknown