Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Hodge Podge...Fun, Quilting, Antiques and food.

So for my Mom's birthday Pamela and I drove to Montgomery, TX picked her up and took her to Lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Tomball and then we treated her to a spa day.  Look at long her hair has grown in the month or so. She's doing something right. It seems to have gotten thicker and definitely longer.   After Lunch we took her to get her hair cut at Trendsetters Salon by Brittney Bunch.  Mom loved the way she cut in June. It has been a few days. This time she asked about cutting it a little shorter and we did.   Mom loved the new cut.  
  After a hair cut we took her to get a Mani and a spa pedi. For years we had tried to get her to join us when we went but she always said no. This time she was in agreeance.  She can't see well enough to do her own so she needed it. While she was sitting in the chair and the little gal massaged her legs and feet she's going I've never had any one ever do this. It feels good and about that time the little gal dug her thumbs into Mom's. Not so hard! Please!  If you've ever had a spa pedi you probably know the feeling. I sure do. They get those thumbs to do a deep tissue massage.  Nope Nope not my thing either.  So when it was all done we asked Mom if next time she'd turn us down to join us... Her answer was very definite...."Hell NO" This was nice"  Success.

I'm planning my Fall retreat and picked the Fat Quarter theme for everyone going. We play games for small and sometimes silly door prizes.  This years theme is Black, Yellow and White. Any combination of the colors and any pattern.

One of my regular retreaters suggested we do something different and fun.  So I emailed those going if they would be interested in making a decorated witches hat. Everyone said they were in. We'll vote for the best hat and someone will get a prize. The clincher is you have to wear to lunch when meet up before going to retreat house.  Kountz, TX may never know what hit them. LOL. This is an example of Lori Holt's or at least from her pinterest.  This should be fun and interesting.

Maybe I'll get my artistic daughter to help me.
How about going to Hogwarts with Harry Potty?  LOL. Top Paw Pet Spa thing in July was Harry Potty.  After she grooms the dogs she has a photo corner set up with a different theme each month. She does a great job with the girls, reasonably priced and ends it with a photo. Thanks Misty.   Bri is sitting so pretty and looking very studious.  Lilley looks like she's ready to take off to play game of Quid ditch.
 Sophie looks cute and ready to fly.

I'm always showing off the great nephew and niece babies so I thought I'd share the picture my nephew posted of his oldest for first day of 3rd grade.  (You were right Barb, he's in 3rd)
This is Carson. Geez he's grown. I don't remember him being this big in May when were visiting Missouri.
 He looks like his Dad, Zachariah.
Zachariah and Bailey Jo have raised him to be very polite and well behaved.  Okay he is a boy and he will have his moments but he was awesome when we were visiting at dinner. He's pretty cute too.

We live on a loop. This is the East end of our County Road. When it's graded like it is now I really like to go down it to get to our house on the West end.  I like the way the trees arch over the road. And there's always a few Cardinals that fly across the road in front of me. They're so pretty. Now it can be a little tight on the East end if you meet another vehicle.
But everyone is very polite and moves over and shares the road or finds a wide spot to pull over to get out of the way.
I found two quilt patterns I want to make when I'm done with the 5 on my list already.  The background on this first quilt is newsprint or printed words of some kind. I found some fabric today in the sale bin that looked like the small receipt pads that the old hamburger stands use(d).
 It uses scraps of fabric from other projects. I might have a few of those laying around in a tub. Some I've given away but I still have some for myself.

This quilt will be easy to find fabric scraps. It's made with Kaffe Fassett fabric line and I have lots of it. All the colors and designs in Kaffe Fassett work well together. I made my daughter's guest room bedding, pillow cases, shams and dust ruffle out this line of fabric. I just pick up a new piece every so often to add to the collection and use the leftovers with some new to make more quilts.. 
 So this weekend my sister Barb was in San Antonio working. She was in the Air Force Reserves and now works on setting up what was called the Yellow Ribbon Program. The program helps returning soldiers find the resources they need to re-enter civilian life like insurance, medical care, etc. Anyway she mentioned to us in May when she would be down to Texas so Pamela and I decided we'd drive to San Antonio to see her. It took us about 2 hr and 50 minutes but it wasn't a bad drive at all. So Pamela drives to the Rock'n K. She walks into my room as I'm walking out and goes... "What! You can't wear pink!"  LOL She's wearing pink too. We had not planned our wardrobe.
When we arrive in San Antonio we head straight to the hotel because Barb had thought she'd be off by 2. Well that didn't happen. We walked in the lobby and gave her a call to find out that she would be another hour or so before she could hang out.
The lobby was loud and full of people so we needed think of something to do until Barb was free.  So we do what we like to do and Pamela found us a Wine Room about 10 minutes down the road.  The folks behind the counter and their patrons were very friendly and funny.  We had fun there and while tasting some wine at the Stray Grape.
They have some nice wines.
Barb finally texted saying she was free. So we paid our bill and headed back to the hotel to pick her up.
 So as we're driving down the street to the Hotel I could see Barb. She was wearing a bright Pink T-Shirt. She had taken off the hot pink cowboy boots that she had been wearing for the program. They try to make it fun and informational obviously. She looks great in pink but it's not a color she tends to wear.
So without knowing it we all three were dressed in some form or fashion of Pink. We were Pretty in Pink. LOL
We thought we'd try to find a distillery but that was a big fail.  Lol We ended up in parking lot with a fitness gym. and some other shops. MMMM who knows where it was.  Our next stop landed us in Helotes at the Helotes Creek Winery. Cute place with lots of outdoor sitting which might have been great if it wasn't 106 outside.  In the shade it was almost bearable. Almost.
This place was about 3 doors down from John T. Flores General Store that used to cater to travellers between San Antonio and Bandera but for the 60 years plus it hosts live music, BBQ and a bar.  And has a huge dance floor. Willie Nelson plays there with 3000 plus fans. I can't image what it looks like with that many people at this place. I just looked at their website and it's been hosting music for 75 years now.
We were all getting hungry and Barb said there was a Mexican Restaurant just down the road somewhere. She had gone with a friend who lives in Helotes. We didn't even have to drive out onto the highway. It was right there on the side road. The parking lot was packed. We figured it would be an hour wait but surprised it was only 20. The El Chaparal was good and reasonable priced. Service was good too. We had a great afternoon visiting and playing. Maybe we can do it again next year.

This is my great nephew Tate. This little guy looks just like his Mom but every now and then he makes some face and I see his Dad. He and Dad are watching TV I'm guessing. He's 5 months old. He's a little ham I do believe. Look at that face, posing for the camera. Then he's over it. He's adorable. LOL. 
 Today (8/20) I met up with a couple of my quilting pals in town about 50 minutes away from the Rock'n K. We met up at The Whistle Stop Antique Store. That place can be dangerous I tell you. They have so many of the the things I like and collect that I have no more room for but it's fun to look and who knows maybe find something old that I can't live without. I was able to restrain myself and only Donna and Sandy opened their wallet. From here we went a block down and across the road to another Antique store called Jackie Arnold's.
They too had lots of cool things. Well this time I couldn't pass up something. I love this picture with a crazy quilt behind the barn tin cut outs of quilt block.  Now to decide where to hang it.  When I spoke to David tonight he asked me where I was thinking of hanging and I wasn't sure but I have since thought about it and have a couple of ideas now.
One place is over my Quilt Room Door.

Our tummies were starting to growl so time to find food.

From here we went to lunch at the Giddings Downtown Restaurant. It cafeteria style. For lunch it's $7.95 for and entree and 2 sides. It's like a home cooked meal. The ladies that run provide excellent service.

It's in an old building right on the hwy 290
.After a satisfying of meal of smothered chopped steak with yams and green beans I was ready for the next stop..... the quilt shop All Around the Block.  Not that I needed anything but I love to look at all the pretty colors and patterns.  I was looking for some gingham fabric to go with this piece of fabric I already have.  Didn't spend much but I did find what I wanted.  Donna and Sandy bought lots of fabric for projects they want to start. 
Well with our pocketbooks a little lighter it was time to go our separate ways and head home.

That's it for now.
Until next blog....Behind every sewer is a huge pile of fabric.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

New Beginnings, Old Friends & Gardening

On August 3rd Pamela and I drove into Houston for a special event. My GodChild Michelle's Bridal Shower. We were happy to be included in the celebration. Michelle was radiate. Can't wait to see her on her wedding day. She was all smiles that day. Standing with her is her Aunt Rebecca, her Abue (grandmother) and her Mom Gigi. Beautiful family for sure.

This is a picture of her with her Aunt Lisa and Aunt Robyn.

Her Aunt Lisa told Pamela to jump in the picture because she was like part of the family.
Lisa is surrounded by her beautiful nieces.

And a picture of Michelle and her Mom Gigi

Then a picture of me and Robyn. Michelle's Mom and her Aunt Robyn and I ran around together when in college and we all first met. We even took trips together along with the men in our life. We always had fun and created a lot of fond memories. It had been a while since we'd seen each other.

The young lady in the picture with Pamela and Michelle is Michelle's little brother's girlfriend, Erica. We were giving her a bad time that no one realized Nicholas had a girlfriend. She was a sweetheart.
It was a pleasant afternoon see the family and wishing Michelle the best.

David built 2 raised garden beds. Of which caused him some injuries when he tried to drag them by himself and fell. Messed up his shoulder and aggravated his back that already had problems. This man is determined to get things done even if it kills him.
He even planted veggies in them. The yellow squash gave us these pretty flowers and today I picked our first baby squash. They were very tasty.
It was a late garden but the tomatoes are growing almost faster than we can eat them.  They're starting slow down a little. OH NO... How can we go back to eating store bought tomatoes. The fresh tomatoes have the best flavor ever! Our baby squash. More are forming. Might be able to pick more by Saturday or Sunday.

David also planted some pickling cucumbers. Some are really big. I picked some last week and they taste good just sliced up. I'm gonna have to go find a pickling recipe.  If anyone has a good one send it to me.

David also planted yellow, green, red and purple bell peppers. We're new at this gardening thing and most of our produce is small but its edible. 
We didn't get to eat any green beans. We have a rabbit that I call... what else Peter Cottontail. He comes every morning to check out the garden he ate all the beans and in the last 2-3 weeks he ate the leaves of the plant. Oh well.

Then there is the Okra. We had no clue when to pick. Well let me tell you.... You pick them when they are 2-3" inches long. If they crunch when you squeeze or try put your nail through them or there's resistance it's too late. By the time they're 4" long you can barely get a knife through them. Some that were longer needed a chainsaw.  We had no clue. We thought the longer the better. NOPE not so much. The cows have a surprise in their feeding trough.
They have beautiful flower before they become the vegetable. I was able to pick enough tonight to add to my vegetable medley I made for dinner. I used squash, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, Anaheim pepper, onion, Okra and some cut up tomatoes. I added the tomatoes in at the last 5 minutes. I used Adams House seasoning and a wine and garlic seasoning also by Adams. So tasty.
Wow I'm finally catching up with my postings. YAY

But I need to transfer the pictures off my phone so I guess this will be a good stopping point.

Until next blog post....“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Now what can I get into?

Well remember in my last blog I shared how my Nephew Tyler and his Fiance' Andrea told us Thank you via picture and text messages that were really cute. Well now I can share a beautiful picture of them as Husband and Wife.  On July 20th they were supposed to get married in Kansas but their venue was damaged in all the storms. But they adapted and they went to Vegas with a few friends and family to tie the knot. They sent a message to everyone to let us know what was happening and if we could please join them please do. Wish we could have.
Short of being very hot they seem to have found a beautiful spot to get married.
They have a beautiful family but the newest addition is as cute as a bugs ear. mmm Who knows how cute a bugs ear is anyway?  LOL Well this little guy my new great nephew seems to be the happiest little guy.

 Finally getting a nap in during all the festivities.  Tate has some very nice looking big brothers and a sister. I'm sure they don't have anything to do with spoiling this little guy. 
Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Bethards.

Saturday (7/20) I had the book club I belong for the last 21 years to out to the Rock'n K to discuss my book choice. "Where the Crawdad Sings:" by Delia Owens.  I knew it was a bit of a drive for most but I did it anyway. A lot of the members were actually gone on vacation but that's okay. The gal with the birthday crown has been a long time friend and has been our realtor. Of course the other gals have been my friend for over 21 years now.  Great book if you're looking for a good book to read.

So glade these gals made it out.

Play time at the Rock'n K. These guys are always entertaining us.
While Pamela had company  David & I entertained her girls.  Well Lilley entertained the girls.
They didn't like it that I was on the other side of the gate. They're so darn cute.   L-R  Sophie, Lilley and Brianna.  I couldn't have staged this if had wanted to, but they stood in height order. How funny. Bri the youngest is the tallest. Sophie is the smallest and her Mommy Lilley is in the middle between the kids. They each have their own looks and personality that's for sure.
And while outside David hollered for me to come look at this evil thing..... A Black Widow Spider.  This makes about 10th one we've killed.  We have to be careful picking up things outside or reaching in recessed areas.  See the hour glass on her butt end. She is poisonous.
We don't have a shortage of all kinds of spiders around here. The other one we see a lot of is the banana spider. While it's not poisonous it does bite and it's venom could make you sick. It's so BIG and scary.  Their webs are very sticky and very strong. Intricate too. It looks evil. This one would almost cover the palm of my hand but I don't plan on letting it get that close Thank you Very Much. LOL   And today I found this Walking Stick on the back porch. Kinda little. Not.

East Window
north window
I finally decided to go ahead and put rolling shades in my sewing room.
The west sun sneaks under the porch cover and pours into my window facing north.
And my East window gets hit full on with the sun rise until about noon.
You can just barely see the Desert Willow Tree out my North window that David planted. It's very Wispy and of course Willowy.
Didn't notice the sun so much when we were buying blinds for the bedrooms and David's office but now that it's summer it's evident just how much sun comes through. So I decided to protect my machines from turning yellow, my fabric from fading and my thread from deteriorating.
 On Friday (8/2) Pamela asked if we could go to Taylor to the Texas Beer Company and the winery Pilot Knob next door so I texted Ashley a former co-worker who had moved to Round Rock about the same time I moved to the Rock'n K if she wanted to meet us. We're 45 minutes away and Round Rock is about 30. She answered definitely she would love to meet us for lunch and an adult beverage or two. And come to find out she and her husband just moved into their new house about 10 minutes away from the Texas Beer Company. I hadn't seen Ashley since April so it was nice catching up. We all ordered the hamburger and it was really really good. It had an aioli sauce and the buns were special too. Right now I can't remember the specifics. We've made plans to go back and meet up for Ashley's birthday in September.  Spent a good hour or two here talking and having a couple of craft beers.
Then We went next door to Pilot Knob Winery to check out their wines. Of course we all found one we liked. The owner was super friendly and informative.

Brittany & Pamela
As we were all talking about the winery, the surrounding towns etc, the owner goes "oh here comes some of my family".. I glance up but don't really pay attention until Pamela goes "No way! Are you kidding me?!" I turn to see the girl walking up to Pamela saying I can't believe it and realize it's a girl Pamela went to High School with who now lives in Nebraska. They hadn't seen each other since graduation.  Her Aunt owns the brewery and her Mom now lives 10 minutes down the road. In fact she lives in the same neighborhood Ashley just moved too. I guess we're all getting out of Houston. LOL
Talk about a small world.
And here they are back in 2005 at Prom
L-R I think Serria, Brittany and Pamela
Such a fun afternoon. ....
Well that's it for this post. Weddings Love Friends Critters Spiders Blinds Beer Wine and more friends. Life is good.

Until next blog....Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years with threads of joy and laughter, happiness, and tears.