Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fun times..... Birthday Celebrations

So our baby girl came home Thursday the 2nd so we could celebrate our birthdays. Isn't she cute? I'm biased of course. It's hard to believe that she turned 30 this year. She's not overly impressed but the alternative isn't much of an option. To our beautiful girl. No matter how many birthdays come and go you will always be our little girl. 
You've grown into a beautiful young lady in and out. Our wish for you is happiness and love. May God bless you every day and night. Hope the next trip around the sun will be filled with wonderful surprises and joy.  
That evening when she got home I made her a special birthday dinner at her request.  Sauteed tilapia with a roasted red pepper relish and feta cheese, sauteed potatoes, onion and yellow squash. Oh and garlic bread.  

When I got the mail Friday I got this beautiful handmade card from my friend Margie. She scrapbooks, makes fabric trading cards, and quilts too. Can you say talented?
On Friday Pamela and I got up and met my Mom and Joe for an early lunch at Mel's Country Cafe for our birthday. You see My birthday is in a couple of days too.  We took our time eating and talking. Of course I forgot to take pictures. It's hell getting old.
After lunch Pamela and I ran some errands until 3:45 because at 4pm we were getting a massage. David gave us each a massage for our birthday. Eeewww  ahhhhhhh. One hour and 30 minutes later we were ready to just continue relaxing. I didn't even have to cook. We went out for Mexican food. Our favorite. David ordered a margarita and Pam and I ordered tea. What? I know right, a tea and not a margarita. Just wasn't in the mood. LOL After dinner Pamela went out to meet up with another friend who's wife was having a surprise get together for his birthday. I went to sew and poor David went to sleep after a long hard day at the farm.

We wished Miss Lilley Happy Birthday. She turned 7. She's such a sweet girl. She got some special chew sticks that she even shared with Sophie. 
David got up and headed to the other side of town for a memorial service for one of the Bell Gang Guy's mother. 
Pamela and I were unable to attend because we had scheduled an appointment at Painting with a Twist for 15-20 people to celebrate our birthdays with friends and wine. We had lots of fun and wine. 

 Pamela, maybe needs no more wine. Just kidding. It was a great day and we were having fun.

Pamela, Me and my co-worker Samara. 
 Samara is feeling good and having fun while Joanie works hard on her painting.

 me with Nancy a co-worker
 What you can't see in this picture is the camp fire that Heather added to her painting. Awesome idea. I almost stole the idea. She did a great job.

This is my God-daughter Michelle, her mom Gigi (my daughter's God-mother), and my long time friend Joanie 

The inner Picasso came out in all of us. LOL

 We did good!  After painting time was over Pamela headed over to her friends house for more birthday celebrations. Dinner and drinks.

Sunday 3/5 was my birthday. David wakes me up and says he'll take me to breakfast/brunch if I get up. He didn't have to ask me twice. LOL I assumed he was taking me to our favorite hole in the wall but he surprised with breakfast at The Texas Mesquite. Right down the road from the house
It was so good. And we even had drinks. I had a mimosa and he had a bloody Mary. David had a cowboy breakfast of eggs and I had eggs Benedict with beef fajita meat, hash browns and refried beans. I couldn't believe how good it was with beef fajita. I make mine with ham or canadian bacon
 After yummy food we ran some errands. One stop was Academy where he bought me a birthday gift. It's what every girl would want... LOL a french fry cutter. He said "Nothing but the best for his girl".

That evening David took Pamela and I out for dinner to the Taste of Texas for our birthdays.
What a tasty meal.
Pamela and I got free desserts that we shared with David.
The Taste of Texas always takes a picture of you when you're there celebrating a special occasion.
They gave us the picture to remember the evening. We're never disappointed when we go there. Our birthday celebration was the best! Thank you David.

Well that's it for now. I've got to finish packing because this Sunday the 12th I'm off to Quilt Retreat with 10 friends. David gets a break and doesn't have to put up with me.
Lilley will have to keep him out of trouble. I'm sure she's up for the job.

So until next post......