Friday, May 22, 2020

Momma Visit and going ons at the Rock'n K

Mother's day was so nice.  When Joe said he didn't feel they could make the drive to the farm for dinner, David suggested we go to them. Pamela had to work the whole weekend but she said she'd come up next Saturday and cook for me/us.

So I got up Sunday morning and put together a roast with onions, potatoes and carrots. Yum.  Mother's Day was the first time in 2 months that I had seen my Mom. She was doing pretty good that day. We always have fun when I pull out snapchat and use the various filters. LOL.  She loved the flower and purple lips.And she ate really good that day. Then she usually does when I'm around.

On Monday after Mother's Day the girls got to go get groomed for the first time in almost 3 months. They smelled so good and so pretty. They were waiting to get out of the car and run free in the backyard after being in a kennel all day. They were watching me but Pamela walked out the door just as I snapped the picture and the girls looked to Pamela. Still cute.

Pamela couldn't wait to go check on the new baby Mockingbirds. They were all snuggled up for a nap until Momma came back with a snack. 
 She capture this great picture of our East pasture filled Black Eyed Susan's  The entire field is cover with them. It's really pretty about 5-6 the way the sun hits them in the evening.

She prepared chicken enchilada's, queso, and a peach cobbler. David prepared a pot of charro beans. What a yummy evening. They did real good.  


I went to bed so full that evening but very satisfied.  
One of my mother's day gifts was a new mouse pad.  Love it. Sew appropriate.
Recently David walked out of his office saying I'm going to run in and get a hair cut. His
hair hasn't been this long in probably 40 years. Of course he wouldn't smile when I took the picture the rat. He looked like Jack Nicholson in the Shining the night before. He had his hair all combed up and kinda crazy.     He came home with his short hair and his beard all trimmed up. He's all happy now.

Well again he won't give me the big happy smile.  LOL

Goofy Jerry is climbing the fence. He's standing on the bottom fence rail. Sorry buddy I have to go back inside. I'll love you some more later.
Sunday (5/17) Pamela rode into Katy with me to swap quilt tops again for the round robin.  The next hand off will be the big reveal. I'll finally get my my medallion back with all the added borders from the girls in my group. Can't wait. But in the meantime this is my next medallion to work on. I'm adding the last borders. This medallion is a little different. No side borders are to be added, only a top and bottom border is to be added. I think I know what I'm going to add. This medallion is sew cute. I love the little skunk button that is on it. It's hard to see in this picture but it's there about and inch behind the camper. 

The wildflowers lined up in front of the bales of hay nicely too. Prettier in person.

Lilley actually came out to model for me in the wildflowers today.


Well that's it for this post.
Until next post....

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Rock'K Bird Habitat!?

 Welcome to the Rock'n K bird habitat. Last year we won the fight but not this year. The Eastern Phoebe laid her eggs without a mess and her babies arrived safely. Unlike my baby blue birds last year.  The babies were so crowded in the nest they were sitting on the edge and then there was a mess.
And then they were gone. We never saw the babies learning to fly or fly away so David cleaned everything up to have our patio back only to find the other day a new next being built.  How many times do these things next.

Also this year the barn swallows were trying to next in the corner directly over the Outdoor Kitchen area. OH HELL NO!  These things are MESSY! They're pretty and we enjoy watching their synchronized flying but NOT the mud and the poop everywhere. David has continued to knock down the beginning of any next before they start laying. Looks like we won that one but lost in the front.  We didn't realize they had built one on the front of house on the wood trestles up high under the eaves.  Fun. Because it's a major family reunion when the babies hatch and ready to fly. The ones that built on Davids outdoor speakers had at least 50+ birds flying and perched on the guttering and garage roof line.  It was crazy.

David had noticed some twigs in the rose tree pot and thought I don't remember having sticks/twigs in the mulch. On closer inspection he found a birds nest.
When I went out I saw 2 Mockingbird eggs. So pretty. Surprisingly Momma bird never came swooping in for the attack.  Even though I was expecting her at any moment I probably would have screamed. LOL

Then 3-4 days later when Pamela was here for dinner she wanted to see the bird eggs in person and when she looked in and snapped herself a picture there were 4 eggs.  She must me down now because there's still only 4 eggs. David say's Momma bird is out there every morning but I haven't seen her yet.     Then today while David was out spraying for weeds that had sprouted up in the driveway he just about stepped on 4 greyish speckled eggs. More eggs. Of course he had to to get a squeal out of me by telling me they were snake eggs. I wouldn't know the difference at least not yet. After he got the reaction he was expecting he told Pamela and I it was Ibis bird eggs.  The eggs blend into the gravel. I told David we need to put something out around it so no one will run over them.  When he took me out to see them the Momma bird went spastic. She pretended to be injured and started squaking to pull us away from the eggs.  Check out my so so video.
Today the baby mockingbirds are hatching. Everytime David spoke they'd open their little beaks. Momma hasn't attacked us yet while checking out her babies.
The roses David bought and planted outside my East sewing room window continue to bloom and are beginning to show new growth. It's gonna look beautiful when they're fully grown.

When up last Friday Pamela caught another sunset. Truly beautiful. She caught all the colors at their finest.
 David picked our first zucchini and squash and then barely a week later we had more and bigger ones to pick. The largest squash was like 3 pounds. Gonna grill that baby.
Out at our front gate the Cactus are blooming like crazy. Big yellow blooms in the mornings and just after lunch they go away.  

Had to share this beauty too. This one is at Pamela's. Love this pink hibiscus. It's big and bright. It greets you as you head towards her front door. 

My Cardiac Rehab resumed last week. I drive in 2 days a week. The drive yesterday was very wet. Not complaining at all. We need the rain but no fun to drive in especially when the lady in front of me decided to drive 40 mph and then stopped at the Brazos river bridge. Crazy woman you can't just stop. It wasn't that bad like it had been. But you don't just stop! When she got across the bridge she started to pull into the rest area but stopped again.  I was expecting to see an aging old lady but the gal might have been in her forties. Had it been like this video I took coming toward Hearne I might have understood but it wasn't.

Back to some sewing and laundry. Stay Safe and Healthy.

Until next blog post.... No one is listening until you fart. ~Author Unknown

Friday, May 1, 2020

Who am I? Where am I? Hell what day is it?

Who am I? Where am I? LOL this will date me but that makes me think of a I LOVE LUCY episode where she pretended to have amnesia. But in this time and day of sheltering in place you can almost start to feel that way. Plus, now that I'm retired I sometimes lose track of the days slightly but I would know it was Thursday when David came home from Houston and it was Monday when he had to go back to work in Houston. Then he stayed home with me after my heart stent because all my anxieties and I'm really glad he did and could. Then when I felt comfortable he decided to go back but instead of driving in to work he drove in to up his computer equipment off his work desk so he could work from home. Need to find a new way to keep up with what day it is. I know the easiest way would be to look at a calendar and cross off the days. That's what I always told my Mom when she started losing track of what day it was.  Dang though what if you forget to cross off the day. LOL Oh the trials and tribulations. I guess I'll know it's Sunday if Pamela shows up for  dinner. Our new family tradition now. 
Finally had to cut my nails. I know there are others out there doing the same. All the shellac polish had peeled. My toes still have some polish on them. My finger nails were so long I was having a hard time typing. Yikes. And my hair ! And my hair, well it's some shaping up and a trim. The color is fading and growing out.  mmmm Maybe it's time to stop coloring it. I've been trying to go a little lighter and well white is pretty light. LOL
I just got distracted by a Hallmark movie playing in the background. They're trying to auction off a quilt and the lead guy was asked to give some details.. So he started off with "did you know some quilters spend up to $3000+/year and some even have a 100 yards of fabric." A football field of fabric. Yep. The lady who made the quilt on the show shouted out her fabric has it's own bedroom.. Does this sound familiar my quilting friends.  I had to laugh but quilting is not a cheap hobby. It made me think of this fact card regarding quilting that I saw posted on FB by a quilter who got upset say because she heard someone say snidely "I guess her couldn't afford a real gift".  Them be fightin words.
The cost of quilting even a small quilt can add up.  But it's better and cheaper than therapy. My husband asked me when I started quilting so "you're gonna take a perfectly good piece of fabric, cut it up just to sew it back together"  And of course that answer was YEP.
All this extra time without any kind of job has me working in my sewing room more.
I started cleaning out some of my scraps off my spools. I emptied 4 spools. When I have extra binding or strips of fabric I would put it on these spools to use at a later date. It keeps them them/me semi organized. Anyway I decided I was going to make a French braid quilt with scraps. We'll see how that turns out.  
When it's long enough to cover a queen bed I'll trim it up the row to about 6 1/2" wide and start another row. As I was cutting the strips for the french braid I decided I'd also cut strips to make house blocks.  My scrappy braid idea might work. I'll keep going and decide later.

This pile is the strips of fabric I've cut so far for the braid and the house that need to be cut to size.
 This bag is filled with strips of fabric already cut to size for the braid.
  And this bag is cut for the scrappy house block.

And while I was at it I made a few masks for us, friends, Pamela, and some of her friends and fellow nurses. I have a few more of them to make. The hardest part for me was to make the ties. I was asked not to use elastic because after a few hours the ears begin to hurt. Well at least I guess I've made it hard for myself. LOL  

Also wanted to share my new cutting and ironing table that David got me. He actually bought me 2 work benches from Home Depot One for cutting and one for sewing.  And they're adjustable up and down. I have project baskets balanced on the metal brace. David is going to make a wider shelf for the to set on later. 

Well isn't this just great!. I had this post all finished and hit post when but somehow it wiped out everything but the above. So Now I get to start over. Grrr.. So here I go again....

I have no clue what happened but as I was looking out the back door watching the cows... all of a sudden one started kicking and bucking and took off running, then they all did. The made a complete circle of the property. LOL
   Then Jerry took off towards the pond as if he'd head them off.  It was funny. They finally stopped just outside the gate into the back yard. I guess they were all feeling frisky.
This is the 3 medallion of my round robin I'm in. I had to crop the picture so the prior borders wouldn't show in case Donna G. the owner saw this post. She had recently lost her pup who was her sewing room companion.
Again it took me a while to figure out what to do and now I'm working on making it work and look good.
David's garden took off like crazy.  About 7 days ago these were tiny plants and now There's tomatos, squash, zucchini, peppers, okra, snap peas and I forget what else. He just finished his 3rd raised bed and got it planted last weekend. He's outside now working of the 4th bed.  I think he's going to put flowers in it to attract pollinators.

For the girl who never really liked to take photos, my daughter Pamela has become quite a creative photographer. She was up last Sunday for our family dinner and started snapping away.  Had I known I would have added some makeup and fixed my hair.
Oh well it is what it is.  I like how she caught the sun between Jerry's ears.
Jerry was feeling lovable. He slung his head over the rail on to my hand you can't see and hit me in the head.  I'm not sure but I think he's smiling in these pictures.

The other day I looked out my north sewing room window and see Lilley laying in the flower bed right where David was trying to water. She never moved even when sprinkles of water hit her. She was quite comfy.
She has become quite the Daddy's girl. She follows him everywhere and stays close by.

Friday evening 4/24 David called me out to the front porch to see lighting show. Pamela had just called saying they were getting lots of lightning, thunder and some rain in Bryan while we were getting nothing but lots of wind. I had posted this video on FB and people were seeing the same thing 80 miles away.  It was really pretty but scary if you were under it...
During the day I ran some errands with David. He had mentioned a co-worker of his, Johnny had some Bi-Colored Iris's he had dug out while thinning out a landscape and wondered if David wanted them.  David will not turn down free plants.  While out Johnny called and said he'd be back in Katy in about 30-40 minutes and we could meet up. So we headed down the road to the Buc-ees in Katy.  It would take us about an hour and a half.
When he and David lifted 5 huge balls of iris's they were pretty dry and no flowers. 
David has no idea where he'll plant them but they're finally resting spot until then will be the spare water tank we have not out by the garden.  We just dropped them in and put some water on them and maybe 2 days later they were all green and there were flowers blooming. Too cool
Lilley found herself a comfy spot for viewing our activity.

And all 5 blueberry bushes are filled with berries.  Can't wait for them to turn deep dark blue. Other items around the house are blooming like crazy too.  We have 2 large pots on the back porch full of lavender. It really smells nice. 
Some of the roses that David bought me for Valentines and planted out my east sewing room window have started blooming. Can't wait for all the roses to get full and grown with all the blooms. Should start smelling nice one day.

All nice and mulched now too.

And out my north window where Lilley was watching David water....  the agapanthus are blooming. The gardenia's look like they have buds but they're not open yet.

David has pretty much finished the one water tank planting for now off the back porch. Now he'll have to finish the one on the other side. It all takes time.
 While working on the tank he noticed a visitor. He was about 3-4" long. Hopefully he'll work on eating all the spiders that keep coming around.

On that I'll Stop for now.  I hope everyone is staying safe and sane.
Pamela is throwing me off.  She coming up today for dinner and it's Friday not Sunday. How will I ever figure out the day if changes the day she comes up. LOL.
I'll work on it.

Until next blog...“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present” ~ B. Olatunji