Saturday, July 30, 2022

Have you ever wondered about....


 I'm just asking. My husband spends a lot of time at Home Depot. LOL

On July 21st my friend got to ring that bell. She has had her last chemo treatment and she's on her way to reconstructive surgery. I'm sending her lots of prayers and best wishes. Love that smile!

Pamela asked us to babysit our grand fluffs for one night. So after my workout on Friday 7/22 I picked them up. They like coming to see they Grampy but Bruno is still a different story. LOL.  Bruno just wants to play. 

David decided to walk out to the mailbox and all the Fluffs decided to follow along. It was so funny but they all behaved and stayed close by. Bruno led the way back.
David had to water the hummingbird bush and of course Bruno needed a drink too.  "Please Dad can I get a drink from the hose."  Bri stood by and took notes. I was surprised she didn't jump in because she loves the water hose as much as Bruno.  

On Sunday 7/24 David and I dropped the girls off at Pamela's and drove to Cypress to celebrate our great nephew Patrick's 1st birthday.

Patrick never slowed down. He is such a little cutie and always smiling. 

Can you tell it was a pizza party. Those are cookies but David said the real pizza from Locatelli's wasn't bad either. 

Patrick & Grandma Glenda
Grandma Glenda (David's Sister) had a friend make all the cookies and I'm not sure but most likely the cakes too.  It was also a swim      
party so several enjoyed the pool. I didn't figure they were ready for my body in swimsuit so I spared them. 
It was HOT but a very enjoyable day.  
And before we left it started raining! Rain. Some areas got almost 2.5 inches others not so much but we got nothing 100+ miles north. Dusty and dry still.
Also happening on this day was the bridal luncheon for my niece Emily in Missouri. My sister shared a bunch of pictures. Wish we could have been there but that would have been a bit of a drive. LOL
Emily is the niece I used to call the Tiny Dancer. She was an awesome dancer. This is her and her future hubby.
This is her with her Momma, my little sister Jerri Lynn and her sister-in-laws.
on the left is Melissa and on the right is Bailey Jo.
I have beautiful nieces in Missouri. I will be going up for the wedding in October. It looks like she had a great luncheon.
David and his TV buddy on the couch. LOL

Tuesday 7/26 I rode into Bryan/College Station with David. He had to go have a CT scan and while he was doing that I went to the gym for a workout. I finally worked myself up to 1 mile on the treadmill. I didn't think I'd ever make but the last 3-4 visits I've done it. 1 mile. Too hot to walk outside beside walking on the gravel road I'd probably hurt my knee like a goof ball. 
He texted to say he was done just as I was finishing up and he was hungry. He wasn't allowed to eat before he went in. While waiting on me he sent Pamela a message to know he was at the hospital and she came down because it was busy on her floor. I was nice and picked up her lunch and brought it to her. When I got to the hospital I texted that David's Uber was there and her Doordash had arrived.  She said I was better than the last time she used Doordash. I didn't lose her food and I didn't charge her $6. mmmm I may need to rethink this next time I deliver. LOL
Told David to pick his poison and not worry about me. I will find something to eat where ever he picks. So he picked Mexican. Then I gave him options of where we could go. He chose the new Mexican restaurant called Maria Mia. It's Good. Check out the size of the taco. I ate half of the first taco and then it fell apart but David cleaned his plate and then ate the rest of my tacos. So no left overs this time. Taco's don't make good left overs.

Thursday 7/28 I had a lunch date and a movie with my friend Kelli. No pictures to document it. LOL  We had lunch at Imperial. I got a shrimp and veggie stir fry. It was good and she had a beef dish. We went to see the movie "Where the Crawdads sing"  It was good. It really didn't alter the book but did leave a few minor things out. I was impressed how they were able to put the movie together.  I hate when they take a book and in the movie they change the entire ending. If you read the book and liked it, you'll like the movie too.

Friday nite 7/29 we went to the Garden Spot Cafe in Caldwell for dinner. They recently started serving dinner. David got a summer plate with steak bites, grilled green beans and a salad and I got grilled shrimp with grilled sweet potato bites. I have my leftovers for lunch today. Very good and the folks who run the place are super nice.  Again no pictures what can I say.  
Today Saturday 7/30, David needed to go feed our cows and Jerry some cubes (cow crack) and hay. So I went out to be the gate keeper but took the opportunity to love on Jerry. His buddy #16 is the only calf we still have left the rest are adults. We need to give him a name eventually

 Welp that's it for now.

Until next blog....“This above all: To your own self, be true”  ~  William Shakespeare

Friday, July 22, 2022

Mother Nature & Friends


 Friday morning (7/16) I went out to sit on the porch with David and Bruno. They do a ritual every morning just like when Lilley was here. They start in the back and then eventually they end up out front. I join them sometimes. It was actually pleasant out front. Bruno is getting the hang of staying close by but does love the chance to explore in the front pasture. 

The bees were buzzing and the hummingbirds were well fighting for the feeders and zipping around. 
This one little hummer was very interested in me. He stopped in front of me and kept inching closer to me.  And I got lucky by moving slow enough and got some pictures of him.

Hummingbirds are so interesting and cute. 
The whole time I was messing with the hummingbird Bruno was on watch for anything moving on the ground. Like snakes, lizards, toads, bugs, you name it. It didn't take long before he saw a lizard and he was off. 
Now if we could just get some rain. It's been at least 2 months. Again we could see it, hear it and smell it but it hasn't hit the Rock'n K.
That evening we headed to Kenney, TX to the Kenney Store for some dinner with our friends the Prudhommes.  We didn't expect the crowd when we got there but we headed to the back room where it was crowded or loud at the moment.  Then the band started playing inside and not on the outdoor stage. We couldn't hear ourselves talk the band started playing so loud. Once we finished eating, we went outside to their beautiful outdoor patio. That's where the bands normally play but they thought it was too hot. With the fans on it was actually pleasant and guess what we could talk and hear except there was a group of young kido's playing Red Light Green Light. They were very loud but it was manageable compared to the band inside in tight quarters. LOL.  Sylvia and I are worried we might make bad grandmothers. mmmm  
It was good to see our friends, Larry and Sylvia. Sylvia gets to ring the bell Thursday the 21st after her last cancer treatment. So happy for her.

She sent me a text the other day telling me she had finished working out in the yard, cleaned up and was sitting down to watch TV with her favorite quilt. I was glad to see she was using my quilt I made for her. That's the highest compliment a quilter can get. You know what I mean. You know they really like it and understand the purpose. A quilt is filled with love, hugs, warmth and comfort. 
Speaking of quilts.... I have finished the bit of work on my Vintage Santa Log Cabin Quilt. Thank Donna @Donna's Lavender Nest for quilting it. The candy cane quilting theme is sew cute. I love it. And thanks for the backing suggestions.

Onwards and forwards.. I have two more quilts to bind and then start on my next quilt and it's for a little girl and then one for a boy.
    So December 22, 2018 we moved into the Rock'n K and what a transformation to today. David has been working hard on the landscape.
Now if this damn heat and lack of rain for the last 2-3 months don't kill it. We're watering when we can. Of course with Bruno's help. That boy loves water. At least he dries off faster than the shelties.
In 2020 David was working from home because of Covid and started deciding on a layout  and what plants he wanted after work. And look at it today.

He's still working what else he wants to fill in the bare spots. The Belinda rose bushes were filled with huge pink blooms but of course now they're struggling with the heat.  I'll have to take a picture in the fall when it cooler and they should be in full bloom.  David loves his plants. He has the green thumb in this family.
He sold one more critter. It was a steer to a family who wanted to feed him out for freezer camp next year. So we're down to 3 cows, Ferdinand the bull, one 8 month old bull and another steer Bandit that will be going to freezer camp in September. And we still have charming Jerry the donkey. He got pampered this morning. The fairer came out and trimmed up his nails. Jerry felt like a new man. LOL   7 animals is much easier to feed and manage. Of course if Ferdinand does his job there will be new calves in the future.
It's hot as hades out and just as dry so any adventures will be inside. 
Progress update: I didn't weight like usual on Monday. I didn't want to see the same weight but today I went for it. I'm down 35 pounds now. Slow and steady said the turtle wins the race.  Why is it so easy to put it on but coming off is so painful? It's not really painful unless I eat or drink to fast. And maybe kinda loud. I get a squeaky hiccup/burp. 
So until then...“Sleeping is hard in the very hot weather because the blanket is too warm but I can’t take them off as monsters might get me.” – Unknown

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Great Day with Family & Friends

 Well excuse my human he is having a rant over something on TV. My human/Dad whatever you want to call him gets excited over politics but I still hang out in his lap. The look on Bruno's face. LOL
Once Dad calms down I jumped down and go take a nap on the couch. All that excitement tends to wear me plum out. LOL

David was searching the web for something and came across several breweries and a winery in Bastrop which he emailed me and Pamela last week saying maybe we could go one day. Pamela came back quickly with I'm off next Thursday we can go then. And the plans were made for us to meet her at 10am in Caldwell. Thursday 7/14 we picked her and her friend Chelsie up and we were off. We also invited our good friends the Jackson's and their daughter Jessica to go and we met in Bastrop at the Stem and Stone to start off with lunch. It's a craft beer, wine and eats.  David had a beer and the girls had wine. I was a good girl and drank water and later I drank a protein shake.  
Pamela, Chelsie and Jessica seemed to hit it off and talked up a storm.  Of course they enjoyed the stories that David and Kevin talked about from their high school days and Taco Bell. Jessica had some good questions for them too. 
After lunch we went to the Colorado River Winery. I already have a bottle but I'll have to wait to drink it.  Everyone else did a tasting or a glass.  The owner was really nice and informative about the wines and the town. None of us had ever actually gone downtown.  
Our next stop was the Copper Shot Distillery. This place was pretty cool inside and out. We'll need to go back when they have music one weekend. Pamela and Chelsie got a flight of moonshine shots. 
And after decided on a drink. The one shot they all loved was the apple. It tasted like Apple cobbler they said. This is Chelsie. She's also a nurse like Pamela.
David got a drink called the El Fuego which caught his eye when he was looking on facebook but I'll be darn if I can find it now to tell you what it was. 
Pam and her daughter Jessica got Bloody Mary's and I can't tell you what Kevin got. Me, well I was still drinking water. It was been a fun day even without alcohol.
From here we went to a place called Bastrop Beer Co, imagine that. There was wet stuff falling from the sky as we walked there. It felt good and it brought down the temperature to a chilly 86. LOL. The 100+ degree days are awful so the temperature drop was great. Wow that was like refreshing.  Who would have thought that 86 was refreshing. Along one wall there was a long cooler filled with almost every kind of beer imaginable plus what they sold on tap. There was free popcorn and games available and they served pretzels and pickles. They even let you bring your own food in. 
Our last stop was 602 Brewing company. Nice place. They had their own beer plus others on tap. David and Jessica got a habanero pineapple margarita. Everyone decided to order something to eat while there. Tempura shrimp, Rueben bites(like egg roles), artichoke dip, and sausage plates. Everyone was having a good time talking, laughing and being silly.
It was a Great day with Family and Friends.

Just a quick day of adventures.
Until next blog....Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart