Wednesday, May 8, 2019

So Much Rain

Something I forgot to share in my last post. A couple of Saturday's ago David and I actually got to spend some quality time together. LOL We went shopping for things that we needed around the farm. Like the cows and Jerry a salt lick and some food. Important things.
And we went to a couple of plant nurseries looking for landscape ideas for trees. Well no shopping experience is complete for David at least, if we don't stop at Home Depot. And it's one of those days where it's nothing
but the best for me. He bought me a new dust mop, mop and a big yellow mop bucket. One that wrings out the wet mop.

I put it all to use the other day and it works pretty darn good. I need to finish the job now. Oh bother.
At least that night he built a fire in the fire pit and enjoyed some adult beverages. Of course mine was wine.
We did decide that the fire pit needs to be moved out from under the lattice work cover. When he first started the fire the flames shot up to the wood. That would not be good to set it on fire.  Not good at all.

Made for a very pleasant evening overall if you forget that David bought items that put me to work. LOL

April 29th was a sad day for my Bluebirds.  I was in my office working when I kept hearing the birds outside really going crazy. I couldn't imagine what was going on so I stepped out on the porch and the Momma and Daddy bluebirds swooping past the bird house and then
I realized something was at the bird house. I walked closed and I was like "Holy Shit!" No way. This damn snake was hanging out of the birdhouse.  NO! It was eating the baby bluebirds. The parents actually sat still on the fence as I walked up to the cage. I think they hoped I could save their babies. I wasn't any help. When I tried to hit the snake with the garden edger it just whipped it's tail inside.
I was so upset that by the time I went back inside my hands were shaking. So I know it's supposed to be a good snake that eats mice, frogs etc but it could have spared my baby bluebirds. Come to find out this weekend there was actually 2 -4' snakes in the birdhouse. They busted the sides out of the house. Imagine our surprise.  YIKES
As my friend Sandy tells me "Life can be harsh in the country".
For every 2 dry days we get 3-4 days of excessive rain.
Wish Mother Nature would kind of spread out the rain. I know come July we'll be wishing for some rain but the ground is so saturated that things are started to flood with just a small amount of rain. Then it's not just small amounts of rain.

Welcome May!

This is what it looked like down the road from the house. The pond on the property is over flowing.

And when I left that morning and came home that afternoon this is what our road looked like.
The county had graded and put new gravel on the road and this rain has washed it off into the property next to the road. Plus it's washing the road out period.

Our friends The Jackson came in Saturday morning May 4th and the flow was a trickle that goodness.

We tried to go to the Wing Ding festival in Marquez but the weather kind of detoured people from participating and attending. The area where they sat up last year had standing water. Last year we got to taste some really tasty wings. After that we headed to the Pony Express Bar & Grill in Hearne for a beer and onion rings. This place has great food.   
We get back to the Rock'n K and there's still plenty of day light so we take them on a golf cart ride. I kept waiting for us to get stuck in the mud but we didn't.
Pam was ready if we did... She was the only one that had boots on.
We couldn't believe how much the east end of our road had washed out. Those ruts are deep at the curve and right in front of a neighbors road leading to his house. WOW

As we're talking and tooling down the lane I notice the grapes growing on this vine. Can you see them?
I wanted to share the picture of this cow. I really want a cow like this. It's called a British White. It is so darn cute.
It's all white with maybe some scattered spots of black and then the nose and ears are solid black.  She would not look up so I could get a good picture to share but she's still pretty.

 As we came back in the driveway Jerry trotted down to greet us at the gate. He's so cute but he's been a brat again. Now he attacked one of the black cows. He got her to lay down by biting at her neck.  Jerry better be careful or he'll find himself moving to a new home.

This is our April calf. She's running after he momma. It's still so tiny. I hope it starts putting on some weight soon.   

And this is our February and March calves. They hang together all the time.  They'll let April curl up next to them most of the time.

And this guy is T-Bone. He's getting big. He came with the original 9 of the herd.  Sorry to say he will be T-Bones one day for the freezer. We won't talk about that though. I don't know how my niece did it. She was very active in FFA up in Missouri when she wasn't dancing. Emily raised her calves to have them sold or put in the freezer. She named one Fajita. That one became supper one day.

Daisy got real close to me but wouldn't stop so I could pet her.

She's the one David calls Crazy Bitch because she acts so crazy when he feeds them the Cow Crack (range cubes).  This little gal doesn't have a name yet but almost got close enough to pet.
 The weekend went to fast! It was time for Pam and Kevin to leave.  But before they could leave Pam wanted to feed the cows. She and I had already been feeding Jerry carrots.
This is what happens when the cows see or hear the bucket with the Cow Crack.
Pam wasn't so sure about feeding them when they got closer with those horns but
Sweet T seemed to really like Pam until Pam shoo'd her away. Sweet T is T-Bones momma.
They'll be able come back any time of the week once Pam retires this month.

Lot's of laughter this weekend.

Kevin is one of the Taco Bell Gang. David
and him have been friends since they were kids and worked at Taco Bell together.

They brought us a house warming gift.  LOL

A much calmer but more colorful version of Jerry.
 This colorful guy joined Donkey on the back porch.
I put out fresh hummingbird juice and before the evening was over I had 3 little cuties zipping in.
I snapped this picture with my phone when I thought I might sit at the table on the porch today but it was cloudy an with the wind blowing it made it a tad to chilly to sit out there. I admit it I'm a wimp. It was a damp chill in the air.   I'll have to get my camera ready on a nice day whenever that might happen.

Be sure to wish your favorite nurse(s) Happy Nurses Week.
My favorite nurse just happens to be my daughter, the one in the middle with her nursing friends and co-horts in crime - Hailey and Samantha.

Well that's it for now.
Until next blog............................

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Home Home on the farm where the cows and the donkey roam

See what happens when I move to the country you get pictures of the farm and the critters.
After spending the weekend with David the girls needed a good grooming. No grass and lots of sandy dirt makes for some dirty pups. And to top it off while David was tossing grass seed out in areas that got washed away with wind and rain Brianna would jump up trying to catch each handful. She probably has grass growing in her tummy by now.
As left and was heading down the driveway I caught one of the cows stretched through the fence. I guess she decided the grass really is greener on the other side.  Crazy thing! I'm surprised she didn't get caught. But twisted and turned her head back thru the fence without incident.  
So our groomer takes photos of the dogs after they're groomed and there's always a theme. This grooming session was Easter. The girls were tired but I'm not sure they gave a flip about the photo shoot. LOL
 and last but not least. Brianna who looked I'm not sure,
I think she was too tired to care. I had to laugh at all there different expressions. But Brianna looked like she had just had enough.

After we pick up the girls  and go back to Pam's house we find the Easter Bunny has come a week early.  What the heck!? Pamela and a couple other neighbors had plastic Easter eggs thrown in their yard. They even had candy in them. When she went to open the front door she found a realtor's card mentioning the eggs and Happy Easter or something to that effect.  Too funny. 
You have to understand that playing all weekend outside and getting groomed is hard work and very tiring. Lilley could hardly stay awake in the car on the drive home and when I picked her up and put her in bed she took two steps to the end of the bed and was out.  She never moved. Well not until 6am the next morning. Pamela said her two were not better. They were pooped. LOL

Wednesday (4/17) we received more rain and it got pretty noisy by about 1:05 am and the lightning show was bright and continuous. Doesn't make for a happy puppy and we both get no sleep. I was also crossing my fingers that I would be able to get out so I could go to a doctors appointment. On either side of the house the road to left tends to have water come over it and stands for a while and on the right the water flows over the road from a little pond next to it.  
The rain stopped around 5ish and I was able to get out mid morning Thursday (4/18) but the water was flowing across the road swiftly. I should have taken a picture but I just wanted to get through it. 
Then at the neighbors gate the horses were standing so nicely just asking for their picture to be taken. And then the silly thing tried to eat the concrete post.  I guess it wanted to sharpen it's teeth.

I had to stop taking pictures and get to my appointment but I saw plenty of standing and high water.
So we've had our share of problems with barn swallows building on our porch in Tomball on David's outdoor speakers but we have a new little friend here at the Rock'n K. It's not a swallow or at least I don't think so. The structure is different. What do you think this little brat is? I'm thinking it might be an Eastern Phoebe but who knows? You?

I'm not happy with them. They are making a mess on my patio with the nest building and pooping! I removed the nesting and in 30 minutes it's rebuilt. One of us is gonna give up.....

On a happier bird note. Our Eastern Bluebird has babies. Every time momma flies into the house you can hear all the baby chirping. That means more bluebirds to watch. Can't wait.  This is Momma bird hanging out in the doorway.   She was pretty active this day flying in and out.  In the next picture you can see the blue in her feathers. Like the peacock the females don't have the vivid blues like the males.
Not fair. Momma should have more color too. LOL
Here's Daddy Bluebird hanging out. They seem to take turns when coming to the house. Only a couple of times have I seen them there at the same time. 
  Just stopping in to say 'Hi Babies, Momma will be back shortly with food'

Wow more rain. At least there was no hail this time. Wednesday (4/24) But there was tornado warnings all around and in my county. Thank goodness I saw none. They were too close to Pamela's house but didn't get close enough to her to cause damage. The storm that went through on Saturday 4/14 was as nice since we had hail 2 times that day. And the tornado path went through the town of Franklin and the governor declared it a natural disaster. This time they were on warning again but was spared another strike.
Our poor new calf was born in a hail storm on the 9th and about the time it gets dried off and warm here comes another storm.

With a break in the storm I slipped out on the front porch to see where the cows were. It's still raining in this picture but not as heavy.
Silly cows you're standing in the lowest spot in the front pasture and in water.
The calf is in the group somewhere.

And when I looked out back at the pond I could see the water on the left which is low spot that looked like a pond had water flowing to the pond.  Don't worry we were in no danger of flooding. That is at the bottom of the hill and like I've said if we flood then the whole world is in a world of hurt.  We sit on a hill up high. The road coming in might flood but our house won't.

Today Thursday (4/26) it's a beautiful day and I saw all kinds of wild flowers in the pasture. Really pretty and colorful.

And of course there were Indian Paint brushes. We never saw any bluebonnets on our property.

I would say I had visitors but I know the real reason they came is because of Jerry. He's the main attraction.  Oh I have to share this.
Ashley: We're going to Carla's farm. She has a donkey and cows.  
Aria: "STEAK"
Too funny. Kids.

Jerry was his usual charming self. When he saw my former co-worker and friend Ashley with her daughter Aria and I walking toward the fence he came a trottin.  He was checking out Aria. And he wanted his nose and jaw line rubbed and the carrots in the bag I had.  LOL
Aria wasn't real sure of him but she did feed him a carrot or two. Even Ashley kept her distance for a while, then she finally patted Jerry which he rolled his head to the side so she could reach his jaw line. 
Our next adventure was walking out in to the back pasture to hunt for Blackberries. I knew I had seen some vines a couple of weeks ago but hadn't seen them flower like I did last year so went to check them out. 

We found for sure over 24 ripe blackberries and Aria ate every single one of them. LOL  Ashley and I found a couple for ourselves before Aria ate them. LOL This child loves fruit. There was lots of red and green berries so by next week end I should find more ripe ones. Cross your fingers.

It was great day.  Thanks Ashley and Aria for visiting the Rock'n K. Told Aria the next time maybe she can go fishing.  
That's all folks.
Until next blog...We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.  ~Ray Bradbury