Friday, July 18, 2014

5 days of Fun and Quilt Shops

WARNING Picture heavy and lots of news
One of my friends commented that she just knew David and I were probably doing something fun on the 4th of July. I cannot lie and I will disappoint you with answer...We hung out around the house. David was busy trying to get everything around the house done so he could leave town Monday an not worry about leaving things undone. David is hanging out in the middle of the gulf now. He'll be home next Tuesday. He's living on a boat in a room with 3 other guys and they're sleeping in bunk beds. The first week he got the top bunk. Not a good place for an old guy with bad knees and ankles. Okay he's not so old but after a full day of climbing the stairs and ladders on the rig he's feeling the pain. He's there to supervise and help with the rig start up. It's kinda quiet around here. He's been there for 12 days now and won't be home for another 5 days.
 As the saying goes while the Papa Cat is away Momma Mouse went out to play.  Wednesday night the 9th a co-work and a friend joined me at Main Street Crossing to see Jesse Dayton play. He's my favorite Texas rockabilly. He brought along his bass player Chris and his drummer Eric. They put on an awesome show. 

Samara and Rosie are now fans of Jesse Dayton.

Jesse took a selfie of all of us.

Thanks Samara and Rosie for joining me and buying drinks. Yes ladies and gents they tried to get me drunk. I did say tried. I screwed up by not mentioning this outing to another co-worker of mine and Samara's. Ashley won't let me off the hook for that one. 
I promise I won't do that again. See where assuming that she wouldn't go since she's a Mommy of the cutest little 4 month old named Aria. Aria is the spitting image of her Mommy.

What'cha think? Or and the attitude they match too.  Love you Ashley.

Thursday night Ashley, her husband, another co-work Cassie, her husband, and Samara came over after work for beer and pizza. 
We sat outside for a while but we were going to play a game called "Cards against Humanity" but the wind would have blown all the cards off the table. So we went inside about the same time the pizza showed up. Now this game is not for those who are easily offended. It's a crazy crazy game. We laughed all night. Obviously I'm not easily offended.
Friday afternoon I headed toward Bryan for a 2 day bus trip.
 This past Saturday and Sunday I jumped on a bus for the Quilters Quest Bus Trip. On these 2 days the bus travels and stops at 6 different shops. Well 7 when you count the one we start and finish at. I started at the Lone Star Quiltworks in Bryan. You can click on shop name and it will take you to shop website.
By going up Friday I got visit with my daughter and spend the night with her.

Meet our Bus Mom --Kathy. She made sure we stayed on schedule and made it to each shop with plenty of time to drool, touch and imagine this...spend money.                             Shop owner Terry stayed at the shop this year. She made sure Kathy had snacks, games, prizes and drinks for the trip to keep all us ladies happy.
Terry supplied us with this really cool canvas shopping bag. What happens on the bus trip almost stays with the bus trip.
So I won't tell you if my bag is full or empty well okay so maybe it did have some goodies in it. Plus I won't tell how some of my co-hearts on the bus filled this bag and others and were over flowing. Oops I guess I just told you that but since the husbands won't be reading this it don't matter. Mine might but it's okay because I went on this trip with a cash budget and stayed on it. I even came home with a few dollars in my wallet. 
Meet my roomie for this trip. I met Sandy on the 2012 trip and the rest is history. You'll see her in pictures at my retreat.       This trip I recognized several other women from the 2012 trip and one in particular. Her name was Sharon. I had lost her email and couldn't contact her and there was no bus trip in 2013 but luckily she was on this trip. 
 Meet Sharon. She has personality plus. She's fun and she lives about 5 miles from me.
Hopefully we can get together once in a while. I got her email address and put it in my phone this time.

On Saturday we went to
Tomorrow's Quilts in Waco where they had snack, drinks and quick demo on a table runner. They also played a game where you find a number that has been taped to the floor and stand on it. You will a prize if they call your number. The ladies were most gracious and helpful.
Then we head off to Valli & Kim in Dripping Springs who fed us lunch. Oh wow this picture doesn't do the shop justice but the colors hit you in the face. Now I want a quilt space like this where I can hang quilts from the rafters. Too cool.

And this young lady had a bright smile and was ready to cut however much fabric you like.

And it's off to our final quilt shop for the day. One Quilt Place in Fredericksburg. 
This is Beverly the One Quilt Place shop owner. She has a cottage retreat that holds four quilters comfortable and a key to the studio to sew away.
We ended the evening by having dinner at the Pecan Brewery and a good night sleep at the Best Western in Johnson City. What a fun day! So much color and texture and new shops.

Wait where's mine?
mmm a quilter who knows how to relax after a long day. 

Nope I won't spill the bean on who this is.

On Sunday we started off at The Uptown Textile Studio in Blanco. This is the shop owner Andrea. She had a table with snacks and drinks plus a photographer to take your picture

Bus Mom Kathy jumped in and got her photo taken.

I had to get a picture of the photographer Helen

because like me she's always behind the camera and not in the pictures. She's very photogenic and nice to visit with.
This shop was full of fabric that no one could resist. 

This rocking chair of purple made me think of Sandy and my friend Donna M. She loves purple! Maybe one day she can join us on this bus trip.

Then we headed to The Scrappy Quilter

in Schertz, TX where they had a demo of some rulers for the perfect half square triangle of which I couldn't pass up. It was a cute little shop with some energetic ladies. They fed us a yummy Schlotzky's box lunch. It was a small shop but they packed it with lots of fabric and tool choices.
Our final stop of the day was Poppy Quilt N Sew in Georgetown. This picture is from 2012. Had a great selection of western fabric and blue bonnets. I think I was getting tired and didn't get a picture while at this shop. 
If you want to look at all the pictures I took on this trip click HERE.

Dad's status: He's walking, driving and my little sister reports he's awake more than he sleeps now. He's on his 2nd round of chemo and the doctor is please with his progress. He has another biopsy soon and on the 31st of this month they decide the next phase of his treatment. Jerri Lynn also reports that Dad's labs are great except for his platelets that dropped from 138,000 to 33,000 from last week. So he needs to be real careful of infection and wear that darn mask. 
 Jerri Lynn shared this picture of our dad and her youngest Josiah just chillin. I can't get over how good our Dad looks. All smiles.
Like my little sister I have to believe that all your prayers have helped keep him in our lives on this earth another day. Last week I talked with my Dad and as I said Good-bye and said I'd give him a call later he said "That's good I'll still be around" We both laughed and I said good he better be.

More adventures to share soon.
So until next blog....Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever...
~Isak Dinesen~

Monday, July 7, 2014

A little of this and that

I'll start my blog with a picture of my beautiful niece Emily from Missouri. My Tiny Dancer well she also does other competitions like the Princess of America Pageant.
I saved this picture from my sisters facebook post. 
This little gal has a heart of gold and has attitude but it's all good.

Had to share this picture of her. 

Remember our barn swallows....well David got in and cleaned off the speakers but everyday for about 15 days those little buggers would start rebuilding their next. Every evening David would come home and clean off the speakers. He finally got tired of cleaning off the speakers and just took the speakers down. Guess what that didn't matter. LOL For another 2 weeks the those crazy persistant birds would build the nest on the side of the wall where the speakers were. And for another 2 weeks David would come home and clean off the nest. I think David is winning. They keep flying around but haven't attempted to rebuild lately.

We have a lunch bunch at work. We always eat lunch together and ever so often we decide to have a potluck lunch. Sometimes it has a theme and sometimes it's bring whatever you want. Thursday was one of those bring whatever you want. We always have too much food but it's all always so good and Thursday was no different. Well I tried a new recipe that my friend Linda on Linda's Life Journal posted on her blog called "Gone to Church".  I had to make a few changes to accommodate cooking it in a crock pot. Her recipe called for baking the stew meat mixture for 3-4 hours that you would then pour over wide egg noodles but this girl didn't have that much time so I emailed her asking if she thought it would work in a crock pot and she said sure go for it. The recipe was simple and was like a beef stroganoff. My lunch bunch became my guinea pigs. So in the pot I threw 4# stew meat, 2 large cans cream of mushroom soup, 1 package of Lipton onion soup mix per Linda's recipe. I added a small can of peas and seasoned with salt, pepper and a steak seasoning we use. I cooked it for 6 hours on low and 2 hours on high in the crock pot. Probably would have been fine if I'd just cooked it on low for 8 hours.  I think when baked it would absorb the juices from the meat but in the crock pot the juices from the meat made the mixture to liquidy so I added another large can of soup. Ahh much better and for the sake of speed instead of pouring the mixture over the noodles I added the noodles directly to the crock pot. 
Here's a picture of my attempt at Linda's recipe.  mmm it's way tastier than what this picture makes it look. 
The Lunch Bunch said they like it and I served some of the leftovers to David that night. Wow he loved it. That sealed the deal I'll make it again.
So Thank you Thank you Linda.  I need to try more of your recipes. Now I know what I'll be serving  at my next pokeno gathering possibly.

David came home the other night and found the prettiest butterfly on the driveway. Not sure what happened but it couldn't fly away. It was beautiful! 
I identified it as a male Black Swallowtail. What is it around here with swallows. First barn swallows and now Black Swallowtails. At least this pretty guy won't be making a huge mess like the barn swallows. I hope we see more of these guys.

Not much progress on my Project list but I hope to remedy that soon.

My project list to work on
Quad quilt #2 top complete, quilted, binding  mailed
2013 taxes yippee
Quad quilt #3 top being quilted mailed and received
Quad quilt #4 - cut out, started piecing
my last 2 handmade items from a Facebook post. Did 3 but have 2 more to create
Carolyn's quilt top complete  quilted, binding mailed
Jaxon's quilt
Sandy's quilt
Flag quilt
Pamela's quilt
Pamela's tshirt quilt
Nickie's Tshirt quilt
postcards are an ongoing project
A tool pouch for David's motorcycle
Allan's quilt
phi mu auction quilt
valence for den
valence for dining room
valence for breakfast room
create more bookmarkers
create some mug rugs
new pillow covering for pam - 2
pillow cases for guest room
valence for master bath
hobo quilt
Bible Quilt
open a pattern I bought and actually make it.
start reading again

So until Next Blog... Be safe and Be happy

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

What can I say

Well I found out what this bird was thanks to my cousin Gayle in Florida.
This is a Helmeted Guinea Foul.  Read that they generally mate for life and are very social and hang in groups of at least 4.
Yesterday while out driving and looking at more property we saw one and it was hilarious. It was running fast with that big body and tiny legs. Didn't see what it was running from but it didn't stop when it got to the road. It kept going. Since we saw the first ones last weekend we saw them every where yesterday. And I can see why. They eat ticks like the kind that cause lyme disease, snails, spiders, worms insects, frogs, lizards, small snakes (that I assume could become big ones) and small mammals. Bad thing about them I understand is that they make this loud noise and can be annoying.  mmmm Loud harsh calls verses the eating of ticks, spiders and snakes...... Does the benefit out weight the noise? 

And I continued my quest to determine what this plant was and found it. It's called a Texas Plume.

My picture doesn't do it justice. It's a bright reddish orange on a tall wispy stalk. It's really pretty.

David nor I remember ever seeing them before this year.

Then yesterday when we were out on a back county road we had 2 small birds fluttering around in the road in front of the truck and as we came up on them they didn't move so David stopped. As I went to get out of the car that's when of course they decided to move but I got a good enough look at them that I found a picture of them on-line.
I tried to get my own picture but the windshield was too splattered with bugs and as I said it flew into the trees as I got out of the car. Dang it. It's called a painted bunting. Isn't it beautiful? I had seen pictures but never one in person now I have. Maybe I should buy that land so I could see it more often.  Maybe that should be one of our new criteria for buying property. The birds..

Unfortunately it has fallen on my little sister to help to get our dad to and from treatments which is about a 100 mile drive each way. She checks in on him and my step-mother regularly. Which they are doing fine. The rest of of us live out of town or as for me out of state. I'm not much help at all. 
So the latest news is good. Dad's bone marrow only has about 3% cancer cells present. But its a double edged sword there because he has very few cells or bone marrow left. The treatment is kills good and bad so it's a tricky balance. Starting Monday June 30th he begins his 2nd phase of chemo and they'll re-evaluate at the end of July. Jerri Lynn reports that he is showing improvement and is having good days but the battle isn't over yet. He walks around the pond, takes in few outside activities as long as he wears his mask. That's another story I'm told. 
But with this new status he has to be even more cautious around people. His body has nothing to fight infection with. Another good thing is that he's keeping weight on and not losing.

He keeps smiling and fighting on. So keep up the prayers for my Dad on this journey. 

My little sister and our other two sisters think he's pretty special and want to keep him around.

Guess what I won something and I didn't even know it. Various bloggers offer give aways on their blogs and apparently I won a Messenger Tote from Susan @ Artful MusingHow exciting! 
The package came in the mail this past week. 

Susan is a talented mixed media artist living right here in Texas. You should go check out her blog. 
But first I want to show you the neat messenger bag and the cute card that I'm guessing she made. Thanks Susan it will get used. I love it. 

My last blog about the anonymous writer got several hits and comments. A few were from other anonymous folks. My fav was the one who said "Anonymous can kiss my Texas Ass"  I wasn't really upset but I thought I'd address it anyway but Thanks to all my readers for their support.

I've found that I like taking pictures of windmills. So you may be seeing more pictures in my blogs.
I hoped to share my TO DO LIST and it's progressive which isn't big but I've got to find it. Oops. I'm sure I can figure out a few things to do while I look for it 

Well until next blog...Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad. 
I love my father as the stars - he's a a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Anonymous and more

Dear Anonymous
Since I can't email you I figure you might read my blog again to see what other errors I might make  so I wanted to Thank You for worrying about whether I sound like a Texan with no "learnin". While I do have some college education I still make grammar, spelling and typo errors. But thanks for the education. Next time please leave a name and an email address.
I know some of my friends have commented via anonymous because they haven't quite figured out how the comment box works but these people you spam blogs are annoying as hell.

Moving on..............
David's procedure went well. The Doctor was able to break up the massive stone and went ahead and removed the stent while David was out. David felt 75% better before we ever left the doctors office. As of today he's back to normal I think. Well normal for him. LOL
We wanted go to Puffabelly's recently to see Davin James and his guest Texas Artist David Perez from the Tejas Brothers Band. He plays an accordion, sings and performs. This guy is awesome. But getting my David well was more important. 
This past Wednesday night Jesse Dayton one of our favorite Texas artist was a guest on the David Letterman Show. 

My Dad is also doing well. He's had 4 chemo treatments.....He either sleeps through them, is bored when awake unless he is teasing the nurses and when he wakes up he's hungry. As of the last pictures I've seen Dad still has his hair. Nothing about my Dad is typical. Spoke with my little sister and she said he won't have it for much longer. It's starting to fall out. Monday the doctors did a bone marrow biopsy and then on Thursday they'll discuss the next phase of this journey my Dad is on. The doctors are amazed how he has tolerated the treatment and how well his cancer is responding. Dad is a unique case. They drew some blood today and plan on using in their classes. I immediately thought of a book I read called "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". It's a true story of how doctors back in the 50's took her cancer cells to study with out her or the families knowledge. Those cells continued to grow outside the body and and doctors were able to find cures for other cancers and diseases. It's a good read if you get time to read. 
Anyway at least we know the doctors took Dad's blood. 
We take every day a day at a time and hope for the best.

I'm not sure what's going on with the internet but my wireless keyboard is acting stupid. I'll be typing along and look up and realize I've typed nothing and when I try to go back it may erase the whole blog. Oops. This is driving me crazy but hopefully I can finish this post without too many errors but no promises at this point.

Have I told you that David is on a mission. Ahh yes a mission. It's been a while since he's been on a mission. He's decided that he wants to have more property with the option to build a big work shop. His stint as the President of HOA has pushed him to this decision and he's ready for change in time of course. We can't move off to far since our jobs are here. The weekend alone we looked at over 44 properties. Now that we kind of have an idea of what and where we might want to live we've got to start narrowing down our selections and criteria. While out those we ran across some interesting items. One was a Hognosed snake. Well all I could tell you was it was slithering across the road in front of the truck and to think David had just got back into the truck. YIKES. I didn't get a picture because it got to David's side of the truck while I was staring at it. Then David goes cool. He said it stood up and flared it's head like a cobra. I couldn't get him to run over it.  YUCK YUCK YUCK. Yes I know it's harmless but I don't like snakes.

Time for show and tell.....................
We kept seeing this pretty plant. Anyone know what it is? Some of the stalks were 4 foot tall.

And check out this bird. There was about 5 of them around this gate. 
Very unique looking. Does anyone know what it is?

Now this next guy I know what he is. A big mutant frog. As I was pulling into the driveway I saw him in our ditch. He is huge. Any one for some fried frog legs?

This is a rather random post really. We found a new interesting drink called Twisted Tea.
It actually tastes like tea but with a little liquor added. You've heard of Long Island Ice Tea it's sorta the same thing but in a bottle. I like it.......
Have to be careful or you'll forget it's hard ice tea.

I started off the year getting things accomplished on my to do list and have now fallen way behind. I hope to remedy that this next weekend.
I'll share my progress on my list in my next post I hope. That's my goal anyway.

Started working 4 - 10's. Good part is we get Fridays off. My Friday have been spent going out looking for property so not necessarily a bad thing. Work has been very stressful and very business for all of us in technology. It's nice to be busy but at the same time it's a little crazy but I'm sure it will all pass in time.

Well I guess I'll quit rambling for now...

Until next blog...Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch to be sure