Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Days... October

What a great way to start October....

with a beautiful weekend 

and awesome weather and I found lots of color around the yard this year. David has been busy beautifying our yard. 

And get this...
He hasn't been threatening to tear things out if they don't start growing.

That first Saturday of October we went to a co-worker of David's house warming. First let me say the Prudhomme's have a beautiful home. Beautiful. The weather was perfect. They had the glass doors all open from the den to the patio. I’m a loser I didn't take pictures and I should have because our hostess Silvia was giving me these awesome compliments on my photography and she realized she hadn't taken any of the party. The first time I was there they were still finishing the inside details. I thought it was beautiful and now with furniture and decor it’s even more awesome.  There might have been some folks who probably won’t remember much about the night but I do.
LOL. Not that there were any adult beverages involved. The host Larry was trying to be bartender and social which was difficult so my husband stepped in and played bartender. Scary thought. He was responsible for getting us home. He was a good boy though. Don’t get me wrong I didn't say he didn't take a couple of Fire Ball shots or drink a few beers but he did pace himself for the time we were there. He was very entertaining. It was a great evening.

There’s a piece of property across the street from them and they’re trying to convince us to be their neighbors. I had to laugh because being their neighbor would be a blast but I don’t know if any of us would get much accomplished besides have fun.  They are too much fun. The name of their property is “Bayou Ole”. What do you get when you cross a Cajun and a Hispanic….. You get a Party. These 2 folks complement each other perfectly. They are too cute. Who knows we’re still looking for something maybe we'll that property back on our 'possible' list.

Now to my dear friend who runs around her neighborhood in her nightie ..and no undies….everyone couldn't help but laugh at your predicament. I still giggle and shake my head when I think about your story. Yep it was definitely entertaining. At your expense of course.
My dad seems to be doing good considering all that he has been through. This picture is of Dad and my nephew Josiah. Josiah is his right hand man. He had to do a stress test a couple of weeks ago and got a good report. He had to have the medicine injected this time instead of running the treadmill. Yuck. I had to have one when I had my knee scoped because they heard a heart murmur which happens every time. I was not impressed with the procedure. I wanted to come off the table when the medicine started flowing. OMG. It didn’t hurt but did make me very antsy. VERY! but Dad said the only thing that bugged him was having to lay still for so long. The cancer is in remission but he has weekly shots and visits. He takes one day at a time and it seems it’s always with a smile. While I’m not up there I’m sure some days are better/easier than others but he keeps on going with a great attitude.

Our newest addition to the family seems to be adjusting just fine. She's enjoying the checking out of the back yard. 
 She was very reserved but loving that first 5 plus days… but this week has been a transformation. Lilley is getting used to all the new sites and sounds in our home. 
She and Dexter are fine together. She gives him plenty of space. He sleeps a lot in his old age.

Pamela and Sophie (Pam’s sheltie) came home and what a difference. 

Sophie and Lilley are running through the house and oh my… running break neck speeds in the backyard and around the tree.

It’s so funny.
Lilley is such a sweet, lovable and dainty little girl. I’m glad I decided to bring another dog into the family. She's decided to play with a toy Sophie drug out.

They trade off every so often and the chase begins all over again.

Here's a picture of mom and daughter.  Sophie on the left and Lilley on the right.

While Pamela was home we went to have our hair touched up and trimmed. She got more highlights and I got my usual low and highlights but I added some red. Pamela took this picture of me but of course I wasn't allowed to take her picture this little rat.

Pamela's last morning home she looked out her bedroom window and saw this guy eating breakfast. Before she get a better picture he took off.  

Now to brag on a friend of mine who is sew sew very talented whether she admits it or not. You can always check out Janet's blog to see what she is creating next. Janet is the one who built the big yellow bird house that I wanted but didn't win in the Guild Quilt Show raffle..... 
Well she's at it again. Back in March at retreat she found out ATC's. She made her first one back then and now she's on a roll.... 
 She sees something and she thinks "mmm I can do that" and she does.
Talented I tell you. That's Janet.

Then there's my friend Carol who sews all kinds of cute little girls clothing, hats, bows and cute towel sets for Payton's Boutique and finds time to teach sewing classes at a local Quilt Shop called Quilt Works. I wish I had a little girl to dress up in this little dress. I used to make clothes for Pamela when she was little but nothing this cute. That's been a few days ago.

I love having talented friends who can teach me new things or guide me in what I try to do. I need lots of guidance some days..... Plus I can write about them since they accomplish and complete projects unlike me. But guess WHAT I did finish a quilt top this weekend. Yes I did but I can't share it until it's quilted a Little Miss Logan receives. I hope I chose the right fabric for her. I think I did. She's the last little Bell Quad. She's waited patiently well her parents have. Soon very soon. Now I'm ready to complete a couple of other projects on my long list of "to accomplish/complete".

I'll share my fun from this weekend in my next blog. 

So until next blog...Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower ~Hans Christian Anderson~

Friday, October 3, 2014

OMG Really ..and.....Secret

Okay you see stories on facebook and go that didn't really happen. No Way. And have you ever laughed at someone elses misfortune. And all the time feel their pain but laugh all the same. Sadistic huh?
Well I got an email from a friend telling this story. Now I thought it was a joke but was informed "Nope that was my morning"
I will protect the innocent by removing the name mentioned and won't reveal my friends name.... Could I use this as blackmail? mmm 

Here's the email

OH MY GOD!!!! Was up a 6, made some tea and went out to get my papers and relax. Someone stole both of my newspapers...ok I will just watch the news and drink my tea (since this is the first day in a week I don't have to be up and be someplace early) I can not get the front door open to get back in the house!!! Neighbor across the street gave back key since they moved. Ones next door don't have one. Here I am in my night gown looking up and down the street and the only person I see is a new neighbor I had not met yet.  So I am chasing him down his driveway to see if I can use his phone to call husband who is out of town until Friday.  He has met  husband but not me (the crazy lady in her night gown)  I wanted the code to the big truck to see if I could just use the garage door opener that is built into the truck...NOPE too far to get a signal.   So I go over to the neighbors who bought our other truck ...which was also programmed with the code to open the garage door.  Drive the truck over here...Nope husband had taken the code out when he sold it.  Take the truck back to neighbors and she calls her locksmith that works on her houses.  So I walk back to my house (mind you still in my night gown/ no underwear/sunny about 90 degrees and about 100% humidity/you get the picture!!)  Then I realize I had forgotten my pedometer in the cup holder (didn't want to look stupid ??? With my pedometer clipped to the outside of my nightgown (since no underwear) SO I had to walk back over to the neighbors to get back into the truck to retrieve the pedometer since he was about to be leaving for work and I would have lost a whole day of steps!!!!!  Almost as bad as being locked out of the house!!!!!  So walk back to the house to wait on locksmith. What a picture...90 degrees, 100% humidity, night gown stuck to my body, no underwear, sweat rolling down my back and pouring out of my belly button and a cute locksmith shows up and he can't get the door open either!  We go around the house to the back porch to see if he could get in that way.  NOPE double bolted and the 2 kitties were no help couldn't reach up and open (or were laughing at us and saying No Way!)  back to the front door. It turned out the latch on the handle was just so dry it was just not moving so he shot all kinds of stuff in there and was finally able to get it open.  $70 and 2 hours later I am in the house drinking my now ice tea!!  
 The only bright side is that I had decided last night not to take a stool softener and  promised myself to just get back to drink lots of water today!!!!
Have a great day!
I will protect the innocent and not give away the name of the victim. Gotta love her and her predicament. It still makes me laugh.

So one of the reasons I started blogging was because my friend Linda from Linda's Life Journal encouraged me. Her daughter Amber the mother of quads started when she went across the pond and wrote of her adventures and then she blogged about her pregnancy with quads and now about their life being parents of quads. I watch those 4 little Babies grow up every time she or Linda blog. 
When I shared the above story with a co-worker she asked if my friend blogged too because she could with stories like that. So see MY Crazy FRIEND you should be blogging and you could share your quilting too.

Okay we're still on a mission to find the right property with or without a house. I almost thought I was going to be announcing we had found a piece of property but nope. Several people guessed/asked if we'd found a piece of property and if that was my secret. 
David thought he had found THE property. He was all excited and was almost ready to buy it sight unseen except for the pictures posted on the listing. He found it at like 3:30pm and by 5:30am it showed unavailable. WOW must have been good. So that won't be my secret to share. Not yet any way.

Okay so my secret is exciting to us and was a big decision.  Dexter now has friend. Not sure how excited he is. He checked her out but he's like big whoop and went over and curled up on he pillow. LOL  

He will be 18 years old this Halloween. 

Meet Lilley
She is a Sheltie
4 1/2 years old.
Her birthday is March 4. A day before mine so I guess us girls meaning me, Pamela and Lilley will celebrate our birthdays together. LOL

The breeder that Pamela got Sophie her little sheltie from keeps in touch and has let Pamela know before when she has older Shelties to adopt out. The breeder only breeds her shelties a certain number of times and then she adopts them out so they can have a normal full life. When they asked if I'd like this little girl I had said no but then the breeder threw in this little tidbit.........Lilley is Sophie's mom.
How could I turn that pretty face away:
Sophie thinks she is queen bee and drives Dexter crazy when she's home to visit. She's very rambunctious but ever so lovable. Aren't they all

Lilley is more calm and reserved right now. After she gets acquainted things could change but I'm not sure. Lilley is standing and Sophie is the one laying down.
If you're wondering if it was like a big reunion between mother and daughter ..... it wasn't.
They sniffed and touched noses but that was it. We'll see what happens next time between mother and daughter.

Hopefully I can catch a picture of all three of our babies together o Sophies next visit home.

Okay so you got a funny and you found out the big news.

So until Next Blog...“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snow flake”
M.B. Ray

Monday, September 29, 2014

Short and Sweet

Work continues to be busy and all I seem to want to do when I come home is fix dinner and go to bed but I don't. I usually find something unproductive to do. And it generally details me  sitting in the recliner watching TV and falling asleep. No sewing no reading no nothing.  Worthless yep. Haven't even been out to listen to music.

Something exciting did happen though. Not to me but to David. Something he has been waiting for for almost a year. His 2 year term as HOA Board President was over Saturday the 20th. The first year was extremely hectic for the board but the past year had been rather trying to say the least but it's over and he can breathe a sigh of relief. No more calls at his office, more calls on his cell phone, and no more early returns from a vacation to handle various issues.  Now he can be just a regular home owner. The best and most important advice I can give a home owner is....

  1. Before making those property changes read your deed restrictions, submit those changes to the board and allow time for the Board to review and approve those changes. 
  2. Attend at least 2-3 board meetings a year. Find out what is happening in your neighbor and how the process works.
Be educated and informed. It will keep you from receiving those letters etc. And remember being a board member is a volunteer position, it's a thankless job, and that board member is after all a resident too.  

Now I'm not saying David was happy or anything but after his final duty as president running the annual meeting, calling for a vote of 2 board members and passing off his keys we went looking at a couple of properties and then we stopped for dinner.... and celebrated

with a drink or two.

We do wish the new president good luck and best wishes. We believe the neighborhood and board are in good hands. He has had plenty of experience behind him as a board president in his old neighborhood.

I have a new secret but I can't share it yet. And No I'm Not pregnant. I hope to share the secret soon.

So until Next Blog Post... You may admire my dust but please don't write in it.......

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giving it a break

This has been a busy week.. Fun too.
Sunday we went on our usually weekend hunt for property to hopefully build on and retire to. I forgot to mention last post a new description to us that Billy our friend in Wimberly gave us when we were up there looking for a place on Labor Day.. We were looking for this property in a subdivision. Billy told us this may not be the area we would want to live if he remembers correctly from his and his Wife Cheryl’s search a year ago. His description was “If there was ever a neighborhood to have a meth lab this would be it”  As we drive thru the area to find the house(yep this property already has a house) we passed some unsavory looking characters on the side of the road. They were beyond redneck. I’m not sure I can even describe what we saw. By the time we found the house I had already decided that this was not the area I cared to live in. They probably had still’s in them there woods too and more than one meth lab. I mean this area was more than hearing dueling banjos. I think I could smell the meth cooking. LOL  
That’s probably mean huh? Those people may have been the niciest best neighbors ever…….aaaahhh maybe.

Our 4” binder is full on properties we’ve looked at. The right one hasn’t said “Buy me and Buy Me Now”
It will eventually I’m sure. There’s at least two that are pulling strings but they haven’t won the tug of war yet.

Tuesday we went to Main Street Crossing to hear the 
Resin Valley Boys. The opening act was a guy named Kenny Allen. He was great. Funny and entertaining. He had some great songs. LOL like “She put her Whore Make Up On” or “Them Titties are fake” 
Hey I didn't give him the title. He was really good. 
His day job is the morning DJ for 105.3 Texas Music Radio Station
The base player from Resin Valley boys accompanied him along with a young man that was awesome on the electric and steel guitar. His name was Albert. I guess he normally plays for another group of which I can’t remember right now.
Got an email notification from Davin

James that his guest artist was Mike Blakely on Wednesday so we decided to go to Puffabelly’s Wednesday. 
 It was a great show. Mike is a ballard  type singer. His songs are always catchy.
So two nights in a row of music. Oh darn. LOL Can’t ever have too much music.

Yay for me got another good doctor report. I was afraid that my blood sugars and other lab work might be off since in the past few months my eating habits have been way off for multiple reasons but the doctor was happy with all the results. He says I have to lose another 10-15 pounds before he’ll take me off this damn medicine that makes my ankles swell. In fact drinking more water only makes it worse. Great.

Friday was David’s high school reunion social somewhere in Kemah and we were supposed to go but David was whipped. He didn’t come in from working in the yard and supervising the yard guys until almost 7 pm. So from our place it would be an hour and half drive there and back and David still needed a shower. He decided he’d probably be asleep while driving so he chose to pass on the social.. So we stayed home and I think he was asleep by 8:30.
David is working on the landscaping. He’s completing the back beds and then working on the front. Looking good and with just a few plants added the back looks totally different. I'll have to snap a couple of pictures to share now that they've got the flower beds built and a few plants planted and all the rock arranged.
I spent the evening in my sewing room.

I ran to College Station for the day to hang with Pamela. I was going to take the Momma but when I called her she sounded like crap. She wasn’t sure if it was a cold or sinus. Whichever we weren’t taking any chances and she stayed home and slept most of the day. It was home game day so Pamela and I hit the tent sale for some Team spirit goodies. We hit about 5 other shops in town. 

That nite was another music nite. My friends at work informed me I go out more than they do and they’re younger. LOL. This week we have gone plenty but yeah gotta do it while we can. AnywayWe went to Main Street Crossing to listen to Jesse Raub Jr. He’s a hometown boy. He and his band are awesome. He’s got a great sound. He just landed an agent out of Nashville. He’s moving on up which is great as long as he don’t forget us here in Texas. A friend and co-worker of David’s joined us. His wife Corine didn’t think she would make it this time when I was buying tickets this time since she is pregnant. And she was right. She’d had a long day and called Chris letting him know she was heading for bed around 8:30 right after putting their I think 2 year old down for the night.

Sunday morning I ran an errand then worked in the sewing room most of the afternoon.. I was busy doing some mending this time.
I haven’t progressed very far on my To Do List. Gotta get busy before the year is over. A Quilt retreat should help and I have one planned in November. Yippee.

No property looking this weekend. We may run out of properties to look at soon. Well there's plenty out there but they may not be in our price range or preferred location. So we're giving the hunting scene a break for now. Who knows what we'll do the coming week-end

Oh and let me share this little

postcard that my friend Donna VanHooser made for me. It was her way of saying Thanks for organizing another retreat. Too cute. It's hangin on my office cubical wall for all to see.

So until next Blog Post….I have never been convinced there's anything inherently wrong in having fun. ~George Plimpton~

Friday, September 5, 2014

Home Safe and Sound. Now to Relax

All this time David has been offshore I've had an unusual hard time trying to sleep. I might fall asleep and then I'd wake up and be up until wee hours of the morning. I'd get to sleep just in time to get up and go to work the next morning. Grrr no fun. I guess with all the other stuff going on didn't help either. When I got back from Missouri David was out on the boat/rig. But alas he made it home safely on the Tuesday the 19th and low and behold I was able to sleep. So glad he's home and for now he won't be going back out again for awhile like originally told. YAY!

I almost feel guilty getting back to a normal schedule while my sisters and Dad in Missouri deal with clearing out my Step-Mom's office to prepare to sell the Abstract Business she's owned since the 70's. But I understand they found some humor while cleaning and my Little Sister posted this picture of our sister Barbara.
Saturday was my Nephew Josiah's 9th birthday and well it looks like he had a slight accident when his face met the cake. MMmmm not that his big brother Zachariah had any thing to so with it. 

That was so ornery of Zachariah.

My Dad is dealing with everything but Jerri Lynn tells me that the last couple of Thursday maintenance Chemo treatments took their toll on him. He's sleeping more and the energy level is down. Of course everything has changed in the wink of an eye for him. Now the kids have gone back to school so he doesn't have them to keep him as busy during the day. So continue to pray for my Dad that he finds the strength he needs to heal and carry on and for Us girls and all the grand kids that we too heal and find peace. We want to keep him around as long as we possibly can.
Pamela has had a busy summer of baby showers, taking care of babies at work and friends having babies, wedding showers, bachlorett parties and weddings. She was recently in her friend, old roomie and fellow nurse buddy's wedding. 
Looks like everything went smoothly, everyone was beautiful and had some fun. Pamela tells me everything went off without a hitch. I have to share some of the pictures.

Four of the 6 Bridesmaids and the Bride are all Aggies. Gig'em!
Pamela is the one next to the Bride Spenser.
Showing off those Aggie Rings.

Lots of hard work behind those rings and money.
 This is so typical of these girls. They're so cute and Beautiful all at the same time.

David and I took some time for Music. We must have our Music.
Saturday the 23rd of August we went to the Mucky Duck over in the Greenway Plaza Area. Our first time there. They pack the people in there. Once you're seated it's not likely you be able to get up and go to the restroom very easy. The waitress's were having a hard time getting to the tables. Anyway we went to see Max Stallings and Bryce Clark. Max was the headliner but we knew that Bryce was going to be playing guitar with Max and the band. Love Max's smooth voice and great songs. David's favorite song I think is "I ain't drinking along I'm on the phone with my Brother".  Bryce is another awesome guitar player. The first time we saw him was with his wife who plays the fiddle when they opened for Max's wife Heather at Main Street Crossing in Tomball. The Clarkes are a great duo. 
We hit Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring to see Davin James and his guest artist Jesse Dayton the last week of August. That Wednesday was one of the best shows ever. They really entertained everyone with their songs, stories and guitar pickin. Holy cow they rock when they play their guitars. A lot of the players these days tend to strum some chords but these two truly play. One of the times we go I need to take a video to share with y'all. Can you tell I really like these guys? 
Last weekend Pamela was home so we took her on one of our land hunting missions. This time our mission took us to Dripping Springs and Wimberly.  While in Wimberly we stopped by our friends Billy and Cheryl's. They have a weekend home up there and they rode along and helped with directions. David and Billy kept us laughing the entire time. I got to laughing so hard I couldn't breath. This was definitely the best land hunting trip we've been on. 
They recently bought the coolest chandelier for their den. None of the rooms in this house had over head lighting. Snapped a picture of Cheryl in the kitchen. 
Pamela and I stepped outside to snap a couple of pictures of ourselves. I especially wanted a couple of her with her new hair cut and highlights. It's really cute! Brittney cut off 7" of Pamela's locks. The hospital probably thought they had a new employee when she went in today. 
      And of course she wasn't gonna let me take her picture with her taking mine.

Only problem with that is I didn't get my hair cut until Tuesday Oh don't get excited I only cut 2" off mine but I did get some new color. Maybe I'll take a picture this weekend and compare it against this picture.  

That evening after my hair appointment we all went out to eat at the Taste of Texas to celebrate mine and David's 36th wedding anniversary.  We've come long way Baby. 36 years. WOW.

Can't believe it myself. There have been days when we both wondered if we'd make it to the next day but we did.
That's us with my Grandmother who I always called OtherMom. We're so young. 

Well that's it for now... So until next post... Love means nothing in tennis but it's everything in life.....