Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fun times..... Birthday Celebrations

So our baby girl came home Thursday the 2nd so we could celebrate our birthdays. Isn't she cute? I'm biased of course. It's hard to believe that she turned 30 this year. She's not overly impressed but the alternative isn't much of an option. To our beautiful girl. No matter how many birthdays come and go you will always be our little girl. 
You've grown into a beautiful young lady in and out. Our wish for you is happiness and love. May God bless you every day and night. Hope the next trip around the sun will be filled with wonderful surprises and joy.  
That evening when she got home I made her a special birthday dinner at her request.  Sauteed tilapia with a roasted red pepper relish and feta cheese, sauteed potatoes, onion and yellow squash. Oh and garlic bread.  

When I got the mail Friday I got this beautiful handmade card from my friend Margie. She scrapbooks, makes fabric trading cards, and quilts too. Can you say talented?
On Friday Pamela and I got up and met my Mom and Joe for an early lunch at Mel's Country Cafe for our birthday. You see My birthday is in a couple of days too.  We took our time eating and talking. Of course I forgot to take pictures. It's hell getting old.
After lunch Pamela and I ran some errands until 3:45 because at 4pm we were getting a massage. David gave us each a massage for our birthday. Eeewww  ahhhhhhh. One hour and 30 minutes later we were ready to just continue relaxing. I didn't even have to cook. We went out for Mexican food. Our favorite. David ordered a margarita and Pam and I ordered tea. What? I know right, a tea and not a margarita. Just wasn't in the mood. LOL After dinner Pamela went out to meet up with another friend who's wife was having a surprise get together for his birthday. I went to sew and poor David went to sleep after a long hard day at the farm.

We wished Miss Lilley Happy Birthday. She turned 7. She's such a sweet girl. She got some special chew sticks that she even shared with Sophie. 
David got up and headed to the other side of town for a memorial service for one of the Bell Gang Guy's mother. 
Pamela and I were unable to attend because we had scheduled an appointment at Painting with a Twist for 15-20 people to celebrate our birthdays with friends and wine. We had lots of fun and wine. 

 Pamela, maybe needs no more wine. Just kidding. It was a great day and we were having fun.

Pamela, Me and my co-worker Samara. 
 Samara is feeling good and having fun while Joanie works hard on her painting.

 me with Nancy a co-worker
 What you can't see in this picture is the camp fire that Heather added to her painting. Awesome idea. I almost stole the idea. She did a great job.

This is my God-daughter Michelle, her mom Gigi (my daughter's God-mother), and my long time friend Joanie 

The inner Picasso came out in all of us. LOL

 We did good!  After painting time was over Pamela headed over to her friends house for more birthday celebrations. Dinner and drinks.

Sunday 3/5 was my birthday. David wakes me up and says he'll take me to breakfast/brunch if I get up. He didn't have to ask me twice. LOL I assumed he was taking me to our favorite hole in the wall but he surprised with breakfast at The Texas Mesquite. Right down the road from the house
It was so good. And we even had drinks. I had a mimosa and he had a bloody Mary. David had a cowboy breakfast of eggs and I had eggs Benedict with beef fajita meat, hash browns and refried beans. I couldn't believe how good it was with beef fajita. I make mine with ham or canadian bacon
 After yummy food we ran some errands. One stop was Academy where he bought me a birthday gift. It's what every girl would want... LOL a french fry cutter. He said "Nothing but the best for his girl".

That evening David took Pamela and I out for dinner to the Taste of Texas for our birthdays.
What a tasty meal.
Pamela and I got free desserts that we shared with David.
The Taste of Texas always takes a picture of you when you're there celebrating a special occasion.
They gave us the picture to remember the evening. We're never disappointed when we go there. Our birthday celebration was the best! Thank you David.

Well that's it for now. I've got to finish packing because this Sunday the 12th I'm off to Quilt Retreat with 10 friends. David gets a break and doesn't have to put up with me.
Lilley will have to keep him out of trouble. I'm sure she's up for the job.

So until next post......

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Closing out February

Well I had planned on getting at least 3 post this month but I guess that didn't happen and I'm gonna sneak this one in before the month is gone. February really seemed to fly by. February was my 6th year of blogging. Wow who would have thunk it.. ;o)
Check  out this homemade doll.. No I didn't make it. My mother was looking at it at the flea market recently and the man just gave it too her saying his wife would carry that doll and sometimes talk to it. Anyway he thought it needed a new home and Mom didn't have the heart to say No but then she handed it off to me. LOL 
Well I thought I'd hand it off the Ashley's daughter Aria.
That was a big NO GO.  Aria was afraid of the doll.  I started calling it Chuckie's sister. You know the possessed killer doll. Well to make it worse Ashley grabbed a knife and put it in the doll's hand and put it in her boss's chair while he was at lunch.  LOL.

When he opened his door and saw the doll he goes "no no no" and then started laughing. He gently removed the knife and put the doll and knife on Ashley's desk. She may have ended up in a couple of other chairs through the day. This doll is scary cute.

She now sits quietly on Ashley's desk....................

I went up to visit Mom a couple of weeks ago. I picked her up and took her to a place called Ransom for lunch. She's been wanting a hamburger and this place has some pretty damn good burgers. She doesn't eat a whole lot but she ate half of that big ole burger. After that we went to shop at the Rancher's Daughter there in Montgomery. They have some really cute tops but sometimes they can be pricey too but she found a really cute top for only $35 so I bought it for her. Oh and they have wine. I might have bought 3 bottles. My stock at home is getting low until Pamela and I head to Fredericksburg in April for Wine and Fun.
Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and indoor
Photo from Max Stalling 
On the 22nd of February David and I met up with our friends the Ragan's at Main Street Crossing in Tomball to get our fix of Max and Heather Stallings. We hadn't seen them in some time. Was glad we got to go.  They are awesome and cute together.

Then a week ago Pamela came home and we met up with her God Mother Gigi and my God Daughter Michelle for a quick lunch at our favorite Tea Room in Tomball called the Whistle Stop.  We don't get together so often but we try to catch up with each other and exchange birthday and Christmas gifts. Yeah I know Christmas is over but we stretched it out. After lunch we did a little shopping at the Turqoise Door and then we went to a coffee shop around the corner from the tea room. I need to go back and find out the name and maybe try it out for the food not so much the coffee even though my God daughter Michelle says it's really good. I know I saw some of the food they served looked really yummy. 

This past weekend I went to farm with David. He was able to mow almost all of the property the weekend before. It looks really great. And we can sit on the stairs of the mini mansion and see the pond. It's filling up nicely. The pond is such a pretty green it blends into the grass.
It was a really breezy brisk 46 degree day.  So I tried to avoid the wind but didn't win. I tried to sit on the patio of mini mansion  to catch some rays of sunshine for some warmth. This is the view I see facing west. Not a bad view.
videoOh and David started re-stocking our pond. There's a suggested way to do this. First we add 5#'s of minnows and 2 different sizes of perch. David said he might add more this coming weekend when goes back up and then in the fall he'll add bass. Fun.  video
Lilley was watching a bug skim across the water and suddenly went into the water to catch it.  I yelled stop and she backed up slowly like how did I get my paws wet.  I have a feeling she may go swimming when the water is warm one day.
At lunch time David, I and Lilley jumped in the truck to find food. Our favorite BBQ in Gause hasn't been open lately so down the road we went. We ended up in Taylor Texas about 45 miles from the farm. We heard about Taylor and their BBQ on the show called Day Tripper. We ended up at the Taylor Cafe n BBQ. The owner Vencil Mares recently celebrated his 93rd birthday. He comes to work everyday and sits at a table. David talked with him briefly. Mr Mares has quite a history. Not a fancy place and for us the BBQ was okay. It was tender but needed a tad more seasoning or something. 

Back at the farm I went looking for some wild flowers and all I found was this daisy. When we turned down the road to our farm we saw a few Indian paint brushes but that's it. Hopefully our bluebonnets will come up soon. And since David just mowed we should be able to see them this year. 
Last year the clover was so tall we had a hard time finding the bluebonnets but they were there. Check out the acorn on the Red Oak. It's huge. Much larger than the Live Oaks acorns.

 Lilley stayed by my side most of the time but would wonder off to sniff around the trees or fence line. She stepped into this ant bed and really ticked them off. Run....If she wasn't walking and checking things out she hung out on the patio letting the wind blow through her fur.

She's so pretty. She enjoys the running around but neither of us like it when I'm pulling cockle burs out of her fur. Thank goodness this week she's going to the Doggie Spa to get cleaned up. 
When I hollered for Lilley to come on it's time to go home she ran to the porch and looked back at me like  "No I'm not ready to leave"
Back home to the pot of stew I've had in the crock pot all day. mmmmm
I spent the next day sewing. I finished a quilt top for a first time Grandma. It's off to the quilter. I'll reveal the top after I gift it to my friend. And I'm working on my next medallion in our Round Robin. Gotta get'er done because we're doing our next hand off at retreat in a week and half.

This week Pamela and I start celebrating another year the world has had to put up with enjoy us. 

Until next blog... Life on the farm is better

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gone to the Dogs and a little Quilting

OMG I have never seen my grand-dog look like a drenched rat. Poor darlin. The gal at Top Paw Pet Spa in College Station always takes the cutest pictures of her clients in various themes but I've never seen pictures from the work area like this. She had a picture of one of the dogs with the fur pulled up into mohawk. 
It was too funny. Sophie is always so fluffy when I see her. She doesn't look so happy in her bath picture but she's so pretty after Misty is finished with her.

Last weekend I went to College Station for another Round Robin hand off. I finished the medallion border I was working on 48 hours before the hand off. Unlike the last time where I was
sewing the night before and a few touch ups that morning of the hand off. That was stressful so finishing 2 days before was awesome. This is the medallion I just added a border to. 

The medallion is only pinned together here but by the time I got it, it already had a border on it from the previous round. Can't wait to show you all the final quilt tops once we're all done. That will probably be sometime this summer. Everyone is on a learning curve but doing a pretty great job. I really can't wait to see what my quilt top looks like. Our next hand off will be while we're at Quilt Retreat in March so I need to get busy on my new medallion I need to add borders too. Yikes.After the hand off I headed back to Pamela's and we headed to Messina Hof Winery that's just a mile down the road from her house where we indulged in some adult beverage of choice. 
Nice way to end the day. I know my friend Linda from Linda's Life Journal agrees.

When we got back to Pamela's we sat down to watch a movie and I called David real quick to say good night. He asked if the girls were having fun and running around and my answer was not now and I sent him this picture. 
They must have played all day. We found the pillows from the couch were on the floor and the toys were in different locations. They can be rowdy little Indians when they get going.

To my surprise and shock Lilley slept in till 9am. That's totally uncharacteristic. Her normal get up time is between 5 and 6. She's gonna have to change that when we retire and don't have to get up for work. But when she woke up she was right next to me with her front paw tapping me..... "Wake up Mommy"

I had to steal this photo my friend Linda took. Isn't it beautiful? I love how the colors look like they are shooting up out of the ground. 

Then two days later I caught this sunset from the house patio. 

God is providing us with beautiful skies to enjoy.

Needed another quilt for Pamela's friend from nursing school for her sweet baby boy. I had bought a Jaybird Designs pattern called Stereo and this is what I ended up with.
I also bought the Super Sidekicker ruler. It was optional but a quilter can never have enough rulers and toys. I have another quilt to make that uses the same ruler so it won't be a one time use. Anyway the pattern called for 2 layer cakes which is precut 10" squares. I had yardage that I cut. I could have used a couple more fabric choices but I used what I had and I think it came out pretty cute. 
The theme was nautical and my sweet quilter quilted it with anchors. I took a picture of the back so you could see the quilting. I love it. Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest always does a great job and I totally trust her to pick a great quilting design. 
Then I saw this cute idea on pinterest for a label. Now they used the baby's hand but I used the baby's foot prints. 
The ruler shows how big those tiny feet are when he was born. A keepsake type memory.  I thought it was a cute idea.
And I'm told baby Logan loves his new quilt.
Well that's it for now.
Until next blog post...“I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.”  ~ Jerome K. Jerome

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Getting back up to Speed

This Texas weather is rough on the health. One day it's 29 and the next it's 60 and then it goes back to 40 and up to 80. And it all caught up to me a couple of weeks a go. I felt terrible and couldn't breath. I was able to sneak into the doctors a couple of days into it and he gave me a cough medicine with codeine which means I can only take at night an he told me to do a nasal salt wash. I don't know about you but I'd never done one on me or my child.  I wasn't so sure about it but I bought Neti pot well in my case a bottle and viola' it's works. Not pleasant but painless and it works. That was the best night sleep since I got sick. 
Thought I was better so David and I went to eat at Mel's Country Cafe the home of the Mega burger.

The Mega Mel burger consists of One and a half pounds of ground beef, a FULL pound of bacon, 1/4 pound of cheese & all the trimmings. FINISH & ADD YOUR NAME TO OUR WALL

While the Famous Mel burger consists of  A FULL pound of fresh-ground beef, 1/2 pound of bacon, 3 slices of American cheese garnished with all the traditional favorite trimmings. 

I don't know about you but that's a lot of burger. Wow. They have a hall of fame for those who eat it and they have the winners. One guy finished one off in 9 minutes. I can't imagine. He's the top winner and there's a gal who ate one in 20 minutes.  Well we weren't that crazy so we ordered their chicken strips. They're not overly breaded and they're flavored just right. I couldn't eat all mine and David gave me his last strip so I had left overs for lunch the following week. 
To be honest I don't even remember that weekend especially Sunday. I literally slept all day in the recliner.
Now This past week was a slow one and I should have been sewing and doing laundry but I pretty much came home, cooked and then did nothing and went to bed early. 
I did manage to surprise my 
boss with a cake and kolaches for her birthday. 

Then we both got a surprise when the candles wouldn't blow out. She finally succeeded. Of course it got harder when she got the giggles.
This Friday I was doing okay so David suggested we go eat catfish at our favorite place in Cat Springs, The Crossroads Tavern. But at the last minute we changed our minds and decided to try a new place to us that we've been talking about for a while now.  We went to the Relay Station Restaurant on Hwy 105 in Plantersville. Our 4th new place for 2017. Anyway that was a fun drive. Lots of traffic until we got through Magnolia then it was smooth sailing. They serve all you can eat for 8.99 which includes catfish, fries and a salad, then your drink is extra plus a tip because the waitress serves you. The food was pretty darn tasty but I think we'll continue to go to Cat Springs. They're tea is included in their $10 all you can eat and the drive is much easier. It might be 20 minutes further but a much easier drive. We literally walk out for $20(self serve) and at the Relay our bill was $30 with tip.
Saturday we got up and drove to Carmine which is about an 1 hr and 20 minutes away for the County Line Vintage Antique Show. When we got to Carmine we only saw the standard antique shops and no outdoor vendors. Very confusing. Oh well we're here so we went through the shops. We went in Neece's Antique shop and David got to talking with the shop owner and found out that the show was actually on Hwy 458 and 237. Which is actually more Roundtop than Carmine. 
Anyway we're looking through the store and I found a crockery bowl. David kept walking and as he walked out of the room we were in he saw what looked like someone locking up the store. He goes "I think that lady just locked us in here" Well I come out of the back room going "No Way" but sure enough he went to the door and he couldn't get out. Awesome! He started banging on the window and thank goodness the lady actually heard  him and came back to open up. How crazy is that?  She apologized and said she didn't realize anyone was still in the store so she was gonna run home for a bite of lunch. We could have been locked in there for a while had she not heard David banging on the window.  
I bought my bowl and we headed to the antique show down the road. The lavender looking bowl is the new one.
I don't have room for too many so I may have to avoid bowls next time we go out but they're so cool. 

After shopping we headed to the farm to check on the pond and drop off some stuff. First thing David had to show me when I got there was the counter-top he built and the cabinets he hung and got everything stained in the barn.  
He did a great job and it's ready for the sink he set in there for me to view. Then he'll have a place for his coffee pot and the microwave instead of the shaky white craft table.

While in the barn I took a picture of the tractor that just got of the shop last week. Rather costly repair. 
So okay the tractor isn't so pink but the front end loader is what's really pink so I guess I have to quit giving David a bad time for buying a pink tractor but maybe not. LOL

Then we had to go check on the pond. We could actually see the pond from the barn. Meaning it's getting fuller. Dang it you can't see the flag in the picture to see how much further it needs to come up on this end but all the lower flags are under water now.

Love the color and clearness of the water. If it weren't so chilly it would be inviting.
While wandering around by the pond we saw wild life tracks. Not deer this time. Maybe a coyote or cat of some kind. Who knows.  One set I found looked like raccoon.
And today (Sunday) is about LAUNDRY since the basket is over flowing and sewing. So the blog is ready to post and I need to wash wash wash and sew sew sew.
Later folks until next blog..... You don’t get to choose how you are going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you are going to live. Now.” ~ Joan Baez