Sunday, November 23, 2014

Friendship and Quilting

We took a break one weekend from looking at land. Kinda. We snuck one look in. On a Friday night we ran over to Cat Spring to look at some acreage about 50 miles from where we live now. Even got to drive on the land with the owners permission of course. It had some decent views but very very few trees but it was a nice looking piece of property. But it didn't make us want to run out and make an offer.
After looking we headed back down the road and stopped at a place called the Cross Roads Tavern. David's almost positive it used to say Cat Springs Country Club. I can't argue because I can't remember. Anyway for $10 you get all you can eat catfish, cole slaw, french fries, hush puppies, beans, homemade tarter sauce and a drink. OH SO GOOD. It's something they do every Friday night. All it is is an old corner grocery store/gas station in the country but it packs them in. When we pulled up the parking lot was full and there were cars park on all four corners around the place in the grass. Several of those folks were in the bar area and the eating area was busy but we found a place to sit and chow down. The catfish and the hush puppies were seasoned perfectly. Fried up crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Tarter sauce was awesome. I do believe we'll be going back again.
 And back we went a couple of weeks ago. We met up with our friends Larry and Silvia for a yummy dinner of catfish and fixins then we headed over to Buffalo Creek event center. When they aren't hosting a wedding they hold music events. 

And that Friday night's guest artist was Max Stallings. And of course I can't forget his guitar player Bryce Clark on the left. David and I like to go see him and his wife play when we can.

Even though it was freezing outside that night we sat out on the patio next to the fire place. We were nice and toasty. Poor Silvia was fading fast though. She'd been up since 4:30am that morning and still trying to hang with us..

We had fun while it lasted. Actually they only left 20 minutes before the show was over so Silvia did good.
The next day I loaded my car to the ceiling with sewing machine, fabric, accessories, suit case and maybe even the kitchen sink and headed off to the RR-Retreats by Margie in LaGrange for 3 1/2 days and 4 nights of sewing, laughing, and friends. It was a blast.
We stayed up until 3am and got up by around 9. Oh there were a couple who got up at 6am but they did go to bed before midnight or earlier.
Every evening Margie cooked and served us the most awesome dinners. There was fiesta chicken, Chicken Enchilada, and mouth watering pot roast. Margie decorates the tables according to the dinner theme. She's the hostess with the mostess. After dinner we'd go back to sewing but by 9 or 10pm the wine would come out. 
One of the girls brought a bottle of uhm I guess it's wine called Kinky. Tasty but I passed on the Kinky and went for a bottle of wine I bought called Pink Flamingo. The bottle caught my attention. Bright yellow with a bottle top cap. Very yummy. 
Actually both bottles are pretty unique. Cathy G. I saved them for you.
Some posted on facebook that quilters shouldn't drink and sew hmm there were a few of us at the retreat that didn't know about that rule. 

I can only show you the back of this quilt for now. It's on it's way to Dallas for Logan one of the quads. Now each little quad has a quilt of their own. They had to wait a while for the quilts but I made them with love so does that make up for the slow production. And yes Sandy S. You are still waiting on yours. Slowly but surely.

Megan here was our youngest retreater and probably the most productive. I believe she finished up 3-4 rag quilts. 

She fit right in though. She is the daughter of one of the other retreaters. 

Ellen and Megan helped make it a fun weekend!
We had another Mother - Daughter moment. Denise and her Mom went out to watch the sun set.

Wow it was so beautiful and it set really fast.

How about a little show and tell.
 A quilt top in progress by Sandy 

Here's my purse. I took the class 2 years ago and finally got in and finished it.  I started carrying it the minute it was finished. I need to make a couple more. LOL.
Here's a couple more quilt tops in the works by different retreaters.   This cathederal window quilt I had just pinned on pinterest. I'm ready to try it next.  The Log cabin quilt was started at our last retreat back in March but Denise has now completed it. She basted the backing batting on before we left. All that's left is to quilt it.
On Tuesday 7 of us took a field trip to the quilt shops in Giddings. Took time before running inside to share our finds for a photo opt. The rest of the group stopped at a yard art shop so they didn't make it in our picture.
Ellen    Denise  Jane  Me  Judy
 This one was made by Margie and we all want to make one. She told us her process. Wonder if Accuquilt would make a custom die of the state of Texas and how much it would cost.  
I sent them a quote request to find out.

And these blocks were Margie made by coloring with crayons. Amazing. I heard of it before but had never actually seen the end result. Wow. Margie did a great job. We might even have Margie have a class on how to do this method and one for turn under applique. 
Like seen here in the Bunny for each month. Too CUTE!

We arrived on a Saturday and left on a Wednesday. It ended way to soon but we had fun and productive retreat. We've already scheduled another in March.  

Until next blog..... Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing...the days passed to quickly while we were sewing.
Friendships are stitched one stitch at a time.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun- Food- Friends and Wine

Last week was my book club meeting. It was a small gathering this time but it was a fun night. Our books to discuss was The Alchemist and Heaven is for Real. We don't read two books normally but both were short and we felt it would be easy for folks to finish reading in 6 weeks.  Both books were uplifting. When your faith waivers these books can give you hope. Now I have to admit I've lost my reading mojo and I really want to get it back. I have lots of books I need/want to read.  LOTS!

Update on my Dad
On the 21st Dad's doctor told him his cancer is controlled and as long as there are no surprises we can actually hope for a cure. Dad has to continue to take medicine but he's getting a reprieve and won't have to travel to the city until December. Dad is beating cancer instead of weekly. The doctor told Dad that the cancer won't be what kills him but most likely it will be his heart.  For now we can celebrate right?
Short celebration
Last night my little sister called me and tells me that Dad was having cramping in his legs. Come to find out he has a blood clot in his left leg. My little sister is keeping him at her house so he won't have to climb any stairs and she's having to give him injections. So please keep my my Dad in your prayers.  Say one for my little Sister who is having to give him the injections to help dissolve the clot.

Now for a little lots of fun. A couple of weeks ago I agreed to go to a place called Crazy Frogs. Some of my co-workers and a few others wanted to go there for karaoke night. It doesn't start until 9:30. Holy cow. I forgot what it was like to go out at that time of night. 
Fun and crazy group.

The gang.
Me, Ashley's mom Tammy, Ashley, Cassie, and Leonard and Tim in the back.
Tammy could belt out a tune. Whoa. Unfortunately my phone died so I couldn't catch everything. Ashley and I are the only two who stayed off that stage. But others did and WOW I was blown away. Okay they might not be Alannah Miles or The Proclaimers but I personally think my co-workers have talent and so do their relatives. Oh yes Leonard and Cassie I posted on my blog your awesomeness. I hope the sound works on these videos otherwise I may need to get a tutorial on how to make the videos have sound.

The evening went by way to quickly. Too much fun. You missed a fun evening Samara. I know you're reading this.

This past weekend David and I went to Fredericksburg to relax and have fun. 
We met up with our friends Pam and Kevin from Austin. That Friday night we hit Hondo's for a jalapeno margarita. 
Yep a jalapeno margaritas. First sip was like mmm maybe then you try another sip and realize this is good.  
Instead of fruit on the the cute little sword there was 5 jalapeno slices. I was skeptical at first but the jalapeno cuts the sweetness of the margarita. Bring on the heat.  What you don't realize is how strong they are until you stand up. Whoa.  I'll go back for another on our next trip.     
Saturday we did some Chrismas shopping and shopping for me. David had said he owed me a necklace for our anniversary so I was on a mission.  This is what he bought me and it's really pretty. My selfie doesn't do it justice. I love it. After he purchased it he wouldn't let me wear it. Said I had to wait for Christmas but you see here I got it once we got home and promptly wore it the next day.
We hit the food and wine festive at the veterans park after shopping but was slightly disappointed.  While there I found another necklace and earrings that I bought myself. Pam called me the turquoise lady after that.  What can I say I like turquoise.  After roaming around for a while we decided to head out to Comfort, Texas to the Bending Branch Winery. This was a whole new experience for our friends but they had a blast. 
When we walked in I saw Dana who is studying to be a Somebody. Okay she's already a somebody but she wants to become a Sommelier which I thought she already was. 
I had never heard the term until our Friends the Ragans introduced us to Dana. Not only does she know her wine she is a blast.  Actually the whole staff was a fun and informative.
It was a great afternoon tasting wine and then sitting out on their patio sharing a bottle of wine with friends.   
Pam hadn't drank this much wine in her life. She's a Miller Lite kind of girl.
The Staff made several suggestions for dinner and we ended up at a dive called Guenthers Creekside Grill in Comfort. We all had steak and it was so tender and juicy. They even had live music. Didn't get the guys name but he was pretty good and played a wide range of songs.
We weren't ready for the night to end so we went to Luckenbach in search of more music. Yahoo we were in luck we found Thomas Michael Riley playing. He's one of the Texas musicians we like to listen to. We might have worn Pam and Kevin out and kept them up past their bedtime.  Oops!  
 Sunday morning we all went out for breakfast at the Sunrise Grill on hwy 16. We all said our goodbyes and head off in our separate directions.
Before getting too far down the road David and I stopped at 

the Wildseed Farm.
It's always fun to see what they have growing. We love this place.

 I snapped some pictures in the Monarch Butterfly Garden of butterflies and flowers. Someone was walking by and offered to take our picture in front of the Esparanza's that were really tall and full of blooms.

 We went home the long way to go check out a couple of properties. No Luck. When we finally arrived home we were hungry and tired.
Pamela had come in to watch the dogs so after unloading the car and hugging the her and giving due attention to the Pups we went to grab a bite of Mexican food our favorite. 

After dinner Pamela asked if I'd help her create her Christmas wreathe. We got this far before going to bed. She had flowers for it but they were too big so she'll have to hit our favorite store Hobby Lobby to find the right size of flower. 

Until my next blog post............. I have never been convinced there's anything inherently wrong in having fun. ~George Plimpton~
PS: excusea any and all different fonts and sizes. I'm not sure what happened.  Very Very Annoying!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Days... October

What a great way to start October....

with a beautiful weekend 

and awesome weather and I found lots of color around the yard this year. David has been busy beautifying our yard. 

And get this...
He hasn't been threatening to tear things out if they don't start growing.

That first Saturday of October we went to a co-worker of David's house warming. First let me say the Prudhomme's have a beautiful home. Beautiful. The weather was perfect. They had the glass doors all open from the den to the patio. I’m a loser I didn't take pictures and I should have because our hostess Silvia was giving me these awesome compliments on my photography and she realized she hadn't taken any of the party. The first time I was there they were still finishing the inside details. I thought it was beautiful and now with furniture and decor it’s even more awesome.  There might have been some folks who probably won’t remember much about the night but I do.
LOL. Not that there were any adult beverages involved. The host Larry was trying to be bartender and social which was difficult so my husband stepped in and played bartender. Scary thought. He was responsible for getting us home. He was a good boy though. Don’t get me wrong I didn't say he didn't take a couple of Fire Ball shots or drink a few beers but he did pace himself for the time we were there. He was very entertaining. It was a great evening.

There’s a piece of property across the street from them and they’re trying to convince us to be their neighbors. I had to laugh because being their neighbor would be a blast but I don’t know if any of us would get much accomplished besides have fun.  They are too much fun. The name of their property is “Bayou Ole”. What do you get when you cross a Cajun and a Hispanic….. You get a Party. These 2 folks complement each other perfectly. They are too cute. Who knows we’re still looking for something maybe we'll that property back on our 'possible' list.

Now to my dear friend who runs around her neighborhood in her nightie ..and no undies….everyone couldn't help but laugh at your predicament. I still giggle and shake my head when I think about your story. Yep it was definitely entertaining. At your expense of course.
My dad seems to be doing good considering all that he has been through. This picture is of Dad and my nephew Josiah. Josiah is his right hand man. He had to do a stress test a couple of weeks ago and got a good report. He had to have the medicine injected this time instead of running the treadmill. Yuck. I had to have one when I had my knee scoped because they heard a heart murmur which happens every time. I was not impressed with the procedure. I wanted to come off the table when the medicine started flowing. OMG. It didn’t hurt but did make me very antsy. VERY! but Dad said the only thing that bugged him was having to lay still for so long. The cancer is in remission but he has weekly shots and visits. He takes one day at a time and it seems it’s always with a smile. While I’m not up there I’m sure some days are better/easier than others but he keeps on going with a great attitude.

Our newest addition to the family seems to be adjusting just fine. She's enjoying the checking out of the back yard. 
 She was very reserved but loving that first 5 plus days… but this week has been a transformation. Lilley is getting used to all the new sites and sounds in our home. 
She and Dexter are fine together. She gives him plenty of space. He sleeps a lot in his old age.

Pamela and Sophie (Pam’s sheltie) came home and what a difference. 

Sophie and Lilley are running through the house and oh my… running break neck speeds in the backyard and around the tree.

It’s so funny.
Lilley is such a sweet, lovable and dainty little girl. I’m glad I decided to bring another dog into the family. She's decided to play with a toy Sophie drug out.

They trade off every so often and the chase begins all over again.

Here's a picture of mom and daughter.  Sophie on the left and Lilley on the right.

While Pamela was home we went to have our hair touched up and trimmed. She got more highlights and I got my usual low and highlights but I added some red. Pamela took this picture of me but of course I wasn't allowed to take her picture this little rat.

Pamela's last morning home she looked out her bedroom window and saw this guy eating breakfast. Before she get a better picture he took off.  

Now to brag on a friend of mine who is sew sew very talented whether she admits it or not. You can always check out Janet's blog to see what she is creating next. Janet is the one who built the big yellow bird house that I wanted but didn't win in the Guild Quilt Show raffle..... 
Well she's at it again. Back in March at retreat she found out ATC's. She made her first one back then and now she's on a roll.... 
 She sees something and she thinks "mmm I can do that" and she does.
Talented I tell you. That's Janet.

Then there's my friend Carol who sews all kinds of cute little girls clothing, hats, bows and cute towel sets for Payton's Boutique and finds time to teach sewing classes at a local Quilt Shop called Quilt Works. I wish I had a little girl to dress up in this little dress. I used to make clothes for Pamela when she was little but nothing this cute. That's been a few days ago.

I love having talented friends who can teach me new things or guide me in what I try to do. I need lots of guidance some days..... Plus I can write about them since they accomplish and complete projects unlike me. But guess WHAT I did finish a quilt top this weekend. Yes I did but I can't share it until it's quilted a Little Miss Logan receives. I hope I chose the right fabric for her. I think I did. She's the last little Bell Quad. She's waited patiently well her parents have. Soon very soon. Now I'm ready to complete a couple of other projects on my long list of "to accomplish/complete".

I'll share my fun from this weekend in my next blog. 

So until next blog...Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower ~Hans Christian Anderson~