Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just a Bloomin and Chillin

Well we kept the barn swallows at bay for a year but this year they found a new spot to build their nest.  Grrr. They make such a mess. This nest is at the corner of the garage and patio.
After the fiasco of the last nest on the speakers that the birds destroyed. David did buy new speakers and when the birds showed up trying to build on them he stuck towels up there and it stopped them.  Our poor daughter is fighting them at her house now. The little devils are building just above her front door. She keeps washing the nests down and has hung an owl up there trying to scare them away. They're not so fast to come back yet but keep trying to sneak in a little. 
Okay so I need a bigger lens to capture the fleeting blue bird that we do have. I have seen a blue blue bird. I almost caught him. Can you see him to the mid-right of the picture. They move so fast and I didn't see him until the last minute. I know the picture quality sucks.
From bird watching I went to take some pictures of the what's blooming. Most of that didn't move except during big wind gusts. All our magnolia tree's are blooming big pretty blooms. We have 3 Magnolia's across the front of the house.  I love Magnolia tree's.  
On the patio our two decor boots are full of color. The purslane came back on it's own and is nice and full of color. It doesn't have fragrance but it's pretty. First time it's ever done that I can remember. Right behind them we have our 2 tomato plants in pots and they are loaded with tomatoes already. David pulled one off last night and mmm I might have eaten it within 20-30 minutes of plunking it off the vine. David picked another tonight but I'll save it for tomorrow night as a snack.
And our plumbago plants are full of purple flowers even after all the rain we've been having. I think we need to plant some of these at the farm since they are drought tolerate and I think there was something about being deer resistant and that's probably a good thing.
Our roses are blooming all around the like crazy too. I think these are part of the knockout rose group.

What really surprised David and I was that the one peach tree he hadn't pulled up yet had leafed out and had blooms on it.  We thought it was dead.  It was just a stick last year.  Maybe just maybe we'll have a couple peaches this year. That would be cool.
Since we celebrated Mother's Day last Saturday we went to the Rockin K on Mothery's Day Sunday. Because of all the rain and other activities we hadn't been up in a while. Whoa! Everything is so over grown. 
It's pretty and green but it's tall. I think we need to mow really really bad but the wild flowers are really pretty. It's kinda sad we have to mow them down too but kinda hard to avoid.

You can barely see the driveway here. The cactus up by the gate are blooming again.Plus with all this rain the pecan tree has really filled out. It's full and green. Maybe it will have a good crop of pecans. You can't see the path or the stones on the path to the mini mansion. They are under there somewhere. 

We were gonna continue putting up the support boards for the patio cover but a young man that was recommended to David from his office came up to give us an estimate to do a cover off the side of the barn and said he would work up an estimate on the mini mansion too. 
So David didn't make me work on Mother's day after all since this guy may complete our cover for us. YAY. Cross your fingers.

So instead of working on the patio cover David pulled out the pink I mean red tractor and the bush hog and started mowing. We could see the driveway again and he made a few passes down each side before we decided to leave.

This past Friday was girls night. David went to the farm to do some more mowing so me and a couple of the girls from work did some damage to my wine inventory. We started out sitting on the patio and by 10pm we came inside for another  refill and stayed inside. Ashley and Samara felt I was a glass behind so I got to drink the last glass all by myself before they left.  It was a fun evening of laughter and just relaxing. What happens on the patio stays on the patio.

This past Sunday was both My Niece's Graduation Party.
Kendall is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks.  She has a few more days of classes yet but the party was on.
She'll be going to UTSA this fall. That's her cousin, my nephew Phillip with her.

Along with her graduation we were celebrating her sister Shelby's graduation from Stephen F Austin University.
I never got a picture of the girls together at the party. 
Shelby is the blonde on the left with her little dog Charlie.
She's sending out her resume's looking for a job.  
Way to Class of 2016. Was glad to be there to help them celebrate their accomplishments.

This photo by Laura Goodwin

Pamela came in from Bryan to help them celebrate and said it was time for a selfie. No problem. 

Will the real Dave please stand up? Oh Lordy! Brothers... They both wore fishing shirts, almost the same color and almost the same shorts. 

They're so goofy.

Did get a picture of Pamela with 2 of her cousins. 
She's kinda short up side them. Kevin, Pam, Phillip (brothers)

That's it until the next blog post...“This above all: To your own self, be true”
- William Shakespeare

Monday, May 9, 2016

Quilting and Mother's Day

When David was mowing last Friday he found one egg and we thought it was a duck egg but decided it was too small. Then on Saturday when David was working out in the yard he saw Doves out by the fence and he found two eggs now. So we've decided these are Dove eggs. I just hope the darn armadillo that's been tearing up our yard don't get them. Or any other critter we might have roaming around.Oh NO David just checked and there are no eggs. I found one of the eggs on the other side of the yard half crushed tonight! Bummer
Forgot to mention that when we went to Groesbeck a couple of weeks ago we also called a fellow quilter/co-worker who also
 has a place up in Groesbeck. She and her husband built a barndominium that they plan on retiring to  and used a floor plan that David and I keep looking at for a barndominium we'd like to build. We got lucky when we called and they said come on by. First let me say my friend Margaret's 
property is beautiful!. I'll share a couple of pictures of her view 
off her porch that she's shared on facebook. It's very relaxing. 
And second after touring her home I know I love the floor plan and with a couple of tweaks that David and I have discussed it will be the plan for us too. She had a couple her own tweaks in the plan.  It's a miracle David and I may have almost come up and agreed on a floor plan. LOL A few people have wondered if that would ever happen. Thanks to Margaret and her husband David we're definitely closer than we were I think.
When I came home the other day I saw a Postcard in the stack of mail. 

I didn't think much about it until I sorted through the mail and realized it was for me and it was an Art Fabric Postcard. It came from Annie @ FreezeFrame Blog.
OH WOW!   

She told me she'd send me one of her awesome postcards one day but I never knew when it would come. I'd kinda forgotten. I feel very honored to have been lucky enough to have received one. Thank you so much Annie I love it.
Annie is very talented and creates some of the coolest cards.
If you get a chance go check out her blog by clicking on her blog name above. She does some awesome work. She's very creative.

And finally I get to show you my great-nephew Beckett's quilt.
He got it Friday. I got the phone call from my nephew saying Thanks that it's pretty cool. I hope Mr Beckett get's lots of use out of this quilt over the years. I had texted Melissa back when we found out she was pregnant asking what colors she planned on using in the nursery and when she told me I realized I could use my little raccoon fabric and coordinating fabrics I had picked up during a bus trip not knowing what I would use it for when I bought it and Viola' Mr. Beckett. 
My nephew is a hunter so I thought fabric with raccoon's would be a good choice. So this is one quilt my daughter didn't have to help me pick out the fabric. I did it all by myself.  She did help me lay it out. Then after going to quilt retreat my friends Mary Jane and Mildred helped me further and that's this is the layout that stuck.

Can you see the cute little raccoon's peaking out all over the fabric? That small 1 1/2 inner border was a new fabric we found while on a field trip at retreat called Grunge and I added it to the quilt. Grunge comes in lots of colors and it's awesome and this one worked great on this quilt. Love the quilting that my friend Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest did. If you need anything quilted she's good, priced right and her turn around right now is very reasonable.

This past Wednesday we had a date night and went to Main Street Crossing to listen to Max Stallings and his lovely talented wife Heather.
His great songs, smooth voice and her awesome violin playing and alto voice you couldn't ask for better night. They are so cute together.
I have such a sweet daughter. She came home for one night and day to celebrate Mother's Day early.  With her schedule as a Nurse we don't always get to get together on actual holidays as they come around. 

So Saturday we met up with Mom and Joe a day early for Mother's Day at the Black Walnut Cafe in the Woodlands for breakfast. 
They have a wide variety of food and it's really tasty. The prices aren't too bad either and you don't have to worry about a tip since you place your own order and you pick it up at the counter so there's no waiter or waitress involved.

It was a beautiful day.
Hope everyone else had a lovely Mother's Day.

While I had a Lovely day I know there are several out there that are missing their Mothers such as my Sister's who are missing their Mom my step Mom Carolyn, my Sister in Law who lost her Mother Margaret and then there's my Husband, his Brother and Sister who lost their Mom, My Mother in Law Thelma, who kept me out of trouble around the house and there are many of my friends who have lost their Mom's. I'd like to think their Mom's are looking down from Heaven and smiling knowing what good and loving people they've raised. They say if you whisper to a butterfly it will fly your message to Heaven. I know my message would be Carolyn, Thelma, and Margaret you are greatly missed on this earth.

On that note.... I'm outta here 
Until next blog post.....Hugs and Prayers for everyone for peace and love.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy May Day

Thought this was cool watching the poppies blow in the wind. I kept trying to time it where no cars were coming but that didn't happen plus I meant to share this in my last post but forgot.

To possibly see the poppies swaying in the wind you'll need to open the blog link to get the mov to work.  
Well some much getting this posted in April or even getting more than one post in April.  Geez I'm slacking.
On the 16th we went to Main Street Crossing to see Wayne Hancock. We went with our friends Billy and Cheryl from Clear Lake. It was a fun night. Wayne Hancock music is called Juke Joint Swing and is compared to Hank Williams Senior. His music is the old timey Country swing. He and the band rocked the stage. 
Mother Nature must have been angry with Houston and the Cypress area. She dropped record amounts of rain on the area. Like up 17" in some areas. This picture was shared on facebook of a local restaurant about 7 miles from the house. Pamela goes "No Fair I still haven't got to go eat there"  I hope they get it cleaned up so she can eventually go. 
The CyFair School District was closed for the whole week because so many families were affected and we had several schools damaged by rain/flooding. It has been a mess. Our grounds are saturated.

About 18 miles from the house the bridge going to my mom's  was washed out.  Not sure of the status as of today.  I guess I better find out before next Saturday when we want to get together for an early Mother's Day Breakfast.
After the rains and flooding receded David and I jumped up the Grand Parkway and headed to Old Town Spring to Puffabelly's to see Thomas Michael Riley and Davin James. These two were in rare form. It happens. It was a great evening.

Last Saturday David woke me up saying let's run up to the farm and to our friends Ross and Sheryl's place which is  about an hour further up the road from the Rockin K to see what they have going now that they have their building plans.

So I suggested we take Lilley and drop her off and Pamela's to play with Sophie and see if maybe Pamela would like to ride along. 
And that's what we did. It was a beautiful day. 
Pamela had never been to the Ross and Sheryl's. Sheryl was surprised when she climbed out of the car.  
We spent a good hour or more there checking out their floor plans and where they plan on building and just catching up.

Thursday night I spent the evening with this group of lovely ladies discussing our latest book The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman @ Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe. This meeting had been canceled because of a death of one of our members/dear friend of many years and then because of the flooding but we finally got together and discussed a book that everyone really liked. What was interesting about this meeting was we had a special guest a white dove. 
My question in my book club blog was..... Was it a sign or just a coincidence? Who knows but one of the ladies came back and said it was Cindy our departed friend visiting. 
The bird wasn't afraid and it wasn't begging for food. She just hung around watching. The waiters said it was the first time they'd ever seen her. sooo
I finished the binding on my Great Nephew's quilt.. Yippee! I went out and took some pictures of it today so tomorrow or Tuesday I hope to get it in the mail so by my next post I should be able to post the pictures. And now I'm back to working on my other unfinished projects and another baby quilt for a baby boy that made it's appearance recently.

Until next Blog...   Take a Deep Break. I Calms the mind.