Sunday, December 10, 2017

Moving on...... check and check

So we got moved to the rent house and closed on our Lake Stone house but then we have had the pleasure task to get unpack and organized. I think I've managed to unpack what I needed/wanted to unpack but we still need to move some of the boxes from the garage to our spare bedroom. 
David has been trying to work at the farm almost every weekend lately. He's running electricity into the mini mansion and raised the wall where we have our compost potty and sink now. 
And he's set the air conditioner in it's resting spot. After he finishes the wiring he'll be ready to put the ceiling and the siding in. 

He has plowed some of the lower property so he could prep the land to plant more trees along the tree line.

We need to plant more trees but it does take time. 
He was taking a break when he noticed his visitors. Our neighbor across the road has goats and they are escape artists and came for a visit.  They grazed for a while and then headed back home.

Pamela and a couple other nurses stopped for a bite to eat after work one night and ran into Von Miller, an outside linebacker for the Denver Bronco's and former Texas A&M player. He took time to take a picture with the girls and talk a moment.

Check out this little cutie! This is Aria my co-worker Ashley's little girl. Ashley made this costume in one night. She did an awesome job.  And she claims she's not creative.  

The Houston International Quilt Festival came to town and I had to go. My friend Donna Marie and I met up early that Friday morning and headed down to the GRB Convention Center. Oh the quilts we saw. Colors, Textures, designs, quilting and vendors oh my indeed. I got in over 12,000 steps in that day. Could have been more if I hadn't sat down. LOL. I was exhausted but had an awesome time. Here's just a few of the quilts I saw.....


I saw all this with a few hundred thousan other of my Quilty friends. If you want to see the whole album and learn more about each quilt. 
Click HERE
 I took this picture just after the show opened. Two hours later the aisles were packed. Until next year.
Pamela and I went to a bridal shower for our hair stylist and Friend Brittany. She was overwhelmed by all the attention but she had a great shower. She's a great stylist and a sweet friend. We wish her and Jordan the very best.
 At one time she couldn't get the package he came Hannah to the rescue. Get a load of that knife she whipped  out. LOL

Well my hair looks sad but it's not her fault.  She hadn't got her hands on it yet. I had an appointment for the following week for a much need cut and color. Anyway I might of had a jello shot or two with the Bride to be.   
 Pamela looked great as always. This is a really cute picture of them.

 Pamela got to take a trip to Colorado to visit a high school friend and her family. She had a great time. Avery showed her the sights.
 She even went snow shoeing.
 And she got to build a real snowman.  Then she could have done that right there in Bryan on Thursday 11/7.  They got 5" of snow. We got 1-3 inches in Cypress. Totally crazy but it was really pretty.

Well that's it for now. Until next blog.... Quilting every day keeps the voices away

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Whew... Where do I begin? And a scrap give away

Life has been a total whirl wind since July 3rd when we put our House on the market. Working and trying to keep up with making sure the House is just right. I mean to be honest I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. Finally in the last week of August we got an offer. Hallelujah only guess who blew in that weekend? HARVEY
Holy cow no sleep for days because while we had never flooded the thought of possibly 30 plus inches of rain could test the limits of our lake and the pump house. Well 36" of rain later and no water came in the house. Thank God and my Guardian Angel. Talk about stress! Ever since they put in the Grand Parkway the drainage has been a questionable issue but hopefully the new homeowners will  be the benefactors of Mueschke Road improvements. The county plans to widen the road, deepen the ditches plus put in an 8' drop culvert in a strategic location, and they acquired the land with a small creek that needs to be cleared so the water can swiftly flow into the big creek down the road. You really wanted to know all that didn't you.
Anyway we closed on October 3 and we now leave in a rent house about 5 mile down the road. The family who bought our house are really nice and they're already loving the patio. Trying to squeeze 3300 sq feet of house into 2500 square feet is fun but it's doable and it's only temporary. I miss our patio.
My view now consist of wooden fences and the back or sides of houses. Don't get me wrong the yard is small but nice but not much in the way of views and breezes. Oh and no patio cover. I have been spoiled over the last 6 1/2 years.
At least Lilley has settled in and found her a favorite laying spot when outside. There's an L shaped bench on the patio and she loves laying on it. Plus it's window height and she'll try to look in the window only the blinds are closed. She was pretty stressed the weeks prior trying to figure out what all the moving around and packing was about. I think she was afraid we'd leave her behind. NO WAY.
Now I know your next question is when do we start building at the Rockin K and who's building and the floor plan.  Well don't ask. LOL It's been a process. We started out with 6 builders as possibilities and we're down to 2. I'll be able to give you an answer by the end of the year because we'd like to break ground by no later than March. Oh the trials and tribulations.
Things are a blur as to everything that has gone on between the sale, the packing, Harvey, the move, the closing, and the unpacking.
Our 39th anniversary was in the mix too. We had planned a quick trip to the hill country but that didn't happen due to everything but that's okay. There will be time for that later. With all the flooding and people being displaced rent houses were flying off the market so we had to make a quick decision and find a rent house.

We found this cute place and snatched it up. It's a 2 story but we know it's only temporary and it gave us the needed space we needed almost.

Oh and let me not forget that a week and half before we move our fridge died. Came home and David goes what's all this water on the floor? Oh crap! We went out that night to find something and bought a floor model because we could get it delivered in 2 days. Otherwise we'd had to wait 2-3 weeks for one. With all the flooding in Houston, appliances and furniture were flying out the store doors.

David was a sweetheart and let me take a quick break and go to part of my quilt retreat the week of our move. I had to at least go for a few days because our round robin was going to do our big reveal. Meaning that our center medallion is now a complete quilt top. Each person in our group added a border to each medallion.

We each prepared a book like this with our likes, dislikes, 
wants and don't wants. Along with swatches of our fabrics to use how and when.

And this diagram shows the rotation as we progressed.

First up is mine. I'm over the top in love with the outcome!

Next is Mary Jane's

Next up is Margie's, the one who convinced us to do this and encouraged us all the way along. Hope we did her proud.

then this is Denise's
Next up we have Donna Marie's
 Last but not least we have our 6th Robin - Mildred
Wow what a transformation. None of us except maybe Margie ever dreamt our medallions could turn into such beautiful quilt tops. Some of us are adding a couple more simple borders to make our quilt tops bigger to fit our beds.  
Mary Jane was 1st to complete her top by adding a small red border, quilted it and got it on the bed already. 

I've got my fabric but haven't cut the extra borders yet. Hope to do that soon but probably not soon enough for Christmas.
Who knows.

Before I left Wednesday (9/27) I ended up sending one of my retreaters to the hospital. No I didn't cause the problem personally but she got violently ill at 6am that morning and I had no idea what was up and I wasn't taking any chances with anyone's health or life. She had just called her husband to come get her but she got worse and I had Margie call an ambulance. So I had to call her husband back to tell him to meet us at the hospital. I followed the ambulance in and stayed at the hospital until he arrived a couple of hours later.  Turns out she had a bad case of Vertigo. Wow! 
Other happenings at retreat .... lots of completions but I didn't get many pictures taken.  Here's just a few.

Here's Donna working on a quilt for a sweet little boy.

Here's one of Mary Jane's sale boat blocks. They were scrappy but I love the Aggie one the best.

Then Linda finish awesome looking quilt top.

Mary Jane wasn't the only one working on a sail boat block theme. So was Donna Marie.

Look what Sandy made. I call them Sandy's Bobbin Girly. She couldn't make this trip but sent these little Bobbin Girly's to sale. Each one had a different hair color and style, body color and design. They were to cute.  I didn't get to use mine at the retreat but I did when I got home. It works like a dream.  You put your binding on her and as you sew it on your quilt the binding doesn't twist. It really makes it easier to put your binding on.

And I can't help but share a tattoo one of the girls got. It's perfect for a quilter if you're into tattoo's. She said it was painful but she did it in honor of a close friend who passed away.
My time at retreat went quickly and I needed to get home and finish packing. 
September 30th came too fast and the movers arrived at around 9:15am. I took Lilley to the groomers so she wouldn't be in the way and stressed over the flurry of activity. Then I forgot what time the groomers closed. They called asking if I planned on picking up Lilley today? Huh? Why of course what time do you close I ask? In 20 minutes at 4pm. Oh crap so I left David with the movers at the rent house as I raced to get our baby girl. She is such a pretty girl.

I get back to the rent house with Lilley, the movers are gone and there's boxes everywhere. Now to organize and unpack. Fun Fun.
We went back to the old house to make sure we got everything and go figure I managed to miss to drawers in the kitchen.

One of my readers/friend told me the other day she was bored and ready for another trip. Referring to all my adventures and asked why haven't I blogged so I told her to hang tight and the blogs will be coming soon.  Here ya go Shirley W.  Are you tired now?

This is a wrap. So until next blog and continuation of the past few months.

Oh wait I have a box of scraps to give away. I've added a few more since I took the picture. If you're interested leave me a comment and I'll have a drawing by the 10th of December.

Okay now this post is done. What a way to end November.

Love and memories we impart/ To quilt the fabric of the heart