Thursday, May 10, 2018


It seems I have some very smart friends. When I last posted something about quilting my friend Ross came back with this reply.... "It would seem that quilting has woven itself into the patchwork fabric of your life as evidenced by this ongoing thread about your material interest in this hobby. Your bias is obvious and your addiction to chain stitching is out of control. Hope this keeps you in stitches!"

He's sew funny.  Then my husband adds to my post another sharp as a needle reply...
"What sort of thread have y’all woven on the web ?"
Okay these guys are good. Made me smile.

Our fur baby is such a cutie. When I get home in the evening the first thing we do is go out back so she can go potty but sometimes she runs straight to the bench to relax and let the wind blow in her fur. Eventually mother nature wins and she runs for the grass. She is such a joy. She cracks us up because she does get jealous when David pays attention to Sophie her fur baby. She gets her nose in there for her fair share of lovin. 
About 3 weeks ago on Taco Tuesday I was going to make fresh made shells only my corn tortillas kept breaking so I decided to turn them into tortilla chips. I hadn't done that in years. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself. May have to start making them myself again.  Probably cheaper and fresher than buying a half full bag of chips and the rest is air.
Then on a weekend that we were staying at Pamela's while working on the cabin at the farm, David didn't need my help on that Saturday so Pamela and I went to brunch and ran errands. Big shock this time, no wine. For brunch we went to our favorite cafe in downtown Bryan called Madden's. Their special that day was pulled pork migas with a poblano sauce served with roasted potatoes and flour tortilla's. It was so good. Normally I can't eat migas because for whatever reason green bell peppers aren't nice to me but this was cooked just right. So so good.
I guess I should clarify my statement about "on a weekend that we stayed at Pamela's" because I think David has been at her place almost every weekend since November and then I go up periodically to help David and hang out with Pamela. I clarified because I was up there the following weekend too. Hung with Pamela on Saturday then helped David on Sunday in the cabin AKA the mini mansion.
This was the weekend (April 21) that Barbara Bus was laid to rest in College Station at the George Bush Library.  We didn't walk through the tall grass to stand near Hwy 6 but I was able to a bystander of history and saw her motorcade pass to her final resting place. There were hundreds of people all along the motorcade route from Houston to College Station. Wish we could have been near the library to see the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets lining Barbara Bush drive up to the library.  I snapped a couple of pictures from the side of the road with my cell phone.

I saw this picture posted by KHOU TV of the Cadets. Wow. May she rest in peace. Barbara Bush was one heck of a lady. 
On this same day my brother-in-law Gary went on the in-active rooster for the Houston Fire Department after 32 years of service. Congratulations. Lynn and the girls went to the station on his last day for dinner one last time before he starts a new journey in his life. The girls even sat in the firetruck that their Dad drove one final time. Photos are from their FaceBook post. Proud of Gary and his service as a first responder. During the aftermath of Harvey he worked tirelessly helping rescue folks from the flooding neighborhoods. His own fire station was under water so he reported to the next closest station for duty. Not knowing when he'd be able to return  home. Good Job.
Check out the color in Pamela's back yard. Everything came back in beautiful after all the cold weather we had this year. The turks cap haven't gown up tall enough to be seen in this picture but now they're about 2 feet tall getting ready to bloom with red caps. She was all excited recently because she had 2 hummingbirds show up at her feeders.
More news .... My Tiny Dancer niece...

Emily is a senior and going to her final High School prom. Wow! 

How can that be? She and her handsome date John make a cute couple.  
Just doesn't seem possible that this fall 2019 she'll be attending the University of Iowa.       

Go Hawkeyes.

So on the last Friday in April Lilley was outside eating her breakfast when I noticed her running over by grill. Then I noticed her pawing at something. David walked outside and saw 2 baby squirrels. Where was their momma? Unfortunately one baby was dead and this one was still alive. 
David removed the dead baby squirrel that Friday but we didn't touch this one.  I wonder if they were sickly and the momma pushed them out or if the cooler weather was too much for them. So sad. I know they can be a pest but they can be entertaining and kinda cute too. 

After dealing with the dead baby squirrel we packed up Lilley and headed to College Station, dropped Lilley at Pamela's house and we went to sign our paperwork for the Construction Loan. Yikes. Exciting and Scary all at the same time. 

I recorded this silly snapchat video just after signing.
I mean it's official, it's time to build!

So instead of just heading back to Pamela's we went for lunch at a BBQ place in Calvert. Not bad and then we went exploring. We took a couple of back roads looking for a restaurant and music venue then We ended up in Taylor, TX at the Texas Beer Co. a craft beer brewery.

We had various tastings trying to decide which flavor to drink. 
I couldn't tell ya which ones we chose now but they were tasty and it was nice to get David to relax.  He goes 90 to nothing working and then goes to the farm and works some more.

Right outside the brewery was this statue that I had to have my picture taken with. It was Bill Pickett the Father of Bulldogging. Okay that doesn't mean anything to you but My step-Father's last name is Pickett. Maybe they are were distant relatives. Who knows.

After our beer and my photo shoot with Bill we walked over to an antique shop to browse around. Then I found this. A child's potty and a gourd. Really?!  I think someone was trying to be funny or I just had my mind in the gutter which happens often.  You decide.....
Then I saw this cool spinning wheel! Wouldn't this look cool in a my sewing room. No where to put it now and probably more than I wanted had to pay for it. It may have been worth every penny of $400 but I can't afford but it's still cool.

We didn't find anything we couldn't live without so our money stayed in our pockets this time.

We made a stop at the farm to do a couple of things but it was getting late so we didn't stay long and headed back to Pamela's for dinner.

Well this blog post ended up longer than expected but I had lots of news and pictures.
More to come...

Until next blog...There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.   ~Josh Jameson

Sunday, May 6, 2018

More Wine adventures anyone

So Saturday we woke up to rather cold weather that morning on April 7th. Now I was expecting weather in the low 60's but not 38. We had been checking the 7 day forecast but nothing prepared us for 38 degrees and the high for the day being 43. YIKES. So I chose to wear the warmest thing I had but it wasn't that warm.  We figured we'd warm up after some wine and jalapeno moonshine.  So here goes our 3rd day of our trip.
So our adventures of the Mother-Daughter trip continues. on Saturday April 7th. We were moving semi slow but we got up and our first stop of the day was the awesome quilt shop in Kerrville called Creations.

This shop is so neat. Every room is dedicated to a fabric type or theme. I hit the baby fabric since I have a new great nephew coming in October. Pamela saw a kit and said that's the one I should make. It was cute so It went into the shopping basket. Funniest thing happened. As I said last year the Ladies in the shop were friendly and so helpful. Well as Pamela and I were browsing the rooms when this woman that I recognized as the owner goes "Y'all are from the Houston area and let's see, oh yeah, you're on your annual Mother-Daughter trip! Welcome Back!" Wow what a memory. I mean she's had a lot of people come through her shop since we were there last year. I have to admit I was impressed and honored that she remembered us. I promise I will eventually have a retreat there. I know it's a drive but I know my retreat group wouldn't be disappointed. I just have to book it and they'll come well at least I hope so.
After browsing in the quilt shop we went looking for lunch. I took Pamela to a place David and I found by accident when looking for houses in Kerrville. We went to Cafe on the Ridge.

This place is so good and look at the size of these sandwiches.  Next time we share. Just way too much food for us. Pamela had a chicken sandwich and I had a BLT with fried green tomatoes. Are you drooling yet?

We'll be back next year I'm sure. 
So on the road back to town we stopped at James Avery just down the road. This is a family own store and this is the factory/visitor center/store. Such a cool place to go and browse.  Well okay neither one of us browsed. I couldn't stop myself from buying this little red truck charm. Perfect for me.
So many cool things to see and okay buy. LOL    

Our next stop was Bending Branch Winery just outside Comfort. Pamela's taste in wine has evolved and she's liking some of the dryer but not too dry wines. Mine not so much. I'm still a semi sweet to sweet wine drinker. This the other winery that has the best views if you sit out on the deck to sip your wine. That wasn't happening today. Too dark chilly. They had music on the patio but even the musicians were wrapped in blankets trying to stay warm. Onward to the next stop............
Photo by Singing Water Vineyard FB
Just down the road is a winery called Singing Water Vineyard. They have a neat tree house just outside the building that looks over a wet weather stream.  I've been there only once when there has been a little water in it. Generally its dry. 
We always have fun taking pictures here but it was a wee bit chilly outside but we did it anyway.  

We always have fun no matter the weather.
 Being that it's Spring the goats are having kids. This was my new friend at Singing Water. She had just given birth and she must have been hungry.  While I'm petting her, she decides to try and eat my shirt.  YIKES
After getting to know the goats we pack up and head back into Comfort to the Hill Country Distillery. I was looking forward to this stop so I could have a Bloody Shiner. It's their take on a Bloody Mary using jalapeno moonshine, Zing Zang, lime, Tabasco, and a couple of olives.  Pamela had their  Signature Mule.  We each had a Dreamcicle next. Remember the ice cream bars.

I look over at Pamela and I think oops she's had it and it's time for some food. She had a slight buzz. LOL  So off we go into the wild blue yonder. Yep the first time we went to Alamo Springs Cafe we thought Siri was taking us out in the hills and dropping us in the middle of no where.  This time we know where we're headed so it wasn't so scary and it was day light.  This is a picture of my burger. mmmmm
We got lucky and there was no wait and there was music. These guys were pretty good. Made eating enjoyable.
That was it for the day. It was time to find our way back to our hotel. All this driving around and tasting wine wears a person out.

Sunday it was time to head back home. Our trip was over. What a bummer but then I was out of money and tired but we still had things to do before heading back.  We headed to Medina to the Apple pie shop. We took the scenic Hwy 16 route. It's full of twisting curves and lots of pretty landscape.  Did I mention it was 48 this morning and not 38 plus it's suppose to warm up to almost 80. What a difference from the day before. And it's really windy By the time we get to Medina it's already warmed up to almost 60.  Of course the purpose of this drive is to grab some apple pie turn overs. The pies were already gone.  On our way back down the hill we stopped to have a photo opt on the Medina River. 
 Now on the way back down it took forever. We got stuck behind a car of people who stopped at every river crossing or long horn sighting. I mean they literally stopped. It didn't matter to them that there were cars behind them. They just stopped.  When we finally got to a wide spot in the road they finally pulled over so we could pass. Finally.

Pamela and I stopped to snap a picture of ourselves with a spectacular view behind us.  We were fast but not fast enough here came the damn car we finally got past. Now we had to follow them again for  almost another 10 miles.  Very frustrating. 

From here we travelled back into Fredericksburg to have lunch at Hondo's. And we got lucky again. No wait and there was live music to listen to while we ate. We never have a bad meal here and it's become a tradition. Our next and final stop was the Wildseed Farms. This was the first year it was misty rain but it was windy as heck.
 This year we couldn't get to the bluebonnet fields to take pictures so took them in the poppies and under the vines 

 Well I took pictures of her in the poppies.
 So ends another great trip. We headed home to David and the pups. Let's hope our 6th trip to the Hill Country will be as great as this one was.  

That's it for now.

Until my next blog post.....  "Draw your chair up... and I'll tell you  a story..." ~ 
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Monday, April 30, 2018

Country Easter & Girls Annual Trip

I love sitting on the deck of the Mini Mansion and looking SW out across our neighbors property. Its so beautiful and relaxing. Sometimes his cattle and their babies are there to entertain me but mostly it's just this serene view.          Then when the west sun gets too much I turn around and enjoy the view of our beautiful property that one day I'll get to look at everyday not just on a weekend. Builder has been decided, bank picked for the construction loan and approved. 
Now we're waiting on the appraiser. But in the mean time I sit on the Mini Mansion deck and enjoy the views of our property. It's funny when we pull up our property on Google earth, it's easy to find ours. Ours is the property with very green pond.  The water for is clear but I'm sure if we put a few cows on the property it'll become a muddy mess.   
Prior to say 2014 this is how the Rock'n K looked as a tree farm and the pond was a normal shape and a pretty green color.  

Then when we bought the Rock'n K the prior owner had kept altering the shape of the pond to get dirt needed for the trees.

This satellite isn't so great but look the crazy shape and we are talking a dark murky.

Then David hired a company to come in and dig the pond out deeper, bigger and shape it back in a circle.  And we got the pretty clear green color of the pond back.  The pond is almost an acre big and about 13' deep in the center.

I came up with David to help him in the Mini Mansion. The tin ceiling is now complete so he's working on the wall panels.    He's working so hard on the cabin. 
He's trying to decide what it will be used for once the house is finished.  It could be a rustic very rustic guest house, man cave, wood workshop or whatever. So many possibilities. Once he finishes the panelling he's trying to figure if we just leave the plywood floors as they are or put down the vinyl/laminate flooring we already have.  I decided this weekend we should just stain the flooring that's there and save our money and not put down vinyl or laminate flooring. He's got about a 1/4 of the cabin wall panels up as of today.    He's thinking he'll finish the cabin just in time to move into the house. LOL  I think he'll finish before that.
  You know Spring has finally hit the farm when the Star Jasmin (I think that's the kind we have here) are about ready to bloom. They're in pots that we had on the patio at the house we sold in September 2017.    And now they sit in front of the porch of the Mini Mansion. 

Are you ready for the annual Mother-Daughter trip? Well we were. The first Thursday in April we left David with the girls, Lilley and Sophie, and we were off for the Hill Country. 
We had a nice brunch at First Watch in Cypress. 

Had to have food on the tummy before we get the Wine Hop started so we had breakfast at First Watch. So yummy good.

Saddlehorn is one of our favorite wineries and it's always our first stop. It's located just outside Brenham, Texas.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere.....
They always give us wine bottle boxes for our precious cargo as we do our winery hop.

We make sure it's strapped in. LOL

The drive was a smooth one until we got to Bastrop. WOW we wasted an hour there on the freeway due to construction. 
I don't think they understand they are messing with our schedule. To be honest I doubt they cared. 

Once the traffic cleared out and construction was out of the way we were rolling down the road again to only come to another complete stop in Austin just before I-35 where Hwy 290 ends.  This is ridiculous.  Something different needs to happen here. No matter the time of day this is what it looks like until you get about a mile pass I-35.

 Another 30 minute delay. Grrrr

We were pushing it to get to Dripping Springs before the Bell Springs Winery closed. I even passed on my usual stop at Valli and Kim Quilt Shop in Dripping Springs. Ughh but I didn't need anything at the time so I figured that was a good decision because if I stopped I'd buy something.  We made it to Bell Springs with 35 minutes to spare. We got a tasting in and we were back on the road in about 45 minutes.

We got to Fredericksburg finally around 7ish and decided to stop for dinner at Mammasita's. We were shocked to find a parking space up front and no wait when we walked in. After dinner we drove on down the road to Kerrville where our Hotel was.  We saw lots of deer and bluebonnets on the drive. 
Got to our hotel around 8:45 and called it night.

On Friday, April 6th we got up and cruised through Kerrville checking out the sites and finally headed back to Fredericksburg. We always go back to Fredericksburg on Friday to hit the wineries because on Saturday  everyone is off work and all the wine tours make it really crowded. To start the day we went to lunch at The Peach Tree Cafe. A former co-worker Pam told me about this place. And she didn't lie This place has such delicious food and plenty of it.  
Pamela ordered a sandwich with a salad while I ordered their special of quesadilla's with black bean soup.  

Definitely worth a try if you're ever in Fredericksburg.
Now we're off to try some new wineries and some old. We stopped at Baron's Creek, Mendelbaum, Grape Creek and then to Pedernales. Pedernales has one of the best views when you sit outside on the deck. Pamela and I got a glass of wine here to just sit on the deck to relax and enjoy the views.   I enjoy spending this special time with Pamela and making memories and documenting with photos.
Time to move on to the next winery for the day. Another place we love to stop at is at Fat Ass Winery. The name alone made us stop the first time but we keep going back because we do enjoy they're wine.  After a tasting Pamela had a Wine slushy and we snapped more pictures.

I need this little tractor at the Rock'n K sitting up at the fence line. Love my sweet girl.  

Love what they did with this old feeder.   

Pamela is feeling silly and is letting me take her picture. I guess I just need to give her more wine and she'll let take all the pictures of her I want.

Now this picture I am finally 
able to share. When I went to quilt retreat in March I made this quilt top, sent it home with the quilter and I got the binding on it right before we came on our trip.  The cows were very interested in what I'm doing with this quilt on their fence but not enough to get too close. 

Anyway I Brought it along for a photo opp somewhere in our travels. And this was my back drop.

I just gave this quilt to Baby Jeremiah Wharton just this past Saturday. The  Momma and Daddy are both graduates of Texas A&M so I thought this fabric very fitting for a future little Aggie. I used the Accuquilt tumble die cut. It's a fun die cut to use and fairly simple to piece together.

And before you say anything I know I took a quilt for the baby to a winery. What can I say. I'm always looking for good back drop for my quilts and this one was at Fat Ass and it worked. Hey I pieced it together while have a glass of wine during retreat. Jeremiah will never know unless he can read my blog at 1 month and I don't think that's a possibility. Besides I doubt he would mind.

This is the future little Aggie Jeremiah. He just turned a month old in this picture. I borrowed this picture his Momma posted on Facebook with her permission. Isn't he a little cutie? He slept the entire time Pamela and I were there with the quilt. Well he woke up briefly but I think he was a little hungry so he was a tad angry. LOl. 

While meeting Jeremiah we also met Elly. Elly is the dog. A big dog, it's a Great Mastif. She is as big as Jeremiah's momma but is so sweet. At one point I looked out on the patio and saw this huge bone and I do mean huge. Check this out.  Elly brings her finds to the patio but never in the house. Beatriz thinks this was a leg to a bull that died. She said sometimes the finds are fresh. This bone is as big as Elly.  WOW! 

After we left Fat Ass we headed to Fiesta Winery.  We're in their wine club and needed to pick up our quarterly shipment. As a member we get a free tasting plus a free tasting for 2 friends and we get a free glass of wine. They have all their bottles lined on the wall. It makes a pretty colorful picture. 

We each had a free glass of wine and our tummies said it was time to find some dinner. We decided on Italian and went to Pasta Bella . They have very yummy food. No wine for us. LOL I think Pamela has had enough.  Me too probably but there's no evidence of that here.

While out on our trip I found out that I'm going to be a great Aunt of a new baby boy coming in October to my Nephew Nathan and his sweetie Jordan.  Congrats to them. the Grandparents were present for the gender reveal. 

So that's it for the first 2 days of our Mother - Daughter trip. There's more but I'll save the next 2 days for my next blog post.  And to think I've had more adventures since then to write about. Woe is me will I ever catch up to myself....  LOL probably not.

Until next blog...  I have never been convinced there's anything inherently wrong in having fun. ~ George Plimpton