Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 quilting UFO's review

2016 UFO's and review
Well let's see if I can I accomplished anything for 2016. Maybe a couple. I'm definitely doing better than I used too.  Prior to 2015 I did a lot of buying but had very little to show for it. But not anymore. YAY!
Trying a new way of identifying the status of my projects. Stole this method from fellow blogger Bea at Beaquilter.  Trying to make it easier to keep up with and read.
  • If in red I've worked on recently
  • If crossed thru it's complete. 
So here's what I what I have to show for 2016 and what I still need to complete.
*need 1 more handmade item from FB post. Finished 4 of 5
*Texas Flag quilt - red and white section ready, work on blue blocks for me!
  • Sandy's memory quilt -

Sandy's Memory Quilt

  • Round Robin medallion round 1, round 2 can't show pictures for this until the final hand off when I get my completed quilt top back. Total of 6 rounds. 7th will be getting our tops back.
  • Baby quilt for Jeremiah and Melissa's baby Beckett quilt 
  • Beckett's Quilt

    • Baby Quilt for Laina and Josh's baby boy Thomas

  • Thomas's quilt
  • baby Quilt for Rhonda  for Hudson
    Hudson's quilt

  • valence up in guest room
  • curtains for cabin temporary burlap
  • baby quilt for Heathers Baby - at the quilter ready for binding
  • baby quilt for Ashley W
  • baby quilt for Dava D.
All these babies. 2016 was a busy year and I'm bringing up the rear on this quilt making. Maybe 2017 I'll sneak in something for me that's on this list.
Quilt retreat is coming up in March and I already know what I plan on working on.

Made something fun not on my list. Great for giving gifts of wine. You can use any fabric, ribbon, whatever to tie it off.  My friend Donna Lynn asked if it could hold bottle of Crown. It's possible. I'll have to try that if we have any Crown left.
  • Nickies Tshirt quilt 
  • Mom's flannel quilt - pieced, add applique
  •  fleece quilt
  • Allan's quilt - fabric bought
  • Phi Mu auction quilt - fabric bought
  • valances  - Den  - dining room   - breakfast room
  • master bath
  • Hobo Quilt - picking out fabric
  • Bible Quilt - fabric bought, 1 block
  • Special Quilt for a special grandma (JLK)
Pamela's projects for me
·    #1 t-shirt quilt
·   #2 black/white/teal
·   #3 kit we bought in Missouri a few years ago

  •   Open a pattern I bought and and make it  I keep trying to do this but I get side tracked and find something else to make. Maybe this year.
Ongoing projects
·  postcards
·  bookmarks
·  mug rugs
Well I didn't get quite as many quilts finished this year but 2017 UFO list is smaller list and I hope I can finish the old UFO's and start a whole new list of projects eventually. This year I've tried some new blocks that proved challenging to me and went outside the comfort zone and joined a Round Robin. In fact Margie Lawrence the one who convinced me to do one with her, the owner of the RR Retreat house I go to will be at Tri County Quilt Guild February-7th with a trunk show to talk about Round Robins. She has some beautiful quilts as result of these Round Robins. Last time I spoke with her, she is doing 3 different ones at the same time.  Two of them are with Round Robin Virgins. We had never done this before. We're learning.

Well that's it for this post...

Friday, January 6, 2017

Last Trip to Rockin K Farm for 2016

The Thursday after Christmas I went to Pamela's and we headed to the farm. David was already there.  Mom was suppose to come but she wasn't feeling well so she passed on the adventure this time. The pond is really looking great. Can't wait until it's totally full. Another 15 feet to go.
 This time the girls had fun at the farm. They were running everywhere and chasing each other. They might become farm doggies yet. Last time Sophie kept trying to find the sidewalk to the mini mansion. She wasn't impressed with all the grass but this time she didn't even care. Lilley's first time she wandered all around unlike her fur baby. She even barked at the Big cows in the next pasture. But this time was all about fun.

The wind was really strong as you can see by Lilley and Sophie's fur. LOL
I kept waiting for them to run into the pond but they stayed at least 2 feet away from the water.  I think some of that was because of the noise of the water slapping against the shore line.

As Pamela and I were walking up the hill from the pond to the mini mansion we saw this cloud formation. Pamela and I both pulled out the ole iPhone and took a picture. 
Pretty cool looking clouds.

Pamela and I took a ride down the road on the 4 wheeler and met some new friends.  The horse belongs to the people who used to own the property before us and ran the tree farm. Maybe next time we can take her a carrot or an apple. I told David to ask next time he talks to the original owner if that would be okay.  Then we got our sex education for the day. Just as Pamela snapped the picture the little calf got frisky. Whoa there!
The kid has become quite the photo buff. She snapped this picture of the sunset before we headed back to Rockin K. 

David and I had found some deer horns under the pecan tree a while back and I decided to wear them. Sorta.

These girls are ready to go home and get their dinner. Sitting still was not on their agenda today but I caught this one picture before we left with Pamela's help.   The girls had a big afternoon of running and playing.
By the time we got back to Pamela's, fed the girls and ourselves I was pooped and decided to stay the night and drive home the next morning. She loaned me some jammies and a comfy spot to lay my head. She had to work the next morning so I got up when she did so Lilley and I could head home bright and early.
When I put Lilley in the car she plopped down and within 10 minutes she was snoozing. She was one tired girl. 

My Christmas break was coming to an end. Ugh! I've enjoyed my time off but when I got home and I started taking down the tree and other decorations. Does anyone else hate taking it all down? It was fun putting it up but for some reason not so much when I have to take it down.
Happy New Year @ 12:10am 2017
Until next blog...Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

It's hard to believe that it's already January 1, 2017. Ours came in pretty quiet for us but it was pretty noisy outside. Fireworks going off all around us.  Poor Lilley was traumatized by all the fireworks. If David was in his office she was under his desk or she was up next to me on the couch. 
Warning Photo heavy post.
I hope everyone stayed safe and your 2017 is the best ever.
I had one glitch before Christmas Day. Won't go into details but I'm hoping things will calm down and work out. But other than that Christmas was pretty awesome.
For Pamela we helped her pay for a desk set she found on pinterest.
She found this along with the building instructions. All we needed was someone to build it. That was a fun experience. NOT! I found a guy in Magnolia who gave me a quote and said he could build it by Christmas and then 2 weeks later he went silent. Thank goodness I hadn't given him any money yet. He wouldn't return my messages on Facebook, text messages or phone calls. What the hell?! I even posted a comment on his Facebook about his lack of  communication. Others comments and two days later he said he'd call tomorrow.... Is it tomorrow yet?  People.
Then in causal conversation Pamela mentioned to her landscape guy about needing some furniture built and he told her he builds furniture. Wow. What luck! 
So she sent me Colby's number. I gave him a call and he got back with me next day with a quote and said he would have it done by Christmas. And he was the one. Colby did an awesome job. We picked it up and delivered it to Pamela's house in Bryan. She was thrilled. Now she can unload the last of her boxes.
We started Christmas a little early to celebrate David's birthday on the 22nd. Pamela and I took him to Carraba's for dinner and drinks. David's a Christmas baby. We had some yummy food, drinks and laughs.
Then Christmas Eve we went to Mom and Joe's and for Christmas everyone came to our house for dinner. 
Here's a few pictures of our family time.
Shelby, Kendall, their mom Lynn and Pamela

My nephew Kevin with Pamela and Shelby

It's dinner time. Ham ready and David is carving the turkey.
caught me with my mouth full and Glenda piecing
Mom and Joe relaxing after dinner

Glenda caught a picture with one brother - Gary
Happy Birthday David.  Our Christmas Baby.
Lilley isn't sure what to think of all the paper and boxes everywhere. She's ready for her present though.  A special bone and cookie treats.
     Check out my new RTIC mug Pamela bought me. She even had a special decal made for it.  Love it. A sewing machine. Too awesome 

I had hoped to post this New Years Eve and like usually it didn't happen. So instead it's my first post of 2017.

Hope Santa was good to everyone. I must have been good because he brought me all kinds of goodies.

So until next time....May the Holiday Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones.


Monday, December 26, 2016


I started this post a week ago but I guess I shall post it now.  
It's that time of year for wearing red, Santa hats and in Ashley's case a Darth Vader Christmas sweater.  For some it's the last day of work until January 2 and then for others of us we will work different schedules. Teachers, students and Cassie are out for two weeks. I got to come back to work the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas and then I'm off until January 2nd. Pretty much a skeleton crew around the building. The district is closed and the doors are locked but some will be working away. 
Who knew this little word could could be so much fun. I brought these wooden letters spelling NOEL only to place on my cabinet at work or this year it was placed on the table next to the time clock.  Each morning or evening I would find a new word like Leon or Neon. LOL 
Friday the week before Christmas, while David was at the farm Pamela and I met up Rochelle and her Mom.  Rochelle graduated high school and went to college out in California and stayed. She came back home to visit her parents for the holidays and asked if we could all meet up and we did. 
I can't remember the last time I had seen her or her mom. It was great seeing them.  We met up at Brix Cellars and restaurant for a drink, some food and lots of conversation.  It was great catching up.  Now before going our separate ways we were gonna take a selfie then Rochelle asks a couple of women if one of them would take our picture. One said 'yes' and the other goes she's the queen of taking pictures. mmmm
I have these moments too but the queen failed on these pictures. LOL She rushed the picture and didn't wait for the phone to focus.
Oh well at least we have a picture even if a little blurry and the lights kinda messed up the focus on our faces. 
Then on Saturday Pamela I met up with of fun with another long time friend who just had her 30th birthday. We met up for lunch at our favorite tea room, The Whistle Stop Cafe. Love love the food.
After lunch we walked down to this cute shop called the Turquoise Door.  They have clothing, decor, fun little gifts and jewelry. We might have each found something to spend money.  Later that evening Pamela had to help Laina celebrate this big birthday. Two beauties.

David sent me pictures from the farm. Look how clear the water is. It doesn't have much further to go before it's full. That little red flag is considered FULL line for our redone pond.  

Someone at the book club had asked how big the pond is. Well now I know it's 15' deep and about 1 1/2 acres.While there he was a busy boy. He did some electrical work all by himself. Actually he did a lot. He put lights on the barn to light up the barn and the area around him. 
We have lights. My man is good.

David stayed the night on that Friday but came home on Saturday because it was gonna get down into the twenties. Probably a good idea since the mini mansion has no heat. He took me back by the farm on Sunday after we traveled to Franklin and Groesbeck. We decided to stop and eat before going all the way home so we stopped at a place in Hearne that we wanted to check out. 

It was called Ama's on Hwy 6. The food was pretty good but check out our bill. Tip suggestion was too funny.

Next on the agenda was to take David out early for his birthday that happens to be on Christmas Day. Pamela got home that Thursday so we ran errands and then when David got home We took him to the restaurant of his choice to have his birthday dinner.
He chose Carabba's Italian food. We got there during happy hour and we each a couple of glasses of blackberry sangria. Everything was yummy good. 
We all went home with our tummies full and happy.
Then again David was starting to feel bad with either sinus or a cold. What a way to start his birthday and Christmas.
The wine might have helped a little.

Christmas tales to come shortly.
Until next post... Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way..  Dr. Seuss