Sunday, July 22, 2018

So Maybe Not so Good

So you know how after my fall at Pamela's a couple of weeks ago I said nothing hurt and nothing broken... Well maybe not so much. I woke up this past Wednesday and my knee popped then kinda buckled. Hmm not so good but the rest of the day went fine.  Woke up Thursday and the knee was bothering me and kept trying to hyper-extend. Not fun but I made it though the day and headed to the farm on Friday the 13th to make choices for the house and go see progress of the build.

The Rock'n K progress is moving along. Now I know that while the outside is moving along nicely, the inside will move more slowly but it's exciting all the same. David and I have never built our own home from scratch like this and we're clueless. To be honest I think David has a pretty good idea and wants us to make the right choices I will say it's very overwhelming with all the choices...........WOW.
So last Friday the 13th we met our Builder Bubba and picked out our stone for the outside of the house.
Then we went to look at appliances and then at door and drawer hardware... So many choices and the guy at the hardware store gave us a catalog for homework. Aww I see a pattern here no wonder Bubba told us to ask for Andy. Remember me telling you Bubba giving us 4 thick catalogs to find lighting. Homework.

After a long day of making choices and looking possible choices we have to make.  David got comfy on Pamela's couch but someone thought he should be playing with her. David never even knew Sophie was staring at him so intently.  Pamela and I cracked up.

The Rock'n K used to be a tree farm and we have these volunteer crepe myrtles growing everywhere. David has mowed them down but they are persistent.  There are several that are semi-circling the big oak tree. We're gonna try to just let them grow and see what happens. These are a deep pink. 
I walked down the hill a little further to take this picture of the back of the house. All the roof decking and paper is done. The hardiplank siding is up, Windows are in, exterior doors are in, and lighting for the exterior areas are wired up.

And Here's the front as of the July 15th.
So last Sunday we were trying to decide on exterior paint colors and hold a block of wood that I had painted our paint choices on up on the rock ledge trying to get an idea what it would look like. We were in the front and David says lets go to the back. So okay I look at the step up on the front porch and I place my right foot up and push up with my left and as I do I feel this sensation of tearing and pulling from the back of the knee down the calf. OMG that hurt so bad and then I could hardly walk. I managed to get back to my car and drive back to Pamela's to grab my things and pick up Lilley. And while there I grab Pamela's crutches. I was miserable.
Got to work Monday and worked half a day then went to the doctor. The doctors says I've tore my hamstring. We're guessing that my fall inflamed everything and that step up was the last straw for my left leg. Came home with 4 medications to contain the pain and inflammation. Then Tuesday evening while cooking I'm standing at the fridge and twisted just right that the left leg hamstring popped, buckled and sent a searing pain all through my body. HOLY SH&#. That made me see spots and want to pass out. So not once but twice I managed to pull my hamstring. I missed the next 2 days of work icing my leg and in bed, on the couch or the recliner trying to be comfortable.
I got up one time and when I turned around Lilley took over the pillow that I was using to prop up my leg up with. She got quite comfortable.
When I came back to sit down she was sweet enough to move.  She knew her Momma needed that pillow. She was a good babysitter for the two days I stayed home. 

I did get out of the house yesterday the 20th to go to the doctor again and physical therapy. They weren't too mean to me but I'm using a crutch for stability since my knee keeps feeling like it wants to hyper-extend and depending how I turn or step I have some pain still but nothing like it was Thank God.
So David grounded me from the uneven ground at the farm this weekend but he sent me pictures of the house progress.
The first pictures he sent of the stairway in the garage to the attic. Instead of an attic pull down door  being in the house we got a real stairway to the house and garage attic.  And under the stairs they built a storage area for our party table and chairs.

Too cool.

Next I got a pictures of the back and front porch with the finished ceiling and eaves.

They framers put the cedar wraps around the posts on the porches and Bubba's signature chicken foot at the top of the front porch. There's a brace board in front of the center of the chicken foot.  Rock will be at the base of the columns and everywhere you still see the while paper. And David told me all the braces in the house are down and the floors were cleaned up.   Can't wait to see it all in person.
David's finally picture to me was of the back porch. LOL He did a little staging.  He grabbed the rockers we bought to sit in when we first bought the farm. Too cute. Wish I could have sat in them and enjoyed the views of our property and the pond.
I carefully got out of the house Saturday and went up to visit my Mom and Joe  No shopping or lunch for us today since I was on the injured list. LOL. We stayed at the house and just talked the hours away. 
It was a good day.

That's it for now. So until next blog...Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.” ~ Sarah Louise Delany

Friday, July 13, 2018

5 Days of fun and a little business thrown in

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Houston got a big surprise. Some areas received up to 8" of rain. WOW! Our big Freedom over Texas celebration with music and food vendors had to be cancelled. The bayou came out of it's banks. Porta-potties were floating away and some vendor merchandise was lost in the waters. The fireworks still went off but the only we could see was on TV because the area flooded.Our day started off slow and easy. We weren't in any big hurry. We finally got the car packed and headed to Bryan to stay the night with Pamela and drop off Lilley while we went to Austin and other areas for the rest of the week and weekend.
We got to her house and asked if she wanted to ride up to the farm to see the progress of the house. She's only seen pictures lately so she was happy to ride up. I think she was impressed since she was able to see and visualize the rooms. LOL she even picked out which room she wanted to stay in when she came to stay the night.
So the week before this was how the house looked. Pretty much framed in.

And when we walked up to the house we saw the firebox was already installed. Wow. Sure won't be needing that too soon with this heat Texas has been experiencing.
And this is how the outside has progressed.  They had complete the framing on the roof and the porches plus they put up the paper barrier all around.
Slowly it's starting to look like a real house. Our forever home.


So after looking though the house and walking though the walls it was time to go back to Pamela's and feed the pup's so we could go eat.
Well when we left to go eat we walked out the door and I asked David if he had the keys. Of course he thought I meant the car keys but unfortunately I meant my keys that I had handed him when we got to Pamela's earlier. uh oh. And Pamela rarely brings her purse or keys because she's riding with us as was the case this time. In fact most times she don't even bring her phone..What a fine pickle we were in. We had already locked the knob and pulled it shut when we realized my keys were on her entry table. Oh Lordy! Pamela had her phone and was able to find a locksmith quickly. We had to wait almost 30 minutes for a locksmith. It took that guy all of 2 minutes to pop the lock....are ready for this.... he did it with a credit card. A CREDIT CARD!. Be sure to lock that dead bolt folks. That was too easy. I don't even remember where we went to eat now. We didn't even watch any fireworks.
Next morning Pamela went to work and David and I headed to Austin. But first we stopped off at the Farm to do some measuring. Back on the road we headed to Austin. We were trying to get there in time to have lunch with our friends Kevin and Pam. Well we ran late but we stopped for a visit and made plans for dinner. Pam J. had back surgery just about 2 weeks prior and had developed vertigo so she didn't think going out for dinner was a good idea and offer to fix us dinner so if she got to feeling bad she could just go sit down in her recliner. Fine by us if that's what she feels most comfortable doing. We left their home and headed to our appointment with TRS (teacher retirement system).
Yep we're meeting with a TRS rep to talk about me possibly retiring one in the future. I had my notebook of questions and little sticky notes on the forms in the packet. The meeting lasted about an hour and I got all my questions answered which will help with decisions regarding insurance and retirement itself. It's exciting, scary and in a way almost insurmountable if that makes sense. Now to go check into our hotel.
Wow the hotel was pretty cool and old. We stayed at the Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. it opened in
December 1896. Just a few days ago. Now I was all fine and dandy staying at this grand hotel until our friend Kevin goes "I hope you aren't staying in the most haunted room" Whoa What did he say? Haunted! Really? Awesome.
While laying in bed I was relieve to see the most haunted room was 525. Which is in the old part of the old original part of the hotel. We stayed on the 10th floor which was added in 1934. Either way we saw no ghost or got strange chills while there. We did have breakfast at the 1886 Cafe and Bakery in the hotel at the suggestion of our friend Pam J. It was awesome. I forgot to take a picture of our pretty plated food. We both ordered eggs Benedict. They were so good. The eggs were cooked perfect, the English muffins had a great flavor, the Canadian bacon had a smokey flavor and the hollandaise sauce had just the right amount of lemon. As we stood outside waiting for our car Friday morning I looked up and saw the light fixture and the emblem around it.  Made me think of my sorority emblem. David noticed the doors and the hardware. The hardware has star at the top and bottom of the handle plate.

This hotel is where Lyndon B. Johnson met Lady Bird. There's a lot of history and interesting stories.
They say it's haunted by Col. Driskill himself and maybe the 2 brides that killed themselves while on their honeymoon and you might hear what sounds like a ball bouncing down the stairs and giggles of the little girl who chase the ball and fell down the stairs.

From here we went to Johnson City to do some antique shopping. Found a few things we might want to get. Like this shelf the shop owner was using as a display but he needed to ask the owner of the shelf if she wanted to sell it. It's like the one David found on the Internet somewhere. But dang it he hasn't called us with an answer yet. Hope he calls soon. We also found this light fixture for the front hall at the Rock'n K we both liked but we needed to measure to make sure it wasn't too big. Looks pretty cool.
It was getting late in the afternoon after we shopped at two-3 more shops and we needed to get to Brenham by no later than 7pm to be able to check in to our hotel there.
We stayed at the Ant Street Hotel. Another historic hotel. It's one block off the square where the music plays.With our stay we get breakfast each morning at the Brenham Grill located there in the hotel. And again the food was outstanding. On the 2nd floor where the 18 rooms are in the late afternoon they set out wine with cheese and crackers. They call it the social hour. We were the only ones out there that day.

 After we finished out glass of wine and appetizer we decided to go for a stroll and find somewhere to eat dinner. Brenham is a small town and there's not that many places in the actual downtown area but we decided on Ninety Six West. It was a bar and grill.  They had some very tasty looking food being served but we both decided on a stuffed chicken with asparagus. Wow a healthy meal. What's wrong with us.
It was cooked and seasoned just right. The chicken wasn't dry and the asparagus was mmmm.
 Now it was time to find live music and a beer or wine. Whatever. We ended up at Home Sweet Farm. It's right across from the hotel so that made it easy when we were ready to go to bed.

The band was called "Law by the Gun"  Great band. The lead singer got comfy and played the evening away in his stocking feet. Those boots just rested in front of the drummer.
 Got up Saturday the 7th and went antique shopping. We had a healthy lunch at Los Americana's a Cuban restaurant. We kept ordering the same thing. We both got a salad with grilled chicken with a cilantro lime dressing.  Pretty tasty.    After lunch I just wasn't feeling quite right and I said I wanted to go back and rest at the hotel for a while. It was really hot. Well my little while turned into a four hour nap. And David let me sleep and while a slept there came a big rain. Later that evening we strolled on the square to see if the concert was still gonna happen and it was. So I let our friends know to come on out. In the month of July Brenham has Hot Nights and Cool Tunes. Free concert. All you have to do is bring your lawn chairs and set them up in the street around the square.
Before Mark and Kathy got there we went and had a burger and onion rings from BT Longhorn Saloon. I misunderstood and thought they were eating at home but they had planned on eating in town. I'm bad. Very Bad but we still had a good time.

And here we are at the end of our Mini Vacation leaving Ant Street Inn until another time.

From Brenham we decided to run by the Rock'n K just to see what they might have gotten done in the past couple of days. Wow were we surprised. They had decked and put the tar paper up on the front of the house readying it for shingles. This framing crew is moving right along.  Well I'll end this long post with a I can't wait to see what it looks like this weekend. I've been told there is more progress.. Yippee

Until next blog.... Be Happy

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The good The bad and it could have been ugly

The Good    Wow what a weekend. So how did you start your weekend? Pamela had a wedding in Denton on the 30th so she decided to go up early and visit her friends Spenser and Zach in Ft Worth and baby Ellis. 
So that meant she needed a baby Dogsitter for my Furry Grand dog Sophie. So I got off work Thursday and headed to Bryan. David had to work Friday so he came up after work. 
What a beautiful Bride and the rest of the girls were as beautiful as the bride. All 5 are nurses. 

The BadSo the drive was fine except Lilley got a little antsy about 20 miles before we got to Pamela's house. No clue what her problem was. Normally she sits or lays down until I say "we're here". We get to Pamela's and I get her out of the car and walk her in first before unloading the car. Sounded like a good idea. The girls went crazy they were so happy to see each other. I close the door and start walking in to turn off the alarm and then it happened.....somehow I tripped over Lilley and tried not to step on her but could stop. My feet and body were being propelled toward then kitchen where I promptly knocked off the candle jar on the entry table and down I went. I landed on my left knee and elbow before the right side made contact with the floor. I was shaking so hard and I couldn't get up for a minute. This whole time Pamela's alarm is sounding and now it's going into countdown mode and about that time I'm getting a text message whistle only I couldn't answer because I left my phone in the car. I was sure Pamela was getting alarm alerts and she's checking to see if it's me only I was shaking so bad and weak I couldn't get help up. Could have been ugly.
I was beginning to think that I'd just have to wait for the cops to get there to get up. 
Finally I got my left leg up and slowing the rest of the body followed. I slowly wobbled over and shut the alarm off. Apparently I did it before they called the cops.  
I got a glass of water and sat down for about 10 minutes. Taking slow deep breaths. I finally felt well enough to walk out to the car to get my phone and bag.

I called Pamela to tell her what had happened and about the broken candle jar. Then David was calling because I hadn't called to let him know I made it. They both got worried I had broken something, Just the candle jar. I took several Alieves and a glass of wine in between. I was actually able to get up out of bed Friday morning. Went and had my tires balanced and rotated and ran to get my nails done. Time to head back to Pamela's house to meet David. We had a meeting with our builder Bubba to see about stained concrete flooring and lights. Lots of lights. OH MY.
So we're with Bubba at the lighting show room and I'm telling him that I've gotten about 15 emails from David in the last day and half with hundreds of lighting choices. My brain was on overload but at least in the show room seeing the various lighting choices there was easier. 
Then just as we were leaving Bubba goes "you're not gonna like me" and hands me not 1 but 4 huge catalogs of lighting choices. He starts laughing. Man! At least I don't have to give my choice for another couple of weeks. I think next week we'll go look at stone and we'll need to make that decision then and possibly paint color which I think we've got that choice narrowed down to 2. The wine bottle is there to give you an idea how big the stack of books are.  mmm may need to drink that bottle soon. Maybe I'll take it to Austin while we do some visiting over the 4th.
After our meeting we head back to Pamela's. When we pull into the garage David gets a call from his doctors office and he A1C is up and they wanted to talk medications. I sat in the car for a few minutes as he told them that they haven't provided him with the necessary meds to help control it and that he had zero meds for anything right now because they had put off re-filling until his appointment last week. So he was still talking so I got out of the car, grabbed some things out of the back seat, left the car running for the AC while he talked and went inside before the girls tore up the door into the garage knowing we were home.
He comes in and takes a nap and so did I. Well I laid down with the pups but I couldn't ever really nap because I kept thinking of all our possibly choices. 
We got up after about an hour to go to dinner. We gave the girls a treat and went into the garage to jump into my car. Put the Key in and .......NOTHING. Well the dash lights came on, the AC power on but there was nothing from the engine. Not even a click... REALLY!
David tried a few tricks but Nothing. So he pulled the battery out and we jumped into his truck and went to dinner at his favorite place the Cotton Patch. I like the place too. And after dinner we run to Autozone to have the battery tested. They took the battery and told us to come back in an hour. What choice did we have. While they were doing their thing with the battery we went to Home Depot to pick up some items needed when we headed to the farm the next morning. 
Got back to Autozone an hour later and the diagnoses was we needed a new battery. Really we got this one in January 2018. That's crazy but again what choice do we have if I want to get home Sunday afternoon.  Lovely ending to basically what was a good day. 

On Saturday (6/30) we got up and had breakfast. David headed to the farm first and I followed an hour later in my now running car. We were anxious to see what progress they made on the house. We knew they had started the rafters.
WOW  Okay now the place looks BIG.  LOL..   This is front view of the house. To the left is the car port, garage with 2 windows, then the rest is house.

This is the back view.
And this is looking at the car port into the garage. That's a steel header on the car port and there's another one at the garage.

Most awesome thing happened on Sunday while we were sitting on the porch having lunch. Actually we had finished but we sat there looking across the property and the house. David: goes did you that?   Me: See What?  David: That bird that landed on the stair rail.
Me: What did it look like? David: It was bright and colorful. I've never seen anything like it. It was blue, red, yellow, green etc.  
Me: Really! Did it look like this? I pulled up this picture on the Internet...... Is it beautiful.. It's a painted bunting. How exciting.. I hope it returns for us to enjoy again.

The adventures keep coming.

That's it for today. 
Until next blog...  "Draw your chair up...and I'll tell you  a story..." ~ 
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Eyes in the future

So David had cataract surgery back in December 2017 on his right eye. It was a fast growing cataract and was dead center of his eye. One week he can see and the next he couldn't. So within two weeks after the diagnosis he had surgery. At that time they were supposed to fix that eye so he could see without glasses. He'd had Lasik back in 2010 already. Well they over adjusted and he had to pop the lens out of his readers to see. It was a funny sight to see him with glasses on but one lens popped out. His brain couldn't make it work with the left eye so they decided to do Lasik on the one eye. So Now the fun begins. He scheduled his Lasik surgery and I scheduled time off to be his driver. Maybe a week later they call and reschedule. Okay fine. This happened at least 2 more times. Very frustrating but again okay. Thank goodness my boss is understanding. I told her to write those dates down in pencil we still had a week before the surgery and it could change again.
So the big day rolls around. I work half a day, head to David's office to pick him up, and we head to the doctors office. His appointment was at 1pm but we got there at 12:15pm. We're early. Surprise. We got lucky because Chick-fil-a had a table set up right outside the office in the lobby and we were hungry.
We grab a sandwich and munch while we wait for his turn to go back. I'm looking at this room through the big glass windows and realize I'll be able to watch him while he's having surgery. Oh Wow.                I keep seeing someone in there messing with one of the machines and figure they're getting ready for David.  Finally they call him back at 1:30 (appt was at 1) and maybe 15 minutes late his back to sit with me. This goes on 2-3 times more before they come out to say the laser is fine but it's not calibrating properly so they've called the tech. Uhh okay. They call him back again at around 3 something. They actually do some measuring etc and next thing I know he's back again. Really this is a little crazy. We can't just leave and go to another doctor because they'll charge him. This surgery is part of the follow up from the cataract surgery.. 
Finally at 4pm they pull him back and he appears behind the glass wall with his cute little blue surgery cap and booties. Only problem is they haven't given him the Valium or the numbing drops for his eye yet.  So he's sitting there and the nurse goes "oh we haven't given you a Valium, do you think you need it?" "Oh and we need to put the numbing drops in" Oh Lordy! David looked at her and said what do you think seeing that you're about to do surgery on my eye.  She gives him a Valium and puts the numbing drops in his eye. About time.. 
Oh and yes the Tech came in tested the machine and everything was fine. The Tech hung during the whole process to make sure everything when well.  
Wait the nurse is walking David to the table....!! It's only been 10 minutes tops... it usually takes 45 minutes for the Valium to kick in and the numbing drops take more than 10 minutes...  Okay so I'm watching and I see David squeezing his hands and the nurse grabs his hand and holds it then I start seeing his feed start fidgeting. Folks this is not a good sign.  At this point I know he's feeling discomfort.   When David comes out this is how he describes the process.  "It felt like he had a crow bar and gardening trowel in my eye" Apparently his lasik surgery from 2010 healed up so well that they couldn't peel that flap up easily to go in at the same place. We finally walk out the door at 4:35pm. The appointment was at 1pm.    Not very acceptable! At least at that moment he could see properly.  As of today his eye is really bugging him. It continues to feel like there's a rock in it and the vision is slightly fuzzy. I'm hoping his eye is just bruised from the doctor pushing and prodding on it. According to our immediate eye doctor the eye is healing up nicely. He's going back to the surgeon for a check up I think in a couple of weeks if the eye isn't feeling any better.  Cross your fingers/say a prayer that everything clears up. It's always something when it comes to me or David.
Last Wednesday there was sporadic storms rolling through the Houston area I got home from work and Lilley was all crazy and running around all excited when I walked in the door. I mean she's always happy when I come home but she was a little crazy but I didn't really think about it. Well David comes home later and he goes into our bathroom and yells what's your plan with the rugs in the middle of the floor. I had no clue what he was talking about so I went in to inspect and found this. And when I turned around I saw my c-pap machine was headed toward the end of my bed. Normally it's next to my night stand.
Right then I knew why Miss Lilley was all wound up and excited. The storms had thunder and she doesn't like thunder. She was apparently trying to find a place to hide. Not sure if she was trying to get under the bed or what. Poor baby. I gave her some extra hugs.   Never a dull moment.
On Friday June 22nd I got a text message from my neighbor to be at the Rock'n K with this picture,. YAHOO! We had been waiting for 2 weeks for the framer to show up but he was finishing up another job. Our builder reaching out to one of the other framers who bid on our project and offered them the job and viola' they showed up. I couldn't wait until we got there to see it in person.
So Saturday (6/23) morning David and I take off and we are on a mission. We are looking things for the house. Furniture, drawer knobs, ideas, even doors even though we've decided and got a pantry door and a door to my sewing room. 
One of our stops was in Somerville at a Rustic store we found there on HWY 36 and I can't remember the name but they always have pictures, some decor and furniture we like. We went to check out a vanity for the bathroom David saw on line but we had to pass. We did find a couple of possible rectangle tables we liked but we'll think about it before buying. The sink and counter top was hammered copper... out of our price range but as we pulled in there was a small pub table sitting outside and the price was right.  David was wanting to find such a table to put on the porch of the Mini Mansion with our tall pub chairs we got on sale at HEB last year.  After taking the top off they were able to put it into David's 4Runner and we headed to the farm to set it up. It was perfect.
You know what the rooms still look small now that the framing has started. LOL
 This picture was taken on the back patio. The window to the far left is my sewing room and the next window looks into the den.   When I said the slab doesn't look big enough to put 3 rooms across that end of the slab everyone said wait until things are framed out and it will make more sense. It does make sense but it still looks small.  
This is the front of the house. They were starting to put the sheeting on. We were told that the they'd start the rafters sometime this week so maybe when we go up this weekend it'll look even more like a house.  Can't wait to see what it looks like now.
We left the farm after setting up the table and headed to our next 2 stops. Like I said we were on a mission.  While we were at RND Rustics in Magnolia I saw these.  I see a Christmas gift in David's future. Only he's far from lazy but the boxers shorts Cracked me up.  RND has furniture, home decor, clothing, knobs, etc. We love to go browse and shop there. We found a rectangle table we liked here but we have time to make that decision. Our final stop was Willis Rustic furniture. We saw a nice couch set but that will have to wait. No tables there hit our hot button so we headed home. It was a full day of looking for something we couldn't live with out.

1 table is all we came away with.
Well that's it for now.  Until next blog.... Smile it makes people wonder what you're thinking.