Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wine Wine Wine and Holidays

We got home from the Hill Country in my last post and the week was spent catching up around the house while David went back to Houston to work. I had work of my own to catch up on since I had been gone a couple of days. But then here comes the following weekend for more fun. Rockdale a small town nearby was having the Whistle Stop Wine Tour and Tree Lighting. We had all planned on going but Friday David decided that Pam and I should go ahead and do the wine tour and he'd come up later for Dinner and the Tree Lighting with some of the music.

The wine tour started at the Whistle Stop Depot with wine, appetizers and music. The day began a little chilly and windy.
Our first stop after we left the depot was the Rainbow Courts. Voted #1 place to stay by TripAdvisors choice for the past 4 years. I need to think of a reason to come stay here. It's been family owned since 1918. They have made sure to every detail from comfort and beauty in and out.  They even host weddings. They had two wineries set up in the Garden Room.   Isn't it pretty?
The wines were good too. We bought a bottle from each. Go figure...

 Landscaping was pretty .  

There were 8 wineries spread out about town and we hit them all. They were all on our personal list to try. This made it a lot easier.
Rohan Meadery, Kissing Tree, Legato, Colorado River, Blue Duck, Blue Mule,  Cast Iron, and Fatsolush Winery.
I had been planning on stopping at the Antique Queens prior but now it had a winery stationed there so even better.  Other wineries were stationed at Buck Wild Designs a cute boutique, Tisk a Tasket Florist and Charming Blossoms & Boutique. What a great way to spot light some of the shops in Rockdale.  The wine tour was a success for us.
David finally got there and we got some BBQ from a Brett's BBQ tent. Brett's BBQ is good no matter what you pick. If you have a reason to be in Rockdale you should stop by his place on Hwy 79 just past downtown.  Yum.
David found the beer booth and we had our dinner and listened to some music by the Rockdale band, a couple called the Treble Soul (we enjoyed) and it was getting too cold for me so we missed the head liner Austen Giorgio. He was a 2018 Voice Contestant on Blake's team.
He has a nice voice and I really hate that we missed him. Pam stayed long enough to see the Tree Lighting but she had to head home to prepare for work the next day.

Nice day and evening.

This Thanksgiving we headed to David's sister Glenda's house back in Cypress. She and Thomas had some appetizers set up and food was close to being ready.  I was bad and didn't take many pictures. I'm losing it. Pamela wasn't able to join us since it was her holiday to work this year.  Plus David's brother Gary and all his family weren't able to join this time.
My nephew Phillip is ready to eat. LOL. Thomas is diving in to all of the good stuff. He fried the turkey. Glenda and Thomas did a great job of feeding everyone.   And that's how November ended... Good Food and Family.

To start off December my adoptive niece as I have started calling Hannah came down from Kansas with her boyfriend Phil to go to a wedding in Navasota and stayed with Pamela. They came in on Thursday and I went into Bryan to see them on Friday. The girls had it all planned that we would go together to get a tattoo Friday afternoon. And yes me too. My first small tattoo came out okay with very little pain. It was a small wine glass with wine splashing out on my left wrist.  It's only 1 1/4" tall.
This time we all went with something a little bigger. Hannah got an
arrowhead with some flowers around it on her right side with some flowers to honor her late Dad. They used to go arrowhead hunting when she was growing up.
I got this pic of her while it was happening. She was hiding her face so I couldn't see her grimace. The side is a tender place to get a tattoo. It came out great.
It looks really cool in person. Thanks Hannah for sharing the picture. And Thanks to Shelly helping her take the picture.

Pamela got a hummingbird in a hibiscus flower on her left shoulder. We love hummingbirds. And I got a vintage sewing machine with sunflowers on my right shoulder. I love to sew and sunflowers and found some sample tattoo's with both and the tattoo artist Scott transformed it into this. Love it. He's good. He also did Pamela's. Cliff the owner of Arsenal did Hannah's tattoo and came up with her final design for the arrowhead and did an awesome job.  Everyone in the shop was really nice. They made sure we were doing okay and asked if we needed anything several times.
We went to Arsenal Tattoo and Design in Bryan. Several people recommended the place to Pamela and now we will too.
David never took time to look at it until about 2 days later when he saw it above the collar of the shirt I was wearing. So I showed him and he goes "Holy Shit that's big".  LOL. He knew I was getting it and of what but he didn't think about how big it was going to be.
It actually didn't hurt.  I could feel the scratching as he added the color and some of the shading but it didn't really hurt. I guess there were a few times that the shading and coloring made me wince a bit but it was brief.  If you'd asked me before if I'd ever get a tattoo and I would have said 'hell no' but I guess at the age of 63 I've lost my mind or got daring and went for it. Now will I get more.... maybe. Pamela wants me to get a Mother-Daughter one like a small bouquet of wildflowers that match. Not big. She and I go every year in the spring to the hill country to enjoy the wildflowers and yes the wine too. So maybe. Don't have too many places that I'm willing to have tattooed so there won't be many more. Maybe 1-2 and that will be plenty enough for me I think.  Then I could get a tattoo of Jerry our donkey that charms everyone that visits. LOL, NO.
Saturday 12/7 they all came up to the farm. David showed Phil around and told him all about cows and the farm. Hannah got to feed and hang with Jerry. Of Course Jerry.

Hannah and Jerry have a special relationship. LOL
Too cute.

And Jerry photo bombed the girls picture. Too funny.

   He's waiting for more attention.  How can you ignore those big brown eyes.

They had to leave after an hour or so, so Phil and Hannah could go get ready for a wedding in Navasota. About 30 miles south of Pam's place.

On Sunday I joined then in going to some wineries around Brenham along with a couple friends of Phil and Hannah's also from Kansas. We hit Windy Hill, Texas Star and Saddlehorn. I do believe they enjoyed themselves. I had to head home and they went to a brewery back in Bryan and to dinner at Cooper's BBQ. Pammy was a sweetheart and bought some for her Dad knowing he had been wanting to try it.

Monday morning they all got up and Pamela drove them back to the airport in Austin. About an hour away. And off they flew.

I had bought some red truck pillows a couple of Christmas's ago and threw on the couch. They are really cute. What I didn't realize at the time was they light up.  Didn't use them last year since they were packed up for our move to the Rock'n K a couple days before Christmas but this year when I was putting them on the couch I notice something hard in the pillow so when I undid the zipper I saw a plastic box that held 3 batteries. I put in the batteries and flipped the switch and my pillows started blinking. Wow!
Too cool Right?

Ralph the Elf hung out on the liquor cabinet. Especially on the bottle of Warrior Whiskey. He may have a drinking problem. Dang the bottle is empty.

It was time to get the tree decorated. I put out what little Christmas decor I had and the tree was still naked.  Had to get busy because Christmas and other events were coming up.

Friday the 13th our good friends Larry and Sylvia invited us to dinner as Casa Do Brasil to celebrate their daughter's Texas A&M graduation.  WHOOP!

Next Stop for Gabby is VET School. Wishing her the best. It was an honor to be included in the family celebration.
The proud Parents had big smiles all evening.
 The proud parents.

This is the most I've seen David laugh when someone is taking his picture. One the best pictures of him. I can't remember what he and Larry were up too.

Then the next day our niece Kendall graduated from the U of H.
 With her proud parents. Gary (David's brother) and his wife Lynn.  Next step is a job.  Good Luck to Kendall..

 She's already got a couple interviews lined up. Good for her.
That same evening back in Kansas Phil, Hannah's boyfriend was about to surprise Hannah big time. After dinner ................   Her boyfriend Phil popped the question and Hannah said 'Yes'.  So Happy for her and Phil.

It was time to grocery shop and start cooking because on the 21st of December we were having an early Christmas with David's family. Trying to make it easy for the kids and they're extended families these days.  Pre-Cooked the dressing and my Lemon Ice Box Pies. Kennedy Favorite. All the kids would fight over Nanny's (David's mom) fudge and lemon ice box pies.
Already laid out the plates, napkins and silverware.
I was trying to make it less stressful but then I counted how many people we'd be feeding. OH MY 14 plus 2 babies. We were missing Phillip since he'd had a minor surgery the day before and Shelby's significant other had to work. Bummer.

On Saturday the 21st we volunteered David's brother Gary to do the carving of the turkey. He's good. There was just a skeleton left.
 We were all getting hungry while these three stood over the turkey as Gary cut talking and snacking. LOL
"Hey Guys: Can we have some too?"

After dinner it was time to play with Jerry and Cows.

Jerry is very interested in Alyssa and Kevin. LOL
 My sister-in-law Lynn with her youngest grandson Oliver. He's dressed like his cousin Wyatt. They're so cute. They were really good.

 This little stinker, Oliver was passed around and he was quite content. Even Uncle David hung on to him for a while. My youngest niece's boyfriend Christian even took a turn.

 Along our Nephew Kevin
 & His Mom, Glenda (David's sister) with our niece Kendall
Alyssa drove back to Houston from a wedding in Mississippi so she could come up with our her boyfriend (our nephew) for our Christmas dinner.  We're glad she did.
 She's a farm girl at heart I do believe. Look at her feed Daisy aka Crazy Bitch. Daisey earned that name and at the time. She was crazy and we didn't know her name at the time but once she had her calf we decided to give Daisy some respect.  Alyssa handled her just fine.
 Even Shelby (niece) and Oliver was out feeding the cows some cow crack.

Shelby and Oliver enjoyed Jerry's company and then Jordan and Wyatt got Jerry's attention too. Jerry was the center of attention and he was happy.

And then everyone was gone.... Jerry's like come back, come back

Sorry the blog is on Photo overload of our holiday
Oliver is not Happy. 😔 "Wyatt is like why is he crying.   Poor guy I'm fine."

 "I didn't do it.... LOL"

Thomas took a family selfie.  It was wonderful surrounded by family.  We missed Phillip (nephew) who was at home recovering from a minor surgery and Shelby's significant other, George who had to work. We sent them each a care package, a plate of food.

December is almost over. I'm about to catch up soon enough.

Until then....Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~ Jane Howard

Friday, December 27, 2019

So much to see So much to do.

Adventures in the Hill Country Continue. So Friday (11/15) evening the Jackson came back to the house we're staying and unloaded. They propped the screen door open so they could come in and out with ease. By the time they finished it was cold and just dark enough they couldn't see to release latch for the screen door so it would close. We decided to wait until morning to fix it. We closed and locked inner-door so all was good. As mentioned in last blog the wine came out to sit and relax.
Next morning the Jackson's had to leave and the door was still propped open. So that was good but after they finished loading their car the the latch wouldn't release the door and close. Crap.
                             So my question
 to Pam was "How many engineers does it take to fix the door?" Apparently 2.  I'll be in trouble for this picture. 
The guys did get the latch to release so the did close.  That was entertaining.

At least we thought so. After the entertainment it was time for breakfast and back we went to Hilda's. The food is that good and everyone loves their Migas. Two people could share the migas they give you so much.  After breakfast Pam and Kevin head back home while David & I go shopping.  First I had a couple of wine purchases for Pam and Hannah to make. We should have gone on Friday but we didn't so we found the wine bus tours and traffic.  This is what it's like on a Saturday at Fat Ass Winery. 
Well this is just wonderful! I had this whole blog finished and ready to schedule the post 
but instead it went into draft and lost everything after this. Grrrr. mmm well hopefully I can remember some of what I had in this post.
A typical Saturday at Fat Ass Winery... is wild crazy no parking inside the fence. There were people outside listening to live music, playing corn hole, horseshoes, drinking, and just having fun. Did have a video but I'm not sure it'll gonna upload correctly. But then maybe it loaded.  Maybe it'll work and maybe it won't. Not sure.  I guess I'll figure it out after it posts.  mmmmm
After finding a place to park outside the property we ran in to buy 2 bottles of wine and didn't hang around. Too many people but they were having fun.
We drove next door to the Wine Garage though. They are actually part of Fat Ass but have old cars on display and only serve dry wines.  It was kind of a disappointment since they only had 4 cars to look at inside and to go further they said you could buy a tasting and a glass/bottle and they'd see if they could get you into the back garage.  David wasn't that interested but did check out what was on the tasting room floor and we had a wine slushy. Not bad.
Outside they had an old gas pump and firetruck.

From here we ran to Fiesta to fulfil my shopping list request and ran into the same type of crowd. David got lucky and found a spot to park out next to Hwy 290 while I ran in to get the wine. The line to purchase was a little longer here though. At least I was entertained by the the 2 guys playing music outside on the porch while I waited.  
We slid out of the lot without too much trouble to go down the road to look at the yard decor and found a couple of antique buildings open to explore. 
David found a big rooster with a bunch of his little friends. Of course that was not his wording if you get my drift. 
I was getting tired and it was getting late so we decided to head back to Kerrville to find a place to eat.  We had been hearing about the Cowboy Steak House on the radio and decided to go try it. We were glad we did.
We got there before the crowd and we seated shortly after arriving.
The steaks were a good size. Thick, juicy and tender. Oh and really tasty. Even though my head didn't hurt anymore from my fall the rest of me just kinda ached. Got back to the house and just relaxed a bit and then headed to bed.
Sunday (11/17) We got up stripped the bed, took out the trash and ran the last load of laundry through the dryer. Packed up the car so everything we bought and suitcases fit nicely, locked up the house and headed to Cafe at the Ridge for a bite of brunch. We found this place about 8 miles out of Kerrville about 4 years ago when we were searching for land to buy in this cool neighborhood called Tierra Linda. Wish there had been something available. The property we were interested in had gone under contract.  
Food here at the cafe was/is really yummy. Nice size portions and reasonable prices.
After eating we head outside to wander around the grounds and the nursery.  There's so many fun things to look at.Like this Pretty cool looking tree stump  made out of cement and a water cistern. It was kind of leaning but it seemed secure where it was. I hope. 
 I want this wagon but don't have the money to buy it. It would look pretty cool at the Rock'n K. So would the be wood Texas sign.

 Wonder if I Could convince David to put a Giraffe down at the bottom of the property where we've fence off the tree line where the hogs kept coming in under the old original fencing. Like I could afford it either. LOL

I guess we've played long enough and it's time to head home. It was a great weekend.

Wish that Larry and Sylvia could have joined us but it was great that Kevin and Pam could join us for at least a day and half. We'll have to play another trip so we can show Larry and Sylvia around the Hill Country.
When we get home TBone sees us drive up and does a little dance.  He knows that he'll get some corn and sweet food now. He's feeling pretty feisty. He's bucking, snorting and charging at the fence.
 I stay at the corral and wait for David to show up with the food.  David offers up some cow crack (a cube of minerals) that all the cows love.

Well that's it for now. Hopefully my videos will work dang it. 
Another fun weekend coming up.

Until next blog... “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”