Wednesday, April 9, 2014

After the busy month of March I needed a day of calm and Saturday the 29th was that day. Pamela and I got up and headed to our appointments at Waiting to Exhale our favorite day spa in Cypress, TX. Can you say oooo ahhhhh? We sure did. We each had a 60 minute Swedish massage. I think I might have fallen asleep a couple of times. 
We've tried to convince David he should get a massage but it falls upon deaf ears. He wants nothing to do with a massage. As tense as he tends to be he might find it relaxing but I guess he'll never know. 
After our massages we went to lunch at the tea room across the street called Tea for Two. As we were pulling into a parking space at Tea for Two I saw the parents of Pamela's childhood friend Marlaina. We stood there in the parking lot just talking away and realized we were all headed to the tea room so we all had lunch together. We had a leisurely lunch with Jeff and Diana for almost 2 hours. Obviously we had a lot to talk about. LOL. From the girls growing up, babies, houses (Diana is a Realtor too), lunch, and whatever we could think of. 
This tea room has the most awesome jalapeno chicken salad. And if you use a croissant instead of just bread for your sandwich you'll be in heaven. It is so yummy!! We took home a pint for David. It was the least we could do. They also have this ice box dessert that is so chocolaty good but it's not advertised. I don't even know the name of it but we just ask for the ice box dessert they don't advertise. We were good and didn't get one this time though since we were full and didn't want to over do it. 
Anyway after the relaxing morning massage and fun lunch with friends we headed out to run some errands.

Sunday we headed off to go visit my friend/fellow co-worker Ashley who had baby Aria a little over a month ago. Aria was such a good girl. I got to hold her this time. Samara met us there with the big gift that was suppose to be for her baby shower that we didn't get to have since baby girl came 6 weeks early. Ashley was so excited to get her glider. She has the perfect spot for it in the nursery. I also took a couple things I had planned on giving her like this little Layette set. Ashley had found it on Etsy but I figured I would make it instead. 
The easiest part was having my friend Carol Greklek
do the embroidery then I added the ribbon and bows.

Oh and I bought some soft cuddly yarn so Carol could crocheted the booties to match

 Here's the little darling all decked out in the gown. Right after our visit the Family went for a photo session. These photos are by Portrait Innovations. Aria is quite photogenic just like her momma.

Isn't she adorable.

She is typical baby though. She keeps mom and dad up at night.

I went to the guilt guild meeting on April Fools Day but the first week of April was going smoothly and uneventful until Thursday morning. At around 10:30 my daughter called me from Bryan to say she broke her fibula on her right foot. OH CRAP!. She lives on the 2nd floor and she has a dog that needs potty breaks.. She had gone to dinner right after work with a fellow nurse and walking to her car afterwards fell. The nurses are blaming the shoes. They all wear Dansko orthopedic shoes as do I. My orthopedic recommended them. Only it seams while they may be good for the feet they're not so good for the ankles and such. Several other nurses at the hospital including Pamela's boss have rolled their ankles and 2 ended up like Pamela with broken ankles. Terrific. I can't say I've had that problem and sure wish Pamela hadn't. Thursday after work I took off for Bryan to help her out and bring her home for a few days so she could stay off her ankle. They have her in the walking boot/cast and crutches. Makes it difficult going up and down the stairs and carrying stuff.  She has an awesome boss who has enough desk work to keep her busy for the next few weeks until Pamela is able to walk without crutches but still wear the boot. No Pictures of the sad pathetic child. I was threatened within an inch of my life. Brought her home Saturday and then took her back yesterday. She was doing better and could put some pressure on the foot. 
Talked with Pamela this morning while going to work. 
She said it was fun trying to get down the stairs to walk Sophie and get to work but so far so good.

As of today I have yet to unpack from the quilt retreat. Instead I started the taxes and finished them but it seems I have not taken time to unpack my quilting debris.  I am excited though. As Pamela and pulled out of the drive way to take her back to Bryan I got another quilt back from my quilter Donna Moore from Lavender Nest. It is SEW CUTE! She did a great job of selecting the quilting motif and the quilting itself. Can't wait to put the binding on it, take a picture and mail it off to another quadruplet.  I have one more quilt to go and all 4 babies will have a guilt. If you click on Donna's name it will take you to her blog. Check her out if you need something quilted. Hopefully in a week I'll be able to post the pictures. I know another quilt tease.

Well I'm off to another adventure. I'll share more on that on the next blog post! Hugs everyone.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Energizer bunny is getting slower

I think I'm almost happy the month of March is over. Things have started to slow down almost anyway. March was a really busy month for me. I packed as much into the month as I can possibly could.

Remember our friends who had the quadruplets?
 That was back in 2012. Amber made it about 2 mores after this picture. And this is when Mike and Amber began next phase of their life with four beautiful babies.
These pictures pictures I'm sharing are from Amber's album. This picture was back in November 2013. These little cuties change a little every day. L-R Harrison, Kailey, Trystan and Logan and of course Dad Mike and Mom Amber.

Anyway I recently got to meet the the Quadruplets in person. Yep I met them for the first time. They have changed so much from the picture above. More hair, taller and moving faster. The family had come to Houston for a visit. Big endeavor if you ask me when dealing with four little darlings in a car and in a strange home. Hard to believe they will be 2 years old this May.  And they wait patiently for their quilts.
The Baby Bells had had a long day so they were getting tired by the time we all got together at a mutual friends home for dinner so they were off to bed shortly after dinner. 
This is Logan and Trystan. Their strollers were the make shift high chair so Uncle Mark and their Dad could feed them. Trystan was the recipient of my latest quilt I finished while at retreat. 

I didn't get a picture snapped of Harrison or Kailey. All four were so very busy exploring. Momma was pooped from chasing as was the daddy. Amber collapsed in bed when putting the little ones to bed. It was a great night with friends and good food. Just mad at myself for not snapping more pictures. It was great seeing the Bells even if it was for a short time.

Last Wednesday we hit one of our favorite music venues, Puffabelly's to get our fix of Davin James and his guest artist Thomas Michael Riley. They were on a roll. Very Entertaining and awesome music! Oh and not to mention good food.

Pamela came home Friday the 28th so we could go to her old room-mate Kelsey's wedding. What a night. It took 2 1/2 hours to get from our house in Tomball to the bride's parents home in Willis. Traffic was horrible and it was pouring down rain. It was not looking good because the wedding was being held outside and it was suppose to start at 7pm and we weren't even close to getting there. By the time we arrived around 7:38 the rain stopped and the wedding was able to start. Perfect timing. 
The wedding and the setting was very pretty. And of course the Bride was beautiful. And every beautiful Texas Bride needs her boots.

It's for sure pretty white heels would not have worked at this wedding.  After the rain the grounds were not exactly without mud.
These two are so cute.

Kelsey was my daughter's roommate at A&M for 3 years.
They had a lot of good times.

And they were always so silly. And they still are.
It turned out to be a lovely evening.

I am excited to say I have been able to cross off a couple of items on my Project List.
Quad quilt #2 top complete, quilted, binding  mailed

2013 taxes for us and Pamela  yippee Not! 
Quad quilt #3 top being quilted
Quad quilt #4
my last 2 handmade items from a Facebook post. Did 3 but have 2 more to create
Carolyn's quilt top complete  quilted, binding mailed
Jaxon's quilt
Sandy's quilt
Flag quilt
Pamela's quilt
Pamela's tshirt quilt
Nickie's Tshirt quilt
postcards are an ongoing project
A tool pouch for David's motorcycle
Allan's quilt
phi mu auction quilt
valence for den
valence for dining room
valence for breakfast room
create more bookmarkers
create some mug rugs
new pillow covering for pam - 2
pillow cases for guest room
valence for master bath
hobo quilt
Bible Quilt
open a pattern I bought and actually make it.
start reading again

Well until next blog post..... The adventures continue.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

And Going and Going to Quilt Retreat

You know like the Energizer Bunny that keeps on going and going... Well right now that's me. I'm still on the move........

On Saturday the 15th I took off for a quilt retreat. The car was filled with projects, fabric, my sewing machine, food and whatever I thought I might need while at the retreat. Me and 11 others all met up at Las Fuentas Mexican restaurant in LaGrange for a quick early dinner and maybe a margarita. This is the 2nd retreat I have organized. The first one went off so well that everyone wanted another so I put together a 4 day 3 night retreat at Retreats by Margie in LaGrange. The place is clean, nicely decorated with lots of quilts, great views off the porch, great food and the owner Margie is an awesome person.

We arrived at the Retreat just after 5pm. Everyone started setting up and got right to sewing, laughing and talking. Some of the girls went to bed by 9 or 10 but there was a few of us up till 2am and back up by 9. Okay Okay so the first day I slept until 10:30. Sunday we had a full day of sewing and lots of sharing with laughs. Warning I may over load you with photos of retreat. 
This retreat we had 5 retreat virgins, 3 Donna's and 2 sets of sisters. What are the odds of having 3 Donna's in a group of 12 women. It became rather comical every time someone yelled Donna. Then it got to the point that none of them would answer until you put a last name to Donna. And there was no sibling rivalry between the sisters. LOL
Janet will love me I caught her under the table trying get things all plugged in.  

Caught the following pictures after I got my space all set up. Like I said beautiful views

 Caught the moon over the red house down the lane.

Okay now the sharing begins and the quilt tops start forming and get completed. I had such a hard time trying to decide which pictures to share on the blog so if you want to see all the pictures you can click Here but I have shared plenty in this blog post so beware.

Here's the first set of sisters Mildred and Mary Jane as they tackle their first quilt top.

Denise shares her completed pillow top. She completed 3 more before the week was over. 
 Denise brought her Mom Dolores to help with all her UFO's(unfinished objects for you non quilters).
 For some reason I didn't get a picture of the first prize winner Ellen for being the first to complete a project. But I snapped this one of our 2nd prize winner. This is one of our Donna's. Her prize was a gift certificate to Quilter Works and Charm for her scissors or whatever to identify it from every one elses.

Here's a up close picture of what the charms look like. My friend Cathy Going makes and sells the FOB/Charms
 Part of the picture is of the sisters quilt but the Dresden top beginnings belongs to Sandy. 

Lots of talent under one roof.

Ellen brought a bottle of Kinky to share with the group. We each had a shot. 
From Left to Right: Donna V., Ellen, Jane, Donna M and Denise.

I completed my 2nd quilt top for one of the quadruplets of our friends the Bells. I thought a bottle of wine was called for. I promised that any imperfections were not a result of the wine but purely a result of me.  

Here's the blocks Janet completed and will be using around some red work she has yet to do.

Monday little leprechauns popped in to decorated the kitchen and provided brunch for every one for St Patty's Day.

 Since I caught them in action shouldn't I get their pot of gold. hmmpf no Gold to be found but did find some yummy food and most of it was green. 

 Meet our leprechauns 
Jane, Ellen and our 3rd Donna C.

Jane and Donna are the 2nd set of sisters.
 Mary Jane and her sister Mildred completed the first top they were working on. Done with all scraps! Cool.

Here's a close up of my quilt. If you look closely you can see the little bumble bees that Donna M from 
Donna's Lavender Nest.  This quilt is for Trystan.
Donna took home quilt top #3 after I finished piecing it and prepped the backing. ahhh. One more quilt to go for the Bell quadruplets.

I call them baby quilts but they are more the size of  lap quilt or a twin size. The quads will be able to use these quilts for a long time. Or at least that's my intention. 
 Quilt top #2 for these sisters. They were unstoppable. This is called the disappearing 4 patch which they shared how to make. Can't wait to try it myself.

Donna M. finished a baby quilt. 

Meet the owner of the Retreat..... Margie. She came over and did a show of her Round Robin Quilts. This first one is adorable. What's a Round Robin you ask... Well Margie created the center medallion and each row after that was completed by a different quilter. She provided the center and all the fabric to the first quilter in a suitcase, box, basket whatever. When the first quilter is down with her row she passes it on to the next quilter on her Round Robin Team. I believe she said she had 5 on her team. 
Actually each quilter on the team creates a medallion and passes it to the next. They won't see their medallion again until the completed quilt is revealed. Sounds really cool but most of us at the retreat weren't sure we were ready for a Round Robin yet but maybe soon we can form a team with Margie. Don't give up on us Margie we feel more confident one day. 
I love the label on the back of this quilt. How cute! 
Here's our sisters Donna C and Jane.

Donna V with her completed top 
 This top is not complete but Donna M. will have it done soon. She couldn't complete while at retreat ...... She forgot some of the fabric. Oops but what she has is really pretty.

We decided to take a field trip to Giddings which was about 20 miles away to visit All Around the Block and Gerline's Quilt Shops.  Such fun. There was a couple of the girls who practiced self control and bought nothing but the did enjoy looking and touching all the pretty fabric.

Here's part of the group. Donna C. actually had to leave for part of the day for a Choir practice back in Temple and Denise was getting a massage. 
Yep we even had massages and facials available for any one who wanted to partake.
Left to right back row: Me(Carla), Sandy, Ellen, Janet

Front row Jane, Donna V., Donna M., Mary Jane and Mildred

Donna M. had completed the quilting and I did the binding technique during the retreat.  This quilt is for my step Mom in Missouri. I hope she likes it.

Here's a close up of the quilting and you can barely see the binding technique I used on it.  It's a fake piping technique that Donna V found on Pinterest.
Heres a somewhat closer look at the binding. You can just barely see the light green fabric peeking through creating the look of piping with the floral binding.
Here's the 3rd quilt that Mary Jane and Mildred put together. Wow.         WHOOP!     Gig'em Aggies. Yes I'm partial to maroon. All our money went there for 5 years. ;o)

Here's part of the group having our last lunch together.
Donna V, Ellen, Denise, Dolores, Jane, Janet and Donna C. We're now missing Mildred, Mary Jane, Donna M and Sandy who left early Wednesday to get back home. The rest of us stuck around till 2:30. And after that a few of us went into town and did some exploring at the gormet shop, museum and the fabric shop.

Before we left the retreat 3 of us surprised Margie with our ATC creations. We pinned them to the design board for her to find.

None of us wanted to leave. We were having too much fun and being sew productive at the same time.

So I have already booked another retreat for November. 

This Energizer Bunny is winding down. I may need some new batteries.

Until next Blog Adventure.....Quilting with a friend(s) will keep you in stitches.