Monday, March 25, 2013

I think Spring has Sprung

The weather is a little sporatic but that's Texas for ya. Mid 30's to 40's in the evening and up to mid 70's during the day. Now it's 40-60's in the evenings and 70-85 during the day. Crazy...........
We've got some color popping now.
dwarf bottle brush
Most of our roses have bloomed throughout the Texas winter months as they are. The roses have been loving this komd of weather.
David wants to do some landscaping but work keeps getting in his way and now it looks like he won't have to have his knee surgery. The Brace they have him in seems to have solved the problem for now. It's not a permanent fix but will buy him some time. Plus now the doctor is saying they'll probably just do a partial or full knee replacement. My knee is recovering fine finally. Physical therapy once a week, a bag of ice and a few electrical currents to the knee and I'm good. (I know what you're thinking so no, 'NO' electric currents to the head.)
Anyway he recently purchased 3 huge crape mrtyles. He's still trying to formulate a design for the front flower beds.  He'll figure it out and it will look wonderful when he does.  Right now it's pretty bare in them there flower beds but have no fear David will prevail.

These are our Grandma's yellow roses. 


I love roses with lots of  petals.

 The Bradford Pear Tree  started to show it's white blossoms just a couple of weeks ago. 
Then it was completely covered in white blossoms and Now the green leaves are out and all those pretty white flowers ... well they are on the ground now.

These are our Cinco De Mayo's. 
They have a slight purplish tinge on the edge of the petals. As they fade the whole flower takes on redish purple hue. 

The blue bonnets, indian paint brushes and all the other wild flowers are popping up along the highways a little further west of us. I keep saying I want to take pictures of them but time keeps getting away from me and before I know it they're gone. Maybe I'll have some pictures next post or two. Who knows.
Now remember me saying I wanted to buy some more boots with my birthday money. Well I finally used up my Christmas money on clothes. And yes I did still have Christmas money. I hate to shop but I needed some new shirts so there went the Christmas bucks. Now the birthday money....went towards my new Tony Lama boots. Pretty cool huh? I'm rather proud of them.  
  Only I couldn't stop with just boots I wanted a new hat too.

So I bought one..
I still like my Fatbaby boots and straw hat new hat and boots are my favorites now. LOL

Have I mentioned that I had taxes. Well I HATE taxes. They had me in tears by Sunday night. I thought I was all done and it wasn't even April. I was ready to hit the button to transmit last Friday but figured I'd wait until David could look over what I did. We actually get a tiny refund but any refund is better than paying. Then Saturday we get this schedule K from the company that handles an IRA that threw a big wrench in things. Well so I thought and H&R tax software only helped so much and said read the instructions. Uhhh I don't understand the instructions. It was like reading Greek and went in circles.  Okay so I'm freaking out because I'm such a dunce. Then I'm just plain crying and having a break down. Why I kept asking do I have to do this it's for an inherited IRA. CRAP! I HATE DOING TAXES.

Okay so it's Monday and David calls. He got hold of the company the handles this IRA and PRAISE THE LORD I don't have to do anything with the schedule K because the investment is within an IRA. Well duh... Mr. Schimenski (I know I spelled that wrong) tells David that TurboTax actually asks if the transaction took place within an IRA. Guess who is switching to the TurboTax software.  ME!

Man I want to finish the taxes, get my refund, finish my promised quilts, and start some new projects. And I need to re-organize my office/sewing room.

So Until Next Blog ... "I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.'"   ~Maya Angelou~ (I can quit whining about taxes now. LOL)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Foto Friday 2

Couldn't believe it but I found some Barn Quilts in Texas. Found these all in one place just outside Bellville.

I snagged these pictures of my sister Jerri Lynn and her daughter, (my niece) Emily when they were in NY for the Ballet gala. 
 My Niece won this trip via Southwest Airlines by writing an essay about her passion to become a professional dancer.  She's good too! She was only 12. I had to share these pictures for 2 reasons... my sister in a dress (she's like me rarely wear dresses) looking beautiful and of course my niece is beautiful and talented.

 This is my little buddy Dexter. He lost his freedom to wander without a leash when he ran away from one morning and made me an hour late to work. Soon though we'll have a fence around a portion of our yard and he'll be free again. He likes to stand on the garbage can pad and act like Lassie. King of the world.

The rest of the pictures are of the yard art in my parents yard. My first Fun Foto Friday was artsy things in the yard or on the walls outside. They have lots of cool stuff. Enjoy. The bottle tree is their latest acquisition. They didn't even have to drink the wine to collect the bottles. The bottles came with the tree.    

See what was hiding in the flower petals.
 This guy guards the front gate. Well maybe not guard but he greets everyone who comes into the gate.

This guy just hangs out under the big tree and permits you to sit upon his back to rest and watch the world go by.
This little holey rooster is trying to cross the driveway. To get to the other side.. Sorry couldn't resist.
 The turtle is close behind. Who win win?

 Canon anyone? 

Until next post.... No one is listening until you fart. ~Author Unknown sorry another I couldn't resist

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'll party if I want to..for as long as I want.... LOL

 Yep I still celebrate birthdays! You better believe it because I'm not impressed with the alternative. Plus I like to spread it out. I start celebrating with my daughter and then maybe stop about 3-4 days after my actual birthday which was Tuesday the 5th. Ain't Life Grand?!
 This was a few years ago.  Oh maybe about 30...Not.  I was kinda cute back then.

I think the party is over now though.

Since my birthday and my daughters birthday are so close I get to start celebrating with her. She came home on Friday the 1st and I took half a day off and we went to lunch at our favorite tea room The Whistle Stop Tea Room. It was soooo yummy. That nite Pamela went out with friends. I stayed home to harasse my poor tired hubby.

On Saturday she and I went shopping and got our nails done.  What'cha think? Too bad I can't remove all the winkles from my hands.

That nite the hubby took us to the Taste of Texas to eat for our birthdays. So good. The salad bar kills our appetite every time. We all love their salad bar and eat too much so that means we have left over steak to bring home for later. But before we leave The Taste of Texas always give us a choice of several desserts and then we share with David. We were all so tired and full we didn't even watch a movie like we planned.
Sunday we had an early dinner of hot dogs and chili and then Pamela headed back home. A very nice weekend indeed.
On Monday since I wasn't going to be at work Tuesday on my real birthday There was kolaches waiting and then closer to lunch time my boss brought out the desserts. None of us ate lunch we ate dessert. I work with an awesome bunch of folks.  mmmmm

On Tuesday I woke up another year older and got ready to go meet my Mom and Joe for lunch. We ate at 7 Leguas on 1488 and Honea Egypt. It was really good. We might meet there again sometime.

Now some more fun. I left there and headed home to grab my bag for an over nite stay at a hotel with friends after our nite at the rodeo. It was our annual trip to Ladies Nite Out at the Rodeo. All the food, drinks we could handle, various booths of fun like pictures or bobble heads, and of course the show itself which was Lady Antebellum. They put on a great show. We went to the hotel first and had some wine. I thought Sheryl was pulling out her shampoo bottles until she offered a

 Red Solo Cup¸¸.•´´¯`•.¸¸.•.♫•¯`•.¸¸.•.♪♫•*We lift you up Let's have a party.  I had 3 solo cups of wine. Very Classy... LOL. Yeah it worked. It is was my birthday and I didn't have to drive. We walked from the hotel to the Reliant and more fun to be had. 
I won't tell you how much I had to drink but I was surprised at the end of the evening that I wasn't weaving back to the hotel on the long walk back. With all the wind my curls fell so I had straight hair all evening. Oh well.
I'd been drinking Crown n 7 but one of my sorority sisters suggested I try the Chocolate Milk Punch. OMG! That was so good!
The End of the perfect evening.  Thank you hubby for the nite out with the girls. We 3 walked back to the hotel. The walk back was much longer than the one to the Reliant. That's Kathy, Me and Sheryl.

picture from her link
Oh oh and while I was out having fun I missed my quilt guild meeting where our guest speaker was Bonnie Hunter who also blogs. Love her blog. If you click on her name it will take you to one of her blogs. Of all nites for me to miss. While regret miss getting to meet and see her speak I did have bunches of fun with my sorority sisters who made it to Houston for the Ladies Nite Out at the Rodeo. The nites theme was Diamonds and Tiara's. The Tiara's had blinking colorful lights.

Wednesday was a day of Rest.
Thursday had Lunch with my neighbor from the old neighborhood. She bought me lunch at Celayas Mexican Restaurant on 1960 and Perry. She also insisted we have dessert to celebrate my birthday which was a funnel cake with ice cream drizzled with chocolate and carmel. We couldn't finish it.

So ends my long celebration of fun. Now I wanted to go shopping with my Christmas money, yep I haven't spent all my Christmas money yet and now I have birthday money for some new cowboy boots. I love my little Ariat Fatbabies but I want some real boots.

So Until next blog.... My mind is like lighting, one brilliant flash, then its gone…:( Happening more and more with each birthday.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just think it all began

Just think....................It all began with this kiss

and 8 years later a bump appeared... Finally I might add

after a little over 9 months... . March 2nd. @ 5:32 pm to be exact... that bump became our bundle joy.

So began her life.......................
Her Christsening
God parents Tim and Gigi as witness

Her FIRST Birthday and piano lesson from Donna Ragan Bellinger and Jamie

Her first swimming pool... LOL.

A day in the park in a new dress
 Her first Homecoming.                                                                  

Her Senior Prom
Graduated to become a Fighting Texas Aggie.  Whoop!

 Then we got a Registered Nurse. She's growing up to be an independent fine young lady. Beautiful too!


Until Next Blog....A daughter may outgrow your lap but she will never outgrow your heart ~Anon~