Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Foto Friday 2

Couldn't believe it but I found some Barn Quilts in Texas. Found these all in one place just outside Bellville.

I snagged these pictures of my sister Jerri Lynn and her daughter, (my niece) Emily when they were in NY for the Ballet gala. 
 My Niece won this trip via Southwest Airlines by writing an essay about her passion to become a professional dancer.  She's good too! She was only 12. I had to share these pictures for 2 reasons... my sister in a dress (she's like me rarely wear dresses) looking beautiful and of course my niece is beautiful and talented.

 This is my little buddy Dexter. He lost his freedom to wander without a leash when he ran away from one morning and made me an hour late to work. Soon though we'll have a fence around a portion of our yard and he'll be free again. He likes to stand on the garbage can pad and act like Lassie. King of the world.

The rest of the pictures are of the yard art in my parents yard. My first Fun Foto Friday was artsy things in the yard or on the walls outside. They have lots of cool stuff. Enjoy. The bottle tree is their latest acquisition. They didn't even have to drink the wine to collect the bottles. The bottles came with the tree.    

See what was hiding in the flower petals.
 This guy guards the front gate. Well maybe not guard but he greets everyone who comes into the gate.

This guy just hangs out under the big tree and permits you to sit upon his back to rest and watch the world go by.
This little holey rooster is trying to cross the driveway. To get to the other side.. Sorry couldn't resist.
 The turtle is close behind. Who win win?

 Canon anyone? 

Until next post.... No one is listening until you fart. ~Author Unknown sorry another I couldn't resist


Linda said...

What a fun post! I remember your mom's yard! We are leaving next Saturday to go home. Can't believe you and I never got to spend much time together! Thank goodness I can keep up with you through our blogs!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Lovely Mama and Daughter.

Hope her dream comes true!


Little Cottage on the Pond said...

Love the pictures and the art :)