Monday, March 25, 2013

I think Spring has Sprung

The weather is a little sporatic but that's Texas for ya. Mid 30's to 40's in the evening and up to mid 70's during the day. Now it's 40-60's in the evenings and 70-85 during the day. Crazy...........
We've got some color popping now.
dwarf bottle brush
Most of our roses have bloomed throughout the Texas winter months as they are. The roses have been loving this komd of weather.
David wants to do some landscaping but work keeps getting in his way and now it looks like he won't have to have his knee surgery. The Brace they have him in seems to have solved the problem for now. It's not a permanent fix but will buy him some time. Plus now the doctor is saying they'll probably just do a partial or full knee replacement. My knee is recovering fine finally. Physical therapy once a week, a bag of ice and a few electrical currents to the knee and I'm good. (I know what you're thinking so no, 'NO' electric currents to the head.)
Anyway he recently purchased 3 huge crape mrtyles. He's still trying to formulate a design for the front flower beds.  He'll figure it out and it will look wonderful when he does.  Right now it's pretty bare in them there flower beds but have no fear David will prevail.

These are our Grandma's yellow roses. 


I love roses with lots of  petals.

 The Bradford Pear Tree  started to show it's white blossoms just a couple of weeks ago. 
Then it was completely covered in white blossoms and Now the green leaves are out and all those pretty white flowers ... well they are on the ground now.

These are our Cinco De Mayo's. 
They have a slight purplish tinge on the edge of the petals. As they fade the whole flower takes on redish purple hue. 

The blue bonnets, indian paint brushes and all the other wild flowers are popping up along the highways a little further west of us. I keep saying I want to take pictures of them but time keeps getting away from me and before I know it they're gone. Maybe I'll have some pictures next post or two. Who knows.
Now remember me saying I wanted to buy some more boots with my birthday money. Well I finally used up my Christmas money on clothes. And yes I did still have Christmas money. I hate to shop but I needed some new shirts so there went the Christmas bucks. Now the birthday money....went towards my new Tony Lama boots. Pretty cool huh? I'm rather proud of them.  
  Only I couldn't stop with just boots I wanted a new hat too.

So I bought one..
I still like my Fatbaby boots and straw hat new hat and boots are my favorites now. LOL

Have I mentioned that I had taxes. Well I HATE taxes. They had me in tears by Sunday night. I thought I was all done and it wasn't even April. I was ready to hit the button to transmit last Friday but figured I'd wait until David could look over what I did. We actually get a tiny refund but any refund is better than paying. Then Saturday we get this schedule K from the company that handles an IRA that threw a big wrench in things. Well so I thought and H&R tax software only helped so much and said read the instructions. Uhhh I don't understand the instructions. It was like reading Greek and went in circles.  Okay so I'm freaking out because I'm such a dunce. Then I'm just plain crying and having a break down. Why I kept asking do I have to do this it's for an inherited IRA. CRAP! I HATE DOING TAXES.

Okay so it's Monday and David calls. He got hold of the company the handles this IRA and PRAISE THE LORD I don't have to do anything with the schedule K because the investment is within an IRA. Well duh... Mr. Schimenski (I know I spelled that wrong) tells David that TurboTax actually asks if the transaction took place within an IRA. Guess who is switching to the TurboTax software.  ME!

Man I want to finish the taxes, get my refund, finish my promised quilts, and start some new projects. And I need to re-organize my office/sewing room.

So Until Next Blog ... "I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.'"   ~Maya Angelou~ (I can quit whining about taxes now. LOL)


Jeanette said...

I haven't even started my taxes yet!!! Yuck......... Just hate them! I love dwarf bottlebrushes - we have them in our front yard because the deer won't eat them. Love your roses too! So pretty!

Linda said...

I use Turbo Tax and have for years! Even back when my first husband and I owned a company and had to do corporate tax returns. They are GREAT!

Love your flowers!!! And those crape myrtles! That reminded me of how Louis Dean killed all mine.For some unknown reason he hates them! I had white ones lining the driveway and he cut them all down with a chain saw! What can I say? We were new married.....he doesn't get away with such behavior now!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Before I forget it, my husband has read and loved 'The Traveler' by John TwelveHawks, and the other books. :-)

Beautiful flower photos!!!!! No buds up this way.

LOVE your booooots! Tell me, are they comfortable? Anything with a pointed toe, looks uncomfy to me, now with my 'olden' feet. -pout- But I love the look of boots toooo.

Does the boot really accommodate the foot, before the point starts???


Karen said...

The roses are absolutely beautiful! I am with you about doing the taxes. I don't do them, my husband and the accountant do them, but I hate even talking about it! I actually feel sick just thinking about what a mistake can cost you. Ugh! I am going to stop whining now and do something useful! Blessings, Karen
P.S.: Love the boots and hat!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I love your Texas flowers. Gorgeous!! And I love your boots too. I also can't stand doing taxes. I'm procrastinating way too long this year!

Lauren @ The Thinking Closet said...

These photos of flowers are absolutely gorgeous! And I love the boots and hat you picked out. You look like a true Texan.

We've actually had similar temperatures lately here in Florida. I've been loving the spring...and bracing myself for the high temps to come in the summer. (This will be my first full Florida summer. Eek! Any advice for how to brave the day after day of sweltering heat?)

And we haven't started our taxes yet because we're dreading the headache, too. This year is going to be particularly dicey since we moved and switched jobs. I know procrastination is not the answer...but it seems so much better than dealing with it. Lol.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. Your roses are beautiful and so are those boots! And as far as taxes go--remember nothing is certain except death and taxes, so enjoy the down time because they (the taxes, that is) will come around again next year..Happy Thursday..Judy