Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whew What a Week End

So much I'd like to do or accomplish and I just don't feel like it. Sad very sad indeed. My sewing room and office are probably feeling neglected. After working a ten hour day I'm zapped. I don't know how my husband does it. He works 12-14 hours a day and keeps going most days like the Energizer bunny. He's done this since I've known him. The only thing good about my 10 hour days is I get Fridays off. Only 15 more days before we go back to 8 hour days. Bitter sweet because then I don't get Fridays off so I can play or rest for 3 days. Catch 22. Enough whining. 
This summer has been challenging. About 2 weeks after we started our summer work schedule they closed off both ends of the parking lot to give us a new and much nicer parking lot. But ... that meant squeezing all employees into the center section of what we call the Bell tower section of the lot. I started getting to work @6:30 so I could find a parking place. They told us it would be August before the lot would be ready. No one wants to leave for lunch in fear they might not find a place when they come back. It wasn't as bad as we expected since several in the building went off contract. The good thing about this for me was I had to walk farther to my office which is good for my health. ;o) 
DMy office area is straight ahead on the right in this picture. 
I took this one on the right from parking area.E

To our surprise they poured the concrete last weekend and painted the parking space lines over this past weekend so when we got to work Monday we got to park on the new concrete surface instead of the pitted/rutted asphalt. Maybe now I won't break my neck walking across the lot. We all know what a klutz I am. So happy they finished up early.

Last Thursday was the Grand pup's 1st birthday and the place Pamela uses as a vet and kennel gave Sophie a birthday party. 

Can you say spoiled? 

I couldn't believe it. But Pamela sent these pictures to prove there was a celebration. There were treats for the furry 4 legged and fur less 2 legged critters that walked in.

They even got Sophie to pose with her birthday cookie. I can't believe how well she behaved to let them take this picture. Then they released her so she could eat.

Sophie came to stay with David and I for a week while Pamela and her Nursing gal friends took off and went to one of the girls family lake house for a little R&R. 

Last Friday when Pamela came in to pick up Sophie and visit with us for the weekend she and I went and had massages. oooooo ....ahhhh ..............Best 90 minutes. 
We went to our favorite spa called Waiting to Exhale in Cypress.

(FYI if you click on the name it will take you to the spa website. In fact generally anytime you see some colored wording  you can click and it will take you to a web related link)

Pictures of the spa are from their website.

The atmosphere is so calm and soothing.

From the moment you walk in to the front desk 

to the waiting area where you'll find water and snacks 

to the dressing room and to the massage area you'll find it warm and inviting. 

Everyone was/is friendly and helpful. 

Amber the manager helped set up the appointment for Pamela and I and was a pleasure to work with. Our massage therapist Jeanie and Christi worked their magic. Great way to end the week and start the weekend.

Pamela also came home so she could attend my sorority's annual summer charity luncheon for our philanthropy the Children's Miracle Network. 
This year our lunch was provided by Goode's Armadillo Palace. Some of the Texas music artists David and I like to listen to plays here. It's really a cool place with a really huge Armadillo out front.

There's a silent and a live auction and raffle tickets for sale to raise money. I always go home with goodies and less money in my checking. 
The little gal in her daddy's arms is the reason for the luncheon. Her name is Nahla and she's 4 years old. She has spent a lot of time at Texas Children's Hospital in her short life. Each year a family comes to the luncheon and speaks of their experiences. Little Nahla was so cute and quite the talker.
And of course it's always fun to see my sisters of Phi Mu.
Cindy Tilton Herndon, Shannon McAdams Love and me
My daughter actually allowed me to snap a picture of her 

and my friend Barbara snapped this picture of us.

A fun time was had and our tummies were full of fajitas.

Well I've rambled on and I still have more to share but I'll save my other news for later.

So Until next Blog post..
.....“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting” ~ Elizabeth Bibesco~

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Foto Friday 4

My Quilted post cards.
 Each card has a hidden pocket for me to hide money or a check in for the recipient.

Now this picture isn't mine but I had to share this cute little guy. My friend Barbara came home and found him next to her fence by her back door and sent me a picture.

Welcome to the Kennedy Bird Habitat. LOL

 The morning after we found this nest all the eggs were gone. David found 2 broken shells in the yard and the rest were totally gone. Such a Bummer! We were all excited and thought we would be having baby ducks in the lake but I guess not.           All that is left of the 2 nests of eggs we had found is the one with 3 next to the bottle brush pots up next to the house but we've never seen a momma duck sit on them so I'm guessing no babies are gonna come out of those eggs. Another Bummer! 
David probably needs to carefully remove them because by now they probably stink.
 There are 4 baby barn swallows in the nest on David's out door speaker on the patio....He's not very happy about that but he let nature take it's course. I mean he did try to detour the building but the Barn Swallows came back with their friends and relatives to rebuild the nest in 2 days while we were at work. 
 It was a family affair when the eggs hatched. Had at least 20 Barn Swallows swishing and swooping in.

Feed me now and Feed me Faster!
About 10 days later...and They're out and flying. Had to turn on the ceiling fans to keep them from making a big mess in more places. They were landing on the blades. Sometimes all the babies landed on a different blade.
It's Getting pretty crowded in the nest but all 4 still squeeze in while mom and dad hang out on the edge of the speaker. And yes they have made a major mess and David is not happy but he's just waiting till the day they don't return.
Now here's our newest additions to the Kennedy Bird Habitat.  David had been telling about the bird nest in our River Birch tree and the eggs. So last night I decided to go look and take a picture of the turquoise blue eggs with brown speckles. Well there was no eggs but there were 2 baby birds. I had no more put my iphone up to take this shaky picture when my husband says look out................ for momma mockingbird.....aaaaa Too late! 
She came out of no where and hit me in the head and of course I screamed. I thought David was going to fall out of the rocking chair laughing. Momma Bird landed just above me and just stared at me. I took a chance and snapped a couple quick and not so clear pictures of her and then high tailed it back to the patio to my rocking chair. 
I'm not sure but I thinking she was considering another swoop at my head when I took this picture.
Davids little corner of the patio is blossoming with volunteer coleus and other plants.

Do these mean our yard is healthy or just prone to the little mushrooms? They are plentiful. 

Almost all the crepe myrtles are blooming like crazy.


I like how they used this old red tractor to hold their address. Just down the road from our house.

This guy makes me think of a Stephen King movie. Like Children of the Corn or..oh I don't know but I know he smiles as I pass each morning and evening driving to work/home. Creepy!

Oh well Until next blog....“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all” ~ Oscar Wilde


PS....Vicki ---If you're reading....WE MISS YOU!! No one is there to answer questions.  Hope you're enjoying your retirement

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where does time go?

It's seems like forever since I've posted anything but I just can't seem to find time or feel like getting on the computer for any length of time. I haven't touch anything sewy or quilty in ages and I have plenty to complete and some to start that's for sure. 
Last Saturday I spent the day with my Mom. We went to lunch at Ransom's in Montgomery and then we went shopping briefly at a couple of the shops in Montgomery. To be honest a couple of shops is about all Montgomery has. Maybe when I feel better we can explore a couple of the other shops in town. But for the time being we headed back to her house and hung out. It was a very relaxing day. 

Her little pup Lola was watching for her grandpa. He's off in Arkansas visiting family. I do believe she's missing him.

No pictures but we did have a few folks over for the 4th of July. David invited 
his project team out for hamburgers and hot dogs. A lot of the team went out of town but for those that came out it was a fun and pleasant evening. It was actually very pleasant out on the patio and no one stayed in the house. I was worried the kids might get bored since our home is not kid ready. We have no toys or swings or forts but the kids seemed to be content going down to the lake and just walking around.  
Of course they were all anxious for darkness to fall so the fireworks show could begin. When it did get dark they went out on the driveway and shot off a huge box of fireworks compliments of Matt N.. Matt is a VIP at the fireworks stand now and even got a Top Dog T-Shirt. Did I mention that David over estimated the number of people coming..... Well he did so we'll be eating left overs all week.

Now what I'm about to tell you is totally out of my husband's character...... I mean totally...... But neither one of us did a thing on Friday. I would say we slept 75% of the day away. David won't usually allow himself any down time but he deserves it. I have to say I've never slept that much in one day unless I'm sick.
Saturday we spent quality time together. We started off looking at lawn mowers. Yep quality time baby. LOL We made a stop off at one of my favorite rustic furniture stores in Magnolia called RND Rustics. We didn't walk out empty handed. He found a piece made out of license plates in the shape of Texas and a Beer sign for the patio. I walked out with a metal Rooster and 3 Fresh Eggs containers for the top of my kitchen cabinets. It's dangerous for David's wallet when we stop at RND. We drove through the country side and ended up in Brenham at the American Man Cave Shop. We learned he closed his shop in Bellville so we're glad we didn't head that way which we almost did.. 
Came home that night and ate what else ...... left overs. 
Sunday I put up some decorations on top of our kitchen cabinets that still need 
some tweaking 
while David worked on the lawn mower and in the garage.

We ended our weekend by going to Gringos off 290 for a margarita and dinner. Notice I said one margarita.. uh yeah because that's all I can handle. I've turned into a light weight in my old age I guess. 
So tasty.

So Until Next Post.........My favorite recipe… out !!