Sunday, June 29, 2014

What can I say

Well I found out what this bird was thanks to my cousin Gayle in Florida.
This is a Helmeted Guinea Foul.  Read that they generally mate for life and are very social and hang in groups of at least 4.
Yesterday while out driving and looking at more property we saw one and it was hilarious. It was running fast with that big body and tiny legs. Didn't see what it was running from but it didn't stop when it got to the road. It kept going. Since we saw the first ones last weekend we saw them every where yesterday. And I can see why. They eat ticks like the kind that cause lyme disease, snails, spiders, worms insects, frogs, lizards, small snakes (that I assume could become big ones) and small mammals. Bad thing about them I understand is that they make this loud noise and can be annoying.  mmmm Loud harsh calls verses the eating of ticks, spiders and snakes...... Does the benefit out weight the noise? 

And I continued my quest to determine what this plant was and found it. It's called a Texas Plume.

My picture doesn't do it justice. It's a bright reddish orange on a tall wispy stalk. It's really pretty.

David nor I remember ever seeing them before this year.

Then yesterday when we were out on a back county road we had 2 small birds fluttering around in the road in front of the truck and as we came up on them they didn't move so David stopped. As I went to get out of the car that's when of course they decided to move but I got a good enough look at them that I found a picture of them on-line.
I tried to get my own picture but the windshield was too splattered with bugs and as I said it flew into the trees as I got out of the car. Dang it. It's called a painted bunting. Isn't it beautiful? I had seen pictures but never one in person now I have. Maybe I should buy that land so I could see it more often.  Maybe that should be one of our new criteria for buying property. The birds..

Unfortunately it has fallen on my little sister to help to get our dad to and from treatments which is about a 100 mile drive each way. She checks in on him and my step-mother regularly. Which they are doing fine. The rest of of us live out of town or as for me out of state. I'm not much help at all. 
So the latest news is good. Dad's bone marrow only has about 3% cancer cells present. But its a double edged sword there because he has very few cells or bone marrow left. The treatment is kills good and bad so it's a tricky balance. Starting Monday June 30th he begins his 2nd phase of chemo and they'll re-evaluate at the end of July. Jerri Lynn reports that he is showing improvement and is having good days but the battle isn't over yet. He walks around the pond, takes in few outside activities as long as he wears his mask. That's another story I'm told. 
But with this new status he has to be even more cautious around people. His body has nothing to fight infection with. Another good thing is that he's keeping weight on and not losing.

He keeps smiling and fighting on. So keep up the prayers for my Dad on this journey. 

My little sister and our other two sisters think he's pretty special and want to keep him around.

Guess what I won something and I didn't even know it. Various bloggers offer give aways on their blogs and apparently I won a Messenger Tote from Susan @ Artful MusingHow exciting! 
The package came in the mail this past week. 

Susan is a talented mixed media artist living right here in Texas. You should go check out her blog. 
But first I want to show you the neat messenger bag and the cute card that I'm guessing she made. Thanks Susan it will get used. I love it. 

My last blog about the anonymous writer got several hits and comments. A few were from other anonymous folks. My fav was the one who said "Anonymous can kiss my Texas Ass"  I wasn't really upset but I thought I'd address it anyway but Thanks to all my readers for their support.

I've found that I like taking pictures of windmills. So you may be seeing more pictures in my blogs.
I hoped to share my TO DO LIST and it's progressive which isn't big but I've got to find it. Oops. I'm sure I can figure out a few things to do while I look for it 

Well until next blog...Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad. 
I love my father as the stars - he's a a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart. 


Linda said...

Great post!!!
The painted bunting is supposed to be THE most beautiful bird in the WORLD! I have seen TWO!
Good to hear good news about your dad!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla, first let me say it sounds like good news for your dad. Next, what fabulous birds you almost got a picture of. Can you believe those colors. I've seen guinea fowls in the zoo and heard them too. They are loud but they eat some good stuff!..Hope you have a great week..Judy

Art and Sand said...

1. I hope dad's treatment goes well.

2. Great win on that tote.

3. Oh, that colorful bird would look perfect with my color scheme.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Goodness, you have a lot going on, so glad your dad is improving, I can totally understand what your sister is going through, I'm the sibling in town,it is hard, but it makes it easier to have the other siblings appreciate what you are doing. what a gorgeous bird and yea for the one that eats ticks and snakes!!! Make all the noise you want lol!


KaHolly said...

Hi, Carla. What a wonderful property. Buntings are such gorgeous birds. Glad you dad is doing well. Such a scary thing. I'll keep him in my thoughts. My sister in Maine should get Guinea Fowls. She has so many ticks, I don't like to wander her property.