Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Anonymous and more

Dear Anonymous
Since I can't email you I figure you might read my blog again to see what other errors I might make  so I wanted to Thank You for worrying about whether I sound like a Texan with no "learnin". While I do have some college education I still make grammar, spelling and typo errors. But thanks for the education. Next time please leave a name and an email address.
I know some of my friends have commented via anonymous because they haven't quite figured out how the comment box works but these people you spam blogs are annoying as hell.

Moving on..............
David's procedure went well. The Doctor was able to break up the massive stone and went ahead and removed the stent while David was out. David felt 75% better before we ever left the doctors office. As of today he's back to normal I think. Well normal for him. LOL
We wanted go to Puffabelly's recently to see Davin James and his guest Texas Artist David Perez from the Tejas Brothers Band. He plays an accordion, sings and performs. This guy is awesome. But getting my David well was more important. 
This past Wednesday night Jesse Dayton one of our favorite Texas artist was a guest on the David Letterman Show. 

My Dad is also doing well. He's had 4 chemo treatments.....He either sleeps through them, is bored when awake unless he is teasing the nurses and when he wakes up he's hungry. As of the last pictures I've seen Dad still has his hair. Nothing about my Dad is typical. Spoke with my little sister and she said he won't have it for much longer. It's starting to fall out. Monday the doctors did a bone marrow biopsy and then on Thursday they'll discuss the next phase of this journey my Dad is on. The doctors are amazed how he has tolerated the treatment and how well his cancer is responding. Dad is a unique case. They drew some blood today and plan on using in their classes. I immediately thought of a book I read called "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks". It's a true story of how doctors back in the 50's took her cancer cells to study with out her or the families knowledge. Those cells continued to grow outside the body and and doctors were able to find cures for other cancers and diseases. It's a good read if you get time to read. 
Anyway at least we know the doctors took Dad's blood. 
We take every day a day at a time and hope for the best.

I'm not sure what's going on with the internet but my wireless keyboard is acting stupid. I'll be typing along and look up and realize I've typed nothing and when I try to go back it may erase the whole blog. Oops. This is driving me crazy but hopefully I can finish this post without too many errors but no promises at this point.

Have I told you that David is on a mission. Ahh yes a mission. It's been a while since he's been on a mission. He's decided that he wants to have more property with the option to build a big work shop. His stint as the President of HOA has pushed him to this decision and he's ready for change in time of course. We can't move off to far since our jobs are here. The weekend alone we looked at over 44 properties. Now that we kind of have an idea of what and where we might want to live we've got to start narrowing down our selections and criteria. While out those we ran across some interesting items. One was a Hognosed snake. Well all I could tell you was it was slithering across the road in front of the truck and to think David had just got back into the truck. YIKES. I didn't get a picture because it got to David's side of the truck while I was staring at it. Then David goes cool. He said it stood up and flared it's head like a cobra. I couldn't get him to run over it.  YUCK YUCK YUCK. Yes I know it's harmless but I don't like snakes.

Time for show and tell.....................
We kept seeing this pretty plant. Anyone know what it is? Some of the stalks were 4 foot tall.

And check out this bird. There was about 5 of them around this gate. 
Very unique looking. Does anyone know what it is?

Now this next guy I know what he is. A big mutant frog. As I was pulling into the driveway I saw him in our ditch. He is huge. Any one for some fried frog legs?

This is a rather random post really. We found a new interesting drink called Twisted Tea.
It actually tastes like tea but with a little liquor added. You've heard of Long Island Ice Tea it's sorta the same thing but in a bottle. I like it.......
Have to be careful or you'll forget it's hard ice tea.

I started off the year getting things accomplished on my to do list and have now fallen way behind. I hope to remedy that this next weekend.
I'll share my progress on my list in my next post I hope. That's my goal anyway.

Started working 4 - 10's. Good part is we get Fridays off. My Friday have been spent going out looking for property so not necessarily a bad thing. Work has been very stressful and very business for all of us in technology. It's nice to be busy but at the same time it's a little crazy but I'm sure it will all pass in time.

Well I guess I'll quit rambling for now...

Until next blog...Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch to be sure



Anonymous said...

Are the plants hollyhocks?

Scottie said...

Glad to hear David is back on his feet! Can't believe you are moving farther out to the country! You already live way out west! LOL. Come south to the beach for some R&R is the mood ever strikes you.

Jane said...

Hi Carla,
I like your blog, and I read it every time I get a chance. You are clever and smart. You have a great sense of humor. You can tell a story just as well as anybody I know. Keep it up and you will have a book! I will read that too.

Linda said...

Great post and i love the updates on David and your dad! I CANNOT believe yall are even THINKING about moving again! Only you two......
Boo to your tacky reader who left you a tacky comment! Some people don't understand we blog for fun!

Anonymous said...

Carla, I so hope I can figure out how to leave a comment for the first time, just so I can tell you to tell Anonymous to kiss your Texas ass! Nothing makes me madder than those who come down here to enjoy our phenomenal wages, weather and hospitality & then gripe about the way we talk (&/or write.) They can kiss my Texas ass also!

Diane said...

Hope your dad and David are doing better! And that bird's a Guinea. They spend lots of time rootin' around in the high grass and underbrush. Good for keeping snakes away, but they are noisy with a capital N! They make the most annoying sound and every little thing upsets them: the dog walking across the yard, you getting within 5 ft of them. They prefer to run rather than fly. We used to raise them before we knew how aggravating they are. Coons got 'em.
Go coons!!

Art and Sand said...

Looking for property!

That means getting the house clean and keeping it that way to sell, packing, moving, unpacking. You are young and can do that. I hope never to move again.

But, it will be nice for Dave to have workspace.

And, ignore the mean comments. Focus on the good people who comment.