Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet My Little Friend

Meet My Little Friend. Or maybe I should say friends.  LOL The new house and life in the country is coming along. Except when I should be emptying boxes I'm sitting on the back porch watching my little friends. Sunday I had counted 7 hummingbirds zipping in, out and around my back porch. This little guy seems to be fairly confident. He sat here while I grilled chicken right next to him Monday.

 This little hummer wasn't so confident. As soon as I snapped the picture he went into take off mode.
 They don't share very well. While one is drinking another comes in and bumps the other one off the feeder. These guys spiraled to the ground then they flew around and around the porch column. Finally........................
The One that wins stays to guard the feeder

Friday and Saturday we saw this yellow bird and I'm waiting to see if it shows up again. I guess we need to find a book on bird species so we can figure out what kind of bird it is. It's was hiding out in the base of the flower pots and the hummingbirds just ignored it. It was about the size of a canary but not as yellow. The other bird we've noticed is the one that hangs out under the trees and in the grass. It has a yellow fluffy belly and it's back is brownish with black speckles. Then Sunday there was a BIG Hawk in the yard across the street. It was busy eating. Did I say Big.
As I sat in a chair waiting for David to get home from work last night my little grey friend moved to the flower pot directly in front of me. Okay so that's not so exciting but we just watched each other until another hummingbird tried to drink out of my grey friends feeder. Well he thinks it's his.

 This little guy decided to hang out on the bird of paradise a few yards away just waiting for an opening at the feeder when the little grey hummer isn't paying attention. 

This little guy never stopped beating it's little wings.

  As you can see I'm mesmerized by these little birds. These tiny little guys are very fun and entertainining.  Sometimes as they chase each other they fly really close and you duck thinking they're gonna run into you. It won't be long before they take flight for warmer weather which usually happens in September or October. Then we have to wait for late February or March for them to return.
Did you know that they hitch hike on other birds backs to reach their destination?

Until next post...Don’t look back, somebody might be gaining on you --- Satchel Paige

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A BIG sigh of Relief

 Last Saturday while we were at the Lakewood Forest house to pick up the last box or 2, sweep the floors, and clean the pool the new buyers stopped by and I'm so glad I got to meet them. Alex and Leilani are the sweetest couple. Before we knew it we had talked 2 1/2 hours about the house, upkeep, landscaping and just general topics. Some how Leilani and I got on the topic of dance classes. She mentioned she took ballet and I mentioned that I took flamenco until I was about 34. She said she performed in a flamenco dance troupe and when we realized we both took classes at Rodriguez Dance Academy with Rogelio. Small world. We found we had several things in common.

After 5 weeks we had to cut the first buyers loose because 3 extensions later they couldn't get a loan. So 2 days after the house went active on the market again we got an offer from Alex and Leilani. This went so much smoother than the first. 
Photo by Barbara Borchers

So Big SIGH! Ahhhhhhhhhh.
Our new buyers made it happen or maybe I should say their loan processor did. That was one motivated processor. She kept after the  inspector,appraiser and then underwriting and made it happen. Tuesday at 4pm we finally went to closing on the sale of our house in Lakewood Forest. Long time coming.

When Barbara our realtor called to say the closing was on I got so excited that the stress of maintaining 2 homes via maintenance and cost would be coming to an end finally.
Photo by Barbara Borchers
But as the hour approach the emotions were reeling. We were to meet Barbara (realtor) at the house to take a couple of pictures with the sold sign but before she got there David and I walked thru the house one last time to make sure we got everything. As we walked thru each of us got quiet and when we stopped in the study we couldn't believe this was really it. And yes I got weepy as my daughter calls it. David put a lot of blood and sweat into this house. Literally.
At the title company while waiting for the buyers to sign, we sat just outside the conference room with Barbara to go over some figures and talk. David realized he forgot his readers. I offered to go down and grab them out of the truck but the receptionist saved the day. She brought out a box of readers. I couldn't get the phone camera out fast enough when David grabbed the gold chunky feminine frames and put them on. Oh how I wish I could share a picture of him in those trendy gold readers but I did get a picture of him in these teeny tiny frames. He looks so serious instead of excited but he was wise cracking during the entire 3 hours we were there. Yep 3 hours. He kept us laughing.
When it was all over and we were saying good bye to the new home owners I had to tell them that if we could have picked who we wanted to buy and live in our house they would have definitely been our choice.  We made it a home and now we are passing over the keys to the new owners. I hope they create as many happy memories in the house as we did.
Now let me say something about our realtor...She's the best. She's been in the business for 30+ years and knows her stuff.  She was there for us all the way. She helped us with the purchase of our current home and the sale of the Lakewood Forest home.  We couldn't believe that the other realtor never showed up for the closing to support his buyers and guide them thru the closing. When the buyers called him he said that if they needed his signature he would come by the next morning but he wasn't coming. I could say more but won't. David and I realized just how fortunate we are to have had Barbara by our side.

No more excuses I now have to concentrate on emptying boxes at the house and make it our home.

So Good-bye to our Glenway home and hello to our new home, new memories and of course new PROJECTS.

Until next blog...Life is a book and you are its author, you determine its plot and pace and you-- only you--turn its pages. ~Beth Mende Conny

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our 33rd Anniversary - Labor Day Weekend

Okay so Friday was our 33rd Anniversary. Time Flies when you're having fun. This year we're not going any where special since we just moved into the new house and have plenty to do but we did take Friday off to spend time together. I woke up feeling a little under the weather but that didn't stop me. We had a romantic breakfast for two at this lovely place down the road. Okay so don't laugh...
They have great kolaches and David had a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.
Told ya we weren't doing anything big this year. After scarfing down our food we headed over to our old house that we hope
to close the sale next week to do a little maintenance and pick up some items.
We ran a couple of other minor errands and headed to Montgomery to
one of our favorite rustic decor establishments. Kerr's Western Interiors on Hwy 105. David found this cool plant that even I couldn't kill. Then again the electricity could go out. They had some cool towels that we might have to go back for to decorate in the master bath and they had a really neat look bakers rack we're thinking might fill a spot in the den. We still need to measure that spot come to think about it. I guess we'll have to go back once we decide.
So off to the next store in Willis off 1097 and I-45. He said he has wanted to stop every time him and the guys go on a motorcycle ride but figured he'd wait until I could go. I'm glad he waited.
They will deal so don't just look at the sticker price.
Texas Star Chair
This place have lots of furniture and wall decor.

Like this 7' Texas Table
We found some smaller night stands for the master bedroom. Ours were too big fit both and the bed on the wall. Yippee now I have a place for my alarm clock and lamp.

Then we were faced with the dilemma of whether to buy a glider with a spot between
for glasses or bottles of adult beverages or, the double swing, or the stationary bench and or a rocker double or single. Too many options.
Okay so we'll have to go back once we decide which one or ones we want. They were very comfortable.

It's a little after 12 and we're getting a little hungry so we load up the
night stands and raced across 1097 to Leroy's Bar-B-Q. Had a couple sandwhich's but some lady across from us ordered a chicken fried steak that looke yummy and covered the whole plate. Maybe we'll have to try one when we go back for the bench or benches.

Well we had time for at least one more store so we headed down the back roads to 1488 in Magnolia to another one of our favorite rustic stores. I don't think we've ever walked out without purchasing something and this time was no different. RND Rustic is a really neat place.
They have it all... furniture, art, nail heads, rugs, pottery, iron work, accessories, bedding..... on and on
David really likes these Dishes and table set
 One day he's gonna just buy them but today he only bought 2 potholders, 2 mitts
along with 2 star trivets.
The trivets look great on my center island just for decoration.

With these purchases made we decided to head home until another day.
Dexter was happy to see us and ready to head outside. He loves laying in the grass and especially with the wind blowing thru his fur.
 Now I on the other hand was beginning to feel bad so I went inside, sat down in the recliner and promptly went to sleep. Poor David. He woke me up a little before 8 to see if I'd like him to fix something to eat. Life of the party that's me.
He also likes hanging out on the back porch and catch the breeze.
The look ...Really another picture of  me

Late Monday afternoon David hollers for me to come look. We can see the smoke from the Magnolia fire near Plantersville. As a crow flies it's about 10 miles away from our area. I took this picture standing in the front yard.This is a little scarey. Instead of looking 10 miles away it looked 1 mile away. Either way It's too close and there's no rain in site for the Houston and surrounding areas. It's hazy and smells of smoke. So ends the holiday and our anniversay for another year. We have decided to renew our contract for another year. LOL. I'd say a new house is plenty of an anniversary gift to us both.

Until next blog........Life is about laughing and living, in good and bad times. Getting through whatever comes our way and looking back and smiling.   ~Unknown~
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barn Quilt Trail??

Okay I got my newsletter email from the author Sandra Dallas today and read it during lunch. It had the coolest story. Well okay if you’re not a quilter it may not be so cool but since I admire quilting and I attempt to do some I thought it was cool. It was all about Barn Quilts across Iowa and Ohio. Come to find out there are 31 states that are or will be participating in this new trend.  New Mexico is joining in this fun colorful display of Barn Quilts. Click on Sandra’s name above and read where the idea came from, when and how it started.
Then check out Sue Peyton’s daughter’s website for more pictures, history and anecdotes.

Here’s a teaser of one of the barn quilts in Iowa from Sue’s website.

Buse Corncrib, 3250 370th St., Auburn
"Bear’s Paw"
Painted by WLVA art students
Map Location #14

Okay so am I the last to know about these Barn Quilts? How many of my quilter buddies out there already knew about this? hmmm
They have Barn Quilt blocks everywhere, from city parks, barns, sheds, garages and porches you name it.  They even had them at city hall, hospitals, muesums, and even garden sheds. Some were not attached to the buildings but on posts next to or in front of the building. Not all are on the actual trail but they’re out there.

Here was some of the criteria listed for Barn Quilt trail used in Ohio and Iowa:
³    Barns/corncribs 50+ years old  --- Would Texas have anything that old that hasn’t been blown over via hurricane winds etc.
³    Can be easily seen from either direction
³    On a hard surface road
³    Active and well kept farm
³    Have enough barns to place blocks every 5 to 10 miles along the route

Now in my web surfing I found that Terry County is to be the first County in Texas on the Barn Quilt trail . According to one article it said that Gov. Rick Perry’s office issued a proclamation announcing the Quilt Trail Initiative in Houston at the International Quilt Festival in October 2009. The goal is to connect all 254 counties with 66 counties in N. Texas leading the way. So far when I checked only Terry County (Brownfield, TX) is on the list. Makes for a Short trail.... Texas needs to get on the ball. I want to see Barn Quilts in Texas. More Barn Quilts should start showing up in 2011-2012.

Also found this blog by Suzi Paron about Barn Quilts.

Okay so I’m easily amused what can I say………………..

Oh well until next blog………. Happy Quilting or Whatever Makes You Happy.
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If you're lucky enough to see one, take a picture and send it to sam@americanquiltbarns.com along with the location.
I want one for my garage~~~~~~~