Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barn Quilt Trail??

Okay I got my newsletter email from the author Sandra Dallas today and read it during lunch. It had the coolest story. Well okay if you’re not a quilter it may not be so cool but since I admire quilting and I attempt to do some I thought it was cool. It was all about Barn Quilts across Iowa and Ohio. Come to find out there are 31 states that are or will be participating in this new trend.  New Mexico is joining in this fun colorful display of Barn Quilts. Click on Sandra’s name above and read where the idea came from, when and how it started.
Then check out Sue Peyton’s daughter’s website for more pictures, history and anecdotes.

Here’s a teaser of one of the barn quilts in Iowa from Sue’s website.

Buse Corncrib, 3250 370th St., Auburn
"Bear’s Paw"
Painted by WLVA art students
Map Location #14

Okay so am I the last to know about these Barn Quilts? How many of my quilter buddies out there already knew about this? hmmm
They have Barn Quilt blocks everywhere, from city parks, barns, sheds, garages and porches you name it.  They even had them at city hall, hospitals, muesums, and even garden sheds. Some were not attached to the buildings but on posts next to or in front of the building. Not all are on the actual trail but they’re out there.

Here was some of the criteria listed for Barn Quilt trail used in Ohio and Iowa:
³    Barns/corncribs 50+ years old  --- Would Texas have anything that old that hasn’t been blown over via hurricane winds etc.
³    Can be easily seen from either direction
³    On a hard surface road
³    Active and well kept farm
³    Have enough barns to place blocks every 5 to 10 miles along the route

Now in my web surfing I found that Terry County is to be the first County in Texas on the Barn Quilt trail . According to one article it said that Gov. Rick Perry’s office issued a proclamation announcing the Quilt Trail Initiative in Houston at the International Quilt Festival in October 2009. The goal is to connect all 254 counties with 66 counties in N. Texas leading the way. So far when I checked only Terry County (Brownfield, TX) is on the list. Makes for a Short trail.... Texas needs to get on the ball. I want to see Barn Quilts in Texas. More Barn Quilts should start showing up in 2011-2012.

Also found this blog by Suzi Paron about Barn Quilts.

Okay so I’m easily amused what can I say………………..

Oh well until next blog………. Happy Quilting or Whatever Makes You Happy.
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If you're lucky enough to see one, take a picture and send it to along with the location.
I want one for my garage~~~~~~~

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Linda Chapman said...

I have never heard of such but am going now to visit the links you provided! I can SO see a 'Barn Quilt' on YOUR 'barn'.....or is it a garage? And would that be against the community 'rules'.....