Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet My Little Friend

Meet My Little Friend. Or maybe I should say friends.  LOL The new house and life in the country is coming along. Except when I should be emptying boxes I'm sitting on the back porch watching my little friends. Sunday I had counted 7 hummingbirds zipping in, out and around my back porch. This little guy seems to be fairly confident. He sat here while I grilled chicken right next to him Monday.

 This little hummer wasn't so confident. As soon as I snapped the picture he went into take off mode.
 They don't share very well. While one is drinking another comes in and bumps the other one off the feeder. These guys spiraled to the ground then they flew around and around the porch column. Finally........................
The One that wins stays to guard the feeder

Friday and Saturday we saw this yellow bird and I'm waiting to see if it shows up again. I guess we need to find a book on bird species so we can figure out what kind of bird it is. It's was hiding out in the base of the flower pots and the hummingbirds just ignored it. It was about the size of a canary but not as yellow. The other bird we've noticed is the one that hangs out under the trees and in the grass. It has a yellow fluffy belly and it's back is brownish with black speckles. Then Sunday there was a BIG Hawk in the yard across the street. It was busy eating. Did I say Big.
As I sat in a chair waiting for David to get home from work last night my little grey friend moved to the flower pot directly in front of me. Okay so that's not so exciting but we just watched each other until another hummingbird tried to drink out of my grey friends feeder. Well he thinks it's his.

 This little guy decided to hang out on the bird of paradise a few yards away just waiting for an opening at the feeder when the little grey hummer isn't paying attention. 

This little guy never stopped beating it's little wings.

  As you can see I'm mesmerized by these little birds. These tiny little guys are very fun and entertainining.  Sometimes as they chase each other they fly really close and you duck thinking they're gonna run into you. It won't be long before they take flight for warmer weather which usually happens in September or October. Then we have to wait for late February or March for them to return.
Did you know that they hitch hike on other birds backs to reach their destination?

Until next post...Don’t look back, somebody might be gaining on you --- Satchel Paige

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Linda Chapman said...

How wonderful! We love bird watching and got so excited to see A (as in ONE!) hummer a couple of weeks ago! I mixed up fresh food and cleaned out the feeder - and it has not been back! We can't seem to attract them to our place and we do have a TON of all kinds of OTHER birds!

I am so happy you are enjoying your new place in the country! By blogging, WE get to enjoy it along with you!

sgw123 said...

Good pictures, I don't know how you captured them, on my camera they are just a blur! Love when they get territorial & battle each other in the air!

Deb and Mandy said...

Wow great pics Carla!

bj said...

Carla, your photos are stunning. Just love them all.

Got a story for ya..I'll make it short..
We lived in Colorado for a short time and thousand of hummers around. A friend told me to put my feeder several ft away from the little mobile home we were staying in. She said gradually move it closer to the deck. Eventually, we moved the feeder right up ON the deck. I would sit in my chair beside the feeder, and after about 4 days, I put my finger up BY the feeder and one landed on it while continuing to feed. When my MIL came for a visit, she sat out there all day long and had them landing on her fingers, too. Just an AWESOME experience.