Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's the simple silly things

So much happening and not enough time to just sit and write. I mean I'm actually feeling productive in the area of quilting and sewing but haven't felt like reading much. Soon I'll actually be able to share some completions. YAY! About time I know.

 Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter. We gathered over at David's brothers home. The kids are grown now so no Easter egg hunting these days but we had fun and the food was delicious. The youngest Kennedy,  Kendall sat on her Aunt Glenda's lap to have a conversation.

Glenda wanted to check out what she looked like as a blonde so she took Shelby's long pony tail and spread it across her head. Not bad. ;o)

Taxes are done and efiled. Whew. Can breath a sigh of relief. Found that Turbo Tax is much better than H&R Block. I was stressing and crying over this one form and couldn't figure out how to enter the info I had because H&R didn't cover the subject thoroughly. Bought Turbo Tax and it had all the right answers and questions. We'll being getting a small refund something we haven't done in years. Yahoo!
Am I cute or what?

Not long ago I went up to visit Pamela and we took Sophie to the dog park at the apartments. She had fun but she decided that even with the wind blowing hard it was warm and would hide under the bench I was sitting on.  

The next night she headed off to her first slumber party while her furless mom came to Houston to the rodeo. Looks like they're all having fun wouldn't you say?

But was happy when mom picked her up the next day.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the book club discussion. Of course it's always fun with
Cheryl's husband took the group picture so I could be in it. Thanks Jerry

this group and that night was no exception. We had just read the book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson. This author is wacky, funny and messed up but she is a product of her family upbringing. I think I got that right. LOL. Her book is her memoir that is mostly true. Fair warning it's unfiltered so if you're easily offended by say the F word or just cursing this may not be the book for you. The book will have you laughing out loud, it will have you thinking okay that don't sound unusual or OMG the poor girl but she did survive all her trials and tribulations. Also you have to get through the first 50 pages before it really catches you the reader. But our group loved the book. So Cheryl's pick was a huge success and so was her turn out. You can read more about the night by clicking here.
One Saturday an area in our back yard was being scalped and new grass being laid to get rid of what ever was there, an area was prepped for a fence and new flower beds. Now we're waiting for the fence company to come

This past Monday night when I came from work I felt like I was in a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds.
The birds were everywhere along with the whistling ducks and 2 mallard ducks. Crazy. Oh and we finally have a cardinal and a female redbird. We hadn't seen redbirds in almost 2 years around our place. I'm easily amused by our feathered friends.
Then this morning they were back to play in the puddles.
I'm hoping all these birds and ducks are eating some the multitudes of spiders that have been hiding in the grass. Yuck. Like the song says "I don't like Spiders or Snakes."

Before I snapped the picture they were trying to swim in this puddle.

Well that's it for now. More adventures later.

So Until next blog..........“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”~ Christopher Columbus~


Linda said...

Oh, Goody! Goody!! A catch up post!! I love seeing your place! Hope the birds are eating insects and not your new grass seeds!

You are so right, Carla! It IS the simple things that make all the difference in the world! And I DO love YOUR world!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Sophie is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! They just look sooooo happpppy. :-)

A fun book for a book club. My daughter and 2 daughters-in-law, are in a book club. I hear from my next-door-neighbor d-i-law, that they are always kinda' ugh books. Wish they'd pick something like your book!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssss! :-)

Diane said...

Like the new look of your blog, Carla!

bj said...

Hi, Carla...thanks so much for stopping by.
So cute Sophie...:))
I am lovin' your blog look...really cool. :))

bj said...

O, and I planted a lot of grass seed last spring and the dove came from thousands of miles away to EAT MY SEEDS. I spent most of the spring, running outside, waving a cup towel to shoo them away.


Nice to meet you Carla!!! I am Texan too...not born here, but got here as quickly as I could. My son teaches college classes in the Cypress area. [ya, where the stabbing took place recently]

Love Sophie!!

Happy that you stopped by, and will begin following you as soon as I publish this comment.

I haven't been blogging but a couple times a week lately since it's bird migrating season here on the coast, and I'd Rather B Birdin' my other blog says [on my right hand sidebar is my link to bird photos]

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

If Sophie ever goes missing, you know where she'll be! My daughter would DIE for a collie :) The idea of a doggy slumber party is what her dreams are made of...