Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Blue Kinda Day

Not blue in mood wise but color wise. A couple of Saturday's ago I headed up towards College
Station and met my daughter just outside Navasota to take some blue bonnet pictures. Well it's my fault I was late so by the time we got to the field of blue bonnets the sun was really harsh and I didn't have my solar lens cover on. It would have toned down the brightness and brought out the colors but it was what it was and here's the outcome. As I was rolling down the road there was this woman ahead of me walking across to the medium where there were plenty of wild flowers. I wasn't close so she was safe but just as I passed her I realized I knew her so I started honking. Couldn't stop I was traveling 75mph (legally). Then I got to laughing wondering if she flipped me off or cursed at me. So I texted her via Siri on the iPhone so no I didn't type and drive, I spoke and drove on. Beware Nickie I'm loose at the controls.

Pamela and I along with the dogs walked about a block to the field entrance after parking on the highway but my poor Dexter is old and the pathway wasn't easy so I had to carry him in. Poor guy he had trouble walking in the blue bonnets but had no problem laying down in them. My daughters Sheltie Sophie didn't mind at all. She went bouncing in but started having too much fun. She thought the blue bonnets tasted great. We'd walk a couple of steps and she'd reach down put her mouth around the blossom snap it off and start munching.
Pamela couldn't get her to stop.
 Pamela kept saying "You're eating the state flower and we're gonna get arrested." Sophie would just look up at Pamela and munch on another flower.

It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and wind.

A week ago Wednesday we hit Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring to see Davin James and Jesse Dayton
sing pick their guitars. Love their music. Good ole Texas Boys.

David has been working 6 days a week and 13-14 hours that he faded fast so we left during intermission. Totally unlike him. We always stay to the end but he just couldn't make it.

We had originally planned on hitting the Thomas Michael Riley's Music Fest in Luchanbach this past week end to see more of our favs like Max Stalling, Black Top Gypsy, Davin James and Thomas Michael Riley, etc

For almost a year and half Dexter stayed close in the yard or on the patio so we didn't have to put him
on a leash but I guess he finally got comfortable at the new place and decided it was time venture out and he ran away (it's funny how those old little legs move when they want to) from David and then me one morning  making me an hour late to work. Grrrrrrrrr. And of course to make things worse he's deaf so he couldn't hear us calling his name (curse at him) or to sit! Sign language only works when the dog looks at you. So for the last 4 months he has had to be on a leash since we don't have a fence. But that means he has to be in the house all day until we get home from work. Makes for a long day for my 16 year old pooch.
Now David asked me about putting in a fence shortly after we moved in but I thought no fence I want it open but recently we decided it was time to fence in part of the yard to give Dexter some of his freedom back and ours too. Just noticed looking at this picture the little guy even lays pigeon toed. He walks very pigeon toed. You know his paws turn inward.

While waiting for them to manufacture for installation of the fence David had someone come in completely remove our weeds grass and re- sod it with St. Augustine but left the area where the fence is going clean for fresh soil and flower beds.

Last week they made it out to install the fence and 2 gates but to date they haven't come back to install the last section of fencing and gate between the house and the garage. Can't wait until it's done.  
Picture on left is the side yard fence.
And the one 
to the right is the backyard fence and gate. You can see the bare area left for flower beds. Remember I told you we had a theme around our house.... Stars...  inside and out. 

My dining room is now ready for some type of valance and art work on the walls.
This is what is my dining room did looked like prior to purchasing our 

rustic dining room set below.
I love it and it finishes off the room. The wine cabinet stayed.

This is our style. It's only taken two years to find exactly what we wanted and get it.  More stars. ;o)

Okay I was gonna end this blog on a downer but I can't do it. I'll just end it with the fact that the blood pressure medicine isn't working. My blood pressure went up in January and hasn't really come down to an acceptable level. Doctor wants to give this medicine another 30 days but did change my diabetes meds again. The glucose levels have decreased some but not enough. I have to make some decisions and changes. End of bummer portion of post. Not sure getting that off my chest helped at all. 

So until next blog...When you are young and healthy, it never occurs to you that in a single second your whole life could change. ~Annette Funicello~




Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Carla, The field of flowers in your photograph are beautiful....they appear very similar to grape hyacinths.
Poor Dexter, it must be very hard for him. My sister in law has a dog who is 16 years of age called Snuggles and she is deaf and almost blind, but she is the most adorable little dog. You can call her, but she does not hear, and it is only when you get close that she recognises you that she wags her tail and gets excited.
Have a lovely day.
Best Wishes

Linda said...

What a great post!! You and Pam always have the best times together. Your place has really come together - looks just exactly like y'all. I love your lifestyle!
That fence is a work of art and Dexter will love being out and FREE again!
Poor Dave. He is ALWAYS working!
Prayers for your health. You have so much LIFE to enjoy!

Karen said...

The bluebonnet photos are just beautiful! I laughed when you said that the pooch was eating the flowers and that you'd get arrested. Texas must be a beautiful state with all the wildflowers. Your home is beautiful and I like your fence! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers regarding the blood pressure. I know it is hard to control. My husband takes meds daily for high blood pressure but it is often elevated anyway. Take good care!



And, I love you using A. Funicello's quotation since she just recently passed away. Nice tribute. said...

Love those blue bonnets! We lived in Dallas when the kids were babies and took some great photos there. Glad you had a nice day with your daughter. And, love those "pigeon toes".

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Beautiful photos. Oh those TX flowers! Always think of 'Lady Bird'...

Oh Hon, you know what you have to do, about the blood pressure and the blood sugar. You know. You know. You know.

Not easy, but... You are young and have so much to live for. Please don't wait till you have a heart attack, to decide to doooooooooooo what you gotttttttttta' doooooo. Please. Please. Please.

Before my stenting, I thought we were eating-heathy. Were, compared to many. But it was not enough.

Since stenting (and seeing the 'pic' of my 3 very clogged heart arteries), I can NOT eat what I should not. ...........

And now we have gone farther into Clean Eating.

I know, you don't want to hear any of this. I know. But please, don't wait.......................