Friday, March 1, 2019

December was a crazy whirlwind

So we started making trips weekly to the Rock'n K to check on the progress or make design decisions. Plus we had to get the packing done. We had to be out of the rental by 12/30. Our lease was about to end. Excited but crazy busy plus work got a little busier with me retiring they had to hire a new person and there was all kinds of activities going on.
Feeding the cows is quite the experience especially since they have horns and they get a little rowdy sometimes. I'll add a video later when we had friends come visit. It's always entertaining plus everyone comes to meet Jerry our donkey.
On the 5th of December I made a quick drive up to farm to pick out glass inserts for the corner cabinets meet Bubba along with the window treatment guy. Busy day to say the least. I ended up being rather late for the appointment because some tanker tipped over and spilled hazardous chemicals on the highway. And the only way around took an hour and a half on a 2 lane country road.

This was not good. I had taken all medication this morning not expecting to be on the road for almost 2 hours. Cars as far as one could see. All of the highway was diverted on this 2 lane country road with nothing on it but a couple of farm houses and lots of pastures. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof. I was miserable after sitting in traffic for 30 minutes. Talking with David on the phone he goes get out and go on the side of the road. HA! I was surrounded by nothing but land, weeds and lots of cars. I wasn't gonna bare my shiny white booty. I was twisting and wiggling in my seat, beating on the steering wheel and telling myself I could not have an accident in the car. My bladder felt like it was going to burst.  After almost 50 minutes traffic started to move but I wasn't sure where I was gonna end up at.  They were diverting us now back to the highway and as I turned left on the feeder I was thinking where was the closest restroom. Have you ever had this happen? What luck I saw Santa's Wonderland RV park and I knew they'd have restrooms but now I had to figure out how to get out of the car without wetting myself.
Very carefully and slowly I lift both legs out of the car at the same time and limp to the restroom praying I didn't need a key or that it was full.  .........Finally relief! It's funny now but at the time I was panicking.  Only me I tell you.

The cattle guard was in. Next they'll need to extend the fence up to the guard.

David went up on the 8th of December and the doors & some of the cabinets were all stained along with knobs and pulls for the cabinets were on. He sent pictures to me.  Looked so good.

The hall was a little dark so when David snapped this one of the front door it came out too dark but finally there's color on the doors.  The back door it's easier to see the stain.
Jerry posed for David today.
David was able to capture the black calf that was born in September and the newest calf that was born at Thanksgiving.  This littlest one has a muddy face. Wish the momma's would let us get close enough to pet them but no chance.  I didn't get to go up that weekend because my boss Kim and co-worker Samara set up a Painting with a Twist Retirement Party.  Did I mention yet that I got to retire on December 21st? I did! It was such a great time.  I'm gonna miss this group of people. They were my work family. We worked hard and had fun when we could.
Here's pictures of a few of the people that came to celebrate my retirement.This the director of technology Jay. He and his wife joined us.  Valerie is from the nurses office made t out.  I really just got to know her and now here I was leaving. But I'll see her when I go back to visit and maybe she'll come out to visit.
 Jennifer is also a director and she became Kim's and our department's new boss.
 And then this was my immediate boss Kim. She was great to work for and with. She was great person period.
Here's my good friend Donna Marie and quilting buddy. Met her at the quilt guild and found out she worked for CyFair and we became fast friends from that day forward. Of course I can't leave Dava out. She's in Donna's department. She's really funny and smart.

Here's our building receptionist. I never got a picture with her. Dang it.  I'll need to get one when I go back for a visit.

 Here's all the gals and guy that I worked with for the past 11 years.

 Nancy      and        Geoff     

 Michelle     and        Samara
 Geez I miss these guys. But not enough to go back to work. Sorry. They can come visit.
The whole group did awesome painting. Painting  -  Wine --- and good friends.
The district held a reception for me and 3 others that were retiring in the board room on the 14th.
Then on the 19th Technology had a reception for myself and Frankie our CTO. I couldn't stay long because David and I had to go to the farm for a walk through with the builder.
While at the farm I took Lilley for a grooming with her babies. 
The groomer Misty always takes cute pictures of the girls afterwards
Sophie    Lilley and Bri   How does she get them to sit so pretty? And still?
Before I knew it my last day December 21st had arrived.  It was bittersweet.I had worked 19 1/2 years for CFISD and 11 of them were with the Technology Department. Hard to believe that I would no longer have to get up for this job. Wow!
Look at the cookies I got from my friend Melissa with Sperry Cookie Company. They were great.
  and I saved the best one for later.... LOL

My work family and friends.
And the next day (22nd) the movers came and we were off to the Rock'n K.  Pamela kept Lilley while the move was happening. I believe they all had a good time. I know it was less stressful for Lilley.

I think I'll sign off for now and finish recapping December on my next blog. This one is plenty long.
And those 22 days were crazy busy and full of emotions.

Until next blog....รต  Life is a stitch

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