Sunday, July 11, 2021

Long Time Friend & Canning

 June 30th.. What makes me proud... First my husband with his determination to finish all the projects the farm provides him, he strength in his every day activities, his ability to care for me and especially put up with me. Second my daughter and the things she's achieved and the goals she has set for herself. 

This was a awesome day! Today my friend and fellow blogger Linda and her husband LD came to the farm. We haven't seen each other in almost 6 years. We lived in Houston and she in Dallas and it just never seemed to be in the cards for us to get together but today broke that trend. YAY!

She even came bearing gifts.. Fresh honey that she helped make and tended the bees that made it. And she had a bag of fresh black-eyed peas. Haven't tried either yet but it will have soon. Wonder if honey is good on Zucchini bread. I hope to make some real soon. I hope the bread will be good period since I've never made it before. LOL

Linda snapped a great picture of the front entrance to the sidewalk to the front door.

She snapped a great picture of David's garden. She and LD were happy that we shared our harvest with them. Even sharing we still had an abundance of veggies left over. I'll be making  spaghetti sauce and salsa, pickled peppers, zucchini  chips and bread. Oh and I'll be making some Lemon Vodka Pepper Jelly from a recipe my friend Diana D.  It's gonna be a busy kitchen to say the least.

Of course Linda wanted to meet Jerry and he was quite willing to get his nose rubbed for a carrot or two.

David snapped this picture and it looks like Jerry has an orange cigar.  

Linda also snapped a great picture of Jerry. He was quite willing to pose.

Linda caught a picture of me & David on the porch as they left to go back to their home away from home.   

A few days later I decided it was time to try my hand at making a Lemon Vodka Pepper Jelly. My quilting friend Diana shared her recipe. It tastes really good with just a bit of a bite of heat. But I think I may have cooked a tad to long. It's more like jam but that's okay. Again I'll know better next time. 

How was your 4th of July? We stayed and babysat our grand fur babies while Pamela went to Cypress to hang with friends there for the weekend. I made some salsa that afternoon. Had my tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and 5 different kind of peppers in that pot ready to cook and down, then I used my emersion blender. Poured the sauce into jars and put them in their bath. And pop pop pop went the tops. All sealed up.  

Later that evening I was trying to sew up a quilt so I could get it in the mail to it's new home but I had help.  They were a little concerned over the fireworks going off near by.  Sophie made it very difficult when she got between my feet and sewing machine pedal. Bri was concerned but she guarded the door so no one would get me.  LOL

She baked her tasty Apple cobbler to share with her friends.. Sure wish I had an apple cobbler. sniff sniff. LOL

Looks like the boys were ready to entertain auntie Pam. They're so cute.

Pamela took the picture of Connor. Look at those lashes. Gorgeous.
She also posted a snapchat pic of herself and I screen shot it. Besides being an awesome picture of her beautiful self it said Happy 4th of July.  She informed me I was biased when I said she was beautiful. Maybe but I don't think so.

Tuesday the 5th of July I headed into Bryan to the Gym. I'm using the exercises the Physical therapist gave me trying to strengthen my knee(s). 
To leave though David had to open the gates because Jerry and the cows were in the pasture I had to drive through. As you can see Jerry thought he would get next to the car and we wouldn't notice him walk out with me.  We have a cattle guard so I don't think he would do it.  LOL

I went out again on Thursday the 8th and I had a quilt in my possession that I had finally finished the binding and I wanted to take some pictures of it and drop it in the mail to send it on it's way to it's new home.  I'll have pictures on my next post. 

But I'll stop for now.

Until Next Blog post.... “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”

- J.K. Rowling


Linda said...

We had such a good time visiting y'all!! I may have to paint a picture of Jerry!
Now that Vodka lemon pepper jelly ounds amazing. I hope you will share the recipe. I made a second batch of the zucchini muffins this afternoon. Louis Dean loves them so this will be a often used recipe. Next year we will have to grow some!!

Sherry and I are going to Culvert on Friday, September 24th - which is my birthday! We are going to visit the shops and have lunch and I would love it if you could join us! It will be fun like a party!

terre said...

i envy you guys for having the time to visit each other. i love when i can see linda, when i travel there to visit the grandkids. looks like ya'll had a great time together. your post seemed like you guys kept quite busy!