Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Quilt, Wreck & More Canning/Cooking

A former neighbor and long time friend told me her youngest daughter was having a baby. That meant it was time for me to get busy making a quilt. So I texted her sister, Rhonda, who was going to be helping her little sister, Megan with the baby's room. I think I even texted Megan at one point. I wanted to know a color scheme and if she had a theme. I got green, blue, brown and wild life. 
Wouldn't you know it the wild life fabric I had in mind is no longer available so I had my daughter, Pamela helping me search for a cute wild life fabric and success.  The coordinating colors for the wild life fabric never came off the back order list so I had to shop in our local shop Lone Star Quiltworks for the coordinating colors. I decided on a square in a square pattern and alternated the colored squares. Once it was all sewn together I sent it off to my sweet friend Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest to quilt it for me.  When it came back I couldn't decide on the binding color and decided to do what is called a faux piping binding using both bright colors. I kinda forgot how to sew it on. I ripped that binding off the quilt 3 different times until I figured out what was wrong. 
Well I might have done a little cheating getting it on but I think it came out pretty good in spite of myself. I stuck in the mail last Thursday and Megan received the quilt on Saturday. And her sister Rhonda and her Mom Joanie were there to see.  Got texts from each that they all loved it and it went well in Mr Barrett's room.  Yahoo! Makes me feel good when it all works out right and the recipient likes it.
When I left that day around 11:45am to go to the gym and post office I had to pass by a major wreck. It happened at 5:30am and the visibility was zero. It was basically behind our neighbors house/property.  Apparently one car was pulled over on the shoulder and a truck was there trying to help. Then an 18 wheeler apparently drifted onto the shoulder due to the visibility. The Milam County Emergency crew was on sight and worked for like 9 hours. Sadly there was one death. So my pictures don't do anything justice 
but that 18 wheeler cab is straddling the RR tracks and his trailer load was perpendicular to the cab of the truck.  I couldn't just stop and take pictures so I help my camera up and snapped and hoped to capture something. I could only see the smashed up car on the wrecker bed but never saw the other vehicle involved. I understand there was only the one fatality and the others were in good condition.  Thank God a train didn't come through during the fog! There was a train waiting at our road entrance for the truck to be cleared. My prayers go out to the families involved.  
 When I got home in the afternoon everything was cleared out. I decided to get busy canning some more homemade salsa. The recipe called for a pound and 1/2 of peppers to the 3 pounds of tomatoes. I used Jalapeno, serrano, hot banana peppers and a 1 habanero.  I only used jalapeno last year and it wasn't very spicy but I think this batch should be a little spicier. Actually we've already ate a jar and I think it is spicier and maybe better. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. LOL
Next I decided to make some zucchini bread from a recipe from my long time friend and fellow blogger, Linda Chapman. My bread came out just fine. I told David I needed to cook it a few minutes less and I would have been happier but not bad for my first time. The recipe called for 2 loaves but I didn't have 2 pans so I made the rest of the batter into 12 muffins.  Well they came out a little crustier so for sure I need to bake them for less time. Oh and I added some cinnamon chips into the muffins. Anyway I put one in the microwave later to warm it back up and it helped soften the muffin and it did taste good. Even David gave the muffins and the Bread a thumbs up.  I have one more big zucchini so I guess I better make another loaf and more muffins.  If you click on Linda's name above it will take you to her blog. It's a fun packed read.
We had a house guest Thursday night. My best friend Janet from high school has a sister, Donna who lives in Bryan and asked if I would mind driving her to the Baylor Scott and White in Temple for a procedure and I said sure. I had her come stay the night here at the Rock'n K because it was a shorter drive. We talked all the way up and back. 
I had no idea that I'd get to see quilts while sitting in the clinic waiting for her. I was walking the hall waiting area looking each quilt and sign next to each one when I saw a familiar name as the quilter. Small World. The quilter was Lisa Martin and she belonged to a bee I go to in the area but a couple of weeks ago she moved to Tyler.  My pictures won't do the quilts justice and especially since they were behind plexie glass.  Donna told me they had quilts on most all of the floors I believe.   With the glare it's hard to see the details but they were nice and I enjoyed them.

Donna took me to lunch for being her escort and chauffer. 

Sunday (7/10) Our friends the Kennedy's from another mother came over to help us load a bull named Stormer into the trailer to take to Freezer Camp. I was anxious on how this was gonna go. I wanted to take my camera out but I was supposed to be helping the best I could, not take pictures. But to our surprise only one cow went down the chute that we released easy enough by a side gate. Well actually two. Stormer's momma came in and then Stormer.  We couldn't release her by the side gate in fear Stormer would knock Kelli down trying to get out behind his momma. They both got in the trailer. Awesome. Not a perfect situation but at least we only had to sort out those two and not 18 others too. After a few head butts and kicks to the trailer and sometimes to Stormer the Momma came out. Whew!. This all took about 30 minutes. I was expecting longer so YAY.   This bull hasn't grown much in it's 2 1/2 years of life and didn't show any interest in the girls so off he went.  
That evening David and I went to 4C Brew Barn (they are a Harvest Host) to have a couple of drinks. The other Kennedy's couldn't join us but that didn't stop us. We hung out with the owners Vernon and Melissa for almost 2 hours. They're great people. David got their Bock beer and I had the frozen Sangria. Yum. I took a picture of my drink and texted it to Kelli to show her what she's missing. LOL That's Vernon in the background. David couldn't leave without buying her Lemon Blueberry loaf. He's ate most of it already. 
And that is how we ended our weekend. Y'all take care and stay safe.

Until next blog.... May your bobbin always be full!


Annie said...

The new baby quilt is terrific. I love the colors and how you’ve finished it off. I love that backing fabric too. WOW, what fun to view quilts while waiting at the clinic. Definitely not a norm for wall decor but it’s awesome.

Betty said...

Carla, I sure miss talking and visiting with you.

Our move to Florida has been great and meeting new folks, but still missing my Texas quilting buddies.

Sounds like you are getting into farm life. OHHHH, I was going to take a picture, but we went by too fast. There was a Rockin K farm with a cool brand that I saw as we sped by. Wished I could have taken a picture.

Lisa Roper said...

Girl....y’all are busy!!! Baking. Quilting. Traveling. Helping! Enjoying yourselves 💋💋