Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ice Ice Baby...........

Okay so I know everything we get in the Houston area is nothing compared to Atlanta or say any other state further north but it is what it is. Pamela was to come home last Friday morning but her Dad called her and said when you finish your shift Thursday night come home so you can avoid the ice expected. She didn't get off until about 7:30pm but she loaded up her car and pup and headed home in the rain.  At 4:49 am last Friday I got the call the schools and facilities closed ice and bad road conditions. You see Texans don't get the same practice on icy roads as the area north of Texas. Well Dallas gets at least one or two practices a year. By the time 9:30am rolled around on Friday the roads were clear but our fence was still covered in ice so Pamela was able to make it to her doctors appointment. I was glad to have the day off so I could spend it with her even if included running errands and me buying her lunch. I had hoped to get a little bit of sewing done but that didn't happen. 
Saturday was grocery shopping and delivery of the Welcome Baskets to our new neighbors. Posted a picture of the basket in my last post. Sunday Pamela came home from the bachlorette party just in time to hear over to my friend Carol's so Pamela could deliver some items she wanted embroidered. 
Carol is one of my friends who is very talented. She quilts, she sews clothes, purses whatever, embroiders, makes embroidered patches, and she crochets.
Aren't these hood towels adorable. She makes all kinds. Turtles, monkeys, lions oh my. Click Carol June and it will take you to her website. Check out just how talented she is. 

Pam and I buy a lot of these cute little baby booties from Carol. Usually they're maroon and white. You know Aggie colors. Carol makes them any color you want. Even burnt orange and white. ;o)
Oh and did I mention that Sunday was beautiful and warm then here comes Monday temps go down and the news is predicting rain possible sleet and maybe a few snow flakes. Here we go again. They say "If you don't like the weather give it an hour". We can through at least 2 seasons in one day. Surprisingly at 5pm Monday I  got the phone call and they're closing the schools and facilities for Tuesday. A person could get used to these 4 day weeks. 
David called me at 10am Tuesday asking if it was snowing or sleeting and I said nope just raining. Well 30 minutes later that changed. It began a steady show of sleeting and small flakes of snow. Very small. It was mostly sleet. The driveway looked just like this railing. Icy and slick.  
And oh my the geese! They're hanging out in all this in my neighbor's yard. You can faintly see the collection of sleet and snow along the fence line. Yeah I know what's the big deal. Technically it's not but it's always a surprise when it sleets or snows in the Houston area.   Ice Ice Baby.  
Too corny for
Ahh yes my Tuesday was cold and icy but productive. 
On the production side I made a couple more quilted mailable postcards. 
This one was for my boss's birthday. She loves to play golf when she can. Of course fostering 3 little boys with the hope to adopt has become a full time job which leaves little time for golf.  I called this one Hole in One.  I wrote that I hoped her day was as good as a Hole in One Kind of Day.
And then I started sewing the blocks together for my next quilt. So far so good. It looks pretty cute I think. Oh you want to see what it looks like well you'll have to wait. It's a gift and I'd hate for her to see this post and see what I'm making. I want it to be total surprise.  I should be done with the top this weekend and then I can decide on a backing fabric and get it quilted or quilt it myself. I haven't decided yet. I talked with with my friend Donna who is quilting the quilt I finished piecing for one of the quads and I got a sneak peak of what it looks like. I thinks it looks great. If you click on her name it will take you to her blog and where you'll find her shop of fabrics. You'll never guess her favorite color. 

Guess what I did Wednesday... It's Wednesday annnnndddd we went to Puffabelly's for our fix of Davin James and Jesse Dayton. We love listening to these guys.They're talented and funny. They can sing and rock the guitar. They played until almost 10:35pm which meant we didn't get home until 11:15pm or there abouts but it was so worth it.

So Until Next blog let's see what I can get accomplished or get into......No one knows what’s next, but everybody does it.....George Carlin



Anonymous said...

Carla, You are truly a very special Lady. Don't ever stop, you have so much to share.

donna said...

Can you believe today's weather. 70's WOW! What a difference from last week. Those towels are so darn cute. Love them.
So glad you got to spend time with your daughter my dear.

Larri said...

You packed a lot into your snow days! We had more ice than snow in our part of SC, yet it shut down school early on Tues & no school Wed or Thu. I try not to grouse about it, but I'm ready for warmer weather. It's been unusually cold this season. Might have to move farther South! Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Happy Sunday! :)

Linda said...

I agree with comment #1 - although I'm not sure who she is!!
I always enjoy seeing what you guys are up to!! You and Pam remind me of me and Amber!

Linda P said...

So very cute Carla. Thank you for your sweet compliments. I do design blogs. I think your blog should be a wider format. The template is too small. You need more posting space.

Art and Sand said...

I love those little towels your friend Carol makes. I have to check out her site.

If we ever get to Texas, I am going to hunt you down to go to a concert with us.