Monday, January 13, 2014

Brag much?

Now I have all kinds of very talented and creative friends and today I want to brag on one. I do that every now and then. The gal can do anything if she wants to. She'll see something and think I don't want to spend that kind of money mmmmm maybe I can replicate it. She is a Handy Woman.  
If you click on that name it will take you to Janet's Blog. But what I want to brag on is her talent in making a bird house. OMG.
She had been out shopping and spied this birdhouse but nearly fell over when she saw the price of $200+ dollars.

I have to admit I love this bird house but I sure wouldn't and couldn't pay over $200 for it but I also wouldn't be able to even begin to replicate it.

Now Check out her rendition of the birdhouse.

I just love her house. Even more so than the expensive one. Oh and she's a quilter too. But you wouldn't have guessed.
 Look at the detail she put into this birdhouse. Looking though the window you can see the bolts of fabric. She said she spent about $70. I would pay it for this one. If you want to see more pictures click HERE
Don't you want one?  I do! I'll tell you a secret well not really a secret but I'll tell you how you can win this one if you make it to Houston/Cypress February 28- March 1. 

Janet was so gracious and donated this awesome bird house to the Tri County Quilt Guild's Boutique for the Quilt Show Raffle. I know where some of my bucks are going. Beside on the beautiful raffle quilt. 
If you get a chance and you're in the area you need to stop by Our 3rd Quilt Show. 
February 28 - March 1, 2014

Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 10 - 4
Admission $7
Under 12 free!

                     The Berry Center in Cypress, TX
8877 Barker Cypress
We have 28 awesome vendors, a bed turning, almost 200 quilts hanging (another brag - we have lots of talent in the guild), classes, a boutique and a quilt raffle as already mentioned , a guild challenge, and we'll have a certified quilt appraiser by appointment only. You need contact me for an appointment.  You never know that quilt from Aunt Penelope might be worth some money.

Was that a shameless plug for my guild quilt show. Yep! LOL

This is random but there's this white house about 4 miles down the road from my house that has set there for 2 years with grass and weeds growing up all around it. Noticed one day they had cleaned up around the house and was building a barn building to the left of it. 
But still didn't really pay much attention to it until about 5 months ago. Whoa! Can you say bright and yet cool? It's kinda weird to see a house in the country this country.
I keep waiting to see some life but they now have to stick chairs out front. When I say stick I mean round back chairs made from tree branches it looks like. Okay so now I pay more attention.

This past Saturday started off meeting David and his Mustang Sally over in Humble at a specialty shop so they can do some work he can't and help him get an inspection. Then we stopped off to for David to buy a new steering wheel. Then I brought David back home and I headed up to my mom's house. 

She was feeling pretty good and playful. I asked if I could take some pictures and she said "Why so I can break your camera?" Not hardly Not hardly. She was on but I was off in my picture taking. Dang it. But here's the results of our 10 minute photo shoot in between shopping.  

I love spending time with my mom. I corrupted her at the next shop that also had a wine bar. Only one glass each but it was fun to just talk and relax. Found me a new wine by doing so.

Excederin PM kicking in good Who knows what typos I've made but it's off to bed I go. I'll fix them later. ;o)

Until next blog...


Linda said...

Loved this post and loved seeing the pics of your mom!!
I have had m evening wine and about to go to's nice to read a fun blog before closing out the night!

KaHolly said...

You're lucky to be able to spend time with your mom!!

donna said...

Janet's birdhouse are gorgeous. She reminds me of my sister. My sister can do the same thing. Your mom looks like she is having fun. That is so awesome. So glad you found a new wine. Maybe we can have a tasting at retreat lol.

Handywoman said...

Aww, you are so sweet to brag on me...I am so humbled for sure! I love the pictures of your mom! What a treasure you have. You might have to blow some of those up for your family wall!