Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Riding on Along on Route 36

I’m Falling down on the job already. I wanted to post within 2-3 days tops after doing something. Does posting on facebook as it happens count. I guess since probably at least 60% of you are not on my facebook maybe not. Oh well I’ll continue to try to do better.
Woke up Saturday morning and David asks if I’d like to go out for breakfast. Is the Pope Catholic? He knows I won’t turn down a chance to go out to eat and not cook. We hop in the car and head to our favorite little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Waller for some Migas. Not only are they yummy they are very economical. Even with coffee, juice and tip we can walk out of there for under $12. Oh but wait change in plans… Would you rather go to Newman’s in Bellville? Sure why not we’ve been wanting to try it. So on down the road we traveled.
We both ordered the Omelet with everything in it with hash-browns and biscuits.  Can you say mmm mmm good? Way more food than I could eat. I screwed up by not leaving out the green peppers in the omelet. They only taste good the 1st time.  I can eat red and yellow but not the green. After breakfast we hit the road. Instead of heading home we went the opposite direction just looking at the country side. We love the trees and all the rolling hills. I say riding along on Route 36 but we hit a few other roads. Thank goodness for google at least once during our drive.  
Around lunch time we rolled into Round Top and found they were having a chili cook off to benefit the library. For $10 we received some red beads with jalapeno peppers, an arm bracelet, a bowl and a spoon. We were able to taste all of the various chili’s. Some were really good and some were okay and some were not so good. It was such a beautiful day that there were motorcycle riders everywhere. We ate all we could and jumped back in the car for some more road time admiring the views. Sometimes we would still like to buy some land and build a house and have the option to build David a big barn to work on old cars and maybe a little woodwork. Who knows maybe one day we'll find that perfect piece of land with the view we want but for now I love our house and the area we live in.

I’ve been cutting some quilt blocks for quilts and creating some quilted postcards. 
Here’s the postcards I’ve created and mailed out recently. 

I put a pocket in the present to hide the birthday check for my God Child.

I hope to get more made as the year rolls on.

My daughter came home this weekend for a bridal luncheon and the brides last party as a single lady. The luncheon was in the Heights at a place called The Shade. Pamela said it was awesome. Maybe one of the next times she comes home we'll have to go try it for something different for lunch. 
Before the girls went out partying they went and had their make up done for the evening. Pamela sent me this picture. Okay I'm biased but she's beautiful. Not that she needed the make-up but wow.

Of course when she comes home so does the grand-dog Sophie. Sophie loves to play ball while Dexter watches. I think Dexter figures if David and I keep Sophie busy chasing the ball she won't be pulling his tail or jumping at him.
One last thing. I volunteered to be on the Welcome Committee for our subdivision along with a couple of other gals, Lora and Whitney in the neighborhood and this Saturday we delivered baskets to our 2 newest neighbors. 

It was a success and the baskets were pretty nice if I do say so myself. They're nothing fancy but it's something to say "Welcome to the Neighborhood".

Until next Blog post.... “A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed” ~Henrik Ibsen 


Kathryn said...

I saw you went to Newman's for breakfast - next time call us and we will meet you there! I love Newman's breakfast.

Linda said...

I have said it before but I'll say it again!! I love your life!!! You and Dave just have so much fun! You'd think y'all were newly weds!!

Art and Sand said...

You have such fun road trips. I laughed at your comment that some of the chili's were "not so good".

I received a quilted postcard at Christmas and had never seen or heard of them. Yours are so cute.

Love the idea of the Welcome Baskets.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That sounds like a perfect day...Tons of great food (I hate green peppers too) and just enjoying the day! Your daughter is so cute!


Annie said...

Your postcards are so cute! Did you actually mail the birthday postcard?...was the pocket sealed somehow? I've often thought of pockets but always doubted whatever trivial trinket I would put inside would arrive with the postcard.