Thursday, February 6, 2014

Upside Down

Friday was a good but yet messed up day. It was a busy day as always but our director came to my bosses office and started telling her that they were going to my co-worker across the street to be under a different manager. The whole time he's talking my co-worker goes I didn't know anything about this.... Can we say communication? She wasn't clueless because there had been talk but she didn't know that anything had been decided. It kinda flipped the day upside down. While it's a good move possibly for my co-worker Nancy it sure surprised us and made us sad. It will make it different without Nancy there to ask questions or just talk with. Never a dull moment in technology.
Then there was today. David got the call yesterday that Mustang Sally was ready. So we got up and went to the repair shop. I dropped him off and headed back to the house. I made a couple of stops before getting home. My first stop was an important one... Gas... LOL okay not so important to this post but then I stopped at one of my favorite quilt shops in Tomball.  Quilters Crossing isn't a huge shop but it is packed with color and it has a nice size classroom in a separate building next to the shop. I went in looking for a couple of certain fabrics that while I didn't find them I did settle for 3 others. Haha I didn't settle for anything I was very happy with my choices. And Yes I do have a purpose for them. 

Anyway after a quick stop at the shop I headed home. I did some laundry and then grabbed Dexter to take him to the groomers. He was a mess and stinky. I have a hard time trying to brush him without losing fingers or my hand. I warned the groomers that he's pretty snappy with sharp teeth. They looked at little guy and said it was possible that they might need to click/shave him to get him back in shape.... ;o( Hope not I said

Now back to David. Before Dexter and I got out of the door David called.  He got half way home in his little Hot rod to have it die. He said it was like someone reached over and turned the ignition off. Uhhh that's not suppose to happen when you just picked it up from the shop. Okay this sucks. So I had to pick up David
and the shop sent a wrecker to pick up the car. Another upside down moment/day. David was all ready to have Mustang Sally home. Let's Cross our fingers we'll get it back next Saturday.

Got the phone call that Dexter was ready so off I went.
My poor little boy they had to shave him. Yikes the weather is changing to cooler again so I need to put his coat back on. I thought he had gained some weight but with out all his fur. Oh my he's skinny. Oh and the groomer told me that Dexter would need to tranquilized before she'll try to handle him again. He was very pissed every time she tried to brush him. 
Welcome to my world. I guess I'll talk to the vet next we go in about
giving Dexter something to calm him down.
Poor Guy. I put on his sweater and put him on our bed and he was out. He knows what pillows are for.  Later that night I had to cover him us because he was shivering.This was Dexter's upside down kinda day.

So everyone tells me if I make a list of the things I want to Accomplish which by the way should be my word for 2014 that I need to make a list. So here it is.

My project list to work on
Quad quilt #2 top complete, being quilted
Quad quilt #3 top complete ready to be quilted
Quad quilt #4
my last 2 handmade items from a Facebook post. Did 3 but have 2 more to create
Carolyn's quilt top complete being quilted
Jaxon's quilt
Sandy's quilt
Flag quilt
Pamela's quilt
Pamela's tshirt quilt
Nickie's Tshirt quilt
postcards are an ongoing project
A tool pouch for David's motorcycle
Allan's quilt
phi mu auction quilt
valence for den
valence for dining room
valence for breakfast room
create more bookmarkers
create some mug rugs
new pillow covering for pam - 2
pillow cases for guest room
valence for master bath
hobo quilt
open a pattern I bought and actually make it.
start reading again

With a list like this I need to get busy. I'm hoping to make better progress this year and stop procrastinating. My list is in no specific order it's just a list that I hope to make a dent in.

Well until next blog....All people have the right to stupidity but some abuse the privilege.

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Linda said...

You can work for YEARS on that list!!! At least you're never bored!