Sunday, February 16, 2014

From One Extreme to Another

Extreme is for how busy last weekend was and how slow this one was. And the same for weather. We were in the 30's and below freezing and now, now we're in the 50's for evening lows and day highs in the 70's. I like the 70's. 

Pamela came home last Thursday for her best friend from elementary school's wedding that happened last Saturday.. It seems like every time I turned around she was doing something with or for Marlaina. 
I'm so glad these girls have remained friends but I tell ya it's really hard thinking of these girls being old enough to get married. I'm remember all the sleep overs, girl scouts and school events. The girl on the far right is the bride back in 1998 as a 5th grader. That's Pamela on the back row in blue. St Rose Of Lima 5th grade class 1998.
Grrr that means I guess I'm getting older too. mmmm  Thursday night was family night but Friday she was off to join the girls for manicures and that evening was the rehearsal and dinner.  

Saturday she was off early to get her hair done and it really turned out pretty. We met up at 12:30 to head to wedding venue....Chateau Polonez. 

What a beautiful place for a wedding. I wish there had been more time to explore the outside grounds but on with the wedding. 
Of course the bride was more beautiful. 

Marlaina and her Mom.

It was a beautiful evening.

Took time to capture pictures of the family. We clean up pretty well if I say so myself. 

I would have been happy if my hair had stayed curled but it is what it is. I had to wear a sweater that evening since the dress was sleeveless. 

David bought me my dress a couple of years ago
for Christmas. He has good taste.

Of course our daughter is beautiful. Then as I've said before I'm prejudice.

 I was able to capture a picture of the Bride and Groom with Pamela.

I wish the best for Josh and Marlaina for many years to come. I hope they're as happy years from now as they are today.
This weekend was quiet.  No rushing around with multiply activities and no weddings but that also means that Pamela isn't home. There's always a flurry of activity when she's around. 

While we were at the wedding a big box arrived at the house from my friend Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest. She had finished quilting two quilts for me.  I was so excited. They look awesome. Sorry no pictures yet.I'm a step closer to putting them in the mail to their intended recipients and at that time I'll be able to post pictures. Don't want to spoil the surprise. So that's what I've been working on this weekend. I had to cut lots of binding strips. My friend Donna V. told me of a neat way she found on Pinterest to bind a quilt called Sue's Magic Binding.  
I actually sat down this week and felt like reading and have read about 60% of a book. This is the most I've read in over a year. 

Well I guess I better get back to the binding for the quilts or I'll never finish.

So until the Blog post..Life is a Patchwork of Memories


Art and Sand said...

Gorgeous wedding photos.

I am still friends with my good friends from childhood as are my own children. It really makes things special.

What a tease you are mentioning the quilts and then not sharing any photos.

Linda said...

Your photos are always great and y'all look beautiful!! Can't believe it's been so long since I have actually seen you in person!!
How blessed for Pam to have such a good group of friends that have stayed in touch over the years! Amber has that with her synchro gals and my blogging friend, Deb, still has her group of high school friends - which she is sharing with me lately! FRIENDS make the world go round - and I'm glad YOU are one of MINE!!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. All of you look so pretty. (And handsome).Your daughter's hair was gorgeous and she looks beautiful in her dress with the bright pop from the flowers. They do have to grow up, don't they?..Happy Monday..Judy