Tuesday, April 9, 2024

One more birthday dinner, with a quick retreat and recognizing someone special

While our birthday is over and we've had wine, dinner and then a celebration at the farm David still took us to Dead Fish Grill on Lake Belton on Sunday (3/17). It was very yummy but I think the food quality wasn't quite as good as it normally is.  I think they were slammed due to a wedding reception in the private room. And unfortunately we couldn't set outside and enjoy the views because it was raining.  I guess we'll have to go back on a nicer day with Pamela and Kaleb. We still had a fun day.
On Monday (3/04) I had gone to the Sassy Stitchers Bee and check out this cute crocheted little dress that Natalie shared. I believer she said her Mom or Grandmother made it a few other pieces she shared. Sweet.  
I also snapped a picture of a block Carolyn was working on. She found it hidden in a closet and decided she'd start paper piecing more of the blocks. She decided that she knew why it was hidden away in the closet. LOL  She finished another block while at bee and took the project home and well not sure but I think it went back in the closet for another day or year. LOL It's really pretty.  She's always making something pretty or cute. 
Friday (3/22) and Saturday (3/23).  There's a whole lot of sewing going on lately. I got to go to a 2 day retreat in Rosebud. "The Fabric Barn Sewical" We set up in the town library and sewed all day, went home in the evening and came back the next day. Tiffany the Fabric Barn shop owner did all the cooking and everything was so tasty.  She always had a smile and I know she had to be exhausted.

Fri Lunch: Chicken gnocchi soup, salad  Fri Dinner: Beef tips & egg noodle, green beans, herb bread                                                                                  Fri All Day: meat/cheese/cracker tray, carrot cake, strawberry lemonade                                
Sat Breakfast: Quiche, bacon, sausage, biscuits        Sat Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, mixed fruit bowl               Sat All Day: Pimento cheese, olive spread, pumpernickel bread, crackers, brownies 
I didn't hear a sole complain. LOL  Met lots of new people and saw some familiar faces. Gals that go to bee and some that retreat with me. 
My long time friend Ellen made a variation of dresses for her granddaughters and a shirt for the grandson for Easter.  They were all dressed in purple. Even the parents. This is one of the dresses. So adorable.

In this next picture is Tammy making her quilt blocks of little goats. Cute.  And the gal behind her was making a Texas block.

This fabric is so cute.  Jane is in the process of making a cute quilt with it. And Kim is making burp rags with the cute barn fabric.  Sweet

This block is cool. Not sure I could this one or not but I might need to try one day.  Unfortunately I can't say which lady at retreat was making. And then there was this cute bear astronaut quilt top.  The young lady on the right with the big smile is the one who pieced the top.

We bought the Fabric Barn Sewical T-shirts. 

Donna Marie finished up this top. She always works on the cool tops. Judy made a T-shirt quilt. Nice job. 

This is my round robin quilt from 2020. I just finished getting the piano key border on and actually did mitered corners. I won't say it was easy.  I need add a couple more borders to make it fit a queen size bed. I want the quilt to hang over the sides. Finished top should be done by next post, then it's off to the quilter for custom quilting.
Would you believe this is someone's hair? That they got so frustrated..... 
Okay so it's only thread. The thread some how got wound around the wheel of the machine and the only way she got it off was by hand. Been there done that. No fun.
Moving on but it's hard because there was so many pretty projects being worked on. 
The Roses at the Rock'n K are going crazy. David's, Julia Childs roses are flourishing this year.
On Sunday (3/24) David and I went to the Rising Sun Vineyards in McDade to pick up our wine. Pamela and Kaleb met us there. We had some food, wine, and beer. The vineyard had entertainment and the young man was very
good and young.  We were listening to Parker Jensen. He was only 15. He turned 16 two days later. He's out of Georgetown and looking to make it in the music industry. The best of luck to him for sure. He's not only talented but he's also very personable and polite.
We got our picture taken with him before leaving. We got there around 1pm and never planned on being there until the entertainment ended but we stuck around because of that entertainment.
Before closing for this post... All the negativity against law enforcement, remember these men and women put their lives on the line protecting and serving the people. So I want to give a shout out to Sam Ferguson IV for his service in Law Enforcement.  He was shot a few years ago while on duty. It's been a long hard road to recovery but he's getting closer. He and his wife Tammy have a strong faith and love. Recently he received an award and vest for his valor.  Thank you Sam for your service. Before posting this picture I did ask for their permission. I sure don't want to invade someone's personal space but I felt he deserved some recognition.
Until next blog post...

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