Monday, April 15, 2024

Love, Friends, Wildflowers, a little Crazy and Antiques & More

On Tuesday (3/26) Pamela and Kaleb headed to Brenham to meet up with the wedding photographer to take engagement pictures. She was excited but nervous. I can't wait to see what Rachel the photographer captured. This selfie is pretty nice. If it's any clue the pictures should be awesome. Love these two.
I met up with my friend and quilter Donna Lynn in Sealy to hand off some quilts to be quilted, a little shopping and lunch. Did you know there was a quilt shop in Sealy, TX? I didn't but I do now. It's called the Wooden Spool. She wasn't at our latest quilt retreat so this was great chance to catch up. And lucky me the shop was having a sale and I picked up a couple of needed fabrics and a Accuquilt die cut that I was about to order. Okay so don't laugh, but just maybe I didn't really need the fabric but I was gonna order the die cut and would have had to shipping and more than I paid at the shop. Yahoo.

When went our separate ways she went home and I went to the Stock Yard antique barn to check it out.  I found this old milk can.. Dannnnggg. Check out the price. I used to have one but we never did anything with it so we gave it to a friend. Mmmm  Wish we had it now. LOL   Then I went to see my sweet friend Sylvia who is stuck at home recovering from a bone marrow transplant.  She looked great but I didn't stay long because I could tell she was getting tired. As soon as she can get out and about it's time for us to get together to celebrate her recovery.  It's been too long.
From here I headed home and saw lots of wildflowers etc. So I had to take some pictures. My pictures don't do what I saw justice.
Found a spot of bluebonnets and drove by our favorite place to eat catfish in Cat Springs. Haven't been there in a while. 
And I found a new quilt shop. Well maybe not new but it is to me. It wasn't open the day I went by but I'll go back to Bellville and check it out one day soon. Can't have too many quilt shops. LOL
So this happened! That's Kaleb's little truck. It was parked facing the gargare door but the van shoved it 90 degrees just after 1am.  They were both safe and sound asleep in bed.

This was the cadillac SUV across the street. It was shoved several feet and spun around just missing the light pole.
The 24yr old guy driving the mini van was drunk and maybe stoned. Speeding through the neighborhood when instead of curving to the left he went straight into multiply trash cans and the white vehicle, then over corrected and shot across the street to take out Kaleb's 1 year old truck. Only saving grace in this is if he hadn't hit Kaleb's truck he would have plowed into the neighbors young daughter's bedroom.  Crazy night. It made the KBTX news. The young man couldn't pass the sobriety test and then the officers found a gun in the van. He was arrested and may actually still be in jail.  The white vehicle was totalled and apparently Kaleb's vehicle will be repaired. Crazy Crazy....
The twins started T=Ball a couple weeks ago.
This is Braxton                       This is Killian

We have a lefty apparently.  
Our partner in crime Chelsie couldn't join us Friday (3/29) to use our Bluebonnet wine trail passes but she was there in spirit. She's a nurse too and works the night shift so drinking wine during the day and working all night don't work.
Our first winery was the Blue Mule in Fayetteville. We had fun.

There was chickens,
Guinea hens, donkey's and a wild bunny. Oh and good wine and funny signs
I convinced David that on Saturday (3/30) we needed to take a day trip to Mineola to go antique shopping. Johnson Street is just one store after another. I think I got the most out of this trip for sure.  
One of the shops I found the perfect sign for Pamela & Kaleb's wedding, a bag to carry quilting projects and a Jim Shore Angel figurine. If you're not familiar with Jim Shore, all his figurines have a quilting theme.
Hey Kelli notice the rock next to the angel...It's my special rock from Dalton. LOL
While shopping I saw this lamp made from industrial thread spools with and without thread. Mmm gave me an idea. I have lots of these spools. Maybe I could make one. Maybe. And I saw this bag while shopping. Something else I could make if I decide. LOL
All this shopping made us hungry so of course we found BBQ
We ate at Cowburners BBQ. We didn't like it.  LOL
With our tummies full we continued Looking through the shops.  The next shop we entered was an oddity shop of everything.  Such as a body in a coffin or a uhh woman creature.
And silly signs
On our way back we stopped so I could take some pictures of these flowers that were all over the sides of the road once we came into Palestine. The first one is called Crimson Clover and the 2nd one is called Corn flower/Bachelor button. They're really pretty in mass quantities along the road.

Well that's it for now
Until next blog...Our most difficult task as a friend is to offer understanding when we don't understand.   ~ Robert Brault


Linda said...

Oh, how I loved visiting with you today! Love your life and so happy you and David are enjoying retirement! Pamela is beautiful and I am so happy for all of you!!

donna said...

Had a great day with you. Catching up was fun. I love that quilt store.
Loves and hugs