Friday, September 23, 2022

Antique time and other adventures. And yes Bruno too

 Okay so we've been worried about what Jerry or the cows would do if Bruno went into the pasture with them. I mean Jerry is supposed to protect the cows from coyote's and the cows have horns and they're not afraid to use them. Well now we know. After all the kissing and nose rubbing through the fence Jerry is just fine with Bruno. Now the cows would duck their heads like that's close enough bucko. Bruno would back up and the cows didn't charge at him.

Check it out. Bruno and Jerry.

On the weekend of our anniversary we were supposed to go antiquing in Mart, TX at Leon Junction Warehouse sale 

but due to impending bad weather they rescheduled it to the 16th-17th. So Friday the 16th we went to the store and then the warehouse. Only it wasn't really a warehouse it was a big old two story house. LOL  

I came home with a few children's books to have on hand and some alphabet blocks for an art project I want to work on eventually but that's it. David came out empty handed. 

Mart is pretty small so they didn't have a big selection of places to eat but we chose a place called MeMaw's Kitchen. David got fried fish and I had chicken tenders. I, of course came home with left overs. We now carry an ice chest when we're out and about with ice packs, a protein shake if needed and to keep left overs in. The food was pretty good. Not real big but the ladies were friendly that seem to run the place. We were trying to decide what to do next and I mentioned a couple of places in Calvert that we haven't shopped at yet but then comes up with a new idea....

David: Isn't Rosebud where that quilt shop you like to go to is?  

Me: Yes, Yes it is why? 

David: I'll take you there. I really don't mind.

Me: I don't need anything really so we don't have to go.

David: I really don't mind taking you there. I know how much you like the shop.

Awww then the light blub comes on.... Okay I get it and know exactly why he wants to go. LOL There's a soda/gift shop one door over and they serve Blue Bell ice cream and other good stuff. 

Me: Sure you can take me to The Fabric Barn quilt shop in Rosebud. But I'll take you to the shop a door over and I want one bite of your ice cream. And we'll pray one bite don't make me sick.

David: Deal.

Driving down the road to Rosebud we saw a Zonkey. Actually we saw 2 of them.  It's a cross between a ... Donkey and a Zebra. Isn't she cute? I want one. And she is fast.. watch the video.


Photo by Fabric Barn

David is such a mess. When I go into the quilt shop I tell the owner Tiffany that I dropped my husband off at the daycare one door down and told him to behave. LOL  It only cost me and ice cream cone.  But then I did buy a book of quilt block patterns, 3 pieces of fabric and a powder for fusing fabric, so it cost me more than a dang ice cream. I can't walk into a quilt shop and not buy something.  We are now done. Ready for a nap so home we went.

Saturday (9/17) We got up and headed to Huntsville County Fairgrounds for another Antique show by Huntsville Junkers/Huntsville Antique show. It was okay. We both walked out empty handed but we were tempted by an 8' long display cabinet that would go nicely in our dining area only we already have a hutch. 

After a debate we decided we didn't need to spend the money. But it was pretty. Could only take a side shot of it because there was a table and other purdy stuff in the way. 

The other item I saw that was cool was a white featherweight which I understand they are rare and this one was in great shape. I didn't have the money to buy it though so I passed. I have enough sewing machines.

I found some blue striped T-Towel fabric that was in nice condition but I looked at the price and it was $55 for 3 yards! Uh no, that's more than $15/yard. And a small bag of old buttons were $5. Another nope.

So we both walked out empty handed. It was time to find food.

We ended up at McKenzie's BBQ. This time I told David to buy a BBQ plate and I'll eat some of the meat and sides he gets. This worked out great. He ordered the 3 meat plate with 2 sides and the beans were free. The sliced up brisket, sausage and chicken. I was able to take enough of each and he still had plenty to munch on. We need to share a plate more often.  Makes me a cheap lunch date. He figures this means we can hit more BBQ joints sharing a plate like this. Works for me.

So while we were in Huntsville Pamela called and told us to come by Kaleb's parents house and meet them. We were just 3 miles away and She was already there. So we did. We got to meet Kaleb's Parents, Tori, Kevin and his 2 yr old twin boys. The boys fell asleep minutes after we got there since it was nap time but the rest of us had a real nice visit. His parents are really nice. Kaleb is Pamela's boyfriend in case I didn't mention that before. He's an awesome young man and he's a keeper. He puts up with Pamela. LOL  He's funny, polite and he makes Pamela happy. They make each other happy. They make a cute couple. Gotta love them.

In my last post I mentioned Pamela was in Missouri at the end of August to visit her friend Hannah and her husband Phil. Well Kaleb went too. 

Pamela got take him to Hermann, MO which is a really cool place and it has wineries and a whiskey distillery. He and Phil tried the various whiskeys.

While in the area he also got to meet my sister Barbara and Cresia. I hear Barbara checked out what his intentions were with her niece. LOL. It sounded like Kaleb held his own. Didn't phase him a bit. I guess he got they're approval. He has ours. LOL

 I guess I need to finish the baby quilt on my machine and start the next one.  And then the next one.  Busy busy.

Plus it's almost time for quilt retreat time. Gotta finalize our menu for the week. I have a full retreat of 12. Some of the ladies have been retreating with me since 2013. 

Well that's it for now.

Until next blog....Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


donna said...

Love seeing Jerry and Bruno. Looks like you had a great time. Oh that white featherweight. Be still my heart.
Loves you

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

A zonkey!? Awesome video! The one of Jerry and Bruno is pretty cute too. Dave is sooo sweet even if he had ulterior motives. Hahaha! Good for y’all on the plate sharing! Sometimes Carter says he wants his own but we share often. Nice to see Pamela & Kakeb! Xoxoxo Lisa Roper