Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Rolling down the Road...

 Continuing with my daily prompts.....

June 8.. My best qualities. Mmm, I'm not good at answering this kind of question. I'm told I'm caring, nice and a good listener. I hope they're right. I try.

I was hoping today would bring some fabric I ordered for the 2nd time.  I ordered 2 yards of a print fabric the first time back on the 3rd and it arrived on the 5th. I was so excited and then I opened the package. Inside was 4 yard of solid tan fabric. What the hell! So I got with the company and they refunded me and told me to keep the tan fabric that I don't need and I would have to re-order the fabric I wanted which I did on the 6th.... So since it took basically 2 days the first time I figured this time would be no different. Boy was I wrong. I wanted the fabric so I could find some coordinating fabric at one of the shops David found for me to go to on our trip.  It didn't show up. I called the company I ordered from and they said if I didn't hear or see my fabric by Monday the 14th to call them. Grrrr!

June 9.. My top priorities.. I Like to think my family, friends and health. My husband tells me my quilting is my top priority. It's important to me but not really my priority. I just have lots of projects.

First off today I had a hair appointment. I needed a trim to shape up my hair and touch up of my low lights. I have plenty of high lights naturally. I'm trying to embrace the grey slowing.  Later I took Lilley down to Pamela's so she could watch her while David and I take a trip of our own. We haven't gone anywhere together for more than a day. And some of those trips were to the doctors offices. Now that's excitement at it's highest. LOL.  Almost every June David and I head to Luckenbach for the Thomas Michael Riley Music Festival. They did have something in June 2020 but we stayed home but this year we're going. Sad part is none of our friends are able to go this year. Bummer.

And while David and I are packing to leave Pamela drove into Houston to visit with my niece, her cousin Shelby and her man Adam, While they were out Pamela's really good friend from high school Cole came out and joined them. 

June 10.. mmm a new thing to try. Well Using these blog prompts is something new. I haven't decided if I like it or not but I'll try it every month or so until I decide I'm tired of it.

We pulled out of the drive way about 9:20 or so. We were going a new route to check out some different towns and things to do. Our first stop was in Comanche, TX and had lunch at the Comanche City Café. We both got the ground steak lunch special. It was the perfect size and it was very tasty.. Once we finished up we walked (I hobbled) down the street to look in a couple antique stores. David scored some goodies in the first store. He bought a book a James Michener called Texas that he thought would look good on our coffee table and several old cd's that he didn't have. 

At the 2nd store we found a bird house we both liked to put over my kitchen cabinets. I have a collection of birdhouses up there and around the house. We really liked this house but it took us a minute to figure out how the bird was to get in or was it just for décor like I'm going to use it.  LOL   

The ladies in the shops were really nice and shared information about the town with David while I was still browsing.

As we were headed out of town he saw a winery called Brennan and we stopped for a tasting. The young lady Savannah set up our tastings, told us about each wine we chose. She was fun and friendly. We talked about the town, her school Tarleton about 40 minutes down the road, and the winery in Fredericksburg her Dad worked at called Texas Wine Collective. It used to be called 4.0.  She showed us a silly picture of her Dad so we would recognize him if we made to the winery he worked at. Of course her Dad would have killed her had he known what picture she showed us.  From here we headed to San Saba where we would stay the night at a B&B called Auntie M's.  I had to borrow her pictures because I didn't take any but here's where we stayed and our room was called The Blue Bonnet Room.

photo by Auntie M's
photo by Auntie M's

Before checking in we went to The Wedding Oak Winery and had a tasting. Again more friendly and helpful ladies named Belle & Melissa. They were fun. At one point this group of ladies in the front seating area we cracking up laughing and Belle (our server) said "I think we need to cut them off" and started laughing. Of course she was kidding. She said they were a book club. Oh really I thought. Okay so I had to know what book they were discussing so I walked over and asked. Well in actuality they weren't discussing a book at all but they did love to read. They just told people they were having a book club meeting being silly. They were a group of ladies who like to drink wine and have a good time.  Their reason for gathering sounded like something we used to say after school saying we were going to choir practice so none of the students would know we were going to meet for adult beverages somewhere.  I talked with these ladies for about 20 minutes and sharing books. I left David at the bar talking to one of our servers and buying our bottles of wine.  They told us of two of places we might like to try for dinner,  The Pecan House Grill or Diggs. We checked in and then drove around the town to see what we could see. As we were driving down one street I said to go straight to see the park where I could see people swimming and a waterfall. It was so pretty. Apparently there were 2 such parks with natural spring feed pools.  Isn't it beautiful?

One of David's former co-workers had suggested to eat at Diggs so that's where we went after driving around the streets of San Saba.

And while David and I are gone Pamela drove to Calvert up by our place to meet up with my God-daughter Michelle. Gigi, Michelle's mom and Pamela's God-mother was there too And so was Michelle's Abuela (grandmother). They met at Farmer to Market Coffee Shop.  Michelle was in town visiting her parents and old friends and it worked out that she could meet up with Pamela too. Aren't they pretty?

June 11...Where was I a year ago... ha.. pretty much at home at the Rock'n K. Things were just beginning to open up from the pandemic and I was canning tomato's in some form or another. LOL

We wake up to a yummy smell coming from the kitchen at Auntie M's. The owner cooked up breakfast with fruit, scrambled eggs, has browns, sausage, bacon, biscuits, fruit juice.  I'm forgetting something but it was so good and the owner sat there and talked with us. She told us about San Saba, about buying the B&B, the why's and how. Great lady. I wouldn't mind going back and staying in a different room for fun. After breakfast it was time to hit the road and head toward Fredericksburg but first we'll make some stops in Llano at 2 different quilt shops and some antique stores. David looked up quilts shops for me to visit. He's so sweet and thoughtful.  Never know what we'll find. 

photo by Pecan Grove    
Just outside Fredericksburg on Hwy 16 we stopped at Pecan Grove Historic Bar with vintage bikes. We didn't try their food but we had some beers. 
photo by Pecan Grove

From here we headed into Sisterdale to find our Airbnb for the next couple of nights. Too bad we hadn't stayed here before to see how they set it up so we could have taken cues on how to set up our Mini Mansion back before the house at the Rock'n K was built. Of which the mini mansion became storage. 

Anyway our place in Sisterdale was comfy and a straight drive in from Luckenbach where we'll be going to listen to music at the TMR Music Festival.  It was set up efficiently and cute. But we had to laugh because the TV was like a 14" computer monitor.

photo by Sisterdale Guesthouse
photo by Sisterdale Guesthouse
It's hard to tell how small it was by my picture but....it's small.

As the evening approached we decided to pack it in for the night but first we decided to drive down the road to Black Board Bar B Q. We weren't real hungry but needed a little of something so we thought we'd share some sliced brisket and listen to the music there. Well when I was reading about this place it said to call and place your order for dine in, carry out or curbside service but David said come on let's go and see what they have.  LOL.. as we stood there they crossed off a couple things on the board menu and the chef walked out saying they only had 2 steaks left. Uh oh!. Now it's our turn... we order some sausage to share because the brisket was gone.  While sitting at our table they came out to tell us that they didn't have any sausage after all but they would give a leg quarter instead, same price if that's okay.  

So okay that's fine.  When they serve us we get a leg quarter and they found 4 slices of brisket, plus they gave us their Asian slaw and a dessert. Holy cow! We ate way more than we had planned or needed. They kept apologizing for the error. Again super nice people.

Back to the "Tool Shed" for the night. That's what David kept calling our Guesthouse. 

June 12... Where was I 5 years ago... Well I was still living in Tomball and going to the farm to enjoy it while poor David worked at hard at improving the 14 acre farm and barn we bought last year. We were in search of a builder for our now home.

Back to 2021. We woke up and needed food. We drove a few miles into Boerne to Mary's Taco's. It was one of the suggestions on the Guesthouse board. They were packed and so was the parking lot but we found a place to park. Surprisingly it took no time to get food. David was out and we found table outside to eat at. The Tacos were good. 

My bad. I didn't write down everything we did so I've forgotten the order. We did drive back up to Lampasas to go to a couple of Antique stores and a couple of wineries. One winery didn't open until 4 and we planned on being back in Luckenbach by then but we did look at some antiques. We walked down the street to have pizza for lunch. I don't remember the name of the place but it was on the square. The service started off rather bad but there was only 2 waitress for the large crowd. Another example of finding people to work. We heard that everywhere we went.  After lunch we drove to Texas Legato Winery. We both had a tasting and might have drove away with a couple of bottles. We had fun there. The ladies there and another couple were entertaining and fun. David was willing to stop at the winery down the road for me but I said we should head back toward Fredericksburg.   

We stopped at Narrow Path Winery in Stonewall for some wine but I refrained so I could have a beer or two at the Music Festival. David had a glass and I had water. LOL. We sat outside and enjoyed the view. 

It was late enough we decided we need to eat something before heading to the Thomas Michael Riley music festival.  Alamo Springs Cafe was our choice of poison. LOL We split a pork sandwich and onion rings. The guy at the register convinced David we needed a piece of peach cobbler. Food was so yummy.  We found the route to get the Luckenbach. We're ready for some music. 

And some beers.  In the words of Thomas Michael Riley.. "holler & swoller".  LOL  

That's how our night ended with music. Got to hear some Thomas Michael and Davin James our favs plus a few others. Even had a chance to chat with Davin and his wife Tammy. 

Well that's it for now...

Until next post....Packs 2 hours before leaving for a trip. Unpacks 3 months after coming home.

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Sounds like more fun and more fun to come.... such great adventures! I've been ordering from naked wines lately. Have you check them out yet?