Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Daily blog prompts with adventures thrown in

Gonna try something different this month when blogging. I'll be using blog prompt question for each day of the month.  We'll see how it goes.

June 2 Something good that happened last week. Well it was actually the week before when my niece Shelby and her boyfriend came for a visit. I hadn't seen her in like 4 years. So it was nice catching up and meeting the man in her life. 

David walks into my quilt room looking like a nerd from the movie Weird Science. Remember that movie where the 2 boys create a beautiful woman. LOL  This is supposed to help him while working on the cars. I think he is a nerd but lovable.  

June 3. A time I was frightened... hmmm I think there's been plenty of times that I've been frightened but most recent time would have been when I went into Afib and didn't know what was happening and then found out I needed a pacemaker. Scary stuff. All has been good since. I still kinda worry about it but I feel the doctors have a handle on it.

June 4.. A really good idea.  When it happens it happens. I've got a really good idea for a quilt I need to make but first the company I ordered the fabric from needs to send the right fabric. LOL.  I was so excited this morning when I opened my package thinking I'd start cutting the necessary squares only to find 4 yards of the wrong fabric in the package. I only wanted 2 yards of my fabric which was a print. How can you mess it up so bad. I ordered a print and I got a solid. Already got a refund and re-ordered the fabric. I hope to take the correct fabric with me while David and I are out and about to find some coordinating fabric to go with it.  I thought/think it's a good idea. 

The wild flowers in the East pasture make for a great backdrop to the critters. Jerry was hanging out at the fence waiting for some attention.

June 5. Books in my to read list.  Not enough time to list them all.  I have a closet full, plus others on my Goodreads list I want to read. I need to read Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez for book club before July 15th. I also want to read a book I got for Christmas from Pamela called A Simple Girl by Josh Flagg. I used to watch a show of Million Listings with Josh Flagg and a couple others high dollar realtors. Josh lived with his grandmother who always told stories of her life. This book has compiled those stories. She was a character. Like I say there are way too many books to list that I want to read. 

Today David and I took a drive to see antiques at Texas Pickers in White Hall.. David found a sign he couldn't live without for the garden and then we went inside to have a burger. We both ordered the cheeseburger and fries. Dang those burgers were huge. Forgot to take a picture but they were very tasty. A tad too much salt on the fries even for me but tasty. We left here and went to downtown Navasota to another antique store. I found a book and something to make a pincushion with.      

From here we headed down hwy 105 to farm road 390 to head toward Deanville.. Before getting there we rain into a torrential rain just outside Brenham. WOW! This is in between wind shield wipers. The road already had water standing on it. Those clouds kept following us around.

 In Deanville, we were looking for the Sons of Hermann Deanville Hall and found it. We plan on going there one evening to go listen to Gary P. Nunn play this month.. Then we stopped at a place called Bottlenecks for a beer. It was 5 o'clock somewhere we figured. The folks there were real nice.. This place has live music too. We might have to go back one time when they do. Decided it was time to head home and we hit the rain again in Caldwell. We finally ran out of it but it found us when we got home. 

Holy Cow!  Jerry and the cows were all lined up along the fence to the back pasture. Poor babies. Water was standing everywhere. The lower pasture had a lake before it was over. And the pond was getting fuller and fuller. June 6 Something to remember.. The good days with my Mom. The memories Pamela and I make and the life David and I share in the country and the adventures during retirement that we will go on.June 7 The best thing about my day... Was seeing the sun for a short time before the clouds took over.Well, that's it for this post. I'll pick up with the journal post prompts and other adventures in my next post.Until then....In the crazy quilt of life, I am glad you are in my block of friends


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Linda said...

What a great idea - your journal prompts! I love seeing your life on the blog! And hopefully I will be seeing you later this month! WE are coming down to the ranch on Monday and I would LOVE to come see your new place!! Or meet up with you somewhere!