Monday, May 17, 2021

Love and Fun is in the Air

David's little sister Glenda watched her youngest son get married to the love of his life... Congratulations Kevin and Alyssa. Even the pups got involved. Don't you love the backdrop? It's their back yard. They had a small intimate wedding.  Wishing them the very best. 
Then 10 days later she watched her oldest son Phillip married the love of his life, Jessica. May they always be as happy in the future as they are on the day of their wedding. Congratulations Phillip and Jessica.  Now that's a lot of Love in One Family.  I did ask the girls if I could share their beautiful pictures and their happiness.
On April 29th Pamela rode with me to go to my Knee procedure follow up and before we went we met up with my former co-worker/friend Samara. for lunch. It was so good to see her. I haven't seen her in over 16 months.  Covid has kept family and friends apart for way too long. 
On April 30th we received our first calf of 2021.   #4 Betty is a good Mommy. Her baby keeps her on her toes. It keeps bouncing around and she just wants it to stay close by.  They were at the bottom of the property so I couldn't get a good picture.

The next day it had been raining and when we walked out to start grilling we saw the rainbow. Don't you love rainbows. 

On Cinco de Mayo I went to PT like usual but dropped off the pups first at the groomers. It's so funny it must be hard work getting beautiful because they'll always so tired. Lilley was the first one at the end of the day to be put in the car. Next came Bri. She is the most energetic and rarely shows signs of being tired. Then came the pillow Princess
Sophie is just happy to be back with her furless Mom Pamela and everyone else. Look at that sweet face.

On our way to Pamela's David texted that we should have some Mexican Food for Cinco de Mayo. Being silly he said I could pick up some Tacos from Jack in the Box. 
But his next text had a better suggestion and said we could go to El Charro in Cameron. Pamela wanted to go too. She followed me down the road to the farm. From there we went to El Charro. This is one of those stories where you had to be there to laugh. Pamela and David had Margaritas. Pamela went for a strawberry one.

After PT on Friday the 7th I went to get my nails down. I picked one of my favorite nail colors. When I got home David tells me my names match my new crocs... I thought nay but yep they do. LOL

David and I decided it was a good afternoon to hang out on the patio.
The pink flower are in the water tank now planter. The cold weather didn't hurt them at all. In fact they are full and vibrant.  

For Mother's Day David and Pamela took me to lunch at Messina Hof Winery. The Vintage House Restaurant. We actually went on Saturday to avoid the crowd. We had heard good and bad reviews. We already knew we liked the wine and now we can say we liked the food.. 

I had shrimp scampi, David had chicken parmesan, and Pamela had Gorgonzola steak pasta.. No complainants from us. The service was great too. David finished the chicken before I got a picture and Pamela had already tore into hers too.
Okay so we posed for our picture but David tried to not smile.

More good news this month. My nephew Zachariah and Bailey Jo in Missouri are expecting another boy. Then we found out our nephew Zachariah and Jordan are also expecting another boy. Boys everywhere. LOL
An on May 10th we received calf #2. Her Momma Ginger took a while to recover. It's her first calf. Now she has to get her out of the water.
This is a closer up picture of Betty and her calf born on April 30th.  We have at least 2 if not 3 cows that are looking kind of pregnant. Our herd is growing..... These 2 make 19. We really need to get rid of some Especially if we have any more babies arrive this year.  These little ones are so fun to watch now that they are up and bouncing around.
Well that's it for now.
Until next blog.....There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved



terre said...

wow! what a busy blog this time. you are so much more out and about than i am....however i have been able to go to restaurants lately. thanks for a fun read!!!


Linda said...

I just love your life!! You manage to get so much in and all of it's fun!
Would you believe I have never been to Messina Hof Winery? Although my favorite wine glass came from there - but I found it at Goodwill! Hopefully this summer you and I can catch up for a visit. We will be 3 weeks at the ranch in June if I can work it out.....and I can drive to where ever you are!!
It has been SO long since we had a good visit together! Let's make this HAPPEN!!