Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A Little bit of Wine

 Our first wine stop Friday (4/9) was at Safari Winery. I had never been and Pamela wanted to make sure I did a tasting here and so I did. Found several wines we really liked. The folks here  were very friendly and down to earth. There's a couple of the wineries we've gone to that act kinda snooty. I mean they're nice but they think they're better than the others. And maybe they are but I like friendly and good wine. Safari is in the process of vamping up their back patio. It will be really nice when all finished.

We left here to go to lunch at Grape Creek Winery. They had a nice menu selection and it was really good. Pamela and I have both been members of their wine club. She picked up her last wine club selection. Pamela had a couple of wineries she wanted to get a bottle from or try. At Barron's Creek they had their Rose' on sale so she grabbed a bottle while I waited in the car and I stopped at Los Pinos' for her to do a tasting. Again I waited in the car. Easier than getting in and out and walking in.

We found a new place to try called Southold Farm & Cellar. The views from this place was spectacular. Wow. My picture doesn't do it justice.

While relaxing and enjoying our tastings in a swing this big girl came up and laid down on me.  Of course Pamela and I didn't mind giving her (Mitzie) attention. She's part Pyrenees and border collier. She was super loveable.
When we stopped petting her, she would place her paw on Pamela's leg.

That's it for my drinking for the day. Wasn't been a big deal at all. 

Next on our agenda was go down Willow City Loop. This is supposed to be the most scenic drive with wildflowers in Fredericksburg area.  There was plenty of pretty views for the first several hours until we finally found the bluebonnets and poppies. Pamela was the photographer since it was too hard for me to get around on the uneven ground. I actually think she does a better job these days. She has an eye for it.


We were still full from our lunch and our wine that we skipped a late dinner. Going on the Willow City Loop and back into Fredericksburg was about a 2 hour drive with stopping for pictures and all. We might have stopped a dessert at Dairy Queen and we were done. 
I'm gonna make our trip a multi-post. So I don't overload you with pictures and wine.
So that's it for now.
Until next blog post...


Betty said...

Oh, how I already miss the bluebonnets during the Texas Springtime. Here in Florida, it is the snowbirds from up north playing golf!

Handywoman said...

How fun! You should have taken a roll in the Bluebonnets for a picture! :) Sounds like a great time with your lovely Daughter.