Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Hill Country Weekend

A vacation Day and we're off to the Hill Country. 
Our first stops are drop of the little guy at the kennel and kolaches for breakfast. Priorities. And we're on our way to Blanco. My sweet husband while looking to see what events were happening in the Hill Country saw that there was a quilt show in Blanco and asked if I'd like to go. Duh! Is the Pope Catholic?

Our first stop when we got to Blanco was for food.
We stopped at the Redbud Cafe on the square. They had a large selection of lunch items to choose from and I chose the tilapia wrap with mango salsa and cilantro cole slaw. It was a lot of food. I managed to each one half and just the fish out of the other half. Very tasty. David had a hamburger that was really juicy and he said his food was tasty also.

After lunch we split up. David found the quilt show but had no intentions of accompanying me. He walked the square and down to the river while waiting on me. I walked a block and half and paid my $5 to go to the Blanco Quilt Show. I will say this right off... This was the smallest show I have attended and it was very spread out. Upon entering there are about 5 non-profit vendors selling various items from fabric, crafts, jewelry and lotions. As I walked across the courtyard to go see the other vendors that were located on the 2nd floor on the building I saw this quilt....... A smart car cover.
Very cute but oh my goodness.
I went upstairs to find the vendors. I found 6 vendors. Selling a pretty cool cutting table, cutting mat, rulers by Martelli, a gentleman selling wood quilt hangers, another vendor was selling crafts/hand made items. The fourth vendor was selling various quilt books, patterns and a 1/4" guide that took some of my money and biggest surprise for me was I actually passed up buying fabric at the 5th vendor. I mean that's unheard of. The fabric was pretty but nothing just jumped out and said buy me. The last vendor was selling clothing and I passed.

My next stop in the Quilt Show was back down stairs and down the street. A new Quilt Store that was just opening. They opened their doors but were still unpacking all the pretty fabric, patterns and quilts. I did leave some money there by buying a pattern. That will go in my collection of a thousand projects I want and need to complete.
Now check out this quilt shop. Holy Cow. It looks like the Library of Congress.
All the pretty wood work and many many shelves that are just waiting for the fabric.
This is the pattern I bought. Big surprise since I love everything
western. Who knows when I'll get around to making it.. but I have so I can when ever that time is. 
And I didn't buy any fabric to add to my stash that's over flowing. Not sure I'd win the "most fabric" game if I were to die tomorrow but I'd be close.
I've been told there are other Fabric-ahol-lics out there worse than me.

My next  stop is to walk across Hwy 281 aka Main to the courthouse where the quilt exhibit was on the 2nd floor. I thought the lightning at my guilds first quilt show was questionable but these folks really had it rough. There were no over head lightning and very little natural lighting coming through. There were light sconces on the walls just ever so often.  
I had to laugh at myself I saw this quilt at a distance and thought someone had made a quilt with appliqued strapless dresses then as I got closer I realized... What a goof I am.... It's Sue bonnet Sue in something other than 1930's type fabric.

They had about 100 quilts maybe to see. All were pretty. One poor lady was having hot flashes she was so excited when she saw she got a first place ribbon and was calling everyone she know or helped with the quilt.

And imagine I found another boot quilt that I liked. I think it was called Andy's Boots.

Finished up the quilt show and found David relaxing in the car waiting on me reading a Land/home for sale magazine.

And it's off to Wimberly we go. David was talking with one of his buddies from high school and mentioned we were going to the Hill Country and next thing we know Billy and his wife invite us to stay with them at their place they just bought in Wimberly on about 10 acres or was it 12?! How awesome.
Before going to their house we did a little shopping in Wimberly and had mmm a couple of Margarita's at Ino'z Brew and Chew. Those were some good margarita's too. We sat outside on the patio that over looked the creek and park area. Before we knew it, it was time to travel down the road to find Billy and Cheryl's place. 
Now in my mind I pictured this old farm house because David told me that Billy said it was an old place but that's not what I saw. My pictures don't do the home justice because of one my photo skills and two all the trees but the house was really pretty hidden behind those trees.  
Between the house and the garage was a guest house that was really hidden and the garage you see in this picture had an apartment over it. It even had a balcony.

 This little guy greeted us at the front door.
A unique use of an alligator. Right beside him was the skull of a rhinoceros. They were left by the previous owners but I think Billy and Cheryl may leave them alone.

Billy cooked and served up some Green Chili Friday night. Can you say "YUM". It had pork, potatoes, carrots, onion, and just the right amount of all the spices. Oh my goodness it was good. And are ready for this.... 

The guys cleaned up and did the dishes. Well you know I can't really say too much about this since my husband does his fair share every evening at home when it comes to picking up the table but it was so funny seeing the two of them washing and drying the dishes. They looked like and old married couple.
Some views from the balcony Saturday Morning

The boys went for a walk down to the creek. I figure I could make it down the ravine to the creek but getting back up might be an issue. Isn't the view gorgeous though?It was getting late and we wanted to go to Fredericksburg to check out the Mesquite Festival being held at the Veterans memorial park.
And check it out we did because we sure couldn't afford anything. There was this entry hall table made out of mesquite that was really pretty but OUCH the price almost gave us a heart attack. Over 2000. 
Check out this solid mesquite wood rocking horse. Isn't it pretty. I'm sure it was over 8,000 but we never could find the price on it.

Breakfast was wearing off and we were all getting hungry. 
The first place we stopped at was packed and it was hot. I think their air was broke.
David and I mentioned a place we ate at one time called the Buffalo Nickle and that's where we ate. Another yummy and filling meal. 

Billy, Cheryl and David posed for me.

We walked through several of the shops looking for the deal we couldn't pass up. We managed to keep our money but found some really cool things and ideas.

David found me a camera for my collection. It was made of wood. This picture makes me think of Mr. Wilson off of the TV show Tool Time with Tim Allen. Did you ever watch that show? I would have loved to have that camera but I don't have a place to put it right now.
At one point David, Cheryl and I found a cool spot to relax while Billy did some looking and measuring some pictures he would like to get for the walls in their new place.
Got a picture of the hill country sunset Saturday evening before the rain came in.

Sunday morning I decided to wander around a bit and snap a few pictures. 

Snapped a couple of the back of the house. It was a pretty home. We had a great time and appreciated their hospitality very much.

Before we knew it it was time to come back to Tomball and work. Bummer. 
Cheryl, Our great hostess. Can't thank her and Billy enough for their hospitality.
As we were driving down the road toward Dripping Springs I had asked David to stop by this old truck so I could take a picture. We almost passed it up but David slammed on the brakes and slid to a stop. He's good at those kind of stops. It's now the header for my facebook page. Coming down the Hwy 12 and 290 we saw a few roads with water running across them. Thank goodness the roads we had to travel weren't flooded from all the rain that hit at around 3 that morning.
Traffic was horrible and we had to pick up Dexter before 6 but we weren't going to make it. It was 5:56 and it was another 10 minutes to the kennel. I called and they said they'd wait.
We rolled in at 6:05. I think the little guy was glad we did
Thanks Fur-less parents for picking me.
I didn't get much rest at the Kennel
So ends a great weekend.  
So until next blog... Good friends are like old quilts. They age with you but never lose their warmth.


Handywoman said...

Ohh loved the quilt cover for on the car and the old truck. Brings back memories. As for the camera, you should have gotten it, can't ever have enough of a collection :)

Linda said...

I love that pic of the old truck! It makes a GREAT Facebook cover!!
Your trip was amazing and I am so glad you took me with you! Via the blog - i KNOW!!! I still had fun - by seeing all the fun YOU had!!

Have I told you how beautiful the quilt you made Harrison is?? My bad if I haven't! It is a GREAT quilt! A real work of art!

Art and Sand said...

A long reply
1. Hill Country - I so want to visit someday
2. I have never been to a quilt show and believe me, Steve would not have walked through it with me.
3. Obviously margaritas are your drink of choice. I don't drink much, but a strawberry margarita is what I order if I am not driving.
4. How fun that you ran into friends and ended up staying with them.

KaHolly said...

Sounds like a grand time!! With stops like that mastered, your husband would be a great driver for when I go birding!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Goodness, you really packed a lot into your get away, so fun to see the quilts, I love the boot one and I thought it was strapless dresses too lol!


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. Very lovely quilts and sounds like you had a great time. Your photos are so pretty of the sunset and glad you didn't have to leave that little beauty any longer at the kennel..Happy Sunday..Judy