Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quilting, Music and Drinking

Okay so I'm gonna squeeze a whole week in this one post like usual so so, so what. ;o/ 
I've tried 3 times to get something posted but it didn't happen until now..

Quilting, Music and Drinking.... Don't these three things go together? No? Ahh come on sure they do.
While quilting don't you listen to music? And when you're Quilting with a bunch of friends don't you sometimes find something to drink? Uh huh I thought so. Who said quilters are boring have never been around the quilters I know. So Janet if you're reading wouldn't you agree the 3 go together? LOL even though I know I do most of mine separately there are times when I've done all three. 

In November right after Quilt Festival I have organized a small group of gals to go on a quilt retreat in LaGrange at the Chicken Ranch I mean Retreats by Margie.
I have kept Margie entertained with my crazy clueless questions like "do you allow acohol?" For those of you who don't live in Texas the Chicken Ranch was a whore house in LaGrange that operated for yearssss. They were shut down by a local newscaster named Marvin Zindler. The movie The Best Little Whore House In Texas tells the story of the chicken ranch. 

For my quilty friends you might want to check out this link She's a quilter, just moved to Houston and every month she has a Fat Quarter Swap. I’ve taken part a couple of times and waiting for my email this month to see who my swap partner is. So if you’re interested in a Fat Quarter Swap give it a try plus check out her blog. For those of you going on the quilt retreat you’ll get to hopefully meet April in person because she may join us. Hope so anyway.
Oh and for you non-quilters we are not exchanging body parts. A Fat Quarter (FQ) is a piece of fabric measuring 18” x 22”. Lesson over.   ;o)

Last Friday I took a day of vacation so David and I could head out to Warrenton and Round Rock for the big Antiquing Show going on. I had been warned of the big crowds and lots of traffic but since we went up on Friday it wasn't too bad. There was a few jams in town but otherwise traffic seemed to move along and the crowds well there was a lot of people milling around the thousands of vendors. I wasn't feeling my best so I didn't take pictures. Again you know something is up if I'm not taking a picture when the opportunity arises but I'll share the couple I have. 
See the traffic isn't so bad in Warrenton. Not sure what Round Top looked like Friday the 27th.

For those of you not from Texas this event takes place along Texas Hwy 237 for 20 plus miles. For approximately 15-16 days in September and March this road is packed with vendors, shoppers and cars but other the rest of the year is quiet and all you'll find is cow pastures. It all began when three society ladies—Hazel Ledbetter, Faith Bybee, and Ima Hogg decided that Texas's early furniture was being over looked and contacted Emma Turney a antique dealer. In 1968 with only 22 dealers the Round Top Show Began. Ms Turney continued to organize the event year after year. Ms. Turney was 84 years old when she took on this task. 

It used to be strictly antiques but now you can find almost anything including the kitchen sink. 
I found these tie backs and bought 3 then we went back this past Friday to buy 2 more to hang a valance I'm
making for our den. Cross your fingers I know what I'm doing. When I actually get it made and hung I'll show you.  

Most of the vendors take credit cards and check but cash gets you the best deal if there's one to be had. It's okay to ask "Is that your best price?" If you don't ask you'll never know.

David bought several beer glasses and beer goblets for a collection he has started to put in the game room.

When we went back this Saturday he bought a few more.

Last Saturday the 28th the husband and I took off and visited the kid and granddog.

She's always coming to us so we went to visit her this time. We ran some errands with her and then we hit Mesina Hof Winery. Oh Yeah. 

Came home with some wine and another cork holder. I had been looking for a cowboy boot but hadn't been able to find one until now. Yippee. Fits our decor perfectly

Surprise Host for Wednesday nite at Puffabelly's...
while Davin James was out of town.....
.....One of my Favs..... 
Jesse Dayton and bass player Chris Rhodes

There was a small attendance but it was a great show. Jesse played a song from his Road King days, a George Jones song that was as country as he wanted to get. LOL 
Whatever he plays he does it well. 

Got David to take a new picture of me and Jesse. Well actually a couple. 

Thank you David for another fun night, good food, great music and taking my pictures with Jesse.
And Thanks to Jesse for stopping by and talking with us and taking time to let me take these pictures.
As mentioned earlier I decided I needed more than 3 tie backs for the valence in the den so we went back this past Saturday to get 2 more. We arrived around 8:30 am and things were already hopping. Traffic was definitely a little heavier than when we went up last Friday but still not too bad. We found a place to park and decided to hit an area we missed last Friday. MMmm not sure that was a good idea. LOL! David found more beer glasses, and metal signs for the patio/garage.  Didn't take pictures of all the signs but I'm sure they'll show up in other pictures later. He got several of the hung up already around the patio.

He bought me a new bird house to add to my collection that are placed around the house. To think it all started with the purchase of this house. 

And he found a Brownie Box Camera for my camera collection in my curio cabinet.

So after 3 hours of heat, excessive sweating and purchases of several beer glasses, metal signs, a bird house and old camera we headed home. 
As we pulled out onto Hwy 237 this is what we saw.


This line of traffic coming into Warrenton at a snails pace was almost 2 1/2 miles long. Okay so now there's traffic. Can't image what it's like in Roundtop. Glad we got up to get there early and missed this.

The rest of the weekend was quiet and restful.

So ends a Week long of activities. Wait until you hear about next weekend.
So until next Blog...Never let yesterday use up too much of today.-- Will Rogers



Handywoman said...

hm....drinking, quilting...and listening to mush...OH YEAH that's what I call make the most of a good time. :) Sounds like fun antiquing..I'm definitely going to have to plan that someday soon. See you at the Retreat!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. Sounds like a great weekend. You always have so much fun! I would love to go to a garage sale like that..Happy Monday..Judy