Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where does time go?

It's seems like forever since I've posted anything but I just can't seem to find time or feel like getting on the computer for any length of time. I haven't touch anything sewy or quilty in ages and I have plenty to complete and some to start that's for sure. 
Last Saturday I spent the day with my Mom. We went to lunch at Ransom's in Montgomery and then we went shopping briefly at a couple of the shops in Montgomery. To be honest a couple of shops is about all Montgomery has. Maybe when I feel better we can explore a couple of the other shops in town. But for the time being we headed back to her house and hung out. It was a very relaxing day. 

Her little pup Lola was watching for her grandpa. He's off in Arkansas visiting family. I do believe she's missing him.

No pictures but we did have a few folks over for the 4th of July. David invited 
his project team out for hamburgers and hot dogs. A lot of the team went out of town but for those that came out it was a fun and pleasant evening. It was actually very pleasant out on the patio and no one stayed in the house. I was worried the kids might get bored since our home is not kid ready. We have no toys or swings or forts but the kids seemed to be content going down to the lake and just walking around.  
Of course they were all anxious for darkness to fall so the fireworks show could begin. When it did get dark they went out on the driveway and shot off a huge box of fireworks compliments of Matt N.. Matt is a VIP at the fireworks stand now and even got a Top Dog T-Shirt. Did I mention that David over estimated the number of people coming..... Well he did so we'll be eating left overs all week.

Now what I'm about to tell you is totally out of my husband's character...... I mean totally...... But neither one of us did a thing on Friday. I would say we slept 75% of the day away. David won't usually allow himself any down time but he deserves it. I have to say I've never slept that much in one day unless I'm sick.
Saturday we spent quality time together. We started off looking at lawn mowers. Yep quality time baby. LOL We made a stop off at one of my favorite rustic furniture stores in Magnolia called RND Rustics. We didn't walk out empty handed. He found a piece made out of license plates in the shape of Texas and a Beer sign for the patio. I walked out with a metal Rooster and 3 Fresh Eggs containers for the top of my kitchen cabinets. It's dangerous for David's wallet when we stop at RND. We drove through the country side and ended up in Brenham at the American Man Cave Shop. We learned he closed his shop in Bellville so we're glad we didn't head that way which we almost did.. 
Came home that night and ate what else ...... left overs. 
Sunday I put up some decorations on top of our kitchen cabinets that still need 
some tweaking 
while David worked on the lawn mower and in the garage.

We ended our weekend by going to Gringos off 290 for a margarita and dinner. Notice I said one margarita.. uh yeah because that's all I can handle. I've turned into a light weight in my old age I guess. 
So tasty.

So Until Next Post.........My favorite recipe… out !!



Linda said...

Good times!! I can SEE them in my
mind's eye! You have such good times together. I am so happy I got to visit and get to know you when A&M were down there. I do so hope you get to visit US someday!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Sounds like you have packed a lot, into your time, even though you aren't blogging about it, frequently.

It's your blogging style, and it's fine. Mine is .... I almost have to blog daily. Silly, because we don't dooooooooooooooooooooo much. :-)

Guess I usually have some pics to post. And I usually have some chatter to post. I am very, very talkative. -grin-

Enjoy your summer!

Happy New Moon!

Handywoman said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mom and then a nice 4th! But I do have to get onto you...sewing well, it's just a must! You could always head down to Quilters crossing on Monday's for free sew if you need motivation :)

Linda said...

I read this and thought I had commented!!! I always look forward to your posts so I can keep up with you and your adventures!!

Art and Sand said...

My husband thinks shopping at Lowe's together is quality time. I DO NOT want him going with me to antique stores because he rushes me. I like to take my time.

I had to give up Margaritas years ago. 3 sips and I am dancing on the table.