Monday, June 17, 2013

Have you Hugged your Nurse or Showed Appreciation

Did you celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week back in May? Well I had started this post to honor some of the nurses in our family that I know about. Now I know there are some on David's side of the family but I don't have pictures of them and I can't share what they do because I just don't know. Bad me. But I can and wanted to share some from my side of the family. 
Without Nurses the Doctors would have to do all the heavy, messy work and be the meanies giving the shots and poking fingers for blood. LOL.   
TO all  NURSES in my family, friends and readers for being there to hold our hands, help calm us, to encourage us, to comfort and calm our families and for just for being there and doing everything you do. 

My daughter the Nurse reminded me of Nurses Week by telling me.. "You have to be nice to me". Okay so her Dad and I were nice and sent her a small edible bouquet of fruit. The little stinker. Of course it was delivered to her mid-afternoon when she was trying to sleep since she worked the night shift. Oops. Pamela works in postpartum, floats to the nursery and labor/delivery as needed. I'm gonna be in trouble for this silly picture but she doesn't always read my blogs anyway so she'll never know right? Shhhh

I'll also share this picture of her and her friend Spenser who have official started their new job at the Scott & White Hospital that's opening in August 2013 in College Station. Yes another silly picture and again I'll be in trouble if she ever reads my blog. Anyway the girls got to go on a tour of the hospital while it is under construction. They're both really excited their new job and the hospital. One of the perks....they'll be working the day shift. They will no longer have to live like Vampires, you know sleep during the day and be active after dark. LOL.
Right now they're doing orientation, going to classes and prepping for the opening. They'll be stocking the units and help with setting policy. Spenser works in the Nursery. Both of them get to go to Temple later this month and work for a couple of days to learn mother and baby care instead of just mother and just baby.  Pamela has stayed on at College Station Med as a PRN where she works as needed at least 1-2 shifts a month. 
She started back to school at Texas A&M Nursing school to get her RN to BSN. Already has her first report due and lots of homework. She is going to be a busy girl for the next year.

Then there's my little sister Jerri Lynn who  works as a Nurse in Labor/Delivery, Postpartum and the Nursery. I think she goes where ever she's needed. She's up in northern Missouri. I know she has some other credentials but I'm not sure of all of them so I won't even  try to tell you. And yes this is the mother of the groom from back in May. She went back to school while raising 4 kids to get her nursing degree. Well she started with 3 and ended with 4. ;o)  She too is now in school like Pamela doing the RN to BSN courses. 
I'm Proud of all her and Pamela's accomplishments and determination.
Then there is my niece Shelby B. also in Missouri who was just accepted to the University of Missouri St Louis College of Nursing. She currently works as a CNA. She just got back from China as part of a special program for 3 weeks. She was nominated for the Internationals Scholars Laureate Program nursing internship and was selected by the honor society Phi Theta Kappa for her academic achievements. Of course she had to raise funds to be able to afford to go and she did. She's one determined little gal. Not to mention full of energy and excitement. In her own words about China trip..
 "What we will be basically doing over there is learning more about nursing from a different perspective (i.e. Chinese nursing). We will also get to experience a lot of their cultures by touring places such as the Great Wall, 2008 Summer Olympics Birds Nest Stadium, The Forbidden City, and all while learning about Chinese healthcare and medicine"  
As of May 18th we added another nurse to the family. My nephew's new wife Melissa who recently graduated from University of Missouri Nursing School with her BSN. She got her dream job and works as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit in Kansas City. She's smart and pretty.

Wow Nurses everywhere.
Couldn't be prouder of all these girls dedication, accomplishments and determination.
So this ends my praising blog post of nurses and their dedication. Well okay this blog was primarily talking about all the nurses in my life but I know there are other Nurses out there and we all know at least one that deserves a Thank you.

So until next blog.....



Linda said...

You know how much we love NURSES!!! They made all the difference in the world in Amber's 57 days in the hospital while she was pregnant with Quads! Also the NURSES who took care of Louis Dean when he suffered a heart attack - and a couple of years later when he had to have another couple of stents - not to mention the NURSES who cared for ME when I had a knee replacement (and the NURSE who went to bat for me to get PT when my insurance didn't cover it) - and then the NURSES who helped me when I was in public health care and needed extensive surgery - let me just say....NURSES have made ALL the difference in the world to ME!
I am so grateful to NURSES and the difference they have made in my life.......and the lives of so many......

GOOD job, Pam!!! You chose wisely! Bless you for all you do for the sake of others.

Suzy said...

Happy Nurses Week~ be sure to tell all the nurses in your family I said so! They are angels in my book, always there ready with their smiles and comfort for everyone. They work so hard (even harder than the DRs. that get all the credit);-) I really do appreciate them. Thanks for reminding us and I'll be thanking the nurses that I know too!
Happy week!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You are so lucky, to have all these nurses,in the family.

I knew about it being "Nurses Appreciation"... Because Susan Branch put this info, on her Mini Calendar! :-)

William Simon said...

I gained a whole new appreciation of nurses last year. Three cheers for the *real* caregivers in hospitals!

Art and Sand said...

Right out of college, I couldn't get a teaching job so I worked in a doctor's office. I thought about becoming a nurse when we moved to Ventura, but the nursing program at our local community college is one of the best in the state and it is totally impacted. We have friends who waited 5 years to get accepted. I stayed with teaching, but I think I would have enjoyed nursing too.

Lauren @ The Thinking Closet said...

My Mom is a psych. nurse so I have a HUGE appreciation for nurses. I even worked for 3 years at her hospital as a mental health worker (nurse's aid), which gave me even more respect for nurses than I already have. Then, I ended up marrying a yeah, health care professionals are really high up there in my book. I couldn't do what y'all do. So, thank you! I appreciate you and your cohort, Carla!