Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Spring Break and it's time to have fun right?

Well Spring break started off alright. Pam came home for Spring Break.
David and I headed to the country for a fish fry and a good ole Texas Aggie bonfire. There might have been a few adult beverages handy. The hospitality was awesome and the food was yummy. David definitely loved all the food.  You could actually see all the stars in the sky. I could see living in the country but David figures I wouldn't survive very long. As long as there's a quilt shop within 30 minutes of the house I'm good. lol. Anyway after everyone had finished eating and it was dark everyone headed to the front yard where our hosts had piled branches and limbs for a bonfire. Once it burned down some of the kids, big and little roasted marshmallows. Again I lost my opportunity to take pictures but sometimes I actually get a little shy I guess when it comes to taking pictures. Only the Lord knows why. Everyone else was snapping pictures.  Yes I do have shy moments believe it or not.

Saturday I agreed to be a designated driver for Pam and her nursing buddy/future roommate when they went to a wedding in The Woodlands. I was starting to feel a little bad then but still felt the pollen was my enemy. Dropped the girls off at the wedding and I headed to my parents house in Montgomery. Spent the evening with them and headed back to pick up the girls around 10:30. The girls were just fine and didn't really need a designated driver but they didn't want to take a chance.

Sunday the sinus pressure was terrible. I took it easy all day. I had my week planned. Work Monday and Tuesday and then take time off the rest of the week.  That night I headed to bed early. A lot of good that did. I started having coughing spasms and started running fever. David and I got maybe an hour of sleep at best.
For obvious reasons I didn't go to work but did go to the doctor early. At 5:30pm the doctor called and my xrays confirmed her suspicions -- I have pneumonia. Well that's just great. I can't even enjoy having my daughter around and I'm quarantined to my room because I'm contagious. No one is home right now so I came upstairs to see what the rest of the world is doing this week and I figured I'd do a little blogging. This really sucks. So much for having my hair cut, a massage, lunch, shopping with Pam. Yep I'm whining. Time for more drugs plus my body is screaming at me it's time to go lay down and cover up.

Until next blog................... take your flu and pneumonia shots.

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Bobbidink Designs said...

I am so sorry Carla, we have been battling the crud too. Tommy came pretty close to pneumonia last week too. It is such a hard thing to recover from. I hope you aren't too uncomfortable. Thinking of you!