Thursday, February 22, 2024

Purdy flowers, quilt gifted, more dresses and trucks oh boy

 My Valentine went to Houston on Valentine. Before he left He had a card and a box of chocolates on the counter and then he gave me flowers when he got home.  They're really pretty. He's a pretty good guy so I guess I'll keep him.


I have another great nephew and of course he got a quilt. His Momma said this time she wasn't going to find out the sex so I made a quilt for a boy and one for a girl and the rest is history.
 I actually got to deliver this one in person. Ramsey was sound asleep and so tiny. I hope when he woke up he liked his quilt. My niece Shelby smiled and said she loved my quilts.  All her babies have one from their great Aunt Carla. The quilting theme was wild life. You can see the tree, moose, and a bear . Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest did another great quilting job for me. Thank you Donna.
I came home taking quilt pictures and my neighbors goats were out exploring on our side of the road. They're cute little escape artist. I knew as soon as I drove close they'd start darting across the road to get home to safety so I slowed to a stop. Life in the country. Love it.

Yahoo I'm done. Mother of the Bride dress options can be overwhelming. Do you want this style, do you want this color, do you want beads, lace and on and on. LOL So Thursday (2/15) Pamela and I went back to Brick and Mortar to look at the dress that most everyone liked me in the best (black sequins) plus one other I thought I liked maybe better (gold sequins) and to try on 3 others that they modeled at the Open House we went to the prior Sunday. Well wouldn't you know it we saw two other dress we decided I should try on too. So now I have try on 5 new ones. You see Pamela wants me to sparkle. LOL. So then sparkle she gets. It's crazy when you try on these dresses that you have to visualize what it will look like in the Merlot/Wine color she wants when the dress is Sage, Teal, etc or the size is smaller or bigger than you need.  I'm a visual person so it's hard for me to see the final product. Does that make sense? So of all the dresses I tried on I had narrowed it down to 3. 

So now I'm left to choose from the black sequin, the brownish scoop back  or a gunmetal color dress with a sweetheart neckline under the rhinestone/sheer fabric. Lord help me. 

I put this one on 2-3 times and Pamela was like I really like this one better than the black. But I wasn't sure I liked the front neckline. But the back was cool.

Then I put on the other dress I found today to try on. I liked the neckline (front & back)on this one and so did Pamela. Plus she liked it better than the black dress. So I decide against the black sequin dress and now this brown sparkle dress and I pick the one that has a neckline front and back that I like.  I won't mention how many times I put each of these 3 dresses on trying to decide and getting the opinion of the girl helping us.

Oh wait you want to see a picture don't you of the one I picked? Welllll all you get is a glimpse of the neckline. And the picture of the color it will be in.  I won't be sharing a picture until the big day in January 2025. Sorry but not sorry.

Here's the neckline. 
But it will be in this Merlot color.The dress has been ordered but won't come in until sometime in July.  Every dress you try on is made for someone 7 foot tall. I'm a lot of you have already been through this process. LOL Obviously it's easier to remove the extra and not so easy to add fabric. So the hard part is done and sometime before the dress gets in I'll find some shoes but for now I'm done and happy.  

A friend of mine told me to enjoy this time and making the memories and I laughed saying... "You mean memories of us trying to kill each other"  Okay so it's not really that bad but......   Today was all about wedding stuff. Dresses, invitations, and other details we needed to cover. 

I came home the other day and my neighbors goats were out exploring. They're little escape artist. They're cute. I knew as soon as I drove close they'd start darting across the road to get home to safety so I slowed to a stop. They're very entertaining. Life in the country. Love it.


And these two chow hounds are at David's heels waiting for their food bowls. He's putting pumpkin in the food to hide Sadies pills she has to take for a few days.  Of course they know he'll let them lick the pumpkin off the spoon.  Oh yeah!
On Tuesday (2/20) I had Jury Duty in Cameron. What difference from Houston!  No traffic to fight, No parking fees, and not hundreds of people.  I had to be there at 10am. Saw a fellow quilter from Bee there too. As we stood there and talked she said they we in chambers working out a deal and we might get released.  Nice. And at around 10:45 they came out and a deal was made and we were released.  David came with me for moral support. LOL So we got lunch at the Cameron Beer Market. We shared a pizza and it was good! We left with full tummies and headed back to the house to pick up David's car so we could head to Cypress and drop it off at our favorite car shop, Autoscan on Huffmeister. They do good work and they're honest. Hwy 6 from Navasota to 290 was a mess and under construction so we decided to come home via Hwy 36. Well were rolling along and David asks if Hwy 390 doesn't cross hwy 50 and said yep so we took right on 390.  We're enjoying the countryside, turn left on Hwy 50 and just short of being half way home a dump truck decided to turn around in front of us and stalled he truck. What dumb butt. I mean we're going 65 and he backs up and stalls out. So that was avoided to only have to stop again because and 18 wheeler had bottomed out his trailer carrying an excavator on the trailer.  He couldn't go backwards or forwards. He was STUCK.
Now it would have gone a lot faster if only they could have heard David in the car telling what they needed to do.  Now I won't give you all the details of what they did do after almost an hour they must have got the message telepathically. LOL  They unloaded the excavator and surprise the trailer popped up and the 18 wheeler could move.

There was some big gouges in the blacktop. What a mess. Quality time in the car with my man. LOL We finally made it home safe and sound.
Wednesday (2/22) I went to the gym and the trailer was parked in front of my car. Now I could see donkey ears and before I could get my phone out to take pictures I had about 5 donkey's of all colors looking out at me. Dang it. They were so cute. All I was able to get a picture of was one's ears. LOL. I wanted to want up to the trailer but I didn't want to get in trouble either.

Well that's it for now. It's that time of year and the birthday shenanigan's are about to begin.
Until next post..When I give to you what I make with my hands, I share my heart


Linda said...

You looked beautiful in all of them! Oh, Carla!!! I am so happy for you! These are exciting days and I'm thrilled for Pam and her special guy! So glad she waited for the real deal and didn't settle for anything less!

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog