Monday, May 15, 2023

Finally Part 2 of retreat and a status update.

I know it's taking forever. LOL But Knee replacement got here before I could finish....  

Elly took these squares and turned them into a beautiful top.  I think this is the biggest top she's sewn since she joined our group of quilter bee's. 

It turned out beautiful.
Anna was working on a modern wedding ring type block. Love the scrappy look.                               Connie was working on blue and white quilt blocks.   
Pat finished up her basket weave top. At least that's what I'm calling it. And Jane finish up a cute Jelly roll top. Love the colors.

Donna Marie finish her top up. She started it a couple retreats ago and now it's completely done. 

She also finished the back to her round robin quilt from 2018 I think.  The stripe down the middle were some left over blocks.

Kim R. was working on some cute cute bunny blocks. Sew cute

Jane finished up some reading pillow bags. Too sweet.                                                        
Our Friend Donna Lynna made these clappers to sell. You iron your seam and place this wooden block on top and it helps give you a nice flat seam. She had different handles on each one.
Bekki was working a jelly roll bag. It is so cool. Lots of work went into this bag.
Connie made a new bag.  Anna showed us how to make this bag a few retreats ago and Connie made one but gave it away so she made a new one. Very Pretty.

One of Diana's projects.  She put some work into this one and had wash it with color stain catchers. The red bleed into the white.

Donna Kim was determined to finish this top and succeeded.  Came out great.

Several of the ladies escaped on Wednesday evening for a margarita or two. Some came back happy.   Lol. No names released here. 

We played a game of Left Right Center on Wednesday sometime before the margarita's. Several retreats ago Vicki got fancy and did her money in origami shapes. And now they show up at every retreat.  Vicki and Donna Marie are the only two I believe that have gotten fancy with their money. LOL Everyone has a favorite at the games. We started playing with $1 bills so the ladies could spend their winnings on fabric or crafts. Whatever floats their boat.  We have a heart with a bow, a turkey, a dog, candy I think, and a fox. The Fox or was it a cat, was the winner this time. LOL
Just when you think you're out you could become a winner and that is just what happened to Kathy.  
Snapped a picture with Kathy and Connie.

You know it's hard to capture a picture of 20 ladies. LOL Jane's sister Donna Christian stopped by for a quick visit and took some pictures for us and then I jumped out and put her in the picture.
What made it more fun was the wind. 
Now look how good everyone one did when Donna Christian jumped in.  LOL
Before we knew it our time together was up. Even though the choice of food being primarily carbs, it was pretty tasty. But we would have preferred a more balance choice of meals. You live and learn.
Everyone was out of the retreat by noon. Folks were trying to beat the rain.
I got home and the stormy weather hit a few hours later and a tornado hit just down the road. Our neighbors were shaken but safe but all their outer buildings were destroyed. It's crazy how tornados work
Our electricity went out at 7pm when the tornado hit down the road and didn't come back until the next morning at 5:30am.  ugh.

When I got up I went to work on finishing my scrappy Kaffe 
Fasset Log cabin.  It's at the quilters now.

Have I mentioned how much I love these ladies I quilt with.
The prizes I came home with from several or all of the ladies. Bekki embroidered my a wall hanging and Donna Lynn made me a heart shaped zipper bag. The ladies gave me a gift card, an African violet that so far is still alive, pin cushion, book mark, finger nail file, handmade bath scrub, lip balm and truck pincushion, a beautiful hand crafted card from Robin with a gift card. I don't know how I got sew blessed with these ladies.

And thanks to several of the ladies who provided door prizes. Our retreats couldn't be without y'all.

Health update: David is doing fine since his heart cath and scare. Now he has been my care giver since 4/26 when I got my knee replacement. I'm on a walker until PT thinks I'm strong enough to move to a cane and so forth. My PT started 2 hours after surgery. I ended up staying two nights in the hospital because I kept getting dizzy but doing okay now. I continue to do PT 3 days a week in College Station. Went to my 2 week follow up and the doctor says my incision is healing up nicely and my progress is where it should be. I have lots of swelling of course around the knee but that's to be expected. I have 8 weeks to get the range of motion from 60 now to 130. Yikes.  David is an awesome awesome caregiver. I've even lost another 8 pounds since surgery. Another win.
Joe, my stepfather got a thumbs up on his pacemaker surgery and can now have this eye surgery but he's on his own since I still can't drive.
He got mom placed in a home in Conroe finally. I haven't got to visit yet but will as soon as I can drive the 2 1/2 hours there. Right now just riding in the car hurts.  Joe said Mom did seem content when he's gone to visit. 
Once we get me moving better it'll be time to get David fixed up. Between his knee, his shoulder and even the hand he had surgery on, he needs some loving care.

Well that's it for now. I've been sitting in my office chair for 25 minutes and my leg is telling me about it.  Hugs to all.
Until next blog post....Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions.


donna said...

We retreat with some really awesome people. No matter the place we all seam to have a wonderful time together.
Hope you are doing better today?
Love you donna

Anonymous said...

Always happy to hear how you are doing. Thank you for keeping me on the blog list! I have been told I need knee replacement but I am chicken little when it comes to that so kudos to you!
Nancy Grella