Saturday, March 11, 2023

And the Birthday Shenanigan's begin

Wanted to say thanks to Kristi for her sweet comments on the prior post with the Aggie quilt. The comments showed your name but not your email to reply directly to you. We're always getting into something at some point and of course the animals provide entertainment. LOL  Thanks to the other anonymous commenters too. I always appreciate your kind words.  

On Saturday 2/25 Pamela and I had an early celebration with some friends. We met at Wildflyer Meadery and hung out all afternoon. People came and went as they pleased. For those folks that couldn't make it out it's okay. For a lot of you it wasn't a close venue but it was in the middle. It turned out to be a beautiful day. But I didn't manage to take any pictures. Grrr. My knee that morning went all the wrong directions. 

All I did was sit down in the recliner to drink my morning iced coffee and my knee did a painful slip to the left and then backwards. Yeah, that made for difficult and painful walking. But I do have some pictures that Pamela took and shared with me.

Pictures are of some of her nursing friends. They had to leave a few at the hospital to work. LOL  And who is this clean shaved guy Pamela?  I had to stare at him when they arrived. I knew it was Kaleb but he looks so different with that baby face.


My visit with the heart rhythm doctor was good. I've had only one tiny 8 second Afib note but he said they won't count that so no Afib in a year and a half. Yahoo. 

Monday (2/27) David got the stitches out of his hand. He was so happy. It's still healing and a little tender but it felt great he said to be able to wiggle his fingers some and wash his whole hand. While there I was able to make an appointment to see the knee doctor. Unfortunately to see a doctor at Scott & White I would have had to wait 3 months but our doctor in Spring had an appointment available on Thursday.

Tuesday 2/28 was our rescue baby Sadie's 3rd birthday. I think she is very comfy around us and her buddy Bruno that we rescued a few months before her.  She got extra treats.

She gets in some of the craziest positions.

Bruno decided she was getting to much attention so he basically laid across her.

Wednesday (3/1) was a busy day. Pamela had an appointment at 9 and couldn't take the dogs to their grooming appointment so she asked if I could grab them on my way in for my facial. She's lucky I love her and those pups. I grabbed them and dropped them off with plenty of time to get to my facial. I hadn't had one since last year. It was sooooo relaxing. I think I'll have to do that again. We found this place called Peace at Hand in South College Station when Pamela won a gift card via raffle tickets she bought at the gym she goes too.  

 Pamela got the picture of the girls from grooming. The theme is rodeo. Love it. The groomer always takes a picture of the dogs when she's finished.

Thursday (3/2) David drove me to Spring to see the Orthopedic doctor about my knee.  After the x-rays the doctor comes and says "I think you've waited long enough, your knee is gone.  Bone on Bone and it's like walking on a gravel road and it's just going to get more unstable." He wasn't telling me anything new. So he said a knee replacement is probably my best option but it's up to me. With my weight loss journey I was eligible for surgery. The surgeon came in looking fresh out of high school and scheduled my surgery for April 26th. No more having to wait even though just a week before I said I had met his BMI requirement but I wanted to wait until I was closer to my goal weight but that changed after the knee tried going it's own directions.

That evening David took Pamela and I out for our birthdays on her actual birthday to a place called Christophers. YUMMY. Kaleb was there and so was Pamela's long time friend Cole. We all ate well. 

Hard to believe she's all grown up these days. She'll always be our baby girl.  And Daddy's little pit crew.

Before dinner Pamela and Kaleb had been out test driving new cars for her and for her birthday he ended up getting a new car before she did. LOL    He got a Santa Cruz Hyundai. It's nice.                                          Neither one of us managed to get a picture of our food. When it arrived we all dug in and it was really good. But we did take a picture of our birthday dessert. We shared with everyone.
 She had an all chocolate with a vanilla cinnamon ice cream and mine was a apple pie crumb cheese cake.

While sitting there at dinner we got the weather alert that all hell was about to break loose and severe weather was moving towards Bryan. Bad part is going home David and I drove right into it. High wind and torrential down pour but we made it home safely.
 That was fun! NOT!
I started this post before our birthday and never could finish up until tonight.
So that's it for now.
Until next blog...     Happy birthday to my one-in-a-million girl! We are so proud of what you have achieved so far and the obstacles you have overcome. Hope you enjoyed your day!

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