Saturday, January 14, 2023

Some Quilting and some Running the roads.

 Hey Friends and Family.  Can I just say thank you everyone for your kind comments and for reading about my/our adventures and life.  If by chance you comment anonymously I won't know who to Thank directly unless you sign your name on the comment. I appreciate each and everyone of you.  Thanks
I've been busy trying to complete 4 different quilting projects and now I've added a new one. The Bee I attend decided we'd all make the same quilt and see the variations. A majority of us are using Kaffe Fassett Fabric but some are using what they have in their stash. Kaffe is in my stash. They are bright and happy colors. Here's my first block. It's scrappy and every block will have various other colors in it.  

David saw an ad for some table chairs from the rustic furniture place in Buckholts that we've been to before. The chairs were on sale. Oh boy! Our current chairs at the patio table are looking kinda sad as you can see in the picture.  Road trip for chairs.. We decide to mix up the colors and not get just stained. Our new chairs....

Saturday the 7th I signed up for a class to make a throw by hand knitting. Something new to try for fun.  Samantha was a great teacher but she had a challenged student, ME!  LOL The throw doesn't look so bad in pictures. Even driving by at 30mph I think folks might notice an error or two. Then maybe knot.  😁

  • I got to meet some new fun ladies. Who were told to behave by the retreat owner, Christi.  LOL. They were all very fun and friendly. They only slightly misbehaved and I acquired a nickname... Snitch. Who me?
  • I got learn something new. Of which I'm not so good at. I made a few boo boo's.  Aggie colors of course.
  • The below Pictures were taken by our teacher Samantha Sweezy. This is Bobbi with her variegated throw. Everyone used different colors and how tight they made their stitches (not sure you call it stitches) changed the look. Sorry I can't remember everyone's name.

  • And I got meet the retreat owner, Christi and tour the venue where I will be having a private retreat this October with 11 quilty friends.

  • If you're looking for a place to have a retreat this is a great place. It's well laid out, workroom is bright, there's a kitchen & sitting area between the workroom and the bedrooms. Each bedroom has a theme.  Do my friends know which room I'll pick? They are all great. One video is of the bright work room.  Each table has a cutting mat and nice light.
    The second video is the Kitchen/social area.
    And here are the room themes.

    So which one is going to be my room.  Each room has it's own bathroom. I can't wait until we go to quilt here.

    While working on some quilting Projects David came and asked if I wanted to get out and go for a ride. Sure! So we jumped in the car and headed down 79. He was looking for a new place to go check out called The New Oak Club. Found it.  We'll come back soon to have a bite to eat and a drink soon. We also came across Bud Adams
    Ranch...  Wow who knew. 

    Pamela had asked if I might want to make quilts for the twins and of course I said yes.  Killian likes the color green and Braxton likes the color blue and they both love dinosaurs. So there you have it. And if you just reading about the boys... they belong to Pamela's boyfriend Kaleb. They turned 3 a couple of months ago.  I'll the quilts to Pamela & Kaleb in the next few days so that when the boys come back on the 20th they can give the boys their quilts.

    Close up of the Dino fabric and the quilting theme of Dino's by my sweet friend Donna Moore at Donna's Lavender Nest

    And to close this post I'll show you my ornaments that Pamela got me for Christmas....  Aren't they cute. Sewing themed ornaments.
    Well that's it for now.
    Until next blog post...Each new day is a blessing. Let go of all worries and be grateful for all the positive in your life.


    donna said...

    Love the new chairs for your table. Looks like you have been having fun. Those Christmas ornaments are sew cute.
    Loves you

    Jane W. said...

    I love the dinosaur quilts and the pantogram Donna M. Used is perfect!

    Anonymous said...

    That retreat center looks great! Love the quilts!

    Anonymous said...

    Vicki m